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Which Diamond form does one like for your engagement ring?

May 23, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

Diamonds that are carved in engagement rings are offered in each size and includes a huge form of shapes. Though, each diamond is exclusive in its own approach. individuals with totally different personality are drawn to a selected diamond form in keeping with their likes. Also, the sort of diamond form you decide on is the reflection of your personality.


Round Diamond Ring

Around 75 % of engagement rings are embellished with a round brilliant diamond. this is often as a result of these fifty-eight aspects replicate to create an associate tempting sparkle that diamonds are identified for. The form diamond ring ne'er goes out of the fashion that is why they're the foremost most popular as diamond engagement rings among individuals. If you're a girl with classic style, with the love for tradition, then the round brilliant is that the most suitable option for you.


Pear formed Diamond Ring

Pear cut style includes a teardrop-shape that appears wonderful in larger fingers. This pear-like diamond form includes a distinctive and trendy look. It’s one in every of the most recent trends followed by several fashionistas. This pear-shaped diamond will create a daring statement once set in as an engagement ring. it's additionally ideal for earrings and pendants.


Princess Cut Diamond Ring

The princess cut comes in second on the list of most famed vogue for engagement rings. it's a square like a diamond form that has each traditional and trendy look and might suit both outfits. people that love the mixture of modern and traditional vogue further like this princess cut the most. Also, princess diamond rings are more cost-effective than the one with brilliant rounds, creating them one in every of the simplest decisions for several budgets.


Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

The emerald form isn't that much popular diamond shape among individuals than the opposite ones. Although, it appears to be very famous among celebrities. Emerald options a rectangular form together with execute and an enormous flat table surface. These diamond shapes are terribly rarely most popular as an engagement ring. Emerald diamonds are cut with a step-style, that features straight lines covering the sides that appear like steps. The diamond is usually cut in a very longer parallelogram or a wider parallelogram. due to the wide aspects, emerald diamonds don’t hide their color.

Ideal Metal for a Diamond Wedding Band

May 14, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

image credit: geetjewellery.com/blog/

While paying special attention to a diamond wedding band in the market, you should have a thought of the metal or materials you wish to possess in your wedding band. The radiance of precious stones matters, however, the sort of metal utilized in the ring is significant also. The general appearance of a jewel relies upon the quality, cut and metal of the wedding band. The decision of metal is significant on the grounds that some metal features certain characteristics of the wedding band however some can likewise decrease them. In this way, while looking at or looking through the kind of metal you need, ensure that you consider a couple of things.


Cost versus Support


Normal individuals spend an immense sum on their precious stone wedding band or wedding band, yet it's the metal you select which hugely affects the last look. In the event that you have a decent spending plan, at that point, platinum metal is the best decision for your precious stone ring. It is one of the most perfect, most grounded and rarest metal on the earth and that is the reason it is extremely costly. It's additionally remarkable hard and thick, which implies it needs less upkeep to be done in a significant lot.


The second metal alternative for you is gold which is utilized generally for diamond wedding rings. The precious stone rings with gold metal are more affordable than the platinum one, regardless of whether it comes in a similar weight, plan, and size. The greater part of the antique wedding bands come in white gold metal. Another metal choice is Palladium which is quickly getting to be popular due to its comparative structure and looks like platinum. It has an additional preferred standpoint of having a lesser sticker price. Other than the way that Palladium gives a comparable sparkle, it isn't as extreme and thick as platinum.


The measure of Color utilized


The metal which you use for your ring can very influence the look and sparkle of your stone. For a perfectly clear and splendid sparkle, pick white metal, for example, white gold, platinum, or palladium. In the event that you need to purchase a wedding band, at that point search for the rings with brilliant metals as they improve the radiance of the precious stone engraved in the ring. Albeit, yellow gold shading metal makes the precious stone of the ring look more tasteful. On the off chance that you need to get one of the top wedding bands with a special and eye-snappy look, go for a jewel ring with rose or dark gold metal.


