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July 28, 2018 by FUT16coin  

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Returning Players May Don't Know These Big Changes In PoE

May 18, 2018 by FUT16coin  

For many Path of Exile returning players, they may don't know which of the league-mechanics got added to the game - and if, to what extend. 

1. One of the two biggest changes is the revamped atlas (War for the Atlas)

Which introduces a new endgame boss, The Elder, to the game. It consists of an overhaul to the atlas, introduces Shaper/Elder influenced maps and their respective items/mods, and the ways Shaper Orbs are obtained. The number of sextants active has also been limited; you start with 1 max, and this is increased by 1 by completing every white, yellow, red, and beating Uber Elder for a maximum of 5.

2. The second one is the revamped ascendencies. 

They preserved the feel of most of them but tweaked certain numbers/aspects to increase build diversity (and generally succeeded, at least in softcore).

3. Harbinger is not in the main game but can appear in Zana mods. 

It appears certain orbs introduced in Harbinger, like Annulment, is added to the game, and others like Horizon can appear in other league mechanics.

4. Abyss has been added to the core game, but appearing in maps only, akin to Breach. 

This introduces the Abyss Jewels (Ghastly, Searching, Murderous, and Hypnotic), which are like a regular jewels except you can place them in gem sockets of certain Abyss-specific uniques and the Stygian Vise belt (in addition to jewel slots in the passive tree). They're kinda interesting since they tend to add flat life and damage as opposed to % like the old jewels.

5. Bestiary will not be in the core game. 

It introduced a menagerie and nets, so players can capture beasts throughout Wraeclast, Oriath, and maps. Beasts can be used in some pretty cool crafting recipes and can open portals to four legendary beasts, each of which can drop a piece of a unique set of armour.

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Harbinger Vs Bestiary In Path Of Exile

May 10, 2018 by FUT16coin  

In Path of Exile, the Harbinger league and Hardcore Harbinger league were a pair of challenge leagues. The leagues started on 2017-08-04 along with the release of Version 3.0.0 and ended on 2017-12-04.

People were thoroughly underwhelmed by it after playing Breach and Legacy for such a long time before its debut. Mobs spawned too slow, there was no danger, and all the shards seemed too tedious for most players to collect. It quickly earned the nickname "Garbinger" and despite density and monster summoning buffs, couldn't shed its nickname during the league.

This league introduced Harbingers. All characters and stashes were moved to Standard league and Hardcore league respectively when the leagues ended. Characters that died in the Hardcore Harbinger league were immediately moved to the permanent Standard league.

Now after abyss and 2 months of Bestiary we're seeing harbingers again regularly as part of Flashback (They were available with Zana 8 in bestiary but costly to run). I think Harbingers were given too bad a shake their first time around. Were they breaches? No, nothing is ever going to be breaches again, but they were a lot better than some of the other league mechanics we've had.

Harbinger positives:

More poe exalted orb - no matter how you shake it, more currency is always good, people run mf builds for the quant because of the currency drops. More currency drops, despite not particularly large ones, help provide income to newer players who aren't as good at selling rares they find during maps.

Atlas Navigation - trying to fill the Atlas out in Abyss was a nightmare. Maps you needed never dropped and maps that did drop seemed to be few and of lower tiers despite how much of your Atlas was filled out. 

Horizon orbs being an easy to acquire recipe in Bestiary helped immensely with filling out the giant atlas while not making it too easy to only farm the map you want. Harbinger orb drop rates were nerfed appropriately because they were probably too powerful.

So all in all I think GGG should consider bringing them back to the core game like Breach is now as map only. 

What's The Correct Way To Finish The PoE Bestiary

May 3, 2018 by FUT16coin  

In Path of Exile, some players said that 2 months into this league, they still have no idea how Bestiary actually works. And they don't know how to finish the Bestiary.    

The Bestiary is a classification of the wildlife in Wraeclast. As players capture different types of beasts, their progress is tracked here.

Beasts are categorized into different types on the right sidebar of the tab. When the player has captured a beast, a checkmark appears next to the beast's name. The Bestiary is only available in the Bestiary leagues.

In fact, unlike poe currency trade, beasts only get added to beastiary if you capture it yourself, it was stated in one of the patch notes when they added the beastiary orb.

