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When teaching abroad, our TEFL courses prepare you

May 19, 2019 by george mike  

TEFL Courses

When teaching abroad, our TEFL courses prepare youClick here for more info about TEFL Courses

A TEFL certificate. Few things are as essential on the resume of an aspiring foreign English teacher (aptly also called a TEFL teacher). A lot of aspiring teachers view theTEFL courseas nothing more than a hurdle to jump in order to procure that certificate vital to securing their dream career of traveling the world and educating its youth. However, TEFL courses should not be taken lightly. Along with providing the important certification,TEFL coursesalso provide all the much needed practical and theoretical framework necessary to ensure your success in the classroom. A good TEFL course will make sure you are fully prepared to produce educational and interesting lessons while giving you the tools needed to deal with any problems that will inevitably pop up in a classroom setting. Here’s howTEFL coursesprepare you for life in a foreign classroom.

Classroom Management One thing all those colorful flyers promoting teaching abroad will have inevitably left out is this; children can (and will) be absolute monsters at times. There will be days that your entire class is involved, listening and focused but truthfully, those days are few and far between. Many days you will have all kinds of behavioral issues pop up, fighting, screaming, bullying, texting or simply not listening. Add this to the communication barrier brought on by the fact that the students understand very little English (and you probably understand absolutely none of their language), and it can be enough to make any self-respecting teacher fantasize about throwing the little barbarians off of very high buildings by the dozen.

However, seeing as throwing your students off buildings is generally considered a no-no by most faculties, one needs to come up with alternative methods for correcting unwanted behavior. That’s where yourTEFL coursecomes in. Good TEFL courses will have long and extensive units dedicated to classroom management. They will have tips and tricks specific to both different behaviors and different age groups. As far as practical skills go, classroom management is by far the most invaluable one, you will use it every day of your teaching career so make sure yourTEFL coursehas a good one!

Lesson Planning On Your first day of teaching, you’re going to walk into the classroom and see dozens of little eyes staring at you with no absence of curiosity only to realize something, you actually have no idea what you’re doing. Fear not! This will only last a few minutes thanks to your TEFL course. Another vital thing good TEFL courses teach you is how to create and execute a good lesson plan. A good lesson plan is the foundation of your class and how well the class goes depends almost entirely on how well laid out your lesson plan is. There are many components to a lesson plan and goodTEFL courseswill go through all of them to ensure that your lesson plans are iron clad and sufficient to hold the interests of even the rowdiest classes while being long enough to fill that entire hour.

Grammar You probably rolled your eyes at this one. “But I’ve been speaking English my whole life! I already have perfect grammar!” You probably do but, can you use the correct terms to explain the rules and subtler nuances of the English language? Do you know what synecdoche, prepositions, pronouns, antecedents, clauses, and Gerunds are? How about interjections, intransitive verbs, predicates, or present participles? Unless you’re an absolute grammar nerd (or an English teacher!), you probably don’t. And as an aspiring English teacher, you’re going to have to learn each and every one of those pretentious words in order to teach them to your students who will undoubtedly disdain them more than you ever will. The good news is that you already did learn most of that stuff in high school even if you don’t remember it! GoodTEFL coursesdon’t spend too much time on grammar but go through all of it thoroughly to refresh your memory on all it’s forgotten. While grammar may be one of the least interesting components of your TEFL course, it’s very important to make sure your course has a good one!

Self Motivation, Dedication and Commitment As a teacher, you’re forced to pretty much manage yourself. Sure you might have a director or supervisor that you email your lesson plans into every week, but for the most part, you’re the king in your own classroom. Your director/supervisor probably doesn’t speak the greatest English themselves, and pretty much trusts you blindly. Now, this is great for a lot of reasons; you get to use your own ideas and creativity as well as manage your own time according to your schedule. But for a lot of other reasons it can, to put it quite bluntly, suck. With so much freedom, it can be pretty hard to motivate oneself to produce an adequate output for the responsibility entailed in being an English teacher. Your lesson times are fixed but all other aspects of your job are done on your own time; marking, creating lesson plans, and assessments. It can be very hard to get up the motivation to do these things, especially seeing as you’re in a new and probably exotic place with so much to see and do. That’s where your TEFL course comes in. MostTEFL coursesare online meaning that like teaching, you must be 100 percent self-motivated to complete the class and obtain your TEFL certificate. There are no professors pushing you to complete assignments or meet deadlines, it’s all on your own head. True it’s not quite as much work and commitment as teaching will be, but it’s a very good start and provides you with the much-needed mind frame one needs to be a successful TEFL teacher.

