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The Best Exercises To Help With Recovery From An ACL Injury

March 19, 2020 by Garryhelena  

Recent reports claim that there has been an increase in the prevalence of ACL surgeries among younger adults and teenagers. In fact, within the last decade, there has been a 400% increase in the rate of ACL surgeries performed on an annual basis. About 40% of sports injuries are also related to the anterior cruciate ligament or the ACL for short. ACL rehab exercises can often be a useful way of reducing pain symptoms, strengthening the knee, and restoring your knee joint balance.

Exercises That Can Help With ACL Rehabilitation

Once treatment has been provided following an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament, it is important that a person gets back on their feet when they can. Slowly incorporating certain exercises can help the person throughout the recovery process.

Many of these exercises can be done at home, but it is important that a person is educated on how the activities should be done by a professional.

Heel slides and isometric quad contractions are often advised during the earlier stages of recovery. Some people may also benefit from a prone knee flexion move.

These activities involve moves that can be repeated up to about ten times each. Sessions should start slowly, however. Pushing the knee too far at an early point of the healing process can cause the injury to become worse. This may lead to further downtime of the person too, which can be unpleasant if they need to get back to work or to the field.


ACL injuries are common. There are several ways that these injuries can be treated. Following appropriate treatment, ACL rehab becomes essential. An elite-level personal trainer, such as Jazz Alessi, who holds years of experience in knee rehabilitation, can develop a personalised programme that helps to strengthen the knee joint and ligaments without putting the person at risk of worsening the injury.

Sciatica Treatment London

March 17, 2020 by Garryhelena  

When looking for a personal trainer North London, there are a few factors that a person should consider. The first is the reputation of the trainer. It is important to consider experiences shared by previous clients too. Choosing an elite personal trainer with an existing reputation in knee, shoulder injury rehabilitation, weight loss and Pilates for back pain is one way of ensuring a personalised programme designed for a person will be able to help them effectively reach the goals that they wish to strive toward.

ACL Rehabilitation Steps

February 23, 2020 by Garryhelena  

Injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is very common in the general population. These injuries are often found among people who play sports, but may also be a problem among older individuals with osteoarthritis and related conditions. An injury to this ligament can lead to painful symptoms. Depending on the severity of the injury, a person may require significant downtime for the ligament to heal properly.

ACL rehab exercises can prove useful to a person who had suffered such an injury in the past. Careful consideration is needed, however. Inappropriate exercises may lead to an aggravation of the symptoms and further injury therefore all knee rehab exercises must be customised.

Steps For Effective ACL Rehabilitation

A person who had suffered an ACL injury will likely require some rehabilitation. The specific exercises and techniques depending on the treatment provided for the injury. The best ACL exercises after surgery are the ones which are customised as these may be less invasive compared to a training programme for a person with a milder injury.

The first step is to professionally assess the severity of the injury. People with a more severe injury may require specialised treatment. In other cases, simple ACL strengthening exercises may yield the appropriate rehabilitation that a person may need.

It is also important to consider who will be helping the individual with these exercises. An elite personal trainer experienced in working with people who suffered an ACL injury will be very useful. This helps to provide the person with a personalised programme that focuses on their injury – specifically the severity and the symptoms that the individual is experiencing at the time.


ACL reconstruction rehab is useful for people who suffered an injury to their anterior cruciate ligament. With the appropriate customised exercises, the ligament and surrounding muscles can be strengthened. This may help to speed up the recovery process and also assist in reducing the risk of a future injury to the ligament.

Personal Trainer North London

February 13, 2020 by Garryhelena  

An estimated 20 million individuals in UK are considered to be physically inactive. A sedentary lifestyle is associated with obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes. An elite personal trainer North London can be utilised in order to assist a person in preventing these complications. Going from a sedentary lifestyle to a more physically active life can be tough, but a personalised programme will consider limitations and help the person gain back their fitness gradually.

Personal Fitness Trainer Near Me

January 24, 2020 by Garryhelena  

An experienced personal trainer can offer anyone a significant advantage over an exercise or fitness plan that was downloaded on the internet. Looking for a personal fitness trainer near me should come with concern, however. With such many experts to choose from, you need to research each professional to understand which one has the qualifications and experience you will need. Make sure you read the testimonials they have on their website. The ultimate goal would be to create a highly personalised programme that is tailored to your individual needs.