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Kashan Carpet Shopping

November 4, 2019 by ariamehr  

Why buy Kashan carpet?

Is Kashan carpet different from other carpets?

Why is Kashan Carpet famous?

How to buy Kashan carpet?

Buying a carpet is one of the essentials of a home. This home appliance is a tool that can last several years if selected with quality and warranty. Therefore, this article has been edited and published considering the importance of buying Kashan carpet.

 Due to the quality and durability of Kashan carpets, people tend to buy Kashan carpets. There are places where Kashan carpets are sold below market prices. That people can easily make quality rugs in Kashan.

Brief Description of Kashan Carpet History

 The precious carpet of this precious gem has been and still is of great importance since ancient times. The carpet should be viewed not only as a commodity or commodity but also as a nation's civilization. Civilization is a word that has been heard for many years in the name of our country Iran. This important feature alone has a lot to say for itself. When a commodity becomes valuable, people realize its value when it comes to a source of authenticity. When it comes to understanding, it is the culture and culture of a nation. The time of king  Abbas Safavi who built carpet workshops in Kashan and Isfahan and Tabriz and several other cities, and later with the development of carpet weaving industry and the people became aware of this, the position of carpet became more and more high.

The Iranian beech is a symbol of Iranian culture. The motifs found on each carpet are not simple designs but represent the culture, lifestyle of a nation. The carpets of each region reflect the traditions and traditions of the region. The genuine Iranian carpets of Kashan carpets are the first in terms of authenticity, quality, elegance and beauty. The historical fabric of the city itself travel to Iran.

Popularity of Kashan Carpet

The reasons for the popularity of Kashan carpets in the world can be attributed to the variety of designs and colors as well as the quality of the genres used, the use of fine art, vibrant colors and natural colors. Most importantly, it has a certain appeal. It is appealing to the eye. One of the reasons for the popularity of Kashan carpets is that it is said that the more the carpet becomes, the more carpeted and carpeted it becomes (hand-woven carpet)

Some friends ask if Kashan carpet is different from other carpets.

Yes, because of the historical background mentioned above, Kashan is working on specialized carpets. There are many carpet specialists in Kashan.

But what's important is that Kashan has specialized in all areas of carpeting. Specializing in carpentry, dyeing, drawing which are directly related to carpet weaving. Kashan carpet is also different in terms of texture. So by buying Kashan carpet you can find the difference between this city carpet and other cities.

The information discussed hereafter is for the sole purpose of acquiring awareness.

Kashan carpet is divided into two groups in terms of texture:

1) Kashan Hand Carpet

2) Kashan Carpet

In terms of quality and quality of carpet hand woven Kashan is famous, but because of its price some people do not have the power to buy hand woven Kashan. So they go to Kashan to buy a carpet that is of high quality.

carpet of kashan is classy. There are many carpet factories in Iran, but Kashan factories specialize in carpet making. It is interesting to know that the variety of motifs, the use of high quality raw materials has made the carpet of Kashan closer to the hand carpet.

Handmade carpets are also a prominent new product of carpet factories in Kashan, making the products manufactured with industrial machines not much different from handmade carpets.


If you are looking to buy Kashan rugs, we suggest you take a look at our site to get acquainted with the designs of Kashan rugs.

Well we will continue chatting about buying Kashan rugs.

If you want to buy Kashan rugs you can go to Kashan rugs and buy them at the factory. By doing so, you have properly managed the family economy. Because of the quality of Kashan rugs, Kashan rugs will work for many years.

General Tips for Buying Kashan Carpet

-If you want to shop for dowry I suggest you buy Kashan rugs because it is durable and durable.

-If you want to buy a carpet that is close to the hand-made carpet, buy a carpet with heated acrylic yarn.

-In order to buy Kashan carpet online be sure to address the site, its credentials and so on.

- Check the electronic content at the beginning of the purchase on the site.

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