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Tips on buying Gemstones Online

June 19, 2019 by gemsn gems  

Online shopping has gained popularity over the years. Everyone is now buying things online and that even includes gemstones like blue spinel. Most people love buying items online due to the convenience it has to offer. You can get anything you need with only a few clicks. Here are a few things you need to check when buying gemstones online.

wholesale loose gemstones

Seller’s credibility

The seller’s credibility is an important factor when you are buying a spinel stone online. There are many ways you can check the seller’s credibility. One of the things you can do is to investigate if the seller has a physical address, email address and phone number. You should not buy items from any online seller who has not provided the physical address and contact details. You can also check if the seller has included gemstone certification details.

Payment options

The other thing you have to look for are the payment options. There are many ways you can use to pay online once you have bought the amethyst gemstone. You have to make sure that you choose a safe payment method. You should not opt to pay money through any other means or money order.

Return policy

The return policy is very important when you are buying your cubic zirconia gemstone online. A legitimate company will include a return policy. Before you buy gemstone make sure that you conduct research about the company and its policies before making a purchase.


When buying a natural diamond, you have to inspect to find out the company has genuine products. If the company has a certificate and a picture of the gemstones, then you do not have worry about anything. The gem certificate will help you track the stone and check if you have received the gemstone you ordered. The gemstone certificate will also help you determine that the gemstone has the right color, weight, origin and shape.

Compare sites

The good thing about buying gemstones online is that you can compare different sites with just a single click. You are guaranteed of getting the best seller who has quality gemstones. You can go through reviews of different websites. If there are plenty of negative reviews you should not buy from such a company. To get the best website to buy your gemstones, you need to ensure that you compare it with other sites.


One of the things that will guide you in buying gemstone online is the color. You need to check the color quality of the gem by visiting different sites. When you are buying gemstones online, you need to look for a buyer who has a large number of stones. The gemstones should have clear pictures and descriptions.

Buying a gemstone online will give you the convenience you need but make sure that you get what you pay for. The above tips will guide you to get a genuine gemstone when you buy it online. You can rest easy that you will get nothing but quality when you follow the above tips. Buying gemstones online does not have to be stressful anymore.

Article Source: https://buygemstonesonline.tumblr.com/post/184777815551/tips-on-buying-gemstones-online

Benefits of wearing the Ethiopian Opal

June 11, 2019 by gemsn gems  

Ethiopian opal crystals are suitable for use in psychic development. They can be used for meditation purposes to boost one’s ability to see the future. The crystals are protective and will provide an energetic barrier around you. They help in the strengthening psychic communication and even enhance intuition.


 The white gemstones will help change the way you think. It also helps in decision making. If you are looking to boost creativity, you can get this crystal. The stone is also good for your health and if has healing properties. It will help with weight related issues. If you are looking to create a positive environment, the Ethiopian opal will come in handy. It works by transmuting the negativity around you.

Opal comes from the word Opallios meaning change in color. It is connected with the way opal detracts light. The gem comes from Shewa province in Ethiopia. They were first found in the 1990s. All opal has up to 10% water content. That is why the gem has a translucent appearance. There are many reasons why you should own an loose gemstones for sale.

One of the reasons why you should buy the opal gem is because it assists you to communicate better. It not only boosts your psychic communication but the normal communication as well. If you want to meditate, you need to get the crystal. They will allow you to make connections with beings of light. The gemstone is also used as a barrier against any kind of negativity.

Making connections with the higher realms has been made easier when you use the opal from Ethiopia. It will act as guidance when making such connections. It will improve intuition and enhance precognitive ability.

If you are trying to achieve something but you think there is a blockage, then you need to get an opal. The stone works by discovering if there are any kinds of blockages. Also just gazing at the stones before you meditate will help with inner explorations. Such inner explorations will help in your psychic communication.

The stones have healing attributes that will be beneficial to the wearer. It can help with health issues such as problems with the lungs. It can also assist those who have mental problems of depression.

The stones are also known to help with skin problems. It will also help with nervous system. The vibration of the stones will assist in physical and emotional healing. It is also useful for those who have eating disorders. It works by keeping your weight stable so you will not be underweight or overweight.

Any past feelings of anger will be a thing of the past with this stone. It will help you to let go of any feelings of negativity.  You can release the negative feelings which may be causing you to gain unnecessary weight. During the healing process, the stones will absorb any kind of negativity. Make sure that you cleanse your opal crystal before using them.