Unless you're playing ssf, buy a spot for untainted paradise (in /trade 820 they're 5-8c usually). If you want to find this yourself save a bunch t1-5 linear maps, use 2-3 quicksilvers to zoom through the maps looking for Zana. Do Zana daily rotations, easy zana xp + usually 2-3 untainteds on the grind to 8.

Sell or do garbage recipes to clear out unwanted rares from your beastiary, it's tedious but it helps not having to miss any of the ones you need to capture. Don't capture every single beast unless you're going to use them or sell.

The elder beasts are pretty common, they spawn from the portals, if you find portals there's elder beasts to be captured (i got mine a while back, only the ones that spawned with the portal were capturable at that time, not sure if still true). I got them all before I got my 4-5th elder kill. Again, you can buy them from /trade 820 pay like 10-15c.

Then there's gonna be beasts that are super hard to find, I've been stuck on farric tiger alpha and farrul for a month now. Konu is pretty bad as well, that guy was like 150+ sacrifice fragments for me. The fenumal hybrid arachcid is another that comes to the top of my mind.

Anyways hope it helps, good luck completing beastiary.

What Is Your Opinion Of PoE

April 24, 2018 by FUT16coin  

In Path of Exile, I'm an old veteran from the days where PoE status changed from closed to open beta. I like this game very much. I would love to know what the player thinks about this game. So I collected some players' suggestions. Let's take a look.

"I think Bestiary is going to be the league I end up with the least challenges. I'm currently at 21, even though I usually either go for 36 or 40 in the first month or first two months."

"PoE is without doubt an awesome game with tons of content. My few gripes that I have as a "old player" is: optimized builds vs casual yolo builds are like heaven and earth. clearing content can be easy peasy or nail bitingly impossible. League/ladder rewards are not feasible for a regular casual player. Goddammit please get rid of all the bots and price fixers."

"I think a lot of unused skills are completely playable, the only issue is that there's some other skill that is just objectively better so there's not much reason (except personal preference to play them). And a game like PoE probably has a playerbase that is more focused on minmaxing, efficiency etc. than your average game."

"If there's something I'm particularly looking for as an upgrade, I'll run a livesearch on it while I play, and then if anything comes up I'll buy it and keep in in a labelled stash until the end of the league."

"I would also like for once to get a build that gives me satisfaction when I work it and play with it, this time I wanted to try the new tectonic slam and it failed poorly, like I'm having troubles to run early maps and I stopped lvl 68, here with the Quill Rain build from EE I'm trying again something new but this time I feel really confident."

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My Improvements Suggestion on Path of Exile Wild Strike

April 18, 2018 by FUT16coin  

In Path of Exile, Wild Strike is a melee attack skill that converts all of the damage to a random element when an enemy is struck. Then, depending on the element chosen, it releases an explosion, an arcing bolt of lightning, or an icy wave.

We all know balance changes are coming in the next patch and I'm really hoping there are a few tweaks to my favorite skill in the game, Wild Strike.

I feel the skill is amazing for clear but not that great for bosses but that could be changed with a few small adjustments.

The biggest change that needs to be made is, Make it use main hand only.

The biggest problem I have with wildstrike is that it uses any melee weapon. This means you cannot dual wield with a stat stick (shaper Sceptre, deaths hand) without severely gimping your damage. This essentially locks you into using 1h and a shield or two handers (which just aren't good atm) Skills like Sunder use main hand only, why can't Wild Strike?

One player said that Wild strike is fine as it is, you would probably go for 1h + shield, but, you would use lycosidea, amazing dps boost, go for inquisitor and there you go 600-800k boss dps, that's plenty enough.

One thinks its good as a clearing skill. Use another skill for single target. Similar to ek and bv. If they change wild strike he just hope they change the way the damage scales or the skill tags.

And one player agree that something needs to be changed with dual wielding. There just needs to be a solid rule. He thinks that why make some skills work main hand only, and some use either? How does that benefit the skill at all unless you are using wings of entropy or something.

Does anyone else with love of the skill have good ideas that could see a positive and balanced change to the skill?

Are You Confused With Killing Path Of Exile Shaper?

