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What to Do for Availing Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa?

February 12, 2019 by Joseph Smith  

Saudi Arabia is known for its marvelous structures and land of Islam. Due to its spontaneous fusion of nature and artificial sites, it attracts millions of tourists every year. Mainly tourists from western countries come here to spend their vacation. However, whenever you’ll try to enter Saudi Arabia, you have to come with valid visa. Without that, your entry will be strongly prohibited.

One thing is to keep in mind that, tourist visa is not issued by Saudi Arabia. Therefore, if you want for Saudi Arabia family visit Visa, you can go there in alternative visa. According to Saudi Arabia embassy, you can go there with Saudi Arabia business visa. This is the common type of visa program that maximum people prefer to use even for tourist purpose.

Generally, the client in Saudi Arabia will host your meeting with your clients if you are landed for business purpose. It is quite simple and straight forward visa to apply for. To avail the visa, you have to ask the client for a scan passport and will then proceed to apply for an invitation letter. It will be accomplished by submitting the scan to the local Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Just after the ministry has approved the invitation, it will be reverted back to the host company. In return, the officials will stamp the invitation with the company seal. Once all these steps have been completed, the invitation letter will be made available to the client. The client will them need to contact a registered agent to facilitate of the visa at the embassy.

Apart from business visa, if you want you can avail the visiting visa for Saudi Arabia. It has maximum similarity with business visa but one thing is different that, instead of just meeting with your host, you have to perform different tasks in the country. You’ll still be paid by your direct employer and will not receive any compensation directly from the host in Saudi Arabia. If there is any requirement to meet the government employees, you have to avail government visa. This certain kind of gratis visa and the invitation letter will let you to get easily avail the government visa.

These are some popular visa those are being issued by Saudi Arabia. Apart from them, if you want to get Russian business visa, you have to go through very tough scrutiny process. 

It is Tough to Get Russia Tourist Visa

January 23, 2019 by Joseph Smith  

Vacation season is approaching. If you have determined that, Russia is your next vacation destination, time to apply for Russia tourist visa. Getting a tourist to different countries is quite easy and straight process but Russia is different. You have to go through tough process in order to get Russia tourist visa. The only time you won’t need any visa if you are in a cruise ship. Apart from it, any other touring will strongly require to deal with the Russian government and the visa papers.

Things to do for availing Russian tourist visa

First step will be, to fill out an online application. While you are going to Russian embassy, they will lead you what type of job would be done there. Plus, you have to show the health insurance. Make sure that, your current provider covers the entire tour. You should know in advance that, this paperwork may take you while complete. Once you are finished, you must walk it into a Russia Consulate or send it to a visit expediting service.

Invitation letter is another crucial thing that you must have to submit. Russian consulates will get convinced with the letter from the spot you are staying. Most of the Russian hotels will write behalf of you. This letter will prove you intent to stay at their business and will provide dates and length of your trip. The location will also have to register with your Russian visas once you show up there. Apart from this, there are a numerous requirements need to acquire for your visa. If you have properly prepared for all these things, then there are no worries. 

Getting you tour visa will take some time and good amount of money. If you want to travel through any agency, it will cost you a lot. Before planning the tour, make sure that, you have included the travel expenditure including your whole budget.

It is not as easy we think to visit Russia. The process is expensive and complex. Make sure that, you have given yourself enough time to go through the paperwork. China work visais also another brain burning matter to get. It needs high amount of effort along with pinpoint document to avail the visa. One thing is to keep in mind that, if you have all paper ready, there will be no issues to avail the visa you want. Therefore, prepare yourself and get the desired visa you want. 

Things to Do for Getting Bolivia Tourist Visa

January 11, 2019 by Joseph Smith  

If you want to go to Bolivia, you must have visa. All most each and every foreign travelers need to submit visa if they want to go for certain period of time to Bolivia. This is the most important document in getting there are from the passport. In order to get Bolivia tourist visa, there are a lot of paper work needed. Without thorough documents, you can’t successes to get the visa.

Guidelines to follow in order to get Bolivia tourist visa

Bolivia is full with natural wonders. When vacation season comes, it receives maximum visa application from the interested tourists. In order to confirm visa, the applicants should go through certain criteria.

First thing is that, you have to go to any Bolivian embassy in order to apply the visa. If you are new, you can ask directly in the embassy about the requirement of visa. According to many, applying online is the easiest way to apply visa. There are certain website by which you can easily place your application filling the given format.

Next thing is that, you should determine about the period of time you are going to stay in Bolivia. When you are talking about tourist visa, it is available for shorter period of time. According to many, the longer you are going to stay, the more you are going to pay. Tourist visa is sixty days long and it starts from the date you have arrived to the country. If you want to stay for longer period of time, you must have to apply for different visa.