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2019 Collection of Diamond Jewellery

May 9, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


2019 is going to be wonderful once it involves a diamond jewelry collection. Designers are arising with new, inventive designs and reaching back to recreate the trends of retro. Whether it’s an amazing diamond form, a chain, or an engagement ring with a surprising pendant. Look at the most recent diamonds jewelry collection that's about to become widespread in 2019.

3 Stone Diamond Ring

A diamond ring containing 3 stones within which the centerpiece is larger and complemented by 2 smaller diamond stones is topping the foremost cherished ring among girls. It’s all due to Meghan Markle’s engagement ring who is the Lady of Sussex, for making this ring known. There are different kinds of 3 stone look with a combination of a colored gem beautified by white diamonds. This style offers you to utilize natural diamond as the main centerpiece, whereas saving cash by mistreatment lab-grown diamonds within the place of tertiary diamonds. With 3 stones, you can customize your budget and style also.

Large & Long Earrings

It’s one amongst the known diamond trends that individuals have seen last year and going additional to its energy during this year also. Large, fashion statement earrings that stand out are very talked-about. There are numerous types of designs like giant mismatched jewellery designs, long shoulder-grazing chandeliers, and even earrings mismatched that have uneven size. This jewellery provides the diamond jewelers freedom to bring exceptionally incredible sculptural styles within the market.

Pinky Rings

This jewelry vogue is unquestionably a ring that is rising in flair and elegance. pinkie rings are terribly fascinating kind of ring as they’re versatile. Pinkie rings suits for ladies and men also. They’re conjointly one amongst the most effective choices to indicate your love for yourself. They're offered in a very wide selection of styles and have an endless charm to its look. However, particularly styled for the tiniest finger, but these rings are big in size in real.

Unique and Fancy Shapes

As technologies of diamond cutting became advanced, designers of this era are driven to create different and distinctive styles. Latest fancy shapes are returning often within the market. Diamond jewellery suppliers are supplying subtle, fancy formed diamonds to offer an uncommon diamond ambiance. Keeping aside all the fancy diamond shapes, there are shapes like a princess, oval emerald, and heart shapes that comes within the market from time to time. A number of designers are also attempting out innovative ways to create attractive visuals.

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How to wear Nose Pin in Modern Way?

May 8, 2019 by Avi Goyal  



image credit: geetjewellery.com/blog/

Nose Pins have been a vital part of each woman’s life in Indian tradition for many years. there's a large style of Nose pin obtainable within the market. Most of the ladies today are willing to get their nose piercing done however aren’t certain regarding the types of vogue offered within the market.


These days, fancy nose pins are in trends and most of the ladies are extremely following these trends. Previously, nose pins of gold, diamond, and silver were very renowned. But now, these are primarily worn by girls to finish one’s look and so totally different styles of nose pins are obtainable in numerous jewelry stores. Although, it’s not necessary to wear a specific kind of nose pin. So, we've collected a number of nose pins to assist you to decide on the right nose pin for yourself.


Floral Nose Pin


Floral styles have continuously been famous for their feminine look. That’s why it's the top vogue on our list. There are several selections obtainable within the market.


Simple Nose Pin


If you're confused regarding that nose pin to decide on from different choices, opt for a straightforward stud nose pin because it will go along with everything.


Simple Hoops


Another nose pin with a straightforward however cool style is a golden hoop. It seems attractive and it's simple to use choice also.


Studded Hoops


If you're willing to create a fashion statement, then choose a big studded hoop.


Studded Bali


If you don’t like a very big Bali then you can search for a small one and a studded Bali also. As they're subtle and really stunning. And the plus point is that they'll go all right with an ethnic outfit.


Diamond Nose Pins


A diamond nose pin is a sophisticated pin which can be worn anyplace, anytime. Also, it suits each form of attire.


Bridal Nose Pin


A bridal nose pin is a must to wear accessory on the marriage day once it involves Indian culture. Larger the dimensions of a bridal nose pin, better the design can get. Thus, sporting a nose pin is extremely important for Indian brides. These are available in styles of attractive styles.


