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How to set up Xero Authenticator

July 4, 2019 by Emma Watson  

While completing transactions online or while using any accounting software there is always the risk of a security breach that could cause you to lose data, or worse lose money. The two-step authentication feature on your Xero software is a security feature that helps to protect your data and keeps your account secure. The authentication feature, which is also known as 2SA, needs a unique authentication code in addition to the login details when signing in to Xero. The code that is required is generated by an authenticator app. You can call the Xero customer care number and speak to a software expert to find out which app is compatible with your operating system so that you can download it and complete the installation steps. Once you download and install an authenticator app you can go through this article to get a general overview of how to set up two-step authentication using the Xero authenticator app.

Steps to set up Xero Authenticator

When you want to use Xero Authenticator you will need to set it up in the web version of Xero and then use it to log in into the mobile app. You can follow the instructions given below to set up Xero authenticator:

·        Step 1: Sign in to your Xero account and go to the ‘Account’ option.

·        Step 2: Open the ‘Two-step authentication’ settings and click ‘Setup.’

·        Step 3: Run the authenticator app and tap the plus icon to add an account.

·        Step 4: Scan the barcode that is shown in Xero using the authenticator app.

·        Step 5: If that does not work you can manually enter the account and key.

·        Step 6: Check your phone for an authentication code from Xero authenticator.

·        Step 7: Type the code in the given field in Xero and press ‘Next’ to continue.

·        Step 8: Select three security questions and provide answers for the same.

·        Step 9: Review the security questions and answers and click ‘Next.’

The security question are an added security level in case you do not have access to the Xero authenticator app. After you enter your security questions your two-step authentication set up process is complete and can be used the next time you want to sign in to your Xero account. If you have any trouble completing the steps mentioned above, you can call the Xero tech support and reach out to a trained software technician to complete the set up process and begin using Xero authenticator. Xero software experts are available 24 hours a day and will be able to give you detailed solutions for any technical error you may encounter while using Xero.

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Contact XERO Helpline Number

June 25, 2019 by Emma Watson  

Xero is one of the most efficient cloud-based accounting software that is available in the world. This software ensures that users are able to handle their accounting needs effectively. Being a cloud-based software, this enables the users to access the information from any desired location. There are often certain issues which the users come across while using this software and the users over and over again require some professional assistance. For situations like these, Xero has provided users with Xero technical support. This is a service which is highly reliable and can easily be approached by the users. With the help of this service, it is ensured that there are no users who are caught up malfunctions.

The users can easily connect with this customer service by dialing their toll-free number or even by connecting them through their web-based services such as chat or email. The executives at this service are swift in their functioning and make sure that the average waiting time is not more than 1-2 minutes. These executives are highly trained and possess vast experience. This ensures that the users attain a solution to their issue in the least possible time. The customer support service provided by Xero also provides the users with a call-back option where the users can request a call back from the technicians. Being an accounting software, Xero is a crucial aspect of any organization, and hence it is important that the software runs without any glitch or even if a glitch is encountered, it should be solved at the earliest. The users can have a sense of relief by knowing that the solutions to the issues which they face is just a call away.

Services provided by Xero Helpline Number

Some services which the customer support number of Xero brings to the users are as given below:

24x7 Technical Support: This customer service can be reached by the users at any hour of the day and on all seven days of the week. This makes sure that the users would get assistance at any given point. The users can dial the toll-free digits of the customer care and directly connect with the customer care executives.

Complete Customer Satisfaction: The technicians at this service are specialists of their respective field. They have a complete understanding of how to handle critical situations. The executives handle every issue which the customer has with the utmost care. They get to the core of the malfunction and then bring out the best possible solutions.

Efficient and Expert Opinion: The technicians at this service always make sure that the users get the most efficient opinions regarding the issue which they face. They understand the importance of their role and work accordingly. Not only do they provide the best solutions, but they also provide these solutions in the least possible time.

When things are put to a conclusion, it is best to say that the users have the ideal option of connecting with Xero customer service whenever they are faced with a malfunction. This is the most effective way by which the users can resolve the problem.

