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How To Build A Duelist In Path Of Exile

December 28, 2017 by FUT16coin  

Path of Exile, also known as PoE, is an online action role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games in 2013. If you are a Path of Exile player, and you are totally new to the game, how do you build a duelist? 

The Duelist is Path of Exile's strength/dexterity hybrid class, making him unmatched at dealing and avoiding damage. He can effectively use a shield, but is equally comfortable slashing away with a powerful two-hander or fighting with weapons in both hands. His powerful arms can draw the strings of the heaviest and most lethal longbows. His highly honed reflexes give him a cat-like ability to dodge and parry incoming attacks, be they arrows or axe swings. The Duelist is a daunting foe, and his reputation as a ruthless killer is well deserved.

The equipment associated with the Duelist's strength and dexterity are Helmets, Scale/Bridagines/Doublets/Lamellar, Scale Gauntlets, Scale Boots, and Round Shields.

The playstyle is basically a fast attacking melee character wielding two weapons. You dash from one pack of monsters to another, dish out your damage to literally explode them (more later) and dash towards the next pack of monsters. You use a bit more skills as you go, especially against bosses, but ultimately you have 1 Attack, 2 Movement Skills and 2-3 Supporting Skills. During Leveling, you use another Attack, bringing you up to 2 different attacking skills. This is, to make leveling more smooth and not having to bother with the downsides your main attack has early on.

Gear is actually easy to come by for this character. Your weapons of choice are swords and axes. In the beginning, you take the strongest axe or sword you can find and go with that. Luckily, this build does not use advanced types of damaging, so you can go for your Tooltip DPS to see what's actually the most damage. Because you will be taking some resistance nodes in the skill tree you will have easier time capping your resists (75%) and will not need special gear. A little bit resists on some pieces, not even all of them, will easily net you all you need. 

Therefore, mostly you will try to get items with HP and a little bit of resistances. Physical Damage is nice to have, if you can get it, but it's not essential. Try to get your body armour strength based. Str-based armour has the easiest time rolling red sockets, and you need those for your main attack.

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Abyss League Statistics In Path Of Exile

December 28, 2017 by FUT16coin  

Today, GGG posted a post about the Abyss League statistics, which includes the number of challenges players have completed as well as the most popular Ascendancy passives and unique items being used. Because they think that The Abyss Challenge League has been live for almost three weeks which means it's the perfect time to gather some statistics about what the community has been up to! 


In Path of Exile official website, GGG released a chart, which shows what percentage of players have how many challenges and only includes accounts that have completed at least one challenge. Form the chart, we can clearly see that 28.2% of players have completed 12 challenges and earned the Abyss Helmet, and 2.9% of players have completed 24 challenges and earned the Abyss Wings, 0.1% of players have completed 36 challenges and earned the Abyss Portal Effect. 

Additionally, GGG also counted some other data. For example, they counted some of the most popular keystones, including Resolute Technique, Mind Over Matter, Acrobatics, Vaal Pact, Point Blank and Elemental Overload. The most popular ascendancy passives: Way of the Poacher (Raider), Endless Hunger (Slayer), Bane of Legends (Slayer), Righteous Providence (Inquisitor), Instruments of Virtue (Inquisitor), Avatar of the Slaughter (Raider), Mistress of Sacrifice (Necromancer). Most Worn Unique Items: Abyss League, Abyss League Level 70 +, Abyss Hardcore, Abyss Hardcore Level 70 +, Abyss SSF, Abyss SSF Level 70 +, Abyss SSF HC and Abyss SSF HC Level 70 +.

Anyway, cool stats. There are many leveling unique getting top spots on those list. And in the Abyss Challenge League, bear in mind that getting VP, ES and, to a lesser extent, Qotf happened. PF is only a lot better than raider when you have 5 good unique flasks, and only at 'peak' damage. Else, raider with max frenzy is just as good or better, with a lot higher consistency. Life meta with VP being gutted means most people are more or less forced to run a life flask, and maybe a normal utility flask or two. Less unique flasks (and less need for flask effect on evasion flask for qotf) makes PF a lot less attractive, especially early on.

