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5 Alluring Diamond Nose Pin Designs

September 16, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


Traditionally, nose pin is supposed to be pierced in left nostril. There are exceptional cultures that sell carrying nose pin in each nose, and every so often even inside the nasal septum. Nonetheless, today, it is a fashion to wear a nose pin.


Diamond Nose pins have a spread of designs and styles, and those paintings safely with several metals consisting of gold, silver, platinum, and so on. Moreover, the mixtures with other gemstones make the collection of nose pins almost countless. These little add-ons on my own are successful sufficient to offer you a completely unique appearance. Below are a few excellent and breathtaking diamond nostril pin designs.


Five Latest Diamond Nose Pin Designs


Diamond nose pin with sapphire – This beautiful nose pin is made from 24-karat gold with an embellishment of six tiny diamonds in round form revolving around the blue sapphire. The inverse layout with six sapphires circling the diamond looks equally fantastic. The rose gold version of the same is also available.


Handmade nose pins – These nose add-ons encompass 6 diamonds rolling around the layout. This fashion suits all types of outfits. Therefore, it is a really perfect preference for fashion fanatics.


Delicate adjustable diamond nostril pins – First of all, the adjustable layout makes this Nose pin a should have. Secondly, the sensitive layout with a single diamond or combination of diamonds is conventional yet elegant.


Solitaire diamond nose pins – This is an intimate piece with diamond studded at the uncovered facet. You can get this traditional piece in a variety of metals from yellow gold to platinum. Simply a head turner!


Gold diamond heart nose pin – If nostril pins are a fashion declaration for you, this lovely design will now not fail you. The stunning heart form in precious metal studded with a shiny diamond will give you a further sparkle to shine.


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Industrial Metals – An Alternative To Traditional Metals for Jewelry

September 13, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


Although industrial metal is a new introduction in the jewelry market, it has been a part of jewelry and manufacturing since the ancient time. The durability, strength, and contemporary look these metals provide to jewelry is certainly appreciable; hence, the popularity of industrial metal jewelry is increasing day by day now, especially in engagement rings. These metals are known as “alternative metals” in the jewelry industry. Some of these metals are Titanium, Cobalt, and Steel. Let’s have a brief look at these lovely metals.


Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a metal that proffers excellent shine and hue when it is polished and finished. Unlike many precious metals, it is a tarnish-resistant metal. Besides, it requires very little of your attention in maintenance because it does not get chipped or scratched easily (a little care is recommended though). Iron, 0.15 percent carbon, and 10 percent chromium are combined to make stainless steel. Needless to say, it does not rust, which makes its aesthetic appeal everlasting.



Titanium is a wondrous alloy of lightweight and strength that does not tarnish and is corrosion-resistant. To be precise, it is about half the weight of steel yet identical to steel in color and hue. It is combined with yellow gold accents and polished to get a decent glow. Its hypoallergenic (if not mixed with nickel) quality makes it perfect for jewelry. Since it is considerably lightweight, it is easy to wear and is perfect for those with an active lifestyle.


Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide is darker (Grey) in shade than titanium. It is a composition of tungsten and carbon, which is responsible for the strength of this metal. It is scratch and damage resistance, making the jewelry polish last for long years. Tungsten Carbide is mostly used in men's wedding bands and rings due to its durability and attractiveness. These rings do not bend out of shape or get scratched and maintain the perfectly polished finish for a lifetime.



This bright white metal has been used in the medical industry as well as in making jewelry for a long time ago. This contemporary metal is not only dense and durable but similar in weight to gold. Cobalt is a great alternative for white gold or platinum as it is easy on the pocket (however, more expensive than Titanium and Tungsten Carbide).


These above industrial metals are some unbeatable alternatives to expensive traditional jewelry metals such as gold and platinum. Nonetheless, they are not widely popular yet as most people do not know about them. Slowly but surely these metals are beginning to grow as expensive metal substitutes.

Birthstone Jewelry - List of birthstones related to every month

September 12, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

Birthstone Jewelry is turning into briskly famous as an exemplary choice for presents. The main cause in the back of its skyrocketing reputation is the double cost that a birthstone gem gives – splendor and which means. Pre-made birthstone rings need to be bought from recognized and reputed shops. However, you may usually have an option to get your piece custom designed at your favorite jeweler. Be it a lovely pendant or a gorgeous pair of earring birthstone jewelry will be cherished all the time as soon as gifted.


What does a birthstone suggest?

It is believed that the idea of birthstones first got here in the image whilst Aaron (the descendant of an Israeli tribe Levi, and the first excessive priest of Israel) sported twelve gemstones, symbolizing the twelve tribes of Israel, in his armor. Nonetheless, there are many other myths and fables about the restorative powers of a birthstone. Different cultures have their awesome motives to agree with birthstones.


