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Drive Thru Solutions in Famatechnologies

December 6, 2019 by famatechnologies  


Drive Thru Technology Inc. provides loss prevention solutions. The Company offers digital video surveillance solutions to the hospitality and specialty retail industries.

Fama Technologies is a leading Drive Thru solutions provider with an intense credible experience of doing the End to End Solution for elite brands like Starbucks, Wendy’s and so on.

Our Drive Thru solutions pave the way for optimized customer experience coupled with enhanced server productivity at all the windows.The drive thru is a vital customer touch point for quick-serves, and digital technology is allowing operators to communicate with consumers like never before. The flexibility of digital signage and its ease of use make it one of the most important investments for many restaurants.

A drive-through is a type of service provided by a business that allows customers to purchase products without leaving their cars.Orders are generally placed using a microphone and picked up in person at the window. 

A drive-through is different from a drive-in in several ways - the cars create a line and move in one direction in drive-throughs, and normally do not park, whereas drive-ins allow cars to park next to each other, the food is generally brought to the window by a server, called a carhop, and the customer can remain in the parked car to eat. 

However, during peak periods, to keep the queue down and avoid traffic flow problems, drive-throughs occasionally switch to an "order at the window, then park in a designated space" model where the customer will receive their food from an attendant when it is ready to be served. 

Drive-Thru Headsets:

The Drive-Thru headset facilitates a crystal-clear communication between customer and the server for an optimized customer experience and order accuracy. We have:

  • Wireless all-in-one drive-thru headset systems.
  • Compact drive-thru headset belt-Pac models.
  • Cabled drive-thru intercom systems.


Drive-thru headsets and drive-thru intercom systems employ the latest in sound technology to dramatically improve communication between your customers and employees. You benefit from faster service times, greater order accuracy and increased profitability. We can even interface your wireless DT system and timer to the internet for global access by you and your management for monitoring operations, remote reporting, make programming changes remotely and on the fly and to capture real time audio files.

It challenges your staff at each location to strive to be the best and be seen at the top of the Leaderboard! What does this all mean to you? Competition among staff. Faster drive-thru times. Higher car counts. Happier customers. Which all translates to more money in your pocket.

Investing in equipment made for the unique needs of the drive thru is the key for maximizing the return on investment for these items.

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Best Restaurant POS Software & Management System

November 19, 2019 by famatechnologies  


Restaurant POS software is the backbone of restaurant operations. Key features include reporting and analytics, inventory management,food costing and marketing capabilities.

POS Software used for:

POS software is used primarily by eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores to conduct sales transactions. Such tool have the functionalities of both a computer and a cash register. With POS software, sellers can input orders, compute the cost and receive customer payments.

Why You Need a POS System in a Restaurant :

The high volume of money and Visas that go through a Restaurant every day make a POS framework a need. Not exclusively completes a POS framework track each penny of your business, numerous POS programs additionally go about as Visa processors. This makes swiping Visas progressively secure for both the client and the business. Servers are responsible for every one of their deals, and it is difficult to modify checks in the PC except if you have the secret word.This helps cut down on employee theft.

Fama Technologies offers feature-rich restaurant management software in UAE that enables proprietors and administrators to assume responsibility for their stock and work. Our Restaurant POS Sysytem offers framework is natural and easy to use so you, the administrator and your workers will be specialists within a short span of time.Redone work processes help the purpose of offers to shape to your business, and our endeavor grade programming is perfect for restaurant of any size. It is strong for harsh environments, and propelled API combinations give all of you the instruments you need. Our Software will work in any bar or café and can easily deal with multi-idea activities.

The output it achieves is determined by a number of factors one of them being the POS Machine incorporated. The Restaurant Management Solution ensures restaurant functions optimally.

Our POS software is created for:

* Casual and Fine Dining Restaurants

* Fast food

* Ice-Cream Parlors

* Refreshment Centers

* Food Kiosks

* School Canteen

* Catering

* Bars / Clubs

Benefits of POS Software:

Important Benifits of POS Sysytem is simplifies communications between the kitchen and the wait staff. Orders go through the computer, directly to the kitchen printer. Another benefit of a restaurant POS program is that it can track everything from food usage to the most popular menu items. Because the POS system acts as a time clock, it can also help prepare payroll.