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The Influence Of Removing Instant Leech In Path Of Exile

December 28, 2017 by FUT16coin  

Instant leech was a defensive mechanic in Path of Exile, GGG have removed the instant leech. And now, finally you have to invest into properly labeled defenses, keep an eye out for sketchy map mods, learn boss fights, time flasks and just be more careful and considerate in general.

It is a huge change. You may die more often than you used to and that is a good thing, it shows you how sloppy your play style has become over the past years. Here's some really good defensive mechanics and examples that are hardcore viable in 3.1 for Guardians:

Stacking block (Aegis builds, Bone Offering with Necromancer, shaper/elder shields).

Stacking armour (Juggernaut body armour doubled using Brass Dome [or other high armour chest], Xoph's helm, Iron Reflexes).

Lightning Coil builds.

Mind Over Matter (with or without Cloak of Defiance).

HP regen and life stacking tanks (Righteous Fire).

Endurance Charge stacking, usually combined with armour stacking.

Slayer leech rate stacking with or without new VP.

Those defenses are mostly good. Though a lot of hardcore players don't like them because they still leave you open to the occasional 1-2 shotting when they fail (eg block, dodge are all or nothing, armour doesn't scale well against big hits etc).

For removing instant leech, many players have different opinions. Some of them think that GGG needs to reevaluate all defensive supports, Leech jewels were way overnerfed and they should also increase the leech cap. All in all, however, no matter what GGG changes, the ultimate goal is to allow players to enjoy a richer gaming experience.

Thanks GGG for balancing this game like its a moba, nearly killing all energy shield builds. Removing poison from the game pretty much, which used to enable so many diverse builds, making bosses pretty much an easy choice to skip in maps. GGG not balance around build diversity and instead like this is some kind of competitive online game and not an ARPG.

Path of Exile become a bit more dangerous, however, on the other hand, this game is challenging for players. If you have not tried this game yet, you can try it because the game is completely free. For new players, you probably do not want to go too far behind other players. Therefore, you can buy PoE orbs on our website with cheap price.

What Are The Map Bosses In Path Of Exile

December 26, 2017 by FUT16coin  

Maps that also called end-game maps are the main type of endgame content in Path of Exile. By placing them in a map device, maps can be consumed to create a randomized instance in which monsters can be fought. 

Like equipment, they come in normal, magic, rare, and unique rarities and have their own special affixes. Affixes on maps can make them more difficult but also increase their potential rewards. Maps can also have quality, which can be raised by using a Cartographer's Chisel. Map drops are not affected by party size.

Players cannot use maps until they have access to the Templar Laboratory, which can be accessed in the Epilogue after Act 10. They can later also be used in hideouts, if the player has a personal map device, offered by Zana.

In most map areas, there is a boss. Defeating the boss is not obligatory, but they drop more loot and grant more experience than regular map monsters. Defeating the boss is often the bonus objective for the Atlas of Worlds completion, with higher tiers requiring the map to be crafted in a certain way.

Map bosses are often based on unique monsters from the storyline. Unique Monsters are special monsters with fixed modifiers that appear always in the same zone. Including Map bosses, Invasion Bosses, Corrupted Area bosses, summoned monsters during Izaro fights, Beyond Demons, Tormented Spirits and so on.

That monster's skills, visual model, or both, can be similar. The map boss does have a unique name. Players can visit the official website if they want to know these unique names.

Different maps can feature the same boss and that some maps have multiple bosses. And in Path of Exile, when you can't find the time, but you want to get more https://www.u4gm.com/path-of-exile/chaos-orbs

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Path Of Exile 3.1 Guide For Beginners

December 16, 2017 by FUT16coin  

For most beginners, they may know few about the Path of Exile 3.1. Todays post will tell beginners how to play this game with the right method.

Path of ExileFor class selection, it's truly your decision. Any class can theoretically undertake any . It's exactly that what class you choose determines your start point around the skill tree. As a result, all of the courses are balanced around certain archetypes. Beginners would prosper to stay using the simpler classes like Marauder or Witch on their own first run.

