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The Excellent Fire Alarm System for Your Business

December 4, 2019 by LOCK AND TECH USA INC  

Safety should be the principal priority when running any business! Your business, the people working in and the valuable things inside it are always essential for you too. Hence you want your business space safe from every angle. Using only the best fire alarm system at your commercial space in Brooklyn, NY, is a good step towards the safety of your business.




It will give you your employees, and your customers a peace of mind! The reputed fire alarm system in Brooklyn, NY, offers you various options for you to choose from. Here is a little information on the types of fire alarms that help you decide which is best for your commercial space.



Conventional fire alarm systems are also identified as four-wire fire alarm systems that are most commonly used in smaller business units such as shops and restaurants. These are the most cost-effective option as compare to the rest option that is available in the market. Here the building is separated into separate detection zones, and each zone has its own fire detectors connected to the control panel. If the detector or sensor goes off, the control panel indicates the region where the fire alarms are in. However, you have to find a specific device manually.





These fire alarm systems are also made to serve well in smaller business facilities. The difference between the conventional fire alarm system and the two-wire fire alarm system is the detectors inside it. The wires are connected to the same control panel, allowing the circuit to be used in each zone. These systems are a little bit expensive than the conventional four-wire fire alarm but have the advantage of adaptability, faster, and inexpensive installation.



The fire alarm systems are entirely different from conventional methods. Its components have distinctive identifiers that direct you to a specific detector versus a particular zone or circuit. These are better suited for larger commercial space and those with more complex network systems. This type of fire alarm system in Brooklyn, NY, can be pretty pricey and more complicated than the two and four-wire systems. The unique detectors in it address the things accurately and making it easier to know exactly where the alarm is coming from.



Wireless fire alarm systems are undoubtedly the most suitable and convenient out of all of the options in the market. They are costly, but end up being a lot cheaper to install and make your commercial space safer. Wireless systems are suitable for buildings where wiring is prohibited. The introduction of modern technology has made the wireless fire alarm system very accurate. The professional fire alarm system service providers in Brooklyn, NY, install it the proper way so that their signals can’t be blocking. Hence, it is proved to be very strong and reliable in connection with the safety of your business.




Lock and Tech USA is a licensed, bonded, and fully insured company that provides advanced fire protection systems to business owners. They are committed to providing all commercial and residential customers with adequate and appropriate fire protection systems. They are available 24/7 hours a day throughout the year to comply with all of your fire protection needs and make your business running safely. To get started with innovative fire protection systems, contact Lock and Tech USA online or give them a call at (718) 758-4959 today!

The Importance of the Perfect Access Control System

October 23, 2019 by LOCK AND TECH USA INC  

It is a higher priority than at any other time to ensure that your home and your business appreciates however much security as could be expected.




A lock and key are not sufficient, and even a smallest of criminal has bested such security. Locks can be broken and keys can be lost or even given away. The best framework that you could have set up is an access control framework from reputed organizations offering best access control service in Brooklyn, NY. Intended to tie down specific zones of a structure and ready to ensure both physical and virtual assets contingent upon the sort of framework you pick, the innovative technology of access control is the best security you can put resources on.


When you start the quest for the correct sort of system, you have to realize that there are 2 sorts. The first can control the physical access that an individual has to a region, while the second ensures access to records and other significant virtual archives. The sort of access framework will likewise rely upon what requirement of data to permit individual access. For example, one framework may require an extraordinary stick while others depend on fingerprints and even retina checks.




Before you settle on a particular system, you have to know why it is so critical to implement access control in any case!


Equipment well being

Regardless of whether it is in your home or your business, we are very certain that you have certain things that you will need to be careful. With an access control framework, you will have the option to restrain who approaches the equipment just as to the region wherein the hardware is as a rule so painstakingly put away. In the event that you have an organization and unsafe equipment is a piece of the activity, the requirement for an access control framework is considerably progressively vital. The unapproved individual would have the option to get their hands on the hardware.


Reduce the expenses of energy

These frameworks are not only incredible for the working environment when you are hoping to secure certain regions or access to gear. When you have the correct sort of access control framework, you will spare energy over the long haul. The framework knows when a zone is involved, and normally, it will likewise know when a region is vacant. Having a system that can naturally put off lighting, warming and cooling frameworks should somebody leave it on is an extraordinary method to begin curtailing costs.


No more keys

As referenced previously, keys can effectively be lost or misplaced, and even as well as can be expected to be broken. At the point when a key is lost, it is necessary to change the locks and new keys made, the two of which can be expensive. Possibility of duplication of keys can again expand the danger of an unapproved individual accessing your property. Access control frameworks are modern just as cutting edge, which can just work well for you in the long haul.




To have the best access control system in place it is wise to have it from Lock And Tech. Their product Shabbos Locks is available for installations at their shop. They even offer 10% off on any service. Call at (718) 758-4959 to have such from them.

Security System – A Necessary Addition to Every Home Today!

August 8, 2019 by LOCK AND TECH USA INC  

Are you residing in Brooklyn, NY and concerned about the security of your home? Then you must be aware of the fact that as per the FBI, every year almost more than two million homes are getting burglarized in the United States which means that at about every 13 seconds someone is breaking into a house somewhere across the country! That is terrible but true.




So if you do not want to be a victim of burglary the best option you can go for is integrating an advanced security system.


There are several benefits of a security system that make it necessary for you to incorporate it to your home for enhancing the security system a notch higher. Let us have a look at those benefits below –


Asser protection devices –


As the name suggests these devices are specifically designed to protect your valuable assets from getting tampered. For instance, if somebody opens your jewelry box or is tampering your safe then the device will alert you.


Alarm System –

Alarm system is another essential part of a security system that contains sensors on doors and windows and alerts you or the law enforcement regarding an intruder entering your home.


So add alarm system to your Brooklyn, NY home. Also, there are other alarm systems that can help you by warning about various unexpected dangers such as fire breakouts, carbon monoxide and even flooding.


Security System that Operates Even During Power Outages –

There are several security systems that are specifically designed for operating even during power outages so that even if you are away from your home for a few days you will get alerts on regular basis. You can also opt for a solar power operated security system!


Personal Security –

Many systems are there that are designed for providing personal security as well! Such systems are equipped with technology that can help you 24 hours a day. You can find these systems in form of a pendant or bracelet which is when pushed contacts with the emergency personnel immediately. This is one of the best ways to secure elderly as well as people living alone.




These are just a few ways how a security system can secure your home as well as you! There is lot more a security system can do for you.



Lock and Tech USA provides complete security system solutions including alarm system in Brooklyn, NY and its neighborhood.For More information stay connected with us on our facebook and twitter pages .