Birthstones for each month

As we've got already stated, there is a special gem for each month that contains recuperation and therapeutic properties. If you have in your mind a distinct, meaningful, and lovable jewelry to present your near ones, get it embellished with the like-minded birthstone, and make your gift remembered forever. Here is the listing of birthstones related to every month to make your research a bit more specific.


Birthstone for January – Red Garnet


Birthstone for February – Amethyst


Birthstone for March– Aquamarine, Bloodstone


Birthstone for April – Diamond


Birthstone for May – Emerald


Birthstone for June –Pearl, Moonstone


Birthstone for July – Ruby


Birthstone for August – Peridot


Birthstone for September – Sapphire


Birthstone for October–Opal, Pink Tourmaline


Birthstone for November– Topaz, Citrine


Birthstone for December–Tanzanite, Turquoise


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Why do Russians prefer the right hand to put on the wedding ring?

September 11, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


Generally, an engagement ring or a wedding ring/band is to be worn on the left hand’s ring finger. As per fables, the ring finger is directly connected to your heart. Therefore, it is believed that wearing the ring in ring finger keeps your love, fidelity, and feelings alive forever. However, the preferred hand for wearing an engagement ring varies from country to country. In most of the countries, it is worn on the left hand’s ring finger though. Russia is a country that is known for its fascinating culture and traditions. People in Russia prefer wearing the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the right hand. Ever wondered why the right hand? We have the answer.


Just like every other country, Russians also cherish every moment of their wedding in several ways. Some go to the church or prefer a civil ceremony to tie the knot while some of them throw after parties, invite friends and relatives, drink, and dance. So why is there the difference of choice of the hand for putting the wedding ring? It initially started from Romans as they wore wedding rings on their right hands considering the left hand unreliable and forbidding. The Orthodox Christian Church is said to borrowed this custom from them, and later on, passed it to modern-day Russia.


Countries in this world have diversified cultures. Some cultures promote wearing the wedding ring on the right hand while some go for the left. Moreover, sometimes, people have two sets of rings (one for Wedding and other for engagement) that are worn on different hands.


It is no matter of substance to decide the one hand that is appropriate for wearing a wedding band or an engagement ring. Because what is significant is the enduring love and affection that is exchanged between the married couple.

5 Facts about Blue Sapphire

September 10, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


Sapphire is an attractive blue color precious gemstone with a hardness of nine at the Mohs scale (a parameter to estimate the hardness of treasured gems). It is one of the most deficient crystals discovered in distinctive parts of the world. We as Indians, recognize this beautiful gem with many distinct names, such as Neelam, Indraneel, and Neelmani. It is acknowledged to be a gem of Shanidev (one of the effective Graha consistent with Indian astrology) as a result, it's also referred to as Shaniratra and Shanipriya.


Few Facts About Magnificent Blue Sapphire


Birthstone – This stone is usually called the birthstone for Capricorn as well as a birthstone for the month of September. Therefore, Capricorns and September born can put on this gemstone to make their life financially, bodily, and emotionally sound, and make sure good fortune and optimism. Moreover, this is profoundly endorsed by astrologers to wear, at some stage in the important duration of Saturn.


Hardness – Sapphire is a stable gem. It is headed by means of diamond best on the subject of the hardness scale, status on a nine.


Hue – It is thought that the tincture of blue sapphire does no longer trade inside the artificial mild.


Shades – This stone is found in numerous sunglasses of blue from light blue to excessive blue. It is a captivating and sensitive gemstone that is particularly famous for rings among human beings.


Processing – It is interesting to recognize that once this stone is excavated from mines or volcano’s, it looks drab and dull. Therefore, after mining, it is despatched to laboratories for you to polish its bodily capabilities. These remedies consist of warmness and shade meet-up.


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Man’s Earrings Guide

September 9, 2019 by Avi Goyal  



Gone are the times when earrings was a prohibited fashion component for guys. Nowadays, guys also are bestowing their passion for add-ons as same to ladies. Bracelets, jewelry, necklaces, cufflinks, rings, and lots of extra kinds of add-ons are getting skyrocketing popular among guys. Earrings have been taken into consideration to be predominantly woman rings a few years ago; but, now it's miles adorned by using almost as many guys as ladies.


There are few matters which you need to maintain in thoughts whilst carrying earrings so that you can comprise them into your regular style.


Choose the right fashion


Honestly, there is no categorization for earrings which include casual or formal. However, some designs look plenty decent and stylish than others. Generally, it's far advocated to paste on smaller hoops or studs as they give you a sober expression. Studs are the easy preference for formal surroundings as you don’t need to attract unnecessary interest on such occasions. Avoid studs which are too sparkly to take one’s eyes off it due to the fact you wear earrings to beautify the grace of your outfit now not to make it the point of interest.