There are just some of the benefits that you will get when you use the amethyst stones for sale.

Article Source: http://buygemstonesonline.strikingly.com/blog/benefits-of-wearing-the-ethiopian-opal

Precious stones or gems and their properties

June 6, 2019 by gemsn gems  

 It is called that way various hard minerals, transparent, very valuable for their rarity and that, after having been conveniently carved, are used in jewelry and decorative arts. Topaz Gemstone are manufactured to mimic other gems. The imitations copy the shape and color of the stone but do not have their physical or chemical characteristics. There is an ongoing Sapphire Sale here. Small artificial diamonds have been mass-produced for several years, although only recently have great quality diamonds been created, especially colored ones.


What are natural gems, treated, synthetic and imitations?

These terms come to define the way we have to find a Tanzanite Loose Stones; we can buy it loose, we may have bought it already assembled in a jewel, it can even come from a long time ago from an old piece; We will always have the certainty that this gem may be any of the possibilities I mentioned before.

Natural gem: It's very clear! No? Any mineral crystallized naturally without mediating at all the hand of man, except in its extraction.

Gem treated: Here the mess starts a bit; by definition, it is any treatment that is given to a natural gem to improve the characteristics that give it beauty, usually color and transparency. However, here comes a nuance that is what makes it more complicated ... there are some treatments allowed and others not; These differences are "legalized" by the international organisms of gemology and jewelery. The difference between one and another supposes the "obligation" of the seller to say it or not. For example, a Red Star Sapphire treated by heating will be allowed and in fact practically all of the gems are treated as of origin, however that same sapphire treated by diffusion. It will be considered a gem of much lower value and the seller must market it as sapphire dissemination and explain the origin of that name. Of course in the end everything is based on the price of the Garnet Gemstone; and one should not be considered cheated if the price of the gem really corresponds to the material sold, although ethically the seller must always say it, it should be noted following the previous example that a sapphire diffusion should cost around 4-5 times less than a sapphire heated, both come from natural corundums but one of them is "accepted" and the other is not.

Synthetic gem:  It is the gem that with the same chemical characteristics as the natural one has been created in the laboratory.

Gem of imitation: Here the three previous coexist basically; imitation stones can be any stone that by its physical properties can be exchanged with another because it resembles a gem of a much higher value. The best known example is that of the Zirconia (synthetic gem) which the most common imitation of the diamond is.

For those who want to know more exhaustively all the possibilities of each definition there are the treaties of gemology in which you can see virtually all types of gems, Gemstones For Each Month, their treatments, their synthesis and which gem can imitate another, it should be noted that as a science of the nature that is, is in continuous development and research and many new developments arise every year.

Article Source: http://buyloosegemstones.over-blog.com/2019/05/precious-stones-or-gems-and-their-properties.html

Are You Going To Wear Ruby Gemstone?

May 31, 2019 by gemsn gems  

The Ruby gemstone is ruled by the sun and is worn to make the sun strong in your horoscope. The sun provides energy to earth and wearing the ruby stone ensures that the sun's mighty powers are manifested in the stone. The ruby is founded on minerals such as aluminium iron, chromium and oxygen. The stone is associated with the sun.


The sun symbolizes energy, life, passion, happiness, confidence and vigor. You will feel changes as soon as you wear the gemstone. However, it is advisable that you consult a astrologer before you wear the ruby. The semi precious stones have both negative and positive depending on the position of the sun.

The astrologer will examine the birth chart and will only recommend that you wear the ruby when the sun's position is positive. The positive effects of the stone will help you to achieve great things in your life.

 In case the sun's position is negative, the astrologer will not recommend that you wear the stone. Such negative effects will bring harm to your life. Therefore you should not just buy an emerald gemstone and wear it. Make sure you consult with an astrologer first to avoid getting the negative effects.

There are some benefits of wearing the ruby stone; here are just some of them. Wearing the gemstones by month will increase your leadership skills, career building and encourage delight. At the same time, it will help ward off any evil spirits, negative energies and ghosts.

Wearing the ruby stone or carnelian will enable you achieve fame, popularity and build your desired career. It will also increase self confidence and creativity.

The stone will help remove any kind of fear you may have. After wearing the stone, you will notice that your self confidence is improved and you have more passion in life. The stone will also get rid of any stomach related illnesses.