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Bank reconciliation in Xero

June 15, 2019 by Emma Watson  

Xero accounting software serves the users at a greater approach to help them in their accounting and bookkeeping needs. It also offers you to proceed with bank reconciliation with some easy steps. You need to do bank reconciliation when you compare your sales and expenses record and against the bank statements, and it helps you to verify the numbers and accounting status. Now you need to learn the process of Bank reconciliation and the easy process to perform. You can call at Xero contact number and get the easy steps to complete the process. You can follow this blog till the end to get the complete information about bank reconciliation.

Steps to perform bank reconciliation:

1.     Get bank records:

To start the process, you will require the list of transactions from the bank. You can ask for the account statement from internet banking, or you can use Xero software to access the accounting information. You would require credit card information as well.

2.     Get business records:

You need to access your income and outgoing ledger. You can use logbook, spreadsheet or accounting software methods to store this information.

3.     Find your starting point:

When you get balance accounts, you need to look at the starting balance in your account and start the reconciliation from there.

4.     Run through a bank account:

You need to consider the deposit as income in your accounts. You need to figure out missing entries.

5.     Check the income on your books:

Next, you need to make a match of the deposit to the bank statements and find out the reasons for missing entries.

6.     Run through the bank withdrawals:

You need to check if all the bank deposits are displaying in the record books, including bank fees.

7.     Check the expenses on your books:

Check all the entries carefully to mark every expenses you have made. Also, mark those payments that are due and missing.

8.     End balance:

After completing all those exercises, you need to match the total in your business accounts, and it should be the starting point for your next bank reconciliation.

Bank reconciliation with Xero software:

Xero helps you immensely to get the right track for bank reconciliation. Below are some points to denote how it can help you:

1.     Xero helps you make a match.

2.     Xero software setup the bank rules easily.

3.     Xero suggests you get the right direction.

4.     Xero software provides you a proper space and interface to complete the process.

Above you have been provided a proper solution with a step-by-step guide to performing bank reconciliation, but if you need further support then contact at Xero tech support and get the guided support.


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Contact XERO Customer Support Number

June 3, 2019 by Emma Watson  

Xero Customer Support is a highly efficient customer service provider which is available for the users to use. This customer service is highly capable of providing the users with all the required solutions for the issues which they might come across using the Xero Software. Xero is well-renowned customer support service, which is used all across the globe, and hence the chances of coming across a malfunction are not surprising. Keeping this in mind, the creators of Xero have provided the users with Xero customer care phone number The users can easily connect with this customer support with the help of a toll-free number, which makes things all the more easier. The users would directly be connected with a trained executive who has the complete knowledge of how to handle issues which might arise while using this software. Hence most often, the user would not have to worry if they come across any issue while using the Xero Accounting software.

What is the need for Xero Customer Support?

Malfunctioning and encountering glitches are something which no software is immune to, these are things which are highly common and would come up at any given point. There are several situations where the users would come across the need of some technical assistance. Especially when the software that you are using is accounting software. Accounting in itself is not an easy thing. Sometimes even the most simple accounts would possess the biggest issue. Xero provides the users with this remote assistance, which would help them to handle such situations efficiently. This service is very convenient for the users as it can be accessed at any hour of the day, and the users can seek assistance regarding any issue which is related to the software.  

Reasons to trust Xero Support Service

The Xero Customer service is ranked among one of the most trusted customer services in the world. They provide users with the most authentic services possible. They also provide the users with several reasons why this customer service should be trusted above others:

·        They offer the users with a 24x7 support service.

·        They cater to all the complication which the user would encounter.

·        The solution which the executive provide is always the most effective way to solve the issue.

·        The users are always connected to a highly trained executive who has the complete knowledge of handling customer’s issues.

·        These customer support executives ensure that the solutions are provided at the shortest time possible.

·        They completely eradicate the issue from the root cause ensuring that this problem would not come up ever again.

·        This customer service also aids users with issues in e-filing and other features.

·        These executives ensure that users receive complete customer satisfaction. 

Hence it is always the best alternative which the users would have when they come across an issue which they are unable to solve themselves. Dialing the toll-free number Xero technical support number would ensure that the users get adequate assistance that is required.


