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Booking Playa Dominical Surf Holiday In Costa Rica

December 15, 2018 by El Tubo Surf  

Costa Rica surfing holidays just tick every box on the wish list. What makes Costa Rica so unique as a surf holiday destination is that the country benefits from having surf on two coastlines – the Pacific and the Caribbean.


 The long stretches of sandy beaches, year round sunshine, sea temperatures hovering around 27 °C, inviting and friendly locals, a fun-packed atmosphere with a melting pot of locals and tourists, plus real sense of adventure are some of the things you will experience on a Dominical surf trip.


From a family surf vacation, off the beaten adventure or a relaxing surf and beach holiday, Playa Dominical has it all. While this Costa Rica destination is generally best for first-timer to intermediate surfers, there are some amazing waves for the more advancedsurfers.

With world-class waves, a stunning natural backdrop and plentiful year-round sunshine, it’s no wonder that playa dominical is one of the top surfing destinations around Costa Rica. With all of the traditional charm of a classic beach town, it’s a right place to lie in a hammock, experience the landscape or take to the waves to enjoy some of the best surfing on the earth.


Far away from the hustle and bustle, Dominical is a laid-back beach town where people get to enjoy a slower pace of life. Located up-close to the well-known Manuel Antonio National Park, Dominical is based on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica around 28 miles away from the town of Quepos and the Quepos River.

Though the tides up-close to the shore challenge swimming enthusiasts at the beautiful Playa Dominical, the offshore waves are some of the most consistent around the world. The breaking waves in both left and right make it one of the top surfing destinations around the country. The deep blue water, bright green landscape and year-round sunshine combine to make Playa Dominical one of the lovely, most unspoiled destinations for surfing.


Still surfing is the most popular activity to enjoy right there. Up-close to shore, visitors can get to enjoy the increasing popular water sport of stand up paddling – commonly known as SUP. If you move further, you can experience fabulous deep water fishing to the fullest.

With great surfing opportunities on both coasts that include point and beach breaks, lefts and rights, reefs, river mouths and year round waves, Costa Rica surf conditions are some of the best for first time surfers anywhere around the world because of the risk-free set-up which it has in abundance.

Final Consideration –

While the Caribbean coastline of Costa Rica has been renowned as one of the most beautiful beachfronts around the world, surfer visiting the Central American country tends to congregate on the coast where the more the lively waters of the Pacific offer travelers with plentiful opportunities to carve world class waves.


There is no rule that says a top quality surf spot can’t be scenic and beautiful and surfers discovering the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica can experience this wonderful phenomenon at Playa Dominical. For immediate help with surf in Dominical, please contact https://www.eltubosurfing.com/contact-us and let us serve you only the best! Stay tuned to Facebook and Google Plus social networks, for latest updates

Choose The Right Surfing Photographer And Capture Your Best Surfing Moments

November 12, 2018 by El Tubo Surf  

Surfing is known as one of the extraordinary act and it needs high amount of self-control, consistency, quick decision making ability and many more. This is why surfing is challenging for many. To understand simple way, it is the act of riding high waves. Most of the adventure lovers have accepted this challenge and they are trying show off their skill in this water activity.




Due to its complexness, few amounts of people get success and it is truly proud moment for them while they are above the perfect waves. In order to capture these rare moments, you need a surf photographer. Dominical in Costa Rica is the popular destination for such kind of activities. Thousands of people flock to this iconic place to fulfill their passion from every corner of the world and you can find a number of professionals who are providing surf photography service in Dominical.


      surf photography


Capture your best surfing moments

Dominical is known as the paradise for the adventure lovers. Its shoreline always attracts adventurers. Surfing is a common activity here and you can easily fine thousands of people trying to ride on the wave with their surfing gears. Capturing these iconic moments are not only challenging but also quite hard.




Sometimes, to take better images, a photographer has to dive with his camera. Sometimes, the waves distort the focal distance. Things generally look closer than they really are. So, while they are shooting manually, they have to work hard in order to set the focal distance of the camera. Some photographers are also shooting from the shore, keeping distance from the water. This is also another act to get best moments while you are on waves. Automatic cameras also play a vital role in order to capture best unique moments of your surfing. They are pre programmed and they exactly take the photo when you are above the wave.


    surf photography


Though, you can get little number of surfing photographers but, it is highly possible that, they will provide you the bravery moments snaps those will stay with you as a memory for entire life. This is the reason for which you shouldn’t turn down any chance to hire popular surfing photographers. Investing on this photography won’t be a matter of loss because; you’ll get a memory in return. These snaps will keep you exciting lifelong and you can easily showcase your skill to others. So, browse internet and hire the best surfing photographer in Dominical . Stay tuned to Facebook and Google Plus social networks, for latest updates

Capture Your Best Moments Over Wave With Surf Photography

October 3, 2018 by El Tubo Surf  

Surfing is known as the most exhilarating adventure sports. Millions of people love to ride on waves and to prove their skill. Most of the world-class surfers also inspire others to learn the technique and conquer on the wave. When riding on perfect waves, it is truly visual feast for any. To capture these moments, surf photography will be best way to go. But, surfing photography is not as easy as we think. This is the reason; someone can find bottom number of photographers those are able to capture these moments. However, in many surfing location, they present to assist you to frame the exhilarating scenes.


