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Hamilton-rand – The best name in London electric branding iron

October 7, 2019 by Glain max  


As we know, laser engraving services is one of the techniques that are required by various types of companies that want to enter global markets, as well as having an improvement in production. We also know that many times you may have certain doubts regarding what is being done or when implementing something new, however as you may have read we are talking about a technique that has a high level of efficiency.

For this reason, at Hamilton-rand.co.uk, we are pleased to offer you our services in this branch of the industry in which we have a high level and experience to carry out the good engraving of the pieces that are requested, that is why we invite you to communicate with us on our phones and follow us on our social networks; In both media we will be willing to answer your questions.

Forge, art, and iron:

Creating works of art in iron, expressing ideas, communicating emotions, decorating with added value, we can say that Art and iron in East midlands have changed our life. The two accompany us throughout the history of mankind - strength and beauty together thanks to technique and imagination.

It is not only forged what we do, for forging is to mold, play with iron thanks to the heat, we like to say that we do Art in iron because we use different techniques, but it is true that all the works we go through the forge so that means, for that millennial feeling that the forge transmits, for working with the four elements: Earth (coal), Fire, Air, and Water - elements that keep us alive.

For whom is this service-oriented?

1. Companies that need to promote their brand with gifts or business objects.
2. Institutions that need to make recognition plates, litters of graduates, founders, etc.
3. Peace Gardens, to perform funeral art in marble, granite, and tribute plaques.
4. Individuals who wish to make a special gift by recording a message about an object.
5. Clubs and schools: to record trophies and medals.

We offer the best custom stencils at the best prices. We offer the high resolved engraving service on a large variety of materials.

The method of stencil marking in low relief consists in the application with compressed air of an abrasive that erodes the parts that need to be etched, while the rest of the product is protected with a photosensitive film. This system is used to record all types of materials except soft materials.

We provide the engraving service with the low relief sandblasting method and also offer the service including the product to be engraved.

Rent a boat in Greece to explore the Dodecanese

October 7, 2019 by Glain max  


Ever thought of hiring a catamaran in Greek island cruises? It would be perfect for a cruise along the Dodecanese islands.

An archipelago composed of about 163 islands and islets, of which only 28 are inhabited. The Dodecanese is the undisputed protagonist of exclusive cruises.

Let your motor yacht charter in Greece take you from one wonder to another: it will be an unforgettable journey.

Among the many starting bases of the archipelago, you can opt for boat rentals in Rhodes and give yourself quiet navigation along its coasts: a particularly verdant island, which still contains the history of the ancient civilizations that followed it.

Alternatively, you will find boats available in the beautiful Kos, characterized by different archaeological sites and surrounded by large beaches, and in the northern Samos, where the rhythms run more smoothly and quietly.

Boat rental in Greece: the wonders of the Ionian Sea:

The Ionian Sea bathes the Greek coast from Corfu to Zakynthos, and among mountains, green islands, and splendid inlets accessible only by boat, the perfect setting for an exclusive cruise is created.

The archipelago of the Ionian Islands is characterized by some of the largest and most famous islands of Greece, among which Kefalonia, Paxos, and Ithaca stand out, followed by Prevesa and splendid sailing cruises in Lefkada, one of the most loved by boaters.

Regarding the climate that characterizes these islands, if winter welcomes with a damp Scirocco that can blow strongly from the North-East, during the spring it begins to decrease, preparing the arrival of a perfect summer subjected mainly to gentle breezes that sweep off the heat.

Crete, the southernmost of all, must be added to the list of must-see stops of a cruise in Greece by yacht charter.

Yacht charter Mykonos will be the perfect choice not to lose an inch of the thousand beauties that dot the coast: from the beautiful natural landscapes to the wildest areas, followed by stretches of white sand and small bays hidden among the rocks.

At this point, there is no doubt, with the boat rental in Greece you will be able to discover all the natural beauty of this country, and from its splendid islands to the adventure retracing ancient routes protagonists of myths and legends.

If you do not have a boat license or simply want to dedicate yourself to absolute relaxation, choose a boat rental in Greece with a skipper and let yourself be led to the most beautiful and remote places in the country.

Things to know when traveling in Greece with yacht

October 7, 2019 by Glain max  


Do you rent Bareboat yacht rentals in the Ionian Islands? Corfu is a vibrant metropolitan city a stone's throw from paradisiacal beaches and quiet coves, to you, choose where to stop.

Do you think instead of rent a yacht in Greece? It's a solution that allows you to travel in luxury but in a company to discover the Greek wonders.