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Xero - Starting Your New Business and GST

May 22, 2019 by Emma Watson  

The idea of setting up a new business is a job that takes a lot of effort. While working on setting up a new business, there is a lot of things that the users would have to give their attention t, and this is in no way an easy task. A major part of starting a new business is the accounting perspective. Xero can efficiently aid a user who is willing to start a new business, as this software provides the users with all the necessary features needed by the users. The users can get a clear understanding of this by doing a complete run through this blog. The users would also have an alternate option of connecting with Xero tech support number, where the users would get all the assistance that is required.

Understanding the use of Xero in a new business

If the user is buying or selling good and service, then it is necessary that the business is registered for the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

GST is mandatory for the following reasons:

·        If your business has a GST turnover of $75,000 or more.

·        If your non-profile organization has a turnover of $150,000 per year or more.

·        If you are an overseas business importing services, digital products, or goods worth less than $1000 and make over $75,000.

With the help of Xero, you would simply require to set up the software accurately, and you would need to know whether you are on a cash basis or accruals basis.

The process of computing GST on ‘Cash Basis’ using Xero

Xero’s cash basis GST return is when the user pays money for something in return for a product. The transactions that you would have to provide in your Xero data file are as given below:

·        Invoice payments received

·        Bills Paid

·        Expense claims paid

·        Manual journals on the journal date where the checkbox shows journal on cash basis reports are selected.

·        Spend money transactions.

·        Receive money transactions

The process of computing GST on ‘Accrual Basis’ using Xero

Xero’s accruals basis GST return is when you receive any payment for a sale, or when you receive the invoice from your supplier or if you make a payment for something that you have purchased. The transactions that you would have to provide in your Xero data file are as given below:

·        Invoices on the invoice date

·        Bills on the bill date

·        Expense claims on the reporting date

·        Manual journals on the journal date

·        Spend money transactions

·        Receive money transaction

These are basics that you would need to understand while using the Xero software for a newly started business. If you fail to understand any given information, you can easily connect with Xero customer care phone number, where the professionals would give you detailed information about the features and functions.


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Xero Online Accounting Software

May 18, 2019 by Emma Watson  

Xero is an advanced company that is based in New Zealand and offers complete support for accounting and bookkeeping needs and provides quality assurance of business services to the small and mid-sized businesses. Now it is offering Xero online accounting software that can help you immensely to process your accounting needs from anywhere. Now if you need to know the process of downloading and installation, you should call at Xero phone number and get the most prominent support related to issues with Xero. This product is subscription based and can be accessed after you buy a subscription package. It has a lot of advanced features to offer that make it easy for you to process your complex accounting software from anywhere in the world.

The problems solved by Xero Online Accounting Software:

These are some benefits that can be accessed by the latest Xero online accounting software.

1.     You can access your business from anywhere

The most important benefit that you can get is accessing your business from any corner of the world and form any of the devices such as a tablet, PC or mobile.

2.     It helps you to get your real-time position

You can get the instant daily report for your financial transactions, and credit card reports on your Xero dashboard that helps you to get the accurate position of your business.

3.     It can easily collaborate with your team

You can share the access of Xero software with your employees and team to the areas they need to do their job and easily can help you with your Xero account.

4.     You can make an easy invoice and better cash flow

You can easily create an invoice and send them to the marketers or customer to get the online payment easily fast.

5.     It protects your data with a secured protection

While using the Xero online accounting software, your data will be protected and safe to help you get relaxed and easily access your business information.

Top features of Xero online accounting software

·        It offers you recurring professional invoices that can easily be updated

·        You can use Xero mobile app on iPhone and iPad and all other Android devices

·        It provides you easy tracking process for sales and purchases to speed up inventory items

·        It can be used in multi-currency to help you attain the global approach

·        It allows more than 700 third-party apps that make access easy

·        It allows you to attach files related to invoice and bills easily to your Xero online account

Get the expert support for further assistance

Now you are fully aware of the Xero online accounting software, and you can easily avail the service by buying the subscriptions. In case you face any problem regarding the software you should call at Xero customer care and get the proficient support.


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