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Tips on how to build you own CNC router

February 7, 2019 by Michael Skinner  

Many people have desire to build their own CNC routers in New Zealand, the logic behind this is to have something that functions according to their own ways. Though there are many ways that you can implement while going for it and surely can have a new CNC router.


Some people like to bypass some of the processes of the CNC Router and they go with a procedure by purchasing a kit. Kits are considered to be the appropriate solution to get a good start on whatever you are wanting to do, because they give you solid steps as to how the machine will work and show efficiency. If you are a visual person and needs something good to look at while you build, this is undoubtedly will prove to be perfect way to start your coming project.


Plans vary according to the time, so make sure that the plan you are sure about has the information you need. As an example, some plans have little details and give you less idea of what you are planning to create. Others will give you full blueprints and will be brimming with lots of information that will show you step by step process of what to do and what it should look like at every step. Because of this, you will be able to make the necessary changes if found any during the process.


Most of the people prefer to just wing it and try their hand in making of their own CNC Router throughout the process, the need for CNC router cutter is also required. If you are this type of person, having a plan to look at as a guide is a good way to make sure your design will surely work. Either way you can get a finished product.


The biggest reason to build your own CNC Router is that you can find the parts for a fraction as per your choice and accordingly will have to pay in the store.


You need to think about some aspects when Making a CNC Router


If you are thinking of making your own CNC Router, the first thing that you can go with is decide design that you are wanting to get. You will basically find two types of designs, out of which you will have to choose one. Either you go with a mobile bed and stationery gantry, or you go with a mobile gantry and a stationary bed. Though advantages are there in choosing any of them.


The use of mobile bed is usually for smaller machines like engravers and isn’t as ordinary as the stationery bed. You will also have to decide on how large you are wanting the cutting area and that will be determined only by the material size that you will want to cut. This may change during the building process as you will be looking for parts.


Another thing that you need to take into consideration is how big machine you are wanting. If space is limited, then you will have to consider over it as to how far you want the router to travel. This means that it just goes according to the length of the space. In any case if you don’t want to waste your space in the area where you are planning to use your CNC router.


Eventually, you will decide on the type of the tolerance that you will be wanting. This will reflect the accuracy and machine precision. Once you understand what you actually need. It is the time to look closely at the steps to building it.