Our advanced POS software is a product of years of research and design, headed by experts within the hospitality industry itself.Every restaurant POS solution allows food and beverage operators to use cash management and integration with payment service providers to process orders and maintain financial control of their business. 

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Retail Point of Sale System

August 26, 2019 by famatechnologies  

Regardless of whether you're in the market to purchase your first purpose of-offer framework or you're pondering changing out your current framework for another one, its difficult to choose which one will be an ideal choice for your business. In our testing to locate the best POS frameworks for independent ventures, we searched for moderate, cloud-based arrangements that are anything but difficult to introduce, set up and use. Peruse on to find out about the POS frameworks we picked then check our guide for tips on tolerating charge cards. 



The best POS frameworks accomplish something beyond procedure deals and acknowledge installments. They make it simpler to maintain your whole business, with highlights that help you break down deals information, track stock, associate with clients and oversee representatives. They incorporate or have mixes for email advertising, devotion programs, and different abilities that streamline procedures and spare you time. The best POS sellers give dependable client bolster that you can contact nonstop, so regardless of whether your business keeps sporadic hours or you're working late, you can get help when you need it.

As you think about POS machines and programming, search for frameworks that give you greatest adaptability, with month-to-month programming memberships, a decision of installment processors and similarity with outsider POS equipment that you can buy forthright. Along these lines, you're not bolted into a framework or a rent for quite a long while, however can rather change out whatever pieces of the framework you need, when you need – regardless of whether you are missing highlights, feel administrations aren't living up to your desires or locate a superior arrangement somewhere else.

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Digital Menu Boards

August 20, 2019 by famatechnologies  

Digital menu boards are changing the way quick-service restaurants (QSRs) interact with customers. Being  engaging and visually consistent medium, it can influence your patrons in making an informed decision faster.From creating persuasive menu boards to enhancing the overall look and feel of your fast-food chain, digital menu boards go a long way in increasing conversions.

Digital menus are customized cost-effective solutions that attract your fine dining spaces. They enable the restaurants to stay up-to-date with the help of full-motion videos into their menus. Even that helps them to keep a track of last-minute product changes and helps to change prices in multiple locations. It maintains your brand reputations of all the franchises in several locations.




Digital menus are used from fine dining spaces to fast food locations which help to put up the daily special menus on the digital menu board. It even helps to control the ambience with the help of music and visuals controlled by a remote. Even you can entertain your customers while they wait for food and sell ad spaces to your partners.

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Restaurant Pos System

August 13, 2019 by famatechnologies  

At Famatechnologies, we have created café POS frameworks that are intended to help with organizing and dealing with the everyday exchanges that an eatery may confront. The accommodation business is without a doubt quick paced, and nobody comprehends that very like us. 

The friendliness business faces staff turnovers at an amazingly high recurrence, so a straightforward, simple to utilize eatery POS framework is crucial. With a Famatechnologies café POS arrangement, there's actually no restriction to the quantity of undertakings that can be accomplished – take stock of stock, sign in remotely to monitor menu changes and adjustments, even execute a client prizes program. The majority of this is conceivable whenever, anyplace. Our eatery POS frameworks will give you and your staff more opportunity to deal with significant business exercises. So why pause? Join cafés all over Australia who have been raving about our creative eatery POS framework. 




You'll get a superb administration sponsored up by an unparalleled answer for both the equipment and programming with Famatechnologies eatery POS framework. Remain responsible for your business whether you are on vacation or in the following suburb, our cloud based POS module empowers proprietors and administrators to keep their finger on the beat with live information on the business.

Famatechnologies is focused on furnishing you with the best eatery POS arrangement available; so get in touch with us today for any additional data on how we can support your business.