When teaching abroad, our TEFL courses prepare you       Click here for more info about TEFL Courses

4 Reasons to Take the Course – Our TEFL Courses

May 15, 2019 by george mike  

TEFL Online


4 Reasons to Take the Course – Our TEFL Courses

Click here for more info – TEFL Online

Courses; there are so many kinds with so many different aims in mind. While one usually takes a course with a specific employability goal in mind, it does not always have to be the case. As human beings, it’s important to keep learning things both from a self-improvement viewpoint, as well as to keep the brain active and healthy. It was Albert Einstein himself who once said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” It’s all too easy as we get older and settle down with a stable, albeit mindless job to simply stop learning things and get caught in a regular 9 to 5 rut. A great way to learn new things, thusly improving our brain activity and mental health, is through taking an online course. Online courses are great for busy individuals who may not have time to attend live lectures but would like to sharpen their repertoire regardless. One such online course one can take is the online TEFL course. TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language,” and is a comprehensive course of about 100 to 150 hours. It’s primarily taken by recent college graduates looking to become “TEFL teachers,” which are teachers that travel to countries like China or Spain and teach English as a second language to school children. While the exciting career of being a TEFL teacher might not be for everyone, taking an online TEFL coursevery well may be! Along with being absolutely vital for anyone thinking of teaching ESL, it provides some very practical and useful benefits that absolutely anyone is sure to profit from.

4) Gain a New Skill Going back to the Einstein quote, learning is very important in keeping that brain healthy and active. Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s amazing ability to continuously change throughout its lifetime. The only way this change occurs is through learning. The neurons fire up new connections and the internal structure of the existing synapses change, strengthening them. This continuous strengthening of neural pathways is one of the best ways to stave off age related brain disorders, like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Along with the increase in brain power, it’s always good to learn a new skill! Online TEFL coursesteach you all kinds of skills, like classroom management (which is hilariously transferable to managing adults), creating assessment scales, and effective public speaking tips and techniques. All these skills are absolutely vital in a classroom setting, but it’s easy to see how they could come in handy for just about anyone.

3) Brush up on your Grammar Yeah, you already had grammar classes all throughout high school and you’ve been speaking English your entire life, what more grammar could you possibly learn? But do you really remember everything from those years of cafeteria lunches, gym classes, and pep rallies? Do you remember all about synecdoche, similes, auxiliary verbs, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions? What about contractions, gerunds, interjections, and past participles? Suffixes? Subjunctive moods? Probably not. True, most of it you will never need to know from a practical standpoint, but extra knowledge never goes amiss. Especially if you like things like literature, creative writing, or public speaking; it’s very good to be thoroughly educated on grammar. All good online TEFL courseswill have a section on grammar, which is extremely

important, considering most individuals who take TEFL courses are aspiring English teachers. It’s not only teachers that need grammar though. Creative use of grammar can turn an article, speech, or even conversation about a normally boring topic into something interesting and delightful. At the very least, good grammar comes in handy when in internet arguments; no one can correct you if your grammar is already perfect!

2) Learn How to Handle Children Perhaps the most important and often used section of an online TEFL courseis that of classroom management. One thing that all the TEFL brochures often leave out is the simple fact that children can and will act like monsters from time to time. From disrupting class with animal noises, to beating the snot out of each other, if there’s a way to misbehave, chances are your average kid is going to partake in it. This can be incredibly frustrating for a teacher who is trying to make their class run smoothly and as such, offers up the vital need for impeccable classroom management skills that will make even the most rowdy class sit tight and learn. Online TEFL courseshave extensive material on classroom management, covering a wide range of principles and techniques like seating arrangements, punishment and reward systems, and age dependent motivational techniques. Even if one has absolutely no intention of becoming a teacher, knowing how to handle children is a skill that everyone should have. You might already have or aspire to have kids of your own, or could very well have to babysit nieces or nephews someday, in which case the techniques learned from an online TEFL coursecould come very handy indeed.