When you wear a ring made of ruby stone, you will achieve a lot of benefits when you work in fields such as engineering, stockbroker, politics, medical, lawyer, and geologist.

If you are going through financial problems, you should look for the ruby stone. Wearing the stone will help with your business or financial problems. The stone will bring you fortune and wealth.

In case you are a couple going through relationship problems, you need to get a ruby stone. It will make changes to your life. However, make sure that you are wearing only a high quality ruby stone to reap the benefits.

Communication is another area in your life that the stone will improve. If you are having communication problems getting the stone will help a lot. It will bring harmony, happiness and love to your life.

If you want to reap all these benefits of wearing a ruby gemstone, you can easily do so. All you have to do is make sure that you get a high quality stone. It is necessary that you get the stone from a certified gemstone seller. Only high quality gemstone will enable you to enjoy the above benefits.

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Choosing the best gemstones

May 21, 2019 by gemsn gems  

Precious gemstones offer endless options and you may be confused when it comes to choosing the appropriate one. Gemstones have beautiful colors but you may find it hard to choose your signature stone. A signature stone will give you plenty of benefits because you can put it in everything you wear.  Here are a few tips that will come in handy when choosing a gemstone.

Lab Created Alexandrite


Birthstones are a good place to start when looking for an opal gemstone. The birthstones are assigned according to the birth month. There is a gemstone for each month. Depending on the month you were born, you can get a suitable stone. It is a simple way to get your signature gemstone. You can also use the zodiac sign to get your signature stone.

Personal preferences

If you are in doubt on what gemstone to choose, you can use your personal preferences.  Gemstones are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and you are sure to get the one you like. You can opt for your favorite color and use that as your signature gemstone. The gemstones are available in a variety of colors so you will get something.


Other things will guide you when choosing a dark amethyst gemstone is your budget. You may want a gemstone but if you are on a tight budget you just have to get what you can afford. You can shop around to get the gemstone that you like and is not expensive. However, make sure you get a stone of good quality that will give you value for money.


Yes, the fashion can guide you on what gemstone to buy. If you are looking for a Colombian emeralds stone to go with your outfits, you can easily get it. Just look for the stone that will complement your outfit. You can get unique gemstones for all the outfits in your wardrobe. That way you will also makes fashion statement.


People buy blue semi precious stones for different reasons. There are those who buy to give friends and family as gift. There are those who buy to wear to special occasions and there are also those who buy just to keep. The reason for buying the gemstone will act as guide when you are in search for a gemstone. In case you are looking for a gift, you should know what the person you are buying it for likes. It is for keeping look for one that cannot be scratched easily.

Gemstones have been a part of culture for years. There is no need to be stressed when it comes to getting your signature stone like Baltic amber stone. The above tips will be of help when you are looking for a gemstone. Getting the right gemstone will provide you with a wide array of benefits. Just take your time to ensure that you get the right one. Once you get the right one, you can rock it to any occasion. You are guaranteed of getting the best gemstone by following the above guideline.

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A complete guide about Tanzanite Gem

May 15, 2019 by gemsn gems  

The Tanzanite Gem is, of the three varieties that Zoisite has, the most important. It is an aluminum and calcium silicate belonging to the group of the epidote.


When it is of good quality Garnet Gem presents a color of ultramarine blue to sapphire blue. Under artificial light the color is of an amethyst violet. It is a stone of a very intense pleochroism . The tricróicos colors that can be appreciated with the naked eye are: blue, purple red and yellow-greenish brown.

The color is violet brown due to vanadium and by heating it turns blue which is how it is marketed. The brightness is vitreous. Despite their color, they are very transparent.

Its hardness is from 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale.

Physicochemical properties of Lab Created Diamonds
Rainbow Gemstone
is a silicate and can occur in the form of granular, massive and fibrous masses. When tanzanite occurs in the form of crystals, they have a prismatic or tabular appearance, often showing striations and evident cleavage planes.

The brightness of this mineral is vitreous and its hardness is 6 on the scale of mohs, which is optimal to work as a precious stone.
Lab Grown Diamonds
crystallizes in the rhombic system, exfoliates easily and has no fluorescence. one of its characteristics is that it has pleocroism with three colors of certain intensity.

This mineral is attacked by hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids.