The Cyclades also offer exciting and exclusive possibilities. Land in Mykonos to enjoy the sunset as you sip a glass of champagne while admiring the landscape of the mills of Kato Mili.

The bars here are chic and the nightlife is relaxed but full of fun. The Cyclades consist of many islands to explore during the holidays. Head to Santorini to admire the mountainous landscape adorned with small and pretty houses and blue-domed churches.

An exciting cruise in a land that offers history, culture, and adventure to those who visit it. Greece donates a thousand different landscapes: from Athens, you can start with a tour to touch all of its most beautiful islands like Mikonos, Delos and Paros, Ios and Santorini.

Some luxury yachts available in the area:

Living Greece aboard with a yacht rentals Greece means encountering a different, changing and unique sea every day. The cruise passengers who choose to rent a yacht in Greece and face one of the most spectacular experiences that nature can offer are on the right track to discover paradise on earth.

Once you've chosen the cradle of modern civilization as a destination for your journey, there are so many places to visit: the Greek islands are over 6,000. White beaches, coves, and bays accessible only from the sea: natural wonders but not only. The Greek islands are famous not only for the naturalistic show they offer but also for the exclusive and refined entertainment of the most fashionable clubs and starred restaurants.

Continental Greece offers many beautiful places to visit. A Milky Way of small villages that climb between the hills and small fishing villages that seems to have stopped in time. Those who visit Greece on sailing Greek islands will not be able to enjoy this wonderful corner of the world.

Starting from the oldest port in history, Athens, and living with the breeze of the Aegean Sea which whispers in your ear the stories of an ever-present past is the adventure that every cruise ship dreams of living.

Sleep in the shelter of a rocky bay, be lulled by the waves during the crossing between one island and another, dive into a sea so transparent as to look like liquid glass, climb on a rise on the back of a donkey. Everything is possible in Greece, just knowing how to choose the itinerary that best suits your tastes.

If you are looking for the best catamarans rentals Greece, do not hesitate to get in touch with all4yachtcharter.com.

Acquire a best property in Dubai at the best price with Dejavu Properties

October 5, 2019 by Glain max  


If you have thought about establishing yourself in Dubai, you should know the regulations that the Government has established to Buy Apartment in Dubai and our Real Estate Broker in UAE specialists can advise you.

Here is a list of the conditions established to Buy New House in Dubai before you decide on some of the ones we offer you:

Property of a leased property:

This means that you will have the property for rent for a certain time, this establishes a contract. The contract can be for a maximum of 99 years or the time established by the parties by mutual agreement, as well as being renewed.

Absolute Property:

With this figure, you have all the rights to the property, which allows you to make the changes you want. You can also sell or rent it if you consider it necessary.

You also can buy lots of land with the same conditions as Absolute Property or Lease.

The Government of Dubai offers foreign people good options for the purchase of a property, including improving their residence visas. It also offers a series of incentives to encourage people to buy their property in Dubai.

For all these reasons, Real Estate Broker in Dubai is available to advise you on the conditions that suit you.

Procedure to buy a property in Dubai:

For the purchase of your property in Dubai, dejavuproperties.com advises you and we offer you to do all the paperwork, among them are the following:

- In our catalog will be the property that suits you and with the direct treatment of a real estate agent.
- Once you have selected the property, you must deposit a deposit the amount is usually not large.
- Next, the contract of sale of real estate in the Arab Emirates with the real estate company is signed.
- The only requirement to carry out this negotiation is a foreign passport.

Our commitment:

At dejavuproperties.com, our commitment is to offer you the best solutions for you to acquire a property in Dubai at this time due to market conditions. The supply of homes today is so great that prices are very low, so we recommend you take this opportunity.

We offer you the best real estate in Dubai at a fairly economical price. You can enjoy a warm climate and a spectacular sea. It is a country that is in full development with multiple investment areas and its inhabitants are very friendly and friendly.


Dejavuproperties – The leader in the field of Dubai Property

October 5, 2019 by Glain max  


Dubai is the most populous city in the Arab Emirates, full of huge skyscrapers, shopping centers and a wide variety of urban projects. It is currently considered one of the most luxurious cities in the world.

This city has all the services at luxurious levels and a pleasant climate, as well as ideal places for shopping.

There are at your disposal real estate of great luxury with all the comforts, modern facilities full of comfort and with excellent panoramic views at a very good price.