1) Employability Lastly we come to the main reason most people take any course at all; employability. While online TEFL coursesprovide the maximum benefit employability, and it’s wise for people who are looking to become TEFL teachers, it will certainly be a great boost to the resume for a wide range of careers. A TEFL certificate is a great asset to have on the resume of anyone getting into working with children, tutoring, or working with immigrants. It also helps just for the fact that the individual committed to and stuck with an intensive 120 hour course, showing drive and dedication; something no employer is able to turn, down regardless of the field.

While an online TEFL courseis essential for those looking into getting into TEFL as a career, that’s not where it’s usefulness ends. Online TEFL courses can be a wise career and life choice for anyone providing a great deal of useful and practical skills anyone is sure to benefit from.


4 Reasons to Take the Course – Our TEFL Courses

Click here for more info – TEFL Online


HFI History

April 4, 2019 by george mike  

HFI History

By Bryan McCusker



Walter L. Howler founds HFI, under the name of Custom Welding, as a part-time venture.



The company becomes H & H Welding



Company is renamed Howler-Rice Welding



Company name changed to "Howler Welding Inc." Walter learned quickly that service and quality are the keys required to build a solid foundation for a growing company. These business practices allowed his customers to request Howler Welding to expand into different aspects within the manufacturing industry. To conquer that challenge, Walter started researching the field of sheet metal fabrication. He hired experts and began expansion. Shortly after this expansion, he renamed the company Howler Fabrication & Welding, Inc.



The 70's were a time for experimentation of all kinds - Howler Fabrication & Welding got into the spirit of the times by experimenting with some new logo designs!



By the mid-1980’s, Howler Fabrication had outgrown its building of 12,000 square feet located in Addison, Illinois.
In 1988, Walter relocated to a 30,000 square foot building located in West Chicago, Illinois. Most of the equipment was upgraded and the company name was changed to HFI.



HFI again outgrew capacity and an additional 18,000 square feet were added to the West Chicago location, making it a total of 48,000 square feet for manufacturing.



HFI undergoes a change in ownership. Under the management of Bryan McCusker, HFI updates its public image with new business presence and branding, moving forward into a new era as HFI Manufacturing, while still maintaining a strong connection to the company's deep rooted history. Currently, HFI employs 58 people. The rate of turnover has been extremely low for the past decade and more than a third of the employees have been employed by HFI for 10 or more years. Many of these employees are cross-trained in different departments and can act as a backup.


HFI Celebrates Fifty years in business, and looks forward to many more to come


Innovation in Stainless Steel Fabrication

HFI is a full-service sheet metal fabricator, specializing in stainless steel innovation for fifty years. Our 63,000 square foot facility is home to the latest and most updated fabrication and welding equipment built to service the restaurant, medical, telecommunications, display, and other sheet metal markets.

Our Mission

HFI is dedicated to making the highest quality parts from the protype stage through production runs. We have prioritized and dedicated our quality department and software programs to provide customers with parts that meet their exact specifications and allow for complete traceability throughout the fabrication process at our facility.

We look forward to building a positive tradition of success with your organization.

Our Products

HFI currently makes parts for the Food Industry, Coffee and Drink Industry, Telecommunications, Temperature Control Solutions, Air Control, Energy, Medical, Display, Electronics, Cabinets, and other industries needing parts fabricated using stainless steel or other hot rolled materials. Some examples of fabricated parts include enclosures, chassis, tanks, brackets, cabinets, or other specialty items per blue print.

Full-Service Metal Fabrication Near Chicago

We are a full-service metal fabricator with a 63,000 sq. ft. facility. Our niche is in the restaurant equipment, medical equipment, and telecommunications markets. We specialize in stainless steel but have experience in cold-roll, aluminum, galvanized, aluminized, copper, brass, and other hot-rolled products. Our specialty includes 14 to 22 gage materials, but we have capabilities up to ¼ inch. 

Abstract (Summary)

When an event occurs causing change to the environment that is deemed excessive, individuals in that society will react. Distress or uneasiness can be formulated by fear, which can ignite conflict especially if that organization or society has previously experienced such behavior. Diagnosis of the organizational climate along with the emotions of the individuals in that society should determine whether the society has adequate capacity for change or whether the society will be resistant to change. This diagnosis also helps ensure that safety precautions are in place and a better understanding of conflict involving group dynamics and the psychological factors that relate to whole-system change. This study presents a theoretical and analytical framework for identifying demographics and traits pertaining to a society after a vote from which most of that society’s population differed. Also presented are findings and suggestions for organization development opportunities to advance future positive change.


