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FactoryWorx Paperless Manufacturing System

September 30, 2019 by FactoryWorx  

Paperless Manufacturing System

A paperless software system in manufacturing with the use of electronic system of manufacturing replaces use of papers and helps in continuous improvement,  keeping records of all the details of production cycle safe and handy.

Benefits of FactoryWorx Paperless Manufacturing System

Improved Working Flexibility

To come up with the customer’s frequently changing demands, shortages of raw materials, and old equipment, manufacturing managers and supervisors need to have correct access to the updated details of the production flow in order to take fast and accurate decisions. The paperless electronic form builder helps managers to have up-to-data information to take faster decisions.

  • The instantaneous statistics delivered by electronic presentations prompts the level of data flow between workers as the time spend to create, share, and manage paper results is removed.

Better Situation for Improvement

  • An electronic system of processing replaces the hurdles of handling and sharing hard copies with paperless systems. Having a paperless system gives the ability to edit, review, share, and archive ideas.
  • In such an atmosphere, new ideas are easily encouraged than dealing with numerous forms of documents that requires to be handled physically.

Faster Responsiveness

  • An inflexible factory environment only constricts the speed and interprets straight to cost reduction.
  • If there is a product recall condition where having real-time product traceability data provided by assimilated electronic displays are available to all relevant parties who could identify a quality issue.

Reduced Paper and Associated Costs

  • A paperless system obviously cuts down the use of paper. Use of paper piles up huge bulk between different reports, and schedules. And dealing with these big bundles of paper increases cost and displeasure.
  • Cutting down of paper encourages forestation and makes employee work with less difficulty.

Better and Simpler Safety

  • There is always risk in keeping paper documents as they need to be physically stored.
  • But a paperless system can be stored virtually and have separate access to separate employees.
  • Also, digital evidence that is automatically stored can be eagerly transformed, and can be deposited and archived for long span of time—hence, easily assembling industry and government guidelines.

Safety and Security

  • Although paperless solutions give easy and multiple access control, it does have control to access different information for different people.
  • Only a few set of people are allowed to be admins to the electronic systems. These admins can add new users and can later limit their access rights.
  • In paper reporting, many forms never come back from the fields as data go missing and issues with signatures, stamps may arise.

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Predictive Analytics through Artificial Intelligence

September 24, 2019 by FactoryWorx  

Technology, through automation and predictive analytics through artificial intelligence, is definitely one of the most disruptive sources. Artificial Intelligence will impact every industry on Earth, including manufacturing, agriculture, health care, and more with its predictive asset management, digital twin, autonomous operators, etc.

Digital Operator/ Digital Twin

This digital operator is:
  •  easily accessible,
  •  helps powerful analysis, 
  • resulting in fewer errors, less rework, 
  • sustainable operations,
  •  increases reliability and availability, 
  • improves production, and 
  • reduces cost.

Predictive Asset Management

  • It can keep track and monitor transactions, track recipies, subscription and recoveries.
  • Equipped with these features, you can detect asset behaviors with respect to their standard performances.
  • So whenever a risk occurs, the asset manager gets a notification.
  • Now he can notify the staff about the incorrect or risk activities to aware of.

Predictive Maintenance

  • FactoryWorx software with the help of AI and predictive maintenance maximizes your machines’ uptime
  • Sensors and Machine Learning helps in extracting more information from huge bulk of data.
  • Predictive maintenance ensures that your assets are performing at its peak.

Project Management

Benefits of AI based project management:
  • Jobs like passing on tasks, receiving status updates, sending alerts and notifications can be automated using chatbots.
  • AI can recognize errors before they happen and reduce failures.
  • With Analytics, we can predict actions and manage time, talent co-ordination, and priority control of the responsibilities that completes a project.
  • AI automates simple tasks and helps in development of new ideas, help complete bigger responsibilities and make in decision making.

Production Reporting

  • Creating of an annual report manually is always time consuming, complex and disorganized. In preparing a report with AI, robotic process automation relates the previous year’s report, maps with the current period and transfers it to the accounting system.
  • AI could help in producing reporting by pushing out notifications to unit owners. AI can also help in the efficiency of communications by using sentiment analysis to reflect how the report will be read. It also proposes alternate phrasing to better match organization’s objective.

Transportation Management

  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence into transportation has enhanced speed and safety of the vehicles.
  • AI does driver profiling and notifies the transportation manager if in case of any risk.
  • AI in transportation has made it possible for efficient communication, warehouse maintenance, robot employees, improved productivity levels, inventory processes, and employee income.
  • Transportation with AI is able to reduce vehicle repair cost and downtime .
  • Highway speed, fuel availability, status of goods in the trucks , etc all can be now tracked by the logistic manager only because of AI.