You have to submit the original passport and you have to keep one thing in mind that, the passport is valid up to next six months. Apart from passport, two color photos also needed to complete the process. If you have already these photos, make sure that, they are clear visible with white background. If you don’t have them, you can recently take photos.

Before entering Bolivia, you have to be vaccinated. It is a minimal requirement for each and every individual interested to go Bolivia. To prove that, you have to submit the medical record regarding the vaccination.

These are minimal requirement of applying tourist visa for Bolivia. If you want to have the China business visa, you have to go through different procedure. For each and every visa, you have to contact with the concern embassy.

Important Things to Know about Brazil Work Visa and Algeria Business Visa

December 31, 2018 by Joseph Smith  

Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It has plenty of natural resource and businesses get flourished as it has tremendous options available for marketing and production. This is the reason for which maximum people today prefer to flock into this country for professional purpose. Brazil work visa is the right way to get permission for any professionals.

Different types of Brazil work visa

There are different kind of work visas required for different purpose and activity you are going to do in Brazil. According to the experts, you can divide two types of work visas. These are

1.    Temporary work visa.

2.    Permanent work visa

Temporary work visa for Brazil 

Most of the time, foreign employees don’t want to stay for longer period of time. In this case temporary visa will be great to choose for. It will allow them to stay two years in Brazil. If there is any extension need, you can approach for the extension for thirty days before. If you have completed four-year period, the company will apply for a permanent work visa. Within the temporary work visa, it is not possible to change employees in Brazil without permission.

Permanent work visa for Brazil

According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Brazil, a permanent work visa will be usually being issues to foreigners who have permanent residence in Brazil. This condition generally applies to the researchers and scientists. Investors who have huge investment on Brazil, they can also apply for the permanent work visa. In order to know the information perfectly, it will be great to check the procedure at Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment.

Algeria Business Visa

There is a spike of requirement of Algeria business visa. Maximum people today, prefer to apply Algeria business visa for their further movement. Here is a list of documents need to Algeria business visa.

·         Original passport with six months validity from the date of travel.

·         Two photos color photos with white background.

·         Invitation letter from the Algerian company.

·         Air tickets.

·         Hotel reservation confirmation.

These are something those are minimum requirement to avail an Algeria business visa. Once, you are meeting the document criteria, you can easily apply the visa depositing the fees. Though, in the visa process, you have a number of questions to answer but maximum people pass them easily without much hassle. This is the reason, make sure that, you have thoroughly gathered these entire documents before going to apply visa.

How To Get Saudi Arabia Business Visa?

December 21, 2018 by Joseph Smith  

Are you planning to travel Saudi Arabia? But you are not sure what type of visa you may require or how to apply for visa? There are different types of visas are available to obtain and you have to consider which type visa will meet your need.

There are no tourists visas are issued in Saudi Arabia. There are number of people want to visit this country as tourist but due to unavailability of tourist visa, people use different visa to go to this beautiful country. 

Obtaining Saudi Business Visa is Not Possible Without A Host

Saudi Arabia business visa is known as the vastly used visa among people around the world. It entitles the individual to travel to Saudi Arabia to consult and conduct business on behalf of his company. According to the visa rule, the client in Saudi Arabia is also known as the host and can meet to the clients to discuss about the joint ventures. This is relatively simple, straight forward visa to apply for. The host in Saudi Arabia will ask the client for a scan of his passport and will then proceed to apply for an invitation, it will be properly reverted back to the host company. They will stamp in the invitation in return as their company seal. Once these entire steps have been completed, the invitation letter will be made available to the client. The client will then need to contact a registered agent to facilitate the stamping of the visa at the Embassy. 

Apart from business visa, your host company can offer you a visiting visa. Needless to mention, this is also same as business visa and the features are almost same that makes it no unique. One things is different here, instead of only to meet with the client, in this visa, you have to perform special tasks in the country. You’ll get payment by the direct employer and won’t receive any compensation directly from the host in Saudi Arabia.

Apart from that, if someone wants to meet with government employees, Saudi Arabia will issue a government visa. This visa also get arranged on the same way as business visa. A family visit visa also available for the people those want to visit Saudi Arabia to see the family members. Accumulating all these things, you can easily make your day better after obtaining business visa in Saudi.

 Unlike Saudi Arabia business visa, you have to try a lot to obtain Russian business visa. This is because, it is almost very hard to face the scrutiny purposed by Russian government. 

Essential Things To Do For Obtaining Russia Tourist Visa

December 8, 2018 by Joseph Smith  

Russia is known as the home of beautiful tourist places. In vacation season, it receives millions of tourists around the world. In order to get access to this country, you have to obtain Russia tourist visa. Getting tourist visa in most of the countries is quite easier but Russia is not one of them. You have to lose your wallet in order to get Russia tourist visa. The only time you will not need to have a visa is if you are on a cruise ship. Any other touring will require you to deal with the Russian government and their visa papers. Doing any sort of traveling in Russia is not made easy.

