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Cannot Access Secure Websites in AOL Desktop Gold

January 11, 2019 by Elle Evans  

AOL Desktop Gold Install


Many times, users are not able to access different websites as they have been made secure. Many people often tend to buy the websites, making sure that they are safe. You can identify whether any site is secured or not by checking the URL. If it begins with https rather than HTTP, it shows that the website has been made secure with the help of SSL certificate. It becomes really necessary to browse the web through the sites that are secure and have no or minimal risk of getting inflicted with virus or malware or posing any kind of threats to the operating system or leaking your personal information.


AOL desktop Gold software needs no formal introduction, as the users who are using it for accessing different types of activities are well aware of its application and features. If one would talk about its astounding features and opportunities that it provides its users, the list would be endless. If you are using this software and is facing difficulties in accessing secure websites in AOL Desktop Gold, then you shall proceed with this blog. It will provide you with the best solution to fix the issue. The blog has been written with this sole purpose of rectifying the problem by explaining the steps in a very easy and simplified way.


The Proposed Solution: -


·         First of all, you need to have the knowledge of the operating system (which is basically the Windows version installed on your computer) and the web browser that you use in your computer.

·         Clear all the caches and cookies of the web browser that you use

·         Perform a full scan of your computer by any anti-virus that you use

·         Check for the stable internet connection

·         Disable the firewall or any other security software that is posing a problem in accessing the websites in AOL desktop gold software

·         Restore the security settings of your browser

·         Enable the java scripting and cookies of the web browser and if they do not make sure to do so.

·         The web settings need to fix again if the above solutions do not work

·         Switch off the computer, the Wi-Fi network by switching off the mode. Turn on all the devices again after a few minutes.

·         Switch off all the notifications and pop up settings that may appear on the Windows XP SP2

·         Clean the windows and the drives by using Windows disk cleanup utility

·         Disable any software that is causing troubles


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You may need not to try all the above solutions to fix this error. Some of the solutions can work too. And if you are still not able to access secure websites with AOL desktop gold or you Can’t install AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104, then you can very well get in touch with the veterans at the Helpline Number 1-800-370-0823 for guidance.


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Can’t install AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

December 24, 2018 by Elle Evans  

AOL Gold


Even though AOL Desktop Gold Is one of the top-notch software providing its operators with a varied arena of advantages, but still it can also be inhibited with some kind of errors, that can lead to tampering with the process. The errors in the software can occur due to innumerable reasons, and one should know the exact reason behind that in the case to rectify that. Sometimes individuals ignore the symptoms behind the issue, and later it becomes quite troublesome for them to repair it on their own. If this kind of case happens, and no further solution is possible then the last resort you can take is to dial the customer care number, so that you provided with technical aid.


One of the errors that can display during the working process of this software is AOL Desktop Gold Error 104. Let’s first understand what this error is all about, how is it caused and the solution to rectify it. It is an error that causes the problem when you try to Download AOL Gold on your system and it can slow down the system or make it stop in between because of some kind of virus or malware inflicted into the software.


Let’s look at the possible symptoms that can lead to this error:


1.    While working on your system, the error 104 is displayed on the window screen every now and then.

2.    Your system becomes slower or hangs in between or suddenly crashes down

3.    You are taken to a different web browser automatically even if you do not intend to do so.

4.    The system doesn’t take any commands from the keyboard or the mouse.


Once we have seen the plausible symptoms, it’s time to check out the causes:


1.    The software that you have downloaded is corrupt.

2.    Incomplete installation process.

3.    The system being inflicted by some sort of malware or virus

4.    The rectification of this technical error can take away a lot of your time, so you need to be patient with it.


Follow the steps to get rid of this error in a couple of minutes:


1.    Run a complete anti-virus scan of your laptop or your computer so that it can detect itself for any kind of virus or malware. Once the scanning is done, your system will display any kind of malicious content found, that was posing a threat. Select it and click on Delete.