To reside in Dubai, there is a large lists of properties in the best areas of the city, among which are the following:

- The Marina or Downtown you can find real estate for both housing and to install your business in great luxury.
- Al Barari is an exclusive community where you will find very luxurious homes with beautiful gardens.
- Palm Islands, is an original project formed by a group of three artificial archipelagos, with large buildings and luxury hotels. There are also a large number of villas of three types that are: “Garden Homes”, “Signature Villas”, and “Canal Cove Town Homes”.

The properties that are for sale in Dubai, can be purchased by legal persons from anywhere in the world, all they need is their passport.

The prices of real estate in Dubai are fixed according to the area where they are located and the characteristics of the property.
If you are planning to Buy Villa in Dubai or any other type of property, a Real Estate Broker in Dubai can help you.

We at dejavuproperties are one of the leading brokers in Dubai. We have an extensive range of properties. Get in touch with us to know more.

Services we offer to buy a property in Dubai:

Our commitment is to offer our customers the best service and then we present the list of everything we offer:

- A team of specialist professionals is at your disposal to advise you on all the procedures to Buy Townhouse in Dubai at the best price.
- Take advantage of our knowledge about the real estate market of this city, so we offer you the best options to buy your property at a good price.
- You will know the best real estate because we have collaboration agreements with the best real estate agencies in Dubai.
- We are a responsible and honest team so you can trust us with your interests and we guarantee the protection of your investment. All procedures will be supervised by our team.

Get in touch with us today and Buy Villa in Dubai at the best prices!


Dejavuproperties – The leader in the field of Dubai Property

October 5, 2019 by Glain max  

Benefits to Buy Property in Dubai

October 5, 2019 by Glain max  


Dubai is a city that has many residential areas that ranges from the most luxurious to the least luxurious and in there are many urban projects. If you are planning to Buy New House in Dubai, the price of housing in Dubai and other properties vary according to the area where they are located and their characteristics.

Today you will have a team of professional experts in different areas willing to offer you the necessary advice to Buy New Home in Dubai according to your budget. It is good to receive specialist advice to get the desired property at the best market price.

Benefits of acquiring a property in Dubai:

When you Buy New Property in Dubai, you always get many benefits, then we present the ones you will get if you buy one in Dubai:
- You can buy your property in installments, with a mortgage or cash loan regardless of whether you are a foreigner.

- With the purchase of a property automatically you will have the right to obtain the residence card, which will be valid for three years.

- When the three-year term expires, you have the option of renewal before the UAE Naturalization Department.

- The residence card is also granted to the wife or husband, unmarried children, and minors of the person purchasing the property. Like the visa is for three years and once this type has passed they have to make the corresponding renewal.

- With the purchase of a home in Dubai, you can live constantly in this country that is in the process of development. You can also use it to go on vacation and enjoy the wonders of this beautiful city.

- It is a region with excellent weather and has quality public services. The payment of public services depends on the type of property.
- The payment of the property can be done by check, cash or through a transfer.

- The only payments you must make is the formalization of the business and the cost of the property, you do not have to pay for any type of tax.

- You have the commitment of the State for the protection of your assets.

Families who change their residence to Dubai can enjoy a unique and great climate and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Dubai is the most well-known emirate when it comes to residing in the UAE. So plan to Buy Property Dubai and enhance your lifestyle!


Rent a yacht in Greece and have lot of fun!

October 4, 2019 by Glain max  


Greece has many quiet and peaceful islands, where you can find, in the most metropolitan areas, also a festive environment in which to immerse yourself.

Renting a luxury motor yacht charter Greece is the best way to enjoy a cruise in the sparkling Greek sea and visit the islands and beaches that fascinate you the most. 

Discover lively islands like Corfu, sophisticated bars and restaurants in small coastal towns like Lefkada and historic and eccentric cities like the new Athens, you will surely be breathless. Spend a romantic evening on the terrace of a bar admiring the Acropolis and if you don't want the night to belong, you can lose yourself in the lively nightlife.

Where to surf in Greece?

There are many places in Greece where you can take crewed yacht charters. The ports in which it is possible to rent a yacht charter Corfu can be found throughout Greece. You can start your yacht cruise in the majestic and historic Athens, or fly directly to one of the international airports and move from there.

In Athens, you can rent a mega yacht charter at Marina Kalamaki, just 10 km from the city center.

One of the benefits of sailing in Greek waters is the absence, most of the time, of a quota to pay for docking! 