April 9, 2018 by FUT16coin  

In Path of Exile, the Shaper is the creator of the Atlas of Worlds and the main antagonist of the Atlas of Worlds expansion. He acts as a final boss, residing in the Shaper's Realm. If it is hard for you to kill shaper, I hope the following guide can help you. Don't forget that poe currency purchase is important.

First few things that jump out at me:

As spectres, you don't need a lot of auras. They don't really benefit your TV/WM, since added damage doesn't do anything for damage over time effects. A lot of spectre summoners go MoM+Life, for a huge effective life pool. You've only got 4.8k life and 1.5k es; with a little investment and scrambling you could add a 2.5-3k mana pool to that.

make sure your jewels are good; totem damage/damage over time/added damage don't do anything for your burning spectres, if you are super overcapped on resists, the allres is mostly wasted. You'll want minion damage on all your jewels in some form or another.

If you have added fire damage on your corruption whorl, so your shield charge is applying bonus fire res from your elemental equilibrium (and you should be shield charging to keep up fortify). You know why this is bad, and so you should get some added cold or lightning.

Make sure your shield slot is not mostly wasted on fortress. It could be an actual shield for you, with all sorts of nice defensive stats. Having a shield would also let you take advantage of bone offering, which is honestly the most broken gem in the game defensively.

You don't need your aura effect nodes/reservation reduction if you are going MoM, you'll just be using a single clarity. Haste doesn't add much for spectres. Those points could be in more jewels/MoM+Mana. You should try to get quality on at least some of your gems; pick up those quality gems and vendor them for gcps.

Flask setup could be better. You'll want a mana flask if you are going MoM (or at least a hybrid) in addition to your life flask. The "of animation" affix on life flasks is pretty wasted imo; if something is ripping through the regen your minions have, that extra life won't save them. 

Shaper fight is a lot of cold damage, and very high phys damage, so the basalt is going to do more than the granite. You could probably change the granite out for something that gives cold res, either a sapphire flask or a divination distillate (for all max-res, can keep it up decently well if you are MoM and taking damage).

Just a few quick things, good luck! I believe that other experienced players will be better than my tips, but these are the reasons for my success, and I sincerely hope it will help you too. Bear in mind that U4gm.com Sale Cheap POE Currency, POE Orbs, POE Items.

Path Of Exile Guide To Help You Kill Shaper

April 2, 2018 by FUT16coin  

In Path of Exile, I'm sure others who have killed shaper more than once could chime in with some better tips than I could, but here is what I feel help me succeed. Additionally, I know that enough chaos orbs poe is very important for me.

1) Life and mobility are key

I have 7716 life and I still got one shorted by his slam. Part of this is because I didn't have my flask activated (ToH and Lions Roar would have helped I'm sure). My second death to shaper and a lot of my early deaths to guardians were due to me not moving out of the way for clearly telegraphed attacks (Phoenix fire burst explosion, hydra barrage). Leap slam works well, but my ability to click the right place isn't the best under pressure.

You watch people like mathil take down shaper and Uber atziri with low 5k life builds and I am sure a lot of new ppl think this is ok. For me it was not. Even with my health pool, I would have liked more.

2) I overestimate the amount of damage I needed

In my HO I have 140k on my 6l cyclone. No flask, none of the slayer buffs or frenzy charges. My molten burst is just over 31,000 listed dps. This was more than enough. I think part of my problem was seeing so many builds that stated “285729247 shaper dps” and feeling it was required. While I realize that tool tip dps is never accurate between skills, even my PoB shaper dps was only 250k on cyclone. I was more than comfortable in the dps area.

3) I do not follow too many streamers, but I am pretty sure my build is not meta atm

This helped with the cost a fair amount. In all, I only have about 10 ex worth of gear. This includes a xophs blood, t1 life on all pieces, decent jewels, a 6 link, and ele weakness on hit gloves that allow me to run anger and a herald, which greatly helped in the dps department (allowing for more life). 

I feel that if I had to double that budget I would have gotten board of the build and rolled something else. Also, playing non-meta and not following a guide allowed me to get a better feel for my character. I think this was important bc it allowed me to understand what it can and cannot do in certain situations.

4) Most importantly, I just played my character a lot 

I only get to play maybe two hours a day three to four times a week. I had taken my all league to get to this point. Having dumped this much time into my build I was able to know what worked and didn't work. I have by no means mastered this build, but I feel that I am on my way to doing so. 