When to put on?


Just like another accessory, you can't go out wearing an earring every time. At instances, you need to depart them at domestic. For example, you do no longer want to flaunt your stud at your place of work. However, in case you work in a surroundings that allows informal appears and add-ons (fashion enterprise or a travel blogger in all likelihood) you're proper to go along with it.


How to style


A plethora of sorts is to be had within the designs of men’s jewelry to pick out from. You can choose your style, and make human beings gush over your look. Make certain the earring you decide to wear must compliment your outfit. Remember, the outfit is like an ice-cream, and the accessory is sort of a cherry on the pinnacle. Avoid sporting them with formal or commercial enterprise apparel or cross for subtle designs in case you can't face up to carrying them. If you have a couple of accents on, make sure they harmonize with every other through color or steel.


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4 Popular Types of Diamond Necklaces for your Personality

September 6, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


The diamonds necklaces are usually crafted in platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. A plethora of styles and designs are here to astound you whilst selecting a perfect piece for yourself or your family. If you like to experiment, there are many teaming and buying alternatives to be had. Since diamond necklaces can be worn with each type of attire from ethnic wear to evening robe, picks want to be made accurately even as shopping for it. Here are 4 of the popular necklace designs to clean your confusion to a degree.


Fine layout necklaces


Lightweight necklaces are the most fashionable rings as they may be worn with unique sorts of garments. The easy and elegant necklace is a need-to-have if you are a diamond lover. You can wear it frequently or test with it for a trade, consisting of harmonizing it with different jewelry portions (as an example with diamond studs/earrings or bangles/bracelets)


Necklaces with blended gemstones


The call explains it all. The blended gems portions are usually final results of collating specific styles of valuable stones into a unmarried strand centralized with a diamond. You can pick gemstones of your alternatives and get your blended set made at your jeweler in case you can't decide what to buy from the premade sets.


Heavy design necklaces


These good-sized necklaces are particularly designed for weddings. They are an ought to-have in each diamond lover bride’s rings series. As the name explains itself, these necklaces are made of tremendous diamonds and designed very densely. No surprise, the charge of such units is quite steeply-priced.


Choker necklaces


Choker necklace is known to be one of the conventional diamond earrings. These necklaces look charming to absolutely everyone. Generally, the neckpiece has a heavy choker and a couple of diamond strand layers attached to it in a superbly managed pattern. Heavy necklaces in such sets include a corpulent pair of jewelry that makes it a terrific pick out for features like marriage.


3 Jewelry to Spice up your Corporate Avatar

September 5, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


What is the primary concept that comes in your mind when you consider a workplace? A disciplined work ecosystem with people committed to work, dressed up in formal apparel. But, have you ever imagined how first-rate your office apparel can appearance simply by using including some notable earrings to it? Trust me – there's no harm in sprinkling some glitters on your stupid workplace recurring. It’s an old fashion to handiest bear in mind your outfit in terms of a workplace aspect. Now, you do plenty along with your office wear and appearance fashionable even at your place of business. All you want to keep in thoughts is the restrictions together with how a whole lot is too much and the workplace vibes.


You like to wear earrings, and can not withstand it even as going to the workplace either. Jewelry now not best makes you look appropriate however have you sense superlative about yourself, and enables to boost up your self-assurance. We totally agree that for a running woman, it's far in no way clean to conserve some time for a head-spinning project like earrings purchasing. However, we would love to help you out with a few jewelry ideas so one can make the procedure a piece less tiring for you.


Top 3 Jewelry Items


Classic studs

If you're a jewelry lover, there is no possibility that you won’t be having a lovely pair of studs. If you're making plans to buy one, small hoops or studs are advocated as you need to attend cellphone calls at your administrative center. Geometrical patterns with a centralized diamond are an appropriate choice for formal attires. Bring the style on with a pair of rose gold flower design studs with your white shirt and grey pencil skirt appearance. You can fit them with a delicate chain as nicely.



Yes, you heard it right. They may additionally sound dramatic, but a pair of danglers will supply your workplace appearance a brief elevate. The little inched-danglers are an absolute preference in your workwear as they shine you up with their simplicity and elegance. Do now not go for large size, fancy-looking, or pieces with an extra sparkle as you don’t need to be a subject of communication for all humiliating reasons for your workplace. Moreover, they will impede you at the same time as operating. Small cling jewelry looks extraordinary along with your ethnic outfit selected for workplace put on along with a Kurti.


Pendant with chain

Choose a small diamond pendant with a sensitive chain that is appropriate for a work environment. A classic solitaire pendant complements your common appearance without grabbing needless interest. These add-ons, while blended with formal shirts, create a smart statement look. Platinum pendants with glossy texture are fabulous to wear as an office wear jewelry. Avoid carrying huge and eye-catchy pendants in the workplace.


