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3 Jewelry to Spice up your Corporate Avatar

September 5, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


What is the primary concept that comes in your mind when you consider a workplace? A disciplined work ecosystem with people committed to work, dressed up in formal apparel. But, have you ever imagined how first-rate your office apparel can appearance simply by using including some notable earrings to it? Trust me – there's no harm in sprinkling some glitters on your stupid workplace recurring. It’s an old fashion to handiest bear in mind your outfit in terms of a workplace aspect. Now, you do plenty along with your office wear and appearance fashionable even at your place of business. All you want to keep in thoughts is the restrictions together with how a whole lot is too much and the workplace vibes.


You like to wear earrings, and can not withstand it even as going to the workplace either. Jewelry now not best makes you look appropriate however have you sense superlative about yourself, and enables to boost up your self-assurance. We totally agree that for a running woman, it's far in no way clean to conserve some time for a head-spinning project like earrings purchasing. However, we would love to help you out with a few jewelry ideas so one can make the procedure a piece less tiring for you.


Top 3 Jewelry Items


Classic studs

If you're a jewelry lover, there is no possibility that you won’t be having a lovely pair of studs. If you're making plans to buy one, small hoops or studs are advocated as you need to attend cellphone calls at your administrative center. Geometrical patterns with a centralized diamond are an appropriate choice for formal attires. Bring the style on with a pair of rose gold flower design studs with your white shirt and grey pencil skirt appearance. You can fit them with a delicate chain as nicely.



Yes, you heard it right. They may additionally sound dramatic, but a pair of danglers will supply your workplace appearance a brief elevate. The little inched-danglers are an absolute preference in your workwear as they shine you up with their simplicity and elegance. Do now not go for large size, fancy-looking, or pieces with an extra sparkle as you don’t need to be a subject of communication for all humiliating reasons for your workplace. Moreover, they will impede you at the same time as operating. Small cling jewelry looks extraordinary along with your ethnic outfit selected for workplace put on along with a Kurti.


Pendant with chain

Choose a small diamond pendant with a sensitive chain that is appropriate for a work environment. A classic solitaire pendant complements your common appearance without grabbing needless interest. These add-ons, while blended with formal shirts, create a smart statement look. Platinum pendants with glossy texture are fabulous to wear as an office wear jewelry. Avoid carrying huge and eye-catchy pendants in the workplace.


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About Diamond Eternity Ring

August 30, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


A diamond eternity ring is often signified as a wonderful illustration of valuable love. If you're seeking out something wondrous for the affection of your life, the eternity band undoubtedly makes an unbeatable preference. Eternity rings look absolutely prosperous besides the feelings it holds within. If you're hopelessly romantic, you will gush over them. Here is bitsy information approximately those wonderful rings which you would possibly want to recognize.


What is an eternity ring?

Generally, those gorgeous rings are embraced of a stunning and high priced steel band (usually gold or platinum) adorned with a continuous glowing string of identical and further cut diamonds. This ring symbolizes an in no way-finishing love between couples. It is generally given to have a good time a milestone in their existence like an anniversary or the start of an infant. Eternity rings are obtainable in various metals, diamond cuts, and diamond settings. Along with the last choice as an engagement ring, those bands also are used to accentuate the distinction of your present ring or a stack of earrings.


The foundation of an eternity ring


It is assumed that eternity jewelry got here to life 4000 years back in ancient Egypt. Egyptians considered that the band showcases an eternity circle that is unbreakable and uninterrupted with the aid of anything, not even by way of dying. The designs that have been used returned then had been pretty plenty similar to the ones we love inside the current technology. However, a number of them featured serpents and slender stems connected on edges. Mostly, these jewelry used to be created from a steel band with stones either in its top half of or encircling the band completely. These have been fine to be talented as a token of love and prosperous life.


Types of an eternity ring


Eternity rings, in particular, come in two variations Half eternity and complete eternity. The first type is in which the upper half of the band is crafted with diamonds. The 2nd type of such earrings is full of perfectly aligned similar cut diamonds. The half of eternity jewelry are typically favorite by those who like to maintain it conventional with a pinch or fashion at the same time as the total eternity band is perfect for couples looking for a continuous sparkle. Nonetheless, as they are saying, ‘creativity never ends’ – a few eternity rings feature a small phase of the ring top designed with diamonds (frequently styled with three stones or seven stones). An eternity ring doesn’t need to have a most effective line of sparkling diamonds in it. You may also have a choice of eternity ring with more than one diamond bands.


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5 Gorgeous Bridal Nath styles 2019

August 29, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


Nath has constantly been a complete possessor in relation to bridal rings. However, this tiny hoop beautifying a woman is a bit underestimated. Nath as a jewel is robust sufficient to take your look from ordinary to royal. Be it finishing a conventional bridal avatar or an elegant fusion bride look, Nath elevates any style to an extraordinary level. If you're a bride to be and aspiring to appearance prepossessing to your D-day, it's far pretty apparent to be burdened with the Bridal Nath fashion to pick out as there are a plethora of designs.


We would really like to provide you a skimpy idea about gorgeous conventional Nathni designs on the way to have you searching tremendous and impressive in your massive day.


5 Bridal Nath Styles 2019


Adorable Marathi Nose ring


This cashew shapes nostril-pin is one of the most famous Nath in us of a. We can see a number of celebrities wearing the appearance in TV serials and films frequently. Crafted with pearl and colorful gemstones, this Nathni magnifies the herbal beauty of a bride and fits with her moon-formed bindi.