Bryan McCusker has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and consulting. He has been featured in the press in a number of articles. 

Please visit Bryan McCusker’s websites:









The prettiest towns to visit when teaching English in Mexico

March 21, 2019 by george mike  

The prettiest towns to visit when teaching English in Mexico

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So, you’re teaching English in Mexico? Great choice. Sloshing Caribbean waves and roaring Pacific surf give way to high volcanos and dusty agave cacti fields in this wondrous nation. And between the lot are some seriously stunning towns and cities, some of which you simply can’t miss: 


Guanajuato really is a rabbit warren of a city. There’s a maze of dried-up riverbeds that have been converted to traffic lanes running through the subterrane of the surrounding hills. They serve to link the hillside barrios, which cascade down from carved rock bluffs to dashes of breeze-block homes painted vivant red and purple. The center has the usual array of little plazas and a spire-topped cathedral, but it’s further adorned with a whitewashed university complex from the 1800s, and hidden statues of Don Quixote. Eager to tread some hiking trails while teaching English in Mexico? This is surely the place, with dusty reserves of mountains and cactus-filled valleys spreading out all around.  


There’s nothing quite like the pinkish glow of the sun setting across the Zocalo of Morelia. Sit with a salt-lime Corona and watch the world go by, as the sounds of plucking Spanish guitar twists through the plane trees and mingles with the scents of sizzling tacos under arched arcades from the 1700s. The centerpiece of the city is the looming Morelia Cathedral, which is often hailed as the finest in the whole of the Americas. Stray a little further from that and you’ll discover districts that are effortlessly charming, with centuries-old aqueducts running overhead, and purple jacaranda trees blooming atop fountain-babbling squares.

San Pancho (San Francisco – call it what you like)

There are oodles of better-known towns that could hit this list when it’s time to escape to the ocean while teaching English in Mexico – bustling Puerto Vallarta, party-mad Cancun. But it’s humble little San Pancho that make the cut. Shh! It’s a well-kept secret of the Pacific coast, with resident surfers and yoga aficionados that are serious about keeping things quiet. The beachfront is a fine place to catch a tan and take a dip in the waves. There are quesadilla and burrito stands offering vegan wraps in the blocks behind. And some of Mexico’s very best surf breaks fringe the coast to the north and south – say hello to Sayulita. 


You certainly wouldn’t think it as you emerge onto the sleepy plazas of colonial Queretaro, but this is one of Mexico’s boom towns. Big industries are helping it thrive, so you might find you’ll even be able to bag a job here teaching English in Mexico, rather than just drop by for a day or two. Either way, you can get ready to wonder at pink-stone churches and wander markets brimming with folk bracelets. Plaza de Armas is where the sightseeing starts, but Mariano Matamoros is where the locals go to drink cold beers and mezcal after dark.


From the marble-inlayed Palacio de Gobierno on the main Zocalo to the handsome cathedral and the long roadways lined with volcanic-stone buildings, Oaxaca is a city ready to impress. But it’s not only about Spanish-style churches and pueblo architecture here. Oaxacan cuisine is also famous across the country, known for its corn tortillas, farm cheeses, and spicy bean soups. And there are whole blocks dedicated to the unique arts and crafts traditions of the local folk – it’s the place to be for souvenir shopping while teaching English in Mexico.

San Miguel de Allende

A symphony of pastel hues – ochre, daffodil yellow, sky blue – that sits beneath the ancient outlines of the Central Mexican volcanos, San Miguel de Allende is nothing short of legendary. Ever since American veterans and artists started to flock here in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, it’s been a bustling hub for expats of all sorts. New Age yogis and sculptures, vegan food buffs and long-haired hippies – you name it, you’ll find them in the boho cafés. It’s easy to see why they picked the town. It’s an immersive place, with crisscrossing grids of cobblestone leading to arched bridges and old culture palaces topped with Baroque domes. A hidden surprise: Make for the botanical gardens in the nearby canyons to wonder at spiny cacti and carved gorges.

Are you tempted to start teaching English in Mexico? We can help. Get in touch or head over to our courses page for more information on getting started. Alternative, if you’ve been teaching English in Mexico and have something to add to this list, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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