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Tajweed Defination in Details

February 8, 2019 by Exterkhan  


The definition goes as under: ”ولا أعلم سببا لبلوغ نهاية الإتقان والتجويد، ووصول غاية التصحيح و التسديد مثل رياضة الألسن، والتكرار على اللفظ المتلقى من فم المحسن ، فليس التجويد بتمضيغ اللسان، ولا بتقعير الفم، ولا بتعويج الفك، ولا بترعيد الصوت، ولا بتمطيط الشد، ولا بتقطيع المد، ولا بتطنين الغنات، ولا بحصرمة الراءات، قراءة تنفر عنها الطباع، وتمجها القلوب و الأسماع، بل القراءة السهلة العذبة الحلوة اللطيفة: التي لا مضغ فيها ولا لوك، ولا تعسف ولا تكلف، ولا تصنع ولا تنطع، ولا تخرج عن طباع العرب وكلام الفصحاء، بوجه من وجوه القراءات والأداء.” This definition can be translated wholesomely (and not verbatim) as follows:  I do not know of a better option or means for attaining the height of mastery and betterment than oral drill and practice and repetition of the transmitted word in imitation of its master.

So, Tajweed is not about reading the letters in a way as though one is chewing something, or by unnecessarily pressurizing the throat so that each letter sounds like ‘Ain, or by reading the letters with Imaalah , where there is no Imaalah, or by reciting with a tremulous voice  as  if the reciter is pretentious of  being moved or influenced by the Qur’an, or by the elongation of the shaddah, or by  moving the letter ( following the melody or rhythm) from one level of sound to another within the same letter such that it leads to the creation of more than one letter: as it creates more alifs from a single alif ,or more yaas from a single yaa and more waws from a single waw, or by  making ghunnah with vibration or unnecessary pretension ( it is the same as تقطيع المد ), or by withholding or imprisoning the Raa’ so as to give it a complete imprisonment of sound; a recitation which is naturally disliked, and unpleasant to the hearts and ears, well, in fact, Tajweed  is to recite in a way which is easy-going, pleasant, appealing and delightful: that does not involve any chewing or fakeness or pretension and does not oppose the nature of Arabic language and the speech of the Linguists,  in conformity with the ways of recitation and performance.


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