                   Surfing sports


Choose a skillful photographer and capture your brave conquering moments

Almost everyone wants to showcase their extra ordinary skills. Surfing is the right way where you can showcase your extra ordinary quality. It needs hundred percent accuracy, body balance and quick decision skill. With these three aspects, one can easily ride on perfect waves. This complexity bars many people to enjoy this activity. However, its popularity is scaling new heights and you can find millions of surfers are trying to ride the wave.

         surf photography


Costa Rica is the paradise of the water sports enthusiastic. Its marvels shoreline attracts millions of tourists around the world. Dominical is the beach front town and it has wide beach. One thing is to keep in mind that, due to its demographic structure, one can experience perfect waves here. These perfect waves always attract surfing passionate. Here you have plenty of chance to capture your bravery moments with Dominical surf photography.


     surf photography


These photographers are well equipped and they do know what is the best time to take your photos. Most of them are working from the beach. They do have big lens so that, there will be no issue to take high definition photos while you are conquering the wave.




These photographers are always ready to take the best photo while you are busy in surfing. They are very sharp and there is no command requires to ask them for taking photos. Once the deal is done, then they work consistently to come with a best outcome. Using longer period of experience and skill, you’ll get a best result from surf photography in Dominical. If you want to enjoy this unique moment plan today and choose the right photographer. Stay tuned to Facebook and Google Plus social networks, for latest updates on Surf Trips in Costa Rica.

Surf Trips Is The Best Way To Reach The Popular Surfing Destination In Costa Rica

August 9, 2018 by El Tubo Surf  

Having some of the best-surfing destinations in the world, Costa Rica is known for its endless ocean waves that plead the travelers to take a ride over the wave. Knowing the best place for a surf holiday for avid surfers is a key to achieve the perfect waves for making the most out of your Surf trips in Costa Rica. From beginner to advanced surfers, or surfing enthusiasts there is a wave for everyone along one of Costa Rica’s hundreds of beaches.



In fact, many of Costa Rica’s popular beaches have been best-surfing destinations for decades. Some of the beaches are great for learning surfers while others are for experts! Take a look at some of the most accessible and popular surfing spots in Costa Rica and make your dream surf adventure worry-free!


Playa Guiones, Nosara

Having surfable waves and cleanest water makes Playa Guiones, Nosara one of the most the perfect choices for riding the waves. With a sandy bottom beach break, the waves are often small enough for beginners to learn on. When the bigger wave comes, only experienced surfers are recommended to take to the water. Playa Quinones, Nosara not only provide excellent surfing conditions, it is a nice place on the coast for a happiest journey.





Tamarindo is perhaps the most widely known surf spot and sunny surfing destination along the Pacific Coast in Costa Rica. Consistent water waves, surf spots in walkable distance, offshore winds, and long sandy beaches make this area well known to surfers. Lined with restaurants, hotels and surf camps, Playa Tamarindo offers the perfect choice for a day of riding the waves.


Playa Hermosa, Jaco

Playa Hermosa, Jaco is one of the favorite places to visit and surfing in Costa Rica. With a less crowded beach, a turtle nesting sanctuary and a number of economical surf rental shops lining the beach make this place more favorable for surfing enthusiasts. In a surf trips to Costa Rica experienced surfer will relish their best time in these big swells of Playa Hermosa, Jaco.




Salsa Brava, Puerto Viejo

The waves in Salsa Brava, Puerto Viejo is fastest and heaviest, making it an excellent place for surfing. Experts from around the world come to try their hand at this Hawaiian style wave. Daring people like to take this on with a desire to succeed in this wave!


Little Hawaii

Little Hawaii is one of Costa Rica’s best-kept secrets surf spot best suited for experts only. The offshore waves that can reach up to eighteen feet make this destination best for the brave heart travelers to try their luck.  Enjoys the sunrise, morning surf, song of the birds, and get pleasure from the views as if it is the best place on the planet.




El Tubo Surfing is a high standard surf school in Costa Rica offering real exciting surf trips to travelers and helps them make the journey stress free. We used all our resources to find out where and when is the best time for a surf holiday for surfing enthusiasts and travelers alike.  We will craft your dream surf adventure worry-free and immerse you in the beautiful coastlines, delicious restaurants, and surf over the awesome beginner friendly waves! Call us at 011 506 8312-7677for a free consultation with our experts, and let’s craft the dream vacation for your! Stay tuned to Facebook and Google Plus social networks, for latest updates on Surf Trips in Costa Rica .