The climate in Greece:

From May to October, the climate in Greece is fantastic. Those who love hot temperatures can find 30 and more grades in July and August, but also refreshing waters to dive into. 

The wind usually blows from the north and in summer it can reach great intensity, depending on the areas. Check the situation in the area that interests you, since the differences can also be very large between one area and another. For example, in the Ionian Islands, the wind strength in summer is around 4-6, while in the Cyclades it reaches 5-7.

Where to go and what to see in Greece?

The main advantage of having your exclusive yacht hire Greece is the total freedom to visit your favorite places and places you want to discover in Greece.

If you decide to rent or visit in Athens, you should take some time to visit the famous Parthenon and Acropolis. You can also admire the Acropolis in the evening, from the bar terrace like the 360 ​​cocktail bar, one of our favorites!

About yacht charter in Greece

October 3, 2019 by Glain max  


If you are looking for a new adventure at sea for the summer, do not hesitate to rent a yacht charter in Greece. With such varied wind conditions, Greece is a fantastic place for all sailors. 

Those who have a beginner level but who wish to improve their navigation technique can enjoy the mainland coast of the Saronic Gulf or try out of the Ionian Islands. 

Experienced sailors can look for adventures in the Cyclades Islands and the Dodecanese while discovering the spectacular expanses of sand that border these paradisiacal islands. Renting a luxury yacht charter in Greece is a truly a unique experience.

You can rent a sailboat with us almost anywhere in Greece. No need to worry about mooring costs in Greece. It is almost never necessary to pay for the mooring and, in case of the local authorities charge for the mooring, it is usually nominal.

The climate in Greece:

Wind conditions can vary in Greece. The Meltemi wind is the summer wind and is most present from June, while in July and August it is usually stronger.

In the Saronic Gulf, the strength of the wind and 4 to 6, and they are even stronger around the Ionian Islands where it can vary from 2 to 6. But keep in mind that the different areas of the Ionian Islands have diets different wind.

For island archipelagos such as the Cyclades, the Meltemi blows at 5-6 and can sometimes reach a peak of 7-8. A little further to the east, the Dodecanese islands receive 4-6 force winds, which sometimes reach 7.

Always check the weather conditions before each day of sailing with your Motor yacht charter.

Where to sail and what to see in Corsica?

If you are also looking for land adventures, islands like Santorini have fertile soil and a beautiful stretch of the landscape to explore. The volcanic bottom of the island promotes the existence of many vineyards, and you can visit many cellars to taste the local Greek wine.

If Athens is on your itinerary, enjoy all the museums and do not miss to admire the Parthenon and the Acropolis. Downtown Athens will keep you busy enough for one night with flashy bars and cafes serving delicious food and drinks.

Find paradise on your Greece yacht charter, either in the Dodecanese and the Ionian Islands or on the northern coast of Greece in Macedonia.

The advantages of laser engraving

October 3, 2019 by Glain max  


On many occasions, we have surely heard that many of the people who are dedicated to the manufacture of various home decorations say that they have manufactured things under the technology of laser cut stencils, but we do not know what it is, or what it consists of. The works that are manufactured making use of this type of London electric branding iron technology generally have more favorable results, both in the aesthetic aspect and in the quality that the engravings have, this is, in turn, a very important source that people take into account to make the decision to acquire or not buy some type of product. 

That is why Electrical branding iron is an excellent option for various areas of manufacturing in terms of various types of items, ranging from pencils, agendas, bottles, plates, items for the home, etc. And if you have any business related to these types of areas, we strongly recommend reading this article so you can know a way in which you can help your business grow.

We know that pens, plates, bottles, decorative items, among others, are artifacts that generally come to have some type of motifs that are engraved in their texture, to create either a specific message or a design that is pleasant insight. 

This type of decorations that are important and that meet various types of needs must be made with the appropriate working machinery such as industrial engraving since otherwise, we will be risking not having the correct or expected results. 

However, the manual aspect is sometimes not entirely reliable due to issues such as the number of pieces to be made and the fact that doing it manually would take too long, so it is best to make use of the technology and efficiency that they always give us the machines. In this sense, we must choose a system that has excellent quality and where we are sure that we will obtain great efficiency in the results.

That is why the embossing heat tool machines that make the laser engraving, are among the most assisted by various companies in this type of markets, and that is despite having emerged relatively recently, in those representative years and belonging to the '90s, they have earned a space within the industry over the years. 

This is largely due to its great ease when carrying out the functions that are required, and for obtaining highly competitive results in which they generally meet the main requirements of the public that acquires them.