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Alluring Rose Gold Diamond Ring

May 7, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is simply an alloy like white gold or yellow gold that makes a rose gold ring. It's shaped by combining copper and gold together, the additional copper you may add, the more reddish can the gold become. Rose gold is a mixture of 75th of pure gold and 25th of copper by mass. Therefore, essentially, Pure rose gold metal doesn’t exist.

As rose gold metal suits each skin tone, it's becoming famous day by day and that’s why the demand for a rose gold ring is additionally increasing at the same time. The second reason behind it being admired by all the ladies is that it's a soft and shiny look. And the last one is the manner how diamond stone appears excellent with it, that is commendable.

Rose Gold Ring

Rose gold could be a trendy selection because the metal includes a vintage look that makes the rose gold ring seem dateless and stylish. you'll never have enough of the rose gold metal look. That’s the explanation of why it’s trend can never get away and most of the ladies use to treasure it for their life also. So, to assist you all to shorten your list of rose gold engagement rings, few of the perfect rings for you.

Oval Halo Rose Gold Ring

Looking for a diamond ring who’s each facet sparkles as per your partner’s style? Opt for an oval halo rose gold ring as it's everything that your partner would have ever wanted.

Solitaire Rose Gold Ring

If your partner prefers a ring with simplicity and elegance, then prefer a solitaire rose gold ring as no ring is better than one stone ring with a shiny and enticing metal encompassing it.

Three stone Rose Gold Ring

For the brides who wish to feature some additional sparkles to their ring, the 3 stone rose gold ring is an excellent selection for them.

Rose Gold & Diamond Halo Ring

Brides who love the vintage vogue the foremost, the rose gold and diamond halo ring is the one for them. It's the right four claw setting that sits round the wonderful spherical formed diamond encircled by the halo of diamonds on either facet. This ring includes a ton of shine on it and it suits each form of wedding rings.

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Diamond Fashion Rings are a Niche

May 6, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

Diamond rings are the kind of accessories which can be worn for any big function. Whether you're attending to formal occasions or casual ones. Currently the question is how will we use them as a fashion accessory? Let’s examine data associated with these enticing forever favorite rings.

What are Fashion Rings?

Fashion rings are the kind of rings that are meant to make a trendy statement. There are several fun shapes and designs offered out there. However, they're not typically the primary factor that crosses everyone’s mind once they think about the standard rings. Fashion rings are largely worn girls and they typically prefer those that are accessorized with diamonds.

These rings facilitate the owner feel fashionable, young and even special. they can be available in a large vary of shapes like rectangular, square and generally triangular. It all depends on the creative thinking of the designer.

When to wear Fashion ring?

Wearing diamond fashion rings is an awe-inspiring way to celebrate any occasion. The foremost widespread reason to present this ring is to gift as an engagement or wedding rings. These are the foremost renowned period of time where you can gift it. Or else, you can even provide a fashion ring for any occasion or perhaps for no reason. It's not necessary to possess a particular motive; you can simply gift them to make somebody feel happy.

Are Fashion Rings Affordable?

The impressive factor is that they can be each, elaborative yet straightforward, it all depends on your vogue. These rings are often discreet and small, or they can be huge in size and irresistible. Diamond fashion rings are available in a large choice of price ranges which incorporates very cheap to highest value. So, nearly anyone can purchase a fashion ring if they need to.

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Kundan Jewellery is a Beautiful Jewel

May 1, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

image credit: geetjewellery.com/blog/

Kundan is a well-known ancient gem jewellery. The attractive art of Kundan jewellery is understood to be originated from the kingdoms of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Kundan is a Hindi word which suggests very refined gold. The town of Jaipur that is located in Rajasthan is known for creating the foremost outstanding Kundan jewellery. Throughout the Mughal era, the Kundan jewellery was extremely utilized by the royalties.