Your initial step is to fill out an application online. The Russian visa officers will ask you to do this. You have to answer all the questions about your former travels and your job history. Showing the proof of your health insurance is also another requirement to obtain visa. One thing is to keep in mind that, the insurance coverage you have already gotten, it also covers for overseas tours. Once you are finished, you must walk in into a Russian Consulate or send it to a visa expediting service. 

Apart from them, another crucial item you must have is a letter of invitation. To get Russian visas you must get a letter from the spot you are staying. Most of the Russian hotels can make this for you. This letter will serve as the proof of your internet to stay at their business and will provide the dates and length of your visit. This location will also have to register your Russian visas once you show up there. There are a number of requirements just to get Russian tourist visa. If your all documents get meet the conditions, there will be no need to worry about.

Apart from Russia, China is also another hot destination for people those want to set up their business empire. In order to get China business visa, you have to go through tough application and document process. There will be no need to worry about if you have valid documents. People those are seeking China work visa; they have to mention all these things according to the requirement of visa application. Once, the visa application gets verified properly, there will be no late to get your desired visa. 

Basic Things To Know About Brazil Work Visa

November 29, 2018 by Joseph Smith  

If you want to set Brazil as your nest travel destination, you have to obtain Brazil visa. It is doesn’t matter whether you want to go Brazil for tourism, business, work or study, you must have a visa. Presently, there are some modifications have imposed by the Brazilian government for the visa applicants.

When you are going to obtain for Brazil work visa, make sure that, you have downloaded and fill the require blanks from its website. This form is only available through electronically and not available in other medium. Completing the electronic visa application is quite easy. The form is hosted by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When the applicant first attempt to visit the site, a warning will appear stating the site uses unknown certificate. You first need to allow your browser to access the website.

Brazil’s visa application divided into four sections. These are including General Data, Documents, Occupation and addresses. You have to give full name, sex, marital status, date and place of birth, nationality and parent’s full name. After that, you have to fill up the occupation section. It will ask you for the profession and employer along with the work address and email. On the off chance, if you are a student, you should have to mention the name of your school. In the document section, you enter in information about the passport. At the end of the process, in address section, you need to provide details about the permanent residence and current address along with contact number.

After the completion and submission the form, you can easily print the completed application. You will also be provided with a protocol number. With this number in hand, you have to make appointment at the Brazilian embassy or consulate that has jurisdiction over the state where you reside. This is known as the latest requirement.

If you want to have Algeria business visa, you have to follow the visa application formalities. Visas officers are always vigilant on their profession and if they notice any malpractice within your submitted document, they have every right to turn down your visa application. Therefore, make sure that, you have mentioned all the information transparently without any fuss.

Maximum people today, prefer Bolivia as their next vacation destination. In order to flock to this beautiful country, you have to obtain Bolivia tourist visa. After getting this visa, you’ll easily flock to this country without any hassle.

Understanding the Difference between Tourist Visa and Work Visa

November 6, 2018 by Joseph Smith  

Travelling to a foreign location for business can seem like a vacation. However, when it comes to applying for a visa there a huge difference in type of visa you require.

Not all countries require a particular type of visa considering that your length of stay does not get extended over a certain limit. Every country has its own specification regarding visas and depending on which one you’re visiting, you’ll have to decide between a tourist visa and a work visa.

Difference in Purpose

Tourist Visas cover a full range of leisure activities that in no way are related to business or work. Suppose you’re travelling to a country like Bolivia, a Bolivia Tourist Visa with allow you to do all kinds of tourism activities while you’re in the country.

With a tourist visa, you can go sightseeing, visit with family or friends, attend social events held by any organization, and participate (non-paid involvement only) in entertainment or sporting events. Additionally, you canreceive medical treatments andattend recreational, short-term studies.

Under workor business visas, you can visit a country to consult with business associates, attend professional or education conferences or business meetings. You can also negotiating contracts, settle estates, make paid appearances, interview staff, and conduct other business dealings.

Difference in Requirements

The requirements for both the visas may differ from country to country. However, both the visas require a valid passport, two passport size photos, and visa application from the country you’re planning to visit. Tourist visas may furthermore require proof of upcoming travel, letter of appointment, hotel reservation details, etc.

Difference in Processing Time

There is not much difference in the processing time of both the visas. It all depends on whether you have all the required documents handy at the time of submission. There are various fast passport service providers who can help you obtain a visa within a short span of time - sometimes within a day of application.

Difference in Length of Stay

Both tourist and work visas are usually offered for a time of 30 to 90 days. Beyond this period, you may file for an extension if you wish to stay for a longer time.

