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Benefits of Renting a Furnished Apartment When You’re a Student

August 24, 2019 by Foundry First  

As a student, you only have a limited budget — and there are far more important things to spend your money on than furnishings for your apartment. Not to mention purchasing everything your home needs is a major inconvenience. A much better option is to find a furnished apartment.

Save Time

Purchasing furniture is more than just an expense — it is also time consuming and can be stressful. The time you spend browsing options online and wandering around stores could be time spent studying and socializing. You’ll also need to figure out deliveries, which may involve making sure that someone is in the apartment at the right time. Once the delivery does arrive, you’ll need to unpack and arrange the furniture.

Move In Straight Away

Planning a move can be complicated, especially if you currently live far from London, Ontario. It is unlikely that you have much furniture already, and it may be difficult to start accumulating items to bring with you from home. It would be far more simple just to bring personal belongings — and to have everything else you need already in your apartment.

Move Out Quickly

Similarly, if you lack your own furnishings, it is much easier to move out. You simply pack up a few boxes before the last day on your lease and load them into your car. If you have your own furniture, you’ll need to figure out how to remove everything — and where to take it. If you have nowhere to store everything, you may even need to start selling items long before you move out. This can make your last few days (or even weeks) in the apartment less than comfortable.

Prevent Conflict with Roommates

Furnishing an apartment is even more complicated when you have roommates. You’ll need to decide who is responsible for what items, which could well lead to disagreements.

During your search, it will quickly become clear that there are some huge disparities between different furnished apartments in London, Ontario. London students will find that some apartments only offer the most basic furnishings, whereas others have modern fittings.

Don’t just settle for whatever you can find when it comes to student apartments — London, Ontario, students always have the option of Foundry First. All the suites have high-quality furniture and fixtures, including stainless steel appliances in the kitchens, comfortable beds, and stylish living rooms.