Gold was the first material that was used in creating Kundan jewellery for the royalties of Rajasthan. Although, because the time passes by, silver Kundan jewelry became an issue and it's extremely darling by all the people of the country. As you all recognize that to create Kundan jewellery, silver and gold are normally utilized in it, however besides that different coloured precious stones conjointly has the contribution in creating it look enticing and charming. Stone like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and stones that options white color are employed in Kundan jewellery.


Wearing Kundan jewellery


These days, Kundan has become one of the classiest jewellery among individuals. It's worn by reputable individuals across the globe also. It's the pure definition of sophistication, richness, and courtesy. These jewellery are typically worn for big occasions owing to their costly value. Ladies who desire to stand out of the group use to prefer carrying Kundan jewellery because it enhances their look by making it a lot of beguiling.


Many famous actresses including Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Chauhan have conjointly worn Kundan jewellery to their massive events. This proves that this jewellery is one among the most spellbinding and lavish jewellery. These creative jewellery has been changed with the passing times and that’s why they're still one among the most-wanted jewellery among ladies. It really is timeless jewellery which can forever remain on trends.


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Prime Reasons to Love Diamonds

April 30, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

According to research, youth tend to settle on non-diamond accessories over diamond rings and alternative diamond jewellery. They mentioned some reason behind it like a concern with wanting funds to shop for diamond jewellery, methods of moral mining, and usually having different liking over a diamond. We know that the majority of ladies love coloured gemstones like ruby, amethysts, and emeralds from the beginning. A number of them begin loving them once they get them. Some ladies love them owing to their wealthy history and beautiful properties.

We possess a number of knowledge regarding diamond facts and trust me they made us love each and every part of a diamond, whether they are tiny or giant. So, we are presenting you those prime reason to love diamonds as they're definitely worth the appreciation and regardless of what vogue, preference, or beliefs you've got, you will for sure love them once you read this blog.

1. Out of all the diamonds that are mined worldwide, only around 30 minutes of them are gem-quality diamonds. you must be curious regarding what does gem quality mean? Let me tell you that gem quality diamonds aren't similar to any diamonds. They're the kind of diamonds that deserve being cut into suitable shapes before engraving them in jewellery. Remaining of the seventieth diamonds are used for industrial purposes.

2. Did you know? All diamonds are at least ninety-nine million years old. Think of the diamond you're sporting as the one which existed longer than your own existence, it feels great right? That’s the explanation of why diamond symbolizes endless love.

3. Graphite and diamonds are created by similar carbon atoms. Although, graphite is extremely soft material and simple to destroy. However, diamonds are the toughest substance and tough to destroy. It’s all because their carbon atoms are structured and connected otherwise.

4. An Internally flawless (IF) diamond that is additionally referred to as a D color diamond only presents .001% of the world’s production of diamonds. These near to being excellent diamonds are exceptionally rare, even within the weight of tiny carat.

5. In outer space, diamonds are common. According to the many websites, researchers have created a technique for looking out diamonds in an area that is simply a nanometer in size. These form of diamonds are terribly small in size that can't be slot in an engagement ring, however it might help scientists to understand the occurrence of life on Earth.

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Why girls love fashionable Diamond Jewellery?

April 29, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

Modern diamond jewellery is often high in demand lately and that’s why they're the foremost famed jewellery. Heavyweight jewellery items are the least favored by girls as they make them feel stocked. At a similar time, all of them want the kind of jewellery that makes them feel and appear elegant like a diva.


One of the notable forms of fashionable diamond jewellery is diamond trinkets. These are lightweight and that’s why their demand is merely increasing day by day. The primary plan behind the introduction of contemporary jewellery is to supply an ideal combination of fashion with comfort to all the ladies. The most effective part of this jewellery is that they look heavy however they're comfy in real. This implies that you can seem like royalty with the wealthy shine of its diamonds but at a similar time feel comfy. Whether its earrings, necklace, rings or bangles, you won’t feel loaded with fashionable diamond jewelelry. Here are the explanations for why girls love fashionable diamond jewelry the foremost.