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Factory Dashboard

September 23, 2019 by FactoryWorx  

Our Factory Dashboard: User Friendly

  • We have a wide range of self-editable and self-installable components which can be done without any professional IT support.
  • It gives high resolution and visualization as data presentation features. Our factory dashboard  supports in handling charts, read current metrics and KPIs and other representations without external help.
  • It enables quick and quality support of the BI activities. A simple drag and drop of the data values, enables users to produce a pixel-perfect dashboard.

Our Factory Dashboard: Acquire Location-based Insights

  • We support you in location based intelligence, with the feature of coloring each location with different colors.
  • Colours depend on the data values and points of different locations.
  • With factoryworx dashboard, you will be able to know changes in each location and how the data points in each location perform.

Our Factory Dashboard: Drill down Business Data and Root Causes

  • For business insights, you can get the deep and detailed information using our dashboard.
  • We support you to drill down business information and help in presenting them in charts with great visualization.
  • With changes in data, instead of just viewing on top, you can have a granular view to get to the original cause and decide what arrangements are needed.

Our Factory Dashboard: Easy Integration of Outsourced content

  • In projects today, a lot of outsourcing takes place as innovation occurs both in and out of the organization.
  • When you need to involve a third party data points, we enable you to fit in the outsourced content with the existing ones.
  • Bringing data points from external modules into your dashboard can be done with simple drag and drop.

Our Factory Dashboard: Remote Access and Responsive to all devices

  • Factoryworx dashboard is a big YES for employees working in remote locations. With its remote access ability, any employee belonging to your company can check your data anytime and anywhere. It runs in all devices and supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Users can deploy them into any system via HTML, Flash or PDF. Its dashboards and reports can be deployed to end users via HTML (AJAX), Flash or PDF.
  •  All devices are responsible to the all-time available dashboards. With FactoryWorx, you can take your dashboards wherever you go. It is available for all operating systems including iOS and Android.

Our Factory Dashboard: Organized sharing of Content

  • With our Factory dashboard, you don’t have to deal with complicated configuration settings and you can now easily share all your content among different devices and web users.
  • As once logged in, the user can immediately go through the content and can customize the content whenever they want.

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Benefits of Recipe Management System (RMS)- FACTORYWORX

September 18, 2019 by FactoryWorx  

Benefits of Factoryworx Recipe Management:

1. Integration of Equipment and Process Management

As complexity and high process control increases in manufacturing, production process requires improved system of integration.  Continuous integration of automation control equipment is a must to provide exact prevention and control over the factory operation.

2. Centralized Management Improves Performance

FactoryWorx with its strong infrastructure provides a central management system for managing all equipments and their processes. With this centralized controller, engineers can view, direct, organize and accomplish process recipes from any PC in the factory.

3. Quality Control

While preparing a dish, there’s nothing worse than forgetting the recipe or missing out important ingredients. Quality control takes care of the recipe execution and help to you come out with the standard result.

4. Traceability: Scan to Consume

We offer you full traceability from raw ingredients to production with organized systems offering a full summary of the raw materials journey throughout the recipe.

The traceability engine scans to consume every process step based on different items or lots for all the production cycle from raw buying of raw materials to shipping of orders.

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Industry 4.0 Enabled – FactoryWorx

September 17, 2019 by FactoryWorx  

Standardized platform provided with sick sensors and technology

  • At FactoryWorx, we use a standardized platform provided with industry proven Sick sensors and technology. Sick is highly regarded as the non-contact sensor technology leader.
  • From factory automation to logistics uses and production monitoring solutions, SICK’s massive group of sensors can resolve effectively any sensing claim. It provides reliable and well-organized work flow control and risk avoidance control.
  • SICK’s sensors and safety application solutions for industrial use create the perfect basis for reliable and efficient control of processes.

Rapid deployment

  • The rapid-deployment approach of FactoryWorx Cloud connected manufacturing service create the most of business outcomes and augmenting manufacture through instigating integration from ERP enterprise level to manufacturing accomplishment.
  • Our data connectivity is very easy to deploy.  Within few hours u can install it in your factory and data will be available in cloud within few hours.
  • We help workers in the production cycle with basic manual communication. FactoryWorx simple product visualization improves production monitoring  within short time period. It does real-time overview of quality control activities with its spontaneous and elastic web interface. It connects your data straight to the cloud. 

Open Connectivity

  • FactoryWorx Cloud is open and provides interoperability and is brand-vendor-agnostic.
  • We are not tied to any particular manufacturer.  Data connectivity is established between the devices and sensors.  Along with sensors our platform is open to talk with all existing factory devices.
  • Operator Cloud is the central  central space in the factory which is an open layer an space in the factory which is an open layer and supports all enterprise-needed functions and applications.
  • We automatically connect the devices to the cloud interface data directly. Mobile devices like forklift can also be directly connected and reads elements like speed, pressure, temperature, etc.

