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Why Vintage Diamond jewellery is a trendsetter?

March 18, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

image credit: geetjewellery.com


The trend of vintage diamond jewellery never goes because it is the most loved jewellery type among women. It also fits in with each dress kind from ethnic to western.


Any outfit appears incomplete without a piece of diamond jewellery because it adds a final touch on it but vintage diamond jewelry enhances the beauty of that outfit. As you all must have seen that nearly everybody likes to keep or collect vintage things which include cars, furniture, outfits etc. Just like that most of the ladies like to wear vintage diamond jewelry because it makes them look elegant. Diamond jewellery with unique styles of the Edwardian, Victorian, and art movement eras have continuously been the center of attraction among ladies. Most of the ladies search for vintage diamond jewellery that has the elaborative scrollwork and eye catchy styles within the variety of necklaces, bracelets, and rings.



Diamonds during a provenience diamond jewellery continuously have an amazing history with it that is often fascinating. For women, knowing that they are simply sporting vintage diamond jewellery with a remarkable history behind it causes them to love it more. We do know that it makes women drawn to vintage diamond jewelry as a result of its elegant style and superb background that becomes the subject of conversation. That is the reason why vintage diamond jewelry is continuously trending. As vintage diamond jewellery is known for its royal look. Women who love to make a regal appearance should choose Vintage diamond jewellery.

Significant Knowledge about Diamond's Roughness

March 14, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

Source:- geetjewellery.com

Diamonds could appear sparkly and splendid; however, these attractive stones hold a stimulating sort of chemical too. Knowing about your diamond and its structure might assist you in developing an admiration for its gorgeous look. It's usually referred to as the earth's largest natural substance.

Let's take a more in-depth look towards diamonds to know its kind.

Structure of a Diamond

The sparkly and delightful look of diamonds is that the key reason behind their quality. it's additionally known for its royalty. There are a number of the scientific reasons behind its uncommon luster yet as toughness. Mother earth has stuffed a number of the foremost spectacular fusions of components to make something that is not solely spectacular but indestructible as well.

Diamonds have a three-dimensional formed structure made of atoms of carbon. Every atom has four electrons in them, that makes a diamond the toughest substance. It's tough to destroy as the atoms are attached to four electrons of another carbon atom. The Tetrahedral arrangement of atom makes the diamond-strong and glossy. Because it leaves a niche within the bonds for permitting the light to return through it and reflects the light once it hits the atoms.

Implications of a Diamond's Firmness

Beliefs of individuals regarding diamonds being indestructible substances are half-truth as not every type of diamonds are indestructible. For many functions, diamonds are said to be terribly robust. However, as there are exceptions in each case, tiny shaped diamonds like 1-carat ring more or less, might chip. It will chip if we tend to hit it against the wall, which can bring its price drastically down.

The firmness of a diamond and it being scratch proof depends on its crystalline perfection and purity. For example, diamonds which have a lower clarity level are considered to be less hard. And other substance can scratch them. Whereas, a diamond which is harder, can be scratched by another diamond only.