2.    Make sure that you have the proper system requirements needed for the AOL desktop gold software.


3.    Fast and stable internet connection.


4.    Clear all the caches, cookies and other browsing data from your laptop or computer. Delete all the junk files that are no longer in use.


5.    Update your system driver


6.    Update your windows once.


The requirements are:

1.    Windows system 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 your operating windows system

2.    At least 1 GB RAM speed, and a processor running faster than 266 MHZ speed.

3.    Disk space of more than 512 MB


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Rectifying this error can be a time-consuming process. It might be a possibility that you would be required to reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold software on your system. If you are not able to fix this issue anyhow, then it is suggested that you dial the customer support number and discuss your issues with them, so that they can help you with the solution



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Missing address book contact in AOL Desktop Gold | AOL Gold

December 14, 2018 by Elle Evans  

Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold


The address book contacts in AOL Desktop Gold are supposed to get automatically synced between your AOL Desktop client and the AOL server. But sometimes this address book contacts will appear to be missing. This isn’t a rare phenomenon as it happens to almost all AOL users. And to retrieve this, there are many ways or methods involved which reap the same results. But there are times when the methods work differently for different people. If one method works for you, it may not work for the other. So in this blog, you will be presented with a few methods that you can try, in order to restore or find missing address book contact in AOL Desktop Gold. So if you want to know how to do this you can follow this blog or get help from the AOL customer service.


The methods you can try to restore missing contacts in desktop gold are listed down below along with the steps involved.


Check the connectivity: -


If your broadband connection isn’t working then you will have trouble accessing the contact books. So to solve this you need to reboot your modem and router. You can do so by unplugging the power cord from the back of the modem and router and wait for around 30 seconds before plugging them back in. You might have to wait for around 5 minutes for the bootup.


You need to uninstall and install AOL Desktop Gold: -


Sometimes, by simply downloading and reinstalling the software again will help fix this. For that, you need to uninstall the software from the system and after that go to the official AOL site and download the link through any of the three methods mentioned in the site. After that, run the downloaded file in your system as ‘administrator’ and follow the steps on the screen to finish installing.


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Run Address book sync fix setup: -


To know how to run Address book Sync Fix set up, follow the instructions below:


1.       Sign in to the AOL desktop gold software and go to aol.com.

2.       After downloading the link, run it on your computer by clicking ‘run’.

3.       Now click ‘ok’ to start the Address book sync fix set up.

4.       When you see the confirmation window, click ‘ok’.

5.       After completing the setup, open your desktop gold and check whether the address book contacts have been restored.



These are some of the ways through which you can find a missing address book in AOL Desktop Gold.



Source URL: - Missing address book contact in AOL Desktop Gold

How to access old mail and address book contacts with an inactive AOL Desktop Gold Subscription

December 5, 2018 by Elle Evans  

Install AOL Desktop Gold


Sometimes the task of getting new AOL desktop Gold subscription or updating the subscription becomes a hassle and a burden for some. A customer of AOL gold thinks that he/she needs a new subscription to access their old emails and address book contacts, but this is not the case. AOL desktop gold users can use their old or inactive subscription to download their contacts and access old emails. Even if they decide to not reactivate their subscription, they will still be able to use their AOL mail as well as the app. You don’t have to download AOL Desktop Gold again just to be able to make a new subscription and get a hold of your emails and contacts.

Customers have often raised the issue of the possibility of accessing old emails and contacts by using an inactive AOL desktop gold subscription. If you are one of them then this blog will be useful because it will guide you to successfully carry out the process. Simply follow the steps below:


To access old emails:


·         Open AOL Desktop Gold but don’t sign in as this does not require for the customer to log in to their accounts.

·         Click the arrow that is pointing downwards to display your usernames.

·         Choose the username you wish to see the mail for and close the login

·         Open the ‘read mail icon’ and under ‘saved on my pc’ choose any folder or the ‘downloads’ folder. It depends on your preference.

·         This will save your downloaded old emails to your computer and you can access them anytime you want.


To access address book contacts:


·         Go to the AOL mail page and sign in using your username and password.