The Tanzanite is a mineral that occurs with few inclusions, but in certain exemplary needle - like inclusions of tremolite may occur.

Depending on the amount of acicular tremolite inclusions, these can make tanzanite present the particular cat eye effect.

Formation of Loose Sapphire Stones

It is located on the slopes near Mount Kilimanjaro. where metamorphic rocks, marbles and schists appear that belong to the organic belt of Mozambique.

The tanzanite is found in pegmatite veins where it usually appears together with quartz, garnets and feldspar.

Tanzanite deposits

The only deposit of tanzanite is in Tanzania, but due to its overexploitation it is foreseen that only a few years the deposits are exhausted, are located in the town of Merilani in the district of Lelatama.

Gemology of tanzanite

Tanzanite gem

Currently the tanzanite is a gem more sought after, because of its beauty; the best specimens are destined for high level jewelry reaching high prices even more than some diamond specimens.

The tanzanite looks better in oval size, although rectangular and round sizes are also used. Other sizes that are used are fantasy carvings, in the form of flower and heart.

The size in cabochon is usually used to highlight the cat eye effect that some particular pieces present.

Imitations of the tanzanite

  • The tanzanite can be imitated with the cordierite, even though this gem is not completely violet.
  • It can also be confused with some specimens of sapphire, but the latter is much harder.
  • It is well imitated by colored glasses or doublets formed by two pieces of synthetic spinal.

The tanzanite is the birthstone of December

The American Gem Trade Association introduced in the year 2002, for the first time the Tanzanite in the month of December along with turquoise and lapis-lazuli. In addition, this gem is linked to the 24th wedding anniversary in couples.

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Emerald mineral and their properties

May 10, 2019 by gemsn gems  

Emerald is one of the most appreciated minerals since antiquity, and is one of the 4 most valuable precious stones that exist; in this article you know the history, its properties and characteristics, the deposits and their applications. You can find Precious Gemstones Supplier anywhere.

semi precious gemstones

Emerald mineral

It is one of the gems by antonomasia, of great value and extremely beautiful.
Fake Gemstones
name has even become a way to designate a specifically bright shade of green, emerald green.

From the mineralogical point of view, the emerald is a variety of beryllium and aluminum. Its name derives from the Greek term ¨ smaragdos ¨, which means, obviously, "green stone".

This term was formerly used to indicate many other green stones, without referring specifically to the precious stone that we know.

The value of this gem is linked, above all, thanks to which jewelry of great value is made.

The Emerald crystallizes in the hexagonal system, in prismatic crystals of hexagonal contour. It has a typical green color, more or less dark, of a very particular tone, which distinguishes it from other stones of similar appearance. You can look for Ruby Online.

Physical-chemical properties of the emerald

The emerald belongs to the class of silicates , subclass cyclosilicates, and is constituted, if pure, by aluminum, beryllium and silicon and that’s why Colombian Emeralds For Sale. The tetrahedra centered on silicon, as happens in all cyclosilicates, are joined by two vertices forming hexagonal rings.

The characteristic green color is due to the presence of small amounts of chromium in its crystal lattice. It often contains inclusions, which in the best quality specimens should not be visible to the naked eye.

The principle of precious stones

Man has known precious stones for at least 7000 years. The first ones were amethyst, amber, garnet, jade, lapis lazuli, emerald and turquoise. They were reserved for the wealthy classes and were a symbol of social status. With their insignia adorned with gems, the princes showed their wealth and with it their power.

Until the Modern Age, the Birthstone Colors by Month has been appreciated as amulets and talismans. They would protect against evil, preserve health, increase the power of princes and ensure the return of navigators. The gems were even valuable as medicines, powdered or as a means of contact.

The precious stones were ordered very soon according to the zodiacal signs, and from there arose the natal stones and the monthly stones. In more recent times, some states identify with the precious stones that can be found within their borders.

Also in the modern religions the Lindly Star Sapphire occupies a fixed place. The insignia of the High Priest of the Jews was adorned with four rows of precious stones. The gems also adorn the tiara and miter of the Pope and the bishops, as well as the monstrances, relics and icons of the Christian churches.

In our days, jewelry and ornaments have much more meaning than before, as personal satisfaction in the face of beauty and harmony.

But often, precious stones are devoid of all symbolism and aesthetic value and considered as mere investments of capital.

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