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Why Book Wedding Reception Halls in Malleshwaram, Bangalore

November 27, 2019 by gmrejoyz  

Planning a wedding reception? Hunting for wedding reception halls? If you want your marriage reception event to be grand and go as planned, the choice of venue for reception is important. To do that, you need to know what makes a great hired venue. Marriages these days are a lengthy affair planned in multiple events. When it comes to Indian families, there is hardly any limit to the number of guests invited. Since the events are big, right from the engagement ceremony to the marriage to the reception, every function needs a proper dedicated space.  These days most marriage halls are pre-booked well before time with an increase in demand, especially during the wedding season. This article is a guide on why you should book wedding reception halls in Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

Wedding reception halls in Malleshwaram, Bangalore are spacious

The size of the venue you choose will have a definite impact on the event. Rooms that are too small for your guests are going to make them feel cramped and uncomfortable. Therefore, when auditioning a banquet hall or event venue, consider wedding reception halls in Bangalore. Consider your guest list, and the number of people who will be attending the event. Choose the wedding halls in Malleshwaram, Bangalore that best suits the size of your party. Remember, larger halls can always be scaled down to accommodate smaller groups with a judicious use of furnishings and decorations. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and go with a larger banquet hall.

Malleshwaram is a good location with excellent connectivity

Consider these factors while selecting a wedding hall---Is a venue far out of the way that your guest does not want to attend the event? Is the wedding hall too difficult to find located in an absurd locality? Is the wedding hall in a neighborhood your guests might prefer to avoid? Considering these factors, wedding halls in Malleshwaram is a good location with excellent connectivity. While there are other wedding hall options available located on the outskirts of town at cheap rates, it will cause inconvenience. Wedding halls at Malleshwaram are centrally located, with plenty of access from the interstate.



Amenities at the wedding halls in Malleshwaram are well equipped

Wedding halls at Malleshwaram are well equipped with the required amenities to facilitate weddings that can accommodate more people. Amenities include tables and chairs, and other decorations. Some of the luxurious and high-end amenities include audio/visual equipment, charging stations, and free Wi-Fi. The wedding venues in Malleshwaram also include ample parking, valet parking and that the rest rooms are clean and handicap accessible. There are also onsite catering for large number of guests. Some of the catering services also include samples of catering before agreeing to use the on premise services. If they do not meet your expectations, you may have to book an outside caterer.

Before you make your final booking, take the time to visit the venue. Talk over your plans with the staff and management. You should also check online for customer reviews and testimonials to ensure that the venue you choose is reputable and reliable. One of the best wedding halls in Malleshwaram, Bangalore is GM Rejoyz. Should you wish to know more about them, consider visiting their website.


Things To Consider While Choosing A Perfect Wedding/Banquet Halls in Malleswaram

November 12, 2019 by gmrejoyz  

Weddings are the most precious moments in everyone's life. Everyone wants their wedding to be perfectly planned. A best wedding celebration depends upon choices one makes. In between tons of things, you have to filter the weddingthe /Banquet Halls in Malleswaram’. The wedding venue plays an important role in the success of marriage celebration. 


An indoor mini party hall in Malleswaram is perfect for a ‘winter wedding’. Budgeting helps you in selecting  a fabulous venue with great service. Budget means an approximation of expenses that are allowed on each occasion. Firstly, know the maximum amount you can spend. Secondly, decide the location where functions have to occur. Thirdly, look for online offers available in different wedding halls. Finally, choose the best option within your budget.

Location is an important factor while finalizing the wedding venue. Most of the time booking done without knowing the place. One should  visit the location before finalizing the location to conduct an event. The location should have enough space for organizing various small and big functions. For a local wedding, find a place which is easily reachable and accessible for the people. The party halls in Malleswaram should provide catering and accommodation services. 

3.Proper Research
We always go for  ‘Customer ratings’ and ‘ Google reviews’ while ordering anything online. Then why can't we check the actual reviews and ratings of wedding venues?. Most of them are genuine, here one can check the authenticity of the venue. 

4. Theme Selection
A theme is the base frame for the wedding which leads to further arrangements like lights and flowers. Wedding themes are of different types like Traditional, Fusion, Royal and many more. Select a Banquet hall where we can use various themes.

5.Check for the Services
Check for Catering services like what menu they are providing, check for purity and quality of the food, the size of the hall because you have to accommodate your guests easily. Additional services like valet parking, DJ , Dancers and many more. 




Party and Wedding Halls in Malleswaram - GM Rejoyz

October 23, 2019 by gmrejoyz  

Social Events is a platform where people can share their life’s memorable moments with their friends and relatives. GM Rejoyz being the Best wedding/Party Halls in Malleswaram hosting social events includes wedding, Birthday, success party, Engagements, kitty parties, naming ceremony, baby shower, theme parties and many more.Their team has well versed chefs, servers and event experts make your event a success.


GM Rejoyz has mini halls in Malleswaram where it takes all the responsibilities associated with your event it includes decoration, managing vendors, catering services and entertainers. Their experts will make you dream come true.

Benefits of Booking Wedding venues in Malleswaram

Catering is Easy

If you wish to book any party halls in Bangalore for your events, then important aspect is food and catering. Marriage halls in Malleswaram provides best catering service so that guests will enjoy the event and also you can customize the menu based on your requirement. 



Based on your requirement you can select your lighting styles, buffet, color combinations and other options regarding the decoration.


If you conduct any special event/program at your home, then you will be responsible for all your work mainly cleaning when the event will  get over. In contrast when you book a banquet hall at Malleswaram you need not to worry  about such things since banquet hall will take care of everything.



When it comes to conduct an event , Marriage halls in Malleswaram are the best option when we consider the location, malleswaram is a traditional place where bus stand and railway station are nearby. 

Advantages of Booking Party/Wedding Halls at Malleswaram

October 16, 2019 by gmrejoyz  

GM Rejoyz, is a Best Wedding/Party hall in Malleswaram, Bangalore. It Consists of four banquet halls with four Banquet Halls with an area of 20,000 sq ft, 160 seater Shantala rao  auditorium and E-Sports arena which is coming soon.


They host all kinds of Events like Corporate training, birthday parties, marriages, Cultural events, TV Programmes, political events, Baby shower, Naming ceremony, Engagements, receptions, mini parties  and many more. They will provide you the best place, facilities, food which is made by our expert chefs which are very delicious and homemade taste .



Advantages of Booking Party/Wedding Halls at Malleswaram

There are a few benefits of choosing Party/Wedding halls at Malleswaram:

1.They have four Banquet Halls capacity of 50, 100, 300, and 350 respectively. It not only used as Wedding Hall but also for Felicitations, get togethers, Alumini functions, Theme parties, Mini and Party Halls in Malleswaram for parties.

2. The Location is an important factor when deciding the Halls for function.This  Wedding venues/Mini Party Halls in Malleswaram is at the center of the city. It provides connectivity to the main railway station, metro, Bus stand, so that people can easily connect to it. 

3.We can get large number of Wedding Halls in Malleswaram , this makes people to select any Halls of their budget that suits them. Mini Halls in Malleswaram is not much expensive compared to other places in Bangalore.

4. Malleswaram gives old charm of Bangalore , that cannot be found anywhere in Bangalore, since it is an old area in Bangalore and is famous for rich tradition. You get peace and calm Environment that you cannot get in any other region in Bangalore.