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Retail Management Solutions

August 8, 2019 by famatechnologies  

The choice of a Retail Management System can make or break a retail business. The ideal solution is expected to offer efficient supply chain and inventory management, workforce management, integration with online store or in short take the overall operations experience to an optimal level. Our holistic Retail Management Solution comprises:



Our Retail POS runs on the latest fast processor encased in a durable body and has:

  1. Multi touch for an adequate experience
  2. Spill proof and dust protected screen for enhanced operations
  3. Stylish and Sleek design
  4. Low cost of ownership
  5. Smooth Integration



Enhanced Inventory Management:

  1. Access an easy to use form to create and modify multi-dimensional matrix items besides adding or removing dimensions of existing items as well.
  2. Use supplier re-order number to locate items easily and quickly.
  3. Upload item costs to headquarters when cost information changes at the store level.
  4. This ensures accurate, chain-wide item cost reports based on weighted average.


Improved Pricing Control:

  1. Add items to purchase orders (POs) on-the-fly using a new dialogue window.
  2. Manage specialized purchasing requirements by easily exporting POs to Microsoft® Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel® for easy customization.
  3. Facilitates accurate ordering that keeps popular items in stock with the ability to view purchase orders in matrix format.

New Pricing Capabilities:

  1. Set percentage or pricing discounts for “Buy X get Y” and Mix / Match quantity discount scenarios.
  2. Set up and select “by price” or “by percentage” options.
  3. Simple Product Activation
  4. Activation can be done by a mere product key either via internet or call center.

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Digital Signage Solution

August 6, 2019 by famatechnologies  

Digital Signage forms a crucial aspect of Hospitality and Retail Industries’ advertising strategy. FAMA Technologies being a “One Stop Shop” fully comprehends that and hence offers cutting edge Digital Signage Solutions catering specially to these industries. The solution comprises Digital Menu Board, Customer Order Display, iThqan Indoor Digital Signage and Video Wall.


Digital Menu Board :

This includes hardware, software, installation, maintenance and content management services. The technology incorporated is specifically designed to deliver relevant, personalized merchandising content for any restaurant or retail outlet. Our data driven content management software is used by leading brands across 50 plus markets. The solution allows optimal engagement by means of creative content placement based on a predefined logic. The CMS uses real time data from multiple sources like Point of Sale and Social Media to deliver optimal experience and right product mix to customers





iThqan Indoor Digital Signage:


The word “iThqan” means excellence in Arabic and iThqan Indoor Digital Signage is an apt analogy. iThqan Indoor Digital Signage is a perfect tool to promote your products. It has a HD screen cased in a robust body and when placed correctly within an outlet can significantly encourage more purchases or upsells. Here are its Key Features:



  1. Comprehensive features rich Android Software with User-Friendly UI.
  2. Wireless Data Incorporation.
  3. Split Screen Functionality.
  4. Image Filling & Scheduling.
  5. Run Data on Multiple Screens.
  6. Remote Functioning Such as Rebooting and Shutting down.



  1. Sleek & Smart Design.
  2. Strong Metallic Frame.
  3. Metal Silver or Black Painting.
  4. Worldwide certificate approval, such as RoHS, CE, and FCC.

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Cloud Restaurant POS

August 2, 2019 by famatechnologies  

Fama Technologies offers far reaching Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for every one of its items. Our specialized pros are accessible nonstop to address any acceleration in speedy time. We offer exhaustive specialized assessment reports for keeping the customer refreshed and even propose expectant arrangement if there should be an occurrence of a conceivable future risk. What's more, redo SLA of any structure and multifaceted nature for the comfort of our customers. Given our wide reach and one-stop shop capacities, FAMA Technologies does the trick as an ideal colleague with a consultative keenness to play out the evaluation, arranging, supply, establishment, testing and upkeep for any mechanical task nearby. 



A useful Infrastructure is essential for the smooth activity of any business.Any sort of blunder or issue can demonstrate exorbitant and lead to a potential misfortune. As an accomplished specialist organization, we guarantee your Infrastructure set up is solid with no plausible not so distant future dangers. Our administration group plays out an all encompassing investigation of the present Infrastructure set up to objective its powerless focuses assuming any. The group then "make" an essential IT framework restoration plan alongside an emergency course of action if there should be an occurrence of potential dangers in future. FAMA Technologies can unquestionably either be your dependable IT Support group or an all-encompassing arm of the present IT Team.