These were some of the major differences between tourist visas and work visas. If you wish to travel to any part of South American country or are looking for a quick way to obtain a Brazil Work Visa, visit www.fastpassportsandvisas.com.  

FAQs about Saudi Arabia Passport and Visa

October 8, 2018 by Joseph Smith  

People keep on traveling from place to place to satisfy their needs and desires. Saudi Arabia is a place with a strong economy and beauty, so people visit the country for business-related ventures or explore the country’s beauty. Regardless of the purpose of visitation, the prime requirement to enter Saudi Arabia is Passport and valid Visa.

What are the different types of visas?

The various visas are Saudi Arabia business visa, commercial visa, adding-newborn-to-Saudi-residence-card, diplomatic and official visa, student visa, employment visa, hajj visa, residence visa, personal visit visa, work visit visa, government visit visa, extension of exit/re-entry visa, Umrah visa, supplemental journalist visa, escort visa, and Saudi Arabia family visit visa.

Thinking whether you need a Saudi Arabia Visa or not?

For a hassle-free trip to Saudi Arabia, all US citizens require a US passport and a valid visa. Whether tourism or business related trip, every foreign national requires a visa. To obtain a valid passport and Saudi Arabia visa, try the services of Fast Passports & Visas.

Difference between Saudi Arabia Passport and Visa

A passport certifies your identification and citizenship. A passport serves two purposes – for entry to the country you are visiting and to the re-enter the country of nationality.

Visa of Saudi Arabia avails you a temporary authority from the country’s government to visit the country. Whether you need Saudi Arabia family visit visaor tourist visa or study visa or Saudi Arabia business visa, it’s in the form of a stamp placed in the passport from Saudi Arabia Embassy or consulates.

What is a Saudi Arabia Visa?

Saudi Arabia visa is a stamp placed by Saudi Arabia Officials on the passport that allows the bearer to visit the country. Saudi Arabia Visas are obtained from Saudi Arabia Embassy or Consulates for a visit. The ‘VISIT’ in the context is defined as reasons for entry, tourism, family visit, studies, business, or transitory. The procedure of obtaining visa varies from country to country, and it also depends on types of visit, country, reasons for visit, and length of stay.

How much time does it take to obtain a Saudi Arabia visa?

Mostly, processing of Saudi Arabia visa takes around 2 to 15+ days. The processing time of the visa depends on several factors and has the authority to change without any notice at the Saudi Arabia Embassy’s discretion.  

These are some frequently asked question regarding the visas for Saudi Arabia. For fast yet best result, contact the best agency for your upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia.

Answers to FAQs about Work and Business Visas for China

September 27, 2018 by Joseph Smith  

Every year many outsiders come to China, each with a different purpose. While some come to explore the country’s beauty, many other visit the populous nation in East Asia on work-related trips and business ventures. Whatever the purposemay be, the prime requirement for any non-native to enter China’s boundaries is a Visa.

Q - What is the difference between Chinese work visa and business visa?

Z Visa or Chinese work visa is issued to non-nationals who intend to work in China, come to China for a paid job offer, or wish to visit China for commercial showbiz performances. However, China Business Visaor M Visa are issued to foreigners who visit the country with the purpose of somecommercial and trade activities such as attending exhibitions or fairs, business negotiation with a business partner, purchasing products, placing orders, signing contracts, and attending important business meetings.

Q - How do I apply for a Chinese Work Visa?

People looking to apply for Chinese Work Visa can visit the Chinese embassy, consulate, or any other diplomatic organization. You may also a reliable visa agency to do the work an act on your behalf. Also, if you have Chinese Visa Application Centers (CVASC) in your country, you can visit the same to process your application for a Chinese work visa.

Q - What is the processing time to obtain work and business visas?

Processing of a China Work Visaor Business Visa takes around 4 days. For instance, if you have submitted you visa application on a Monday, you can pick your visa on Thursday. Services for faster delivery of visas can also be availed.  An additional USD30 is charged for express service or 1 working day processing and USD20 for 2-3 day processing.

Q - What is the validity of a Chinese Business Visa?

In most cases, a Chinese M Visa is valid up to a period of 90 days or three months and the allowed duration of stay is typically 30 days. The duration of stay can be longer depending onthe applicants' personal circumstances. Citizens of the US, Canada, and Argentinaare subject to getting aChina business visa with 10-year validity.

Q - How long is the duration of stay of Work visas for China?

Chinese work visas allow the holder a stay duration of 30 days from the date of arrival. During this period, the visitor and his/her employer must obtain a Temporary Residence Permit for the period of the contract which may be a minimum of three months and a maximum of 5 years.

These are some of the frequently asked questions about Work Visas and Business Visas for China. Contact the best agency to avail a hassle-free visa service for your upcoming trip to China.