I think that because I was new to the fight, not knowing the details of all of his attacks, and how to counter certain situations, instead knowing my build inside and out helped me the most. Hope it helps you some too. Meanwhile, visit https://www.u4gm.com/path-of-exile if you lack of currency in game.

I Want To Emphasize To GGG Something About PoE

March 26, 2018 by FUT16coin  

In Path of Exile, what I want to emphasize to GGG, there always needs to be a feel of progression. No matter the type of player. I don't need to become more hardcore or spent more time in the game to feel progression. I also don't need to earn even more than a few percent of what windripper/bisco wanderfinders are earning, but I need to make some money consistently. 

RNG sucks to that end, really. And in this day and age, should just become an outright relic in game design. Weighted and intelligent RNG should always be preferred over outright RNG. For my type of player (casual, little time, playing games to have fun/to relief RL stress), I don't want to be in this position of a god damn lottery, where I could hit absolute shite for weeks and then hit 2 exalted orbs in a single week, or god forbid, some multi ex item. 

The low rolls don't make me happy, and I really don't want to see a multi ex item ever either. It would completely ruin all goals I set for myself for that league because I can instantly buy myself out of any challenge. Keeping an eye on poe currency trade will make things easier.

Anything in PoE becomes easy when you can spent a HH equivalent worth of Ex, and I don't want trivialized content either. I just want to play a few classes each league and maybe beat shaper and elder some day, reasonable goals for a casual player like me. And the current RNG based reward system, that is skewed towards getting barely anything unless you play 20+hours does not let me sustain that.

To GGG, I would really like you to think more thoroughly about the wants and needs of your demographics. There are definitely the types of players that want the huge risk reward type of gameplay, investing tons of currency to get perfect modded, chiseled and corrupted T15 maps, fully sextanted with carefully directed influence from either elder or shaper. 

With a chance to get loot pinata's the size of godzilla. And at the other end of the spectrum, there are the types of players that are fine mostly sitting in t5-t10 maps and gaining some resources at a sustainable pace to support their goals for the league. The type of player that wants to play in a carefree manner to get some fun and enjoyment out of your game to relax after a hard day work. 

Incidentally, those are often the players with a steady income, and with money to spent. Do you really want to turn those away from your game, seems like a real bad decision. Because right now, in this league, this game has become stressful and annoying and I'm very much wondering why I keep playing.

Have You Ever Encounter Vaal Side Areas In Path Of Exile

March 19, 2018 by FUT16coin  

In Path of Exile, collectors of poe currency may know, while you are leveling, you might encounter Vaal side areas (but you cannot encounter them in endgame maps). They are marked with a red heart icon when you open the minimap and go near them.

In general Vaal side areas are pretty small and you can run through them pretty quickly, each of them contain a boss at the end. Slaying the boss lets you open Vaal Vessel which drops either Vaal Skill Gem or one of the 4 Vaal Sacrifice Fragments that give access to Atziri.

Let me note that different zones spawn different Vaal side areas and different bosses inside of them, and some of those bosses can be pretty tough to take down while you are leveling so be careful. 

A corrupted area is a randomly-generated side area indicated by a glowing, beating heart and swirling ribbons of blood. Every corrupted area contains a boss guarding a Vaal Vessel that is guaranteed to drop a Vaal Skill Gem or Vaal Fragment. Near the vessel there is a Vaal Letter, which provides Vaal - related lore. The Hidden Vaal Pathways prophecy will guarantee a corrupted area be spawned.

Corrupted areas have modifiers, similar to end-game maps, which substantially increase their difficulty. Since corrupted poe items cannot be modified after corruption, the modifiers cannot be rerolled.

Due to the small area of each zone, league mechanics are generally disabled from spawning in corrupted zones during challenge leagues. Masters, more corrupted zones & Ascendancy Trials also cannot spawn in Corrupted Zones. 

Notable exceptions which CAN spawn in them include Silver Coins, Strongboxes, Shrines, Rogue Exiles & Torment Ghosts. Many of the Corrupted zone bosses were also formerly Invasion bosses. A Vaal fragment can be used in the Map Device to generate a random Vaal side area.