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About Diamond Eternity Ring

August 30, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


A diamond eternity ring is often signified as a wonderful illustration of valuable love. If you're seeking out something wondrous for the affection of your life, the eternity band undoubtedly makes an unbeatable preference. Eternity rings look absolutely prosperous besides the feelings it holds within. If you're hopelessly romantic, you will gush over them. Here is bitsy information approximately those wonderful rings which you would possibly want to recognize.


What is an eternity ring?

Generally, those gorgeous rings are embraced of a stunning and high priced steel band (usually gold or platinum) adorned with a continuous glowing string of identical and further cut diamonds. This ring symbolizes an in no way-finishing love between couples. It is generally given to have a good time a milestone in their existence like an anniversary or the start of an infant. Eternity rings are obtainable in various metals, diamond cuts, and diamond settings. Along with the last choice as an engagement ring, those bands also are used to accentuate the distinction of your present ring or a stack of earrings.


The foundation of an eternity ring


It is assumed that eternity jewelry got here to life 4000 years back in ancient Egypt. Egyptians considered that the band showcases an eternity circle that is unbreakable and uninterrupted with the aid of anything, not even by way of dying. The designs that have been used returned then had been pretty plenty similar to the ones we love inside the current technology. However, a number of them featured serpents and slender stems connected on edges. Mostly, these jewelry used to be created from a steel band with stones either in its top half of or encircling the band completely. These have been fine to be talented as a token of love and prosperous life.


Types of an eternity ring


Eternity rings, in particular, come in two variations Half eternity and complete eternity. The first type is in which the upper half of the band is crafted with diamonds. The 2nd type of such earrings is full of perfectly aligned similar cut diamonds. The half of eternity jewelry are typically favorite by those who like to maintain it conventional with a pinch or fashion at the same time as the total eternity band is perfect for couples looking for a continuous sparkle. Nonetheless, as they are saying, ‘creativity never ends’ – a few eternity rings feature a small phase of the ring top designed with diamonds (frequently styled with three stones or seven stones). An eternity ring doesn’t need to have a most effective line of sparkling diamonds in it. You may also have a choice of eternity ring with more than one diamond bands.


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5 Gorgeous Bridal Nath styles 2019

August 29, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


Nath has constantly been a complete possessor in relation to bridal rings. However, this tiny hoop beautifying a woman is a bit underestimated. Nath as a jewel is robust sufficient to take your look from ordinary to royal. Be it finishing a conventional bridal avatar or an elegant fusion bride look, Nath elevates any style to an extraordinary level. If you're a bride to be and aspiring to appearance prepossessing to your D-day, it's far pretty apparent to be burdened with the Bridal Nath fashion to pick out as there are a plethora of designs.


We would really like to provide you a skimpy idea about gorgeous conventional Nathni designs on the way to have you searching tremendous and impressive in your massive day.


5 Bridal Nath Styles 2019


Adorable Marathi Nose ring


This cashew shapes nostril-pin is one of the most famous Nath in us of a. We can see a number of celebrities wearing the appearance in TV serials and films frequently. Crafted with pearl and colorful gemstones, this Nathni magnifies the herbal beauty of a bride and fits with her moon-formed bindi.


Classy South Indian Design


We are aware of south Indian’s by no means-finishing ardor for gold, and that quite a whole lot reflects on each jewelry layout that pertains to them. The south Indian Nath is known as “Mukhutti” in their traditional language. This quite Nath is fabricated from gold and decorated with gemstones like ruby and emerald. Usually, it does not come with a helping chain yet flawlessly complements the bride’s gold rings and classic silk apparel.


The good-sized Garhwali Nath


Typically referred to as “Nathuli”, this stunning amazing Nath is slowly marking an effect as a prominent preference amongst brides throughout the nation. It is the grace of each Uttarakhandi bride and is worn on several other circles of relatives functions even after the marriage. The huge pure gold circles in traditional Garhwali Nath are densely ornamented by way of colorful stones, pearls or gold beads. Mostly, the lower diameter of the Nath is sort of full of stunning gold designs. The beauty of the Himalayan subculture reflects via this fetching decoration.


Contemporary minimal Nath for current brides


Perfect for stunning contemporary brides, this Nathni is comprised of gold with a minimal embellishment of the gemstone. You can pick your personal shade of stone to in shape together with your bridal apparel. The spherical hoop is supported with the aid of gold chain/chains with exceptional suspended detailing, making it captivating.


Classic Nath with pearl and treasured stone


This is the most basic kind of Nath adorned with the aid of Indian brides. Decorated with pearl and precious stones, this Nath looks captivating and flawlessly complements the splendor of an Indian bride’s make-up and fashion.

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