·         On your email home screen, click on ‘contacts’ to access your address book.


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The above-highlighted steps will allow you to Access Your Old Emails And Address Book Contacts. The steps are very simple and easy to execute so you will have no issue while undergoing the process. Just make sure you click the correct tabs and enter the correct username and password to prevent unnecessary headaches.




Source URL: - How to access old mail and address book contacts with an inactive AOL Desktop Gold Subscription

AOL Desktop Gold icon Missing | Icon got disappeared

November 28, 2018 by Elle Evans  

AOL Gold Install


AOL desktop Gold is one of the best desktop software that has helped many users to get a comfortable working experience which other software is not able to provide.  The AOL Gold software is handy because they have a better and secured UI. You will have to pass through the double security check procedure which is a part of their regular security check. They have improvised the practices of mailing and using their desktop. But what if your AOL Desktop Gold’s icon gets missing? You might have no clue as to how you can fix this problem. Icon getting disappeared is one of the most common issue these days. Even after they have successfully downloaded the software and installed it.


Now let’s see what all things are the reasons that cause this problem and how can this be eradicated for good. Here are a few reasons that can possibly be holding this problem in your desktop: 

·         Bad network connection

·         The system you are using and the software installed might not be compatible.

·         This can also be a glitch that is causing the icon to disappear.

·         One of the most prominent reasons can be the virus infecting your desktop. There is a various virus on the internet that has the tendency to multiply infecting the files and corrupting them from the inside. So to prevent your desktop gold put a good antivirus in your device.


Now to troubleshoot this problem, you can follow these steps and make things fine again: 

·         You have to right click on the desktop screen and simply select the view option. From there a sub menu will open and you will have to select show desktop icons.

·         Once done press F5 to refresh the computer.

·         In case if you find nothing happening just restart the computer once.

·         If you have already selected the “Show desktop icons” then search for the AOL desktop Gold icon.

·         Whatever antivirus you must be using, run a full pc scan and eliminated all the malware and virus that are detected.

·         While doing everything that possible, if you still haven’t succeeded then check your network status. Sometimes it also happens when you are connected to a network that is slow.


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If you are able to successfully completed the diagnose, well and good, if not, just contact the expert and let them know about your problem of AOL desktop icon missing.



Source URL: - AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing | Icon Got Disappeared

How to Install AOL Desktop Gold | AOL Gold

November 20, 2018 by Elle Evans  

AOL Gold


AOL desktop gold is a fabulous product of AOL Inc. It is used by millions of people all around the globe. It has very attractive features and services due to which it is famous. It provides AOL email, better security, a better environment and much more to a computer. You can download and install AOL desktop gold from the official website of AOL


System requirement for AOL desktop gold:


·         Windows Vista, 7,8,10.

·         Mac OS

·         iOS

·         Supports computer processor of 266MHz or more.

·         Screen resolution of 1024X768.

·         1GB RAM.

Once the system required is met you can download and install the AOL desktop gold from the official website of AOL. If you want to know how you can download AOL desktop gold then just take a glance at this blog.


Steps to Download AOL Desktop Gold:


Step 1. Open the web browser you use on your computer and go to the official website of AOL. After downloading the software you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Go to the folder where you have downloaded the AOL desktop gold and open it.

Step 3. Scroll download the file and select the “AOL desktop gold download” file.

Step 4. Double click on that file and you will a get a message which says “Do you want to run this file”.

Step 6. Click Yes.

Step 7. After a few minutes, you will a get a new message which says “Do you want to install this file”. Click Yes.

Step 8. Read all the terms and conditions and click on Apply.

Step 9. Follow all the given instructions on your computer screen and install the software.

Step 10. Now, wait for a few minutes, till the installation complete properly.


When the installation of AOL desktop gold is complete, you can set up your account. Create an AOL account and log in with that Account and enjoy the features of AOL desktop gold. In case you face any problem while downloading and AOL Gold Update, you can call on the AOL customer support number. Techies will assist you on this number and give you the best solution of your problem.



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