Production flow control across your supply chain

  • In Industry 4.0 empowered supply chain, sensors collect and process all data from all devices and give a clear visibility of the supply operation.
  • Industry 4.0 helps in interconnectivity of all machines and processes providing better transparency in the chain.
  • Autonomous processes in inventory and production has reduced the need of human involvement.
  • Predictive analysis of all data categorizes arrangements and movements in inventory, equipment practices, etc. thus empowering proactive decision-making.

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Production Reporting System and its Management

September 13, 2019 by FactoryWorx  

Production Reporting System and its Management

Over the past few years, Internet of things has aimed each consumer in almost every industry. This has been empowering businesses to embrace industry 4.0. for providing smarter services with smart factories. Industries have now realized that the fast increasing data has increased productivity by detecting bottlenecks in the system resulting in better decisions in production reporting system and management and thereby driving better business management.



In all industries, production reporting and management has been always a challenge. This was due to the unavailability of the components that were needed to be delivered in production managing. Automation controllers in manufacturing plants collect the needed data and have made production management a possibility.


Production Reporting

  • Reduce manual data collection Labor Costs: With the introduction of automation in production reporting, manual data collection processes are now avoided, resulting in reduced labor cost and improved data accuracy. 
  • Develop Inventory Accuracy : When you update the inventory system in your factory electronically with respect to real time production monitoring system, you can track down order status and production flow and can update the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system automatically.
  • Regulate accurate Job Elements: When reporting was done manually, determining the standards in each job stage were difficult. But with automated FactoryWorx production monitoring, during data collection, it is simple to calculate production life cycle time, run time, down time, setup time and labor hour standards to develop accurate Job costs.
  • Practice KPI Dashboards: Real-Time KPI (Key Performance Indicator) screens display huge bulk of data. FactoryWorx cloud displays OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) status, current downtime reason, average cycle time or production rate, etc.  
  •  OEE reporting: The AI enabled controller features adaptive intelligence that identifies and spots normal and abnormal features in each of the equipment.
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is a measure of how often something will fail.
  • MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) is a measure of how long it will take to fix a problem.
  • Together MTBF and MTTR help increase the risk.


Production Monitoring

  • Automated inventory monitoring: Use of AI removes manual inventory control. AI helps to automatically to keep track of inventory purchase and optimization processes. Also if any inventory tools need repair or a repurchase, AI will send an automatic notification about the needed repurchase.  With AI’s pin pointed and precise results tracking becomes easier as it eliminates the errors that occur in manual tracking.
  • Achieving industrial efficiency: A number of AI enabled machines are improving production monitoring efficiency. AI soft wares and applications are aiding manufacturers to monitor quantities of raw materials, production time, temperatures needed in each step of production, errors, downtime, repair time, automatically. 

Acquire Location-based Insights

  • Meeting customer demands: Due to manual tracking, manufacturers miss out important items to count. AI helps in automated real time monitoring and regulation of the inventory assets.  AI automated machineries help manufacturers in improved supply to customers and plan production as per the customer needs. AI helps customers in letting them know the correct information about any product. The inventory management solution of AI bends the inventory levels as per the customer expectations change. This helps in cost reduction, improving repair control and resulting in an efficient inventory and production monitoring.

Quality Management

  • Reduce Quality Issues: A time consuming task in manufacturing is the testing of produced goods and confirms that meet the quality levels. In manual testing by humans, at least a small degree of error is certain. With AI-enabled test abilities, quality issues can be acknowledged and addressed sooner, permitting for more yielding manufactured goods that’s fine and set to ship the instant it is out from the production line. With AI enabled machinery quality control has become, faster that can detect errors and loopholes easily. And since AI is also able to spot and detect problems in real time, this information can be fit into the inspection stream and accomplish progressive analytics to avoid the issues from occurring again.
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control): SPC is possibly the most imperative and most frequent use of Artificial Intelligence. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is the use of statistical tools and considers monitoring, regulating, handling, and refining procedures and performance of the progression.
  • Predictive Maintenance results in Less Downtime: One of the most promising use cases of AI in manufacturing is its ability to effectively remove both intentional and unintentional downtime triggered by damaged equipment.
  • For ages, manufacturers have used sensors and preventive maintenance to manage and evaluate the performance of their tools. But outdated preventive maintenance needs a reasonable bulk of manual investigation of huge bulks of data to harvest any actionable decisions. Similarity, because it is combined with AI expertise, predictive maintenance can influence cutting-edge tools and analytics to forecast errors before they happen. This allows organizations to avoid downtime overall, ensuing in augmented performance and avoiding the run-to-failure situation.


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