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Retail Point of Sale System

August 1, 2019 by famatechnologies  

The decision of a Retail Management System can represent the moment of truth a retail business. The perfect arrangement is required to offer effective production network and stock administration, workforce the board, reconciliation with online store or in short take the general activities experience to an ideal level.

The Point of Sale (POS) alludes to the region of a store where clients can pay for their buys. The term is regularly used to portray frameworks that record money related exchanges. This could be an electric money register or an incorporated PC framework which records the information that contains a business exchange for the clearance of merchandise or administrations. 




A POS System is the equipment and programming used to record the budgetary exchanges of a retail location. It is the best apparatus for a storekeeper to oversee and survey her business. While the POS framework can be as basic as free programming that keeps running on any PC or an online based framework like Quickbooks or Square to a completely incorporated framework with versatile POS capacities like utilized in Apple stores, the key is the information that the POS framework produces for you to maintain a beneficial business.

Here are a portion of the key highlights you should search for in a quality POS framework

Deals Data :

Your POS framework must be able to produce powerful detailing for you on your business results. It ought to do day by day, hourly and constant announcing. It ought to enable you to take a gander at year over year and day parts. It should gauge for you dependent on deals patterns.

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Famatechnologies-Drive Thru Solutions

July 26, 2019 by famatechnologies  

FAMA Technologies specializes as a One Stop Shop offering high end IT solutions to the Hospitality and Retail Verticals. A part of FAMA Holding group, FAMA Technologies grew rapidly since its inception in 2007 and now enjoys a position of a market leader.

Fama Technologies is a leading Drive Thru solutions provider with an intense credible experience of doing the End to End Solution for elite brands like Starbucks, Wendy’s and so on. Our Drive Thru solutions pave the way for optimized customer experience coupled with enhanced server productivity at all the windows. This reduces the customer journey time through a Drive thru lane thus boosting sales. To sum it up, FAMA’s Drive Thru solutions result in faster service, greater order accuracy and increased profitability.


The solution Mainly Entails:

  1. Drive-Thru Headsets
  2. Speaker Post
  3. Customer Order Display
  4. Drive-Thru Timer
  5. Cloud Drive-Thru Enterprise Management
  6. Service & Support






Drive-Thru Headsets : 

 The Drive-Thru headset facilitates a crystal-clear communication between customer and the server for an optimized customer experience and order accuracy. We have:


  1. Wireless all-in-one drive-thru headset systems.
  2. Compact drive-thru headset belt-Pac models.
  3. Cabled drive-thru intercom systems.

Speaker Post   :

Our Drive-Thru speaker post can withstand extreme temperatures with no impact whatsoever on quality of sound produced from it or clarity of communication to the server through the microphone.


Customer Order Display :

A renowned name in Customer Order Display (COD) segment, FAMA Technologies has expertise in all the associated technologies and their support in the field.


Drive-Thru Timer :

A blessing for Quick Service Restaurants, the Drive Thru timer monitors cars journey time through the Drive Thru. The tracking is done to ensure customers are served in an optimal fashion at all the drive thru windows. We have:


  1. Zoom Drive Thru Timer System.
  2. Dash LCD Upgrade for System 30 Timer.
  3. System 30 A Drive Thru Timer.

Cloud Drive-Thru Enterprise Management :

The cloud functionality enables the Quick Service Restaurant with multiple stores to efficiently manage their Drive Thru lanes. Once linked to Zoom timer, QSR managers can remotely access real-time dashboard and robust reporting features to:

  1. Compare and analyze performance data from multiple stores simultaneously.
  2. Receive online technical support.
  3. Receive free future Zoom software upgrades. 

Service & Support :

We offer comprehensive SLA for Drive Thru and have:


  1. Certified Repair Center.
  2. Warranty Management.
  3. Repair Maintenance. 

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