Opulent vogue Variations


The light-weight of jewellery doesn't limit its trendy look, that’s why fashionable jewellery is popular. You can simply buy light-weight jewellery in any type of gold color like rose, white or yellow gold as per your style. For instance, if you're keen on sporting straightforward styles, you can choose stack rings out of various colours of diamond rings for ladies. They can be worn in several designs and are best suited to all occasions.


Accessorizing gone Versatile


Nowadays, everybody needs versatility in everything. Individuals opt for jewellery that provides a lot of options and that appears more stunning. Girls tend to shop for diamond jewellery that they can wear at home as well as workplace at a similar time. That’s why they like to shop for light-weight jewellery that is trendy and straightforward as well. For instance, you would select a designer pendant which can match along with your casual and workplace attire too. 


Only you recognize the actual weight!


Think about a bride carrying heavy embellished diamond jewellery alongside her heavy bridal outfits and still smiling. This should have made you think at least once that how she is even carrying such heavy jewellery and attire? Today’s generation hates to be tortured like that and that’s why the trendy diamond jewellery introduced in the market. This is the explanation of why everybody loves fashionable jewellery. Plus, nobody is aware of the amount of load you are carrying because it's extremely ornate and appears heavy but is not. That manner your fashion secret stays with you only.


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Guide to Style your own Diamond Ring

April 17, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

Designing your own diamond ring to propose your partner could be a beautiful gesture to indicate your love and commitment. Style an ideal ring by closely operating with a jeweler. you may have to offer yourself in 2 months and choose a setting and stone that mirror your partner’s personality and elegance. While you work with a jeweler, ensure to get proof of the ring and a written contract to make sure you get the most effective ring.

Planning ahead

1. Begin planning 2 months before

Begin searching for custom diamond engagement rings 2 months before the day of your engagement or proposal. A minimum of a month is required to settle the right style and place the order with a jeweler. It’s because it’ll take around six weeks to form a ring once you place the order. This manner you’ll have a fresh diamond ring for her with you before the massive day.

2. Set a budget

The first factor you have to keep in mind before planning a ring for her is to line the correct budget. Creating a budget can assist you to slim your selections and think properly concerning what stone, design, and settings you wish per that. Those with a lower budget will search for a jeweler who can allow you to purchase the ring in installments.

3. Understand that a custom ring desires additional investment

A custom ring is costlier than a pre-set ring because it needs additional work and time. those who are tight on the budget ought to select a pre-set ring instead.

Collect all the Essential Details

1. Styles, cuts, and gemstones for your fiancé-to-be

i) Before you think of coming up with a ring for your love, think about checking out what your partner’s preferences are. For that, you can do window shopping and make your partner select many rings to understand her most well-liked designs, cuts, and gemstones. you can conjointly check some trending ring styles on the web.

ii) If you’re planning to propose your partner and wish it to be a surprise, ask a trustworthy loved one for guidance.

iii) Take note of what your fiancé considers in jewellery, she like the styles to be straightforward or more ornate. Also, observe what kind of metal she prefers. Don’t forget to visualize the well-liked style, cut or stone.

2. Close watch on your fiancé-to-be’s jewellery

i) Notice the sort of jewellery that your soon-to-be betrothed use to wear. See what metal color she wears silver, gold, or rose. By keeping in mind that, choose a setting that mirrors your partner’s preferences.

ii) Select a metal among platinum, white gold, or gorgeous silver if your partner prefers silver jewellery loads. Similarly, if she like gold jewellery a lot of, choose rose gold or yellow gold.

3. Stone that reflects your fiancé-to-be’s personality and elegance

Form a custom ring with differing kinds of tempting gemstones from multi-carat diamonds to tiny opals. choose a stone with a vogue and cut that mirrors your partner’s style

read more:- '); background-size: 1px 1px; background-position: 0px calc(1em + 1px);" href="https://www.geetjewellery.com/blog/tips-to-design-your-own-engagement-ring/" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-href="https://www.geetjewellery.com/blog/tips-to-design-your-own-engagement-ring/">https://www.geetjewellery.com/blog/tips-to-design-your-own-engagement-ring/