One factor to understand this is actually the Scion. This can be a special class that's unlocked when you free her in Act 3. Which means you won't check this out class when you initially start the sport.

The most crucial element of playing POE may be the skill tree. A build lives or dies through the choices within the passive skill tree. The bonuses you are taking is determined by the category and overall build you're opting for. But don't feel afraid of the a large number of skills around the tree. There's a thriving community in POE that publishes thorough build guides for new players. You should check the POE Classes/Builds Forums or perhaps a build tool online for many ideas.

For what build to choose, new players may wish to choose a build that meshes very well with their class choice and also the current meta. What's the meta you may well ask Well, "Meta" may be the term most frequently tossed around when discussing the present balance from the classes and products hanging around. For instance, Energy Shield builds accustomed to rule the roost until GGG handed them a nerf. They're still a powerful choice, however they need a bit better gear to become viable in finish-game mapping.

In most cases, builds for brand new players is going to be quite simple when it comes to mechanics. Nothing kills beginners quicker than getting to juggle very specific gear setups with flask management and timing abilities and buffs towards the second. You will need , which could be really usefulin POE.

Don't worry an excessive amount of about not getting the very best gear or enough currency like a new player. Soon you'll understand what the management struggle seems like. You need to concentrate on finding builds that you simply believe are fun to experience like a new player.

Builds themselves concentrate on three primary areas. Offensive buffs, Defensive Buffs and Core Skills. Offensive Buffs will have to operate in tandem using the core skill of the build. For instance, a Totem Warchief build will probably want Totems that deal a kind of Elemental Damage and bonuses in the skill tree that boost Elemental Damage, all while reducing the quantity of damage the gamer takes by buffing Totem existence.

Make sure to read item stats and talent descriptions of Gems and also the Skill Tree completely. Some skills offer flat additive bonuses to break, while some increase damage inside a multiplicative way. Always choose to multiply your damage whenever possible. Tanking through damage output is frequently what you want in POE.

The abilities of the build are based on Active Skill Gems. These gems slot to your gear itself, and could be buffed directly by Links to passive skill gems. Once more, you need to concentrate on Skill Gems which are cohesive with the selection of build. For instance, if you're managing a projectile-based build, you may want to that could associated with your primary damage dealing skill that boost the number and overall harm to individuals projectiles.

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Advantages About Path Of Exile

December 16, 2017 by FUT16coin  

It is a fact that Path of Exile will become more and more popular in the future, because it brings us surprises and challenges constantly. The following are some major advantages of PoE.

It's one hundred percent Free!

You heard right, you'll be able to rather than spend only one cent. Then when you might arrived at many of us to. The truth is, if you are ready to grind and hang out with the game, that you can do without ever spending anything at all. Not only that, but Grinding Gear Games have guaranteed the sport will remain one hundred percent free including completely new expansions.

It's Updated Multiple Occasions Every Year

One factor making POE a great deal fun may be the means by which Grinding Gear Games keeps adding new pleased to it. We already mentioned the sport was free, but Grinding Gear Games try and add four expansions for the game each year and every one of they are free. So even though you think you have often seen all the game provides, innovative skills, missions, monsters and even more they fit in to the sport.

PoE Is Straightforward To Find Yourself In

When you start to see the skill tree, your jaw may hit the floor just how complex it looksthat is. Many individuals may come to many of us really to buy PoE Xbox One Orbs to acquire this skill tree filled with abilities. However walking into Path of Exile is very easy due to the action being what hack and slash kind of game. Many individuals say it provides a kind of console (it had been before it found ) feel in it therefore we think that is a powerful way to notice. Whenever you get a grip on the controls, that epic skill tree allows you to personalize your character in the unique way so that they suit your play style exactly.

PoE Is Very Story Driven

At the moment, we are with persistence waiting for an additional chapter to lower, which puts players right in the heart of popular war involving the Shaper plus an old enemy referred to as Elder who want to assume control in the Atlas Of Worlds! When you're inside it, you will find yourself wondering any girl concerning this world that Grinding Gear Games has created.

What are you still hesitating about? If you have not tried this game, hurry up!