Classy South Indian Design


We are aware of south Indian’s by no means-finishing ardor for gold, and that quite a whole lot reflects on each jewelry layout that pertains to them. The south Indian Nath is known as “Mukhutti” in their traditional language. This quite Nath is fabricated from gold and decorated with gemstones like ruby and emerald. Usually, it does not come with a helping chain yet flawlessly complements the bride’s gold rings and classic silk apparel.


The good-sized Garhwali Nath


Typically referred to as “Nathuli”, this stunning amazing Nath is slowly marking an effect as a prominent preference amongst brides throughout the nation. It is the grace of each Uttarakhandi bride and is worn on several other circles of relatives functions even after the marriage. The huge pure gold circles in traditional Garhwali Nath are densely ornamented by way of colorful stones, pearls or gold beads. Mostly, the lower diameter of the Nath is sort of full of stunning gold designs. The beauty of the Himalayan subculture reflects via this fetching decoration.


Contemporary minimal Nath for current brides


Perfect for stunning contemporary brides, this Nathni is comprised of gold with a minimal embellishment of the gemstone. You can pick your personal shade of stone to in shape together with your bridal apparel. The spherical hoop is supported with the aid of gold chain/chains with exceptional suspended detailing, making it captivating.


Classic Nath with pearl and treasured stone


This is the most basic kind of Nath adorned with the aid of Indian brides. Decorated with pearl and precious stones, this Nath looks captivating and flawlessly complements the splendor of an Indian bride’s make-up and fashion.

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Four Modern Ways to Wear a Brooch in Style

August 28, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


Brooch is an underrated and underutilized accent while it has the exceptional to make any type of outfit stylish. Brooch is the most fun and flexible piece of accessory that you may personal. Every other accent has a described and specific body element to be worn on. Nevertheless, with a brooch, you do not need to be unique as this fun piece can be located everywhere on an outfit to provide them a bit greater charm. Moreover, this adorable accessory may be utilized by guys as well.


Indian ladies choose to wear fascinating brooches with the sari. However, there are a plethora of elegant appears you can create with a brooch on. We would love to provide you with a guide to put on brooches in seven exceptional and super ways so you stand out of the group anyplace you move.


Four Ways to Style Brooch


Highlight the waistline


You can wear a brooch with any of your quite robe or dress that has a waist belt or band in it. The brooch will constitute your waistline a chunk more. You could make any solid color get dressed appearance fancy best by using adding a brooch to it. If you're carrying a skirt, you could pin your brooch to its waist and accentuate the glamour quotient much like that.


Grace up your blazer


A fashionable blazer satisfies your style wishes to an extent for certain. How about improving its collar allure with a stylish brooch? It will absolutely uplift the style meter instantly unless the occasion is just too formal. Go, strive it your self!


Dazzle the collar


Ever thought of setting a brooch on the headscarf twist to save you it from slipping off? It will not best tuck your headband in the region but also decorate it. You can also pin up your brooch at the pinnacle front of a button-up shirt to create a choker impact. Put it on one aspect or both aspects of the collar, and it will be similarly admirable.


Bling on hair


There isn't any harm in sprinkling a few shimmers to your locks. The hair accent makes you appear elegant and female. A beautiful brooch on a facet of loose wavy hair or beautifying a wonderfully tied hairdo will give you a youthful look.


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Five Beautiful Ring Settings You Must Know About

August 27, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


There are various factors that make a diamond ring appropriate. A diamond placing is one in all of them. Moreover, it's miles a technique this is used to set and comfortable the diamonds or different precious gemstones in the band. Different styles of diamond ring settings have their personal residences to provide the diamond a beautiful awesome look.


Top five Beautiful Ring Settings


Classic Prong or Claw placing


Prong placing also known as a claw setting is the prominent preference for classic solitaire lovers. The prong putting has round four to 6 prongs or claws wrapped around of the crown of a stone to maintain and comfortable it. These prongs can be varied in shapes along with round, rectangular, V-fashioned and every so often even pointed. Such setting minimizes using metal in mounting and permits extra light to skip through the diamond. Hence, the diamond looks greater tremendous and glowing. This putting attracts all interest to the center stone, leaving a touch to distract along with metallic crafting.


Channel Setting


In a channel setting, diamonds are organized and secured in location among vertical steel brackets. The outer ridge of the steel is labored over the rims of the diamonds making them more blanketed. It is an at ease way to set small diamonds in a row that create a smooth channel giving the hoop a flashy charm. Since there are no prongs used in this placing, the ring is not likely to snag on clothes or other substances. Channel setting is also popular for wedding bands, anniversary bands, and stackable earrings because of its unbeatable sparkle.


Bar channel setting


This may be known as a much-secured variant of current channel putting. Each diamond individually in this kind of placing is secured with a metallic bar setting the stone between vertical steel partitions on every facet of a diamond.


Bezel setting


Bezel setting permits a metal rim to keep and surround the center gem. The bezels encircle the diamond with the best steel rim to hold the stone firmly in area. These placing jewelry are popular because of their suitability for an energetic way of life. A bezel placing can characteristic the metallic border fully or partly overlaying the stone. It is likewise called a Tube putting and quite famous among working girls.


Tension putting


As the call clears itself, this kind of setting held the diamond in place through the pressure of the band’s metallic edges. Metal bands are designed to squeeze the stone to maintain it in place. This setting gives a completely unique look to the hoop and makes the culet of the diamond visible, unlike another ring setting. As a result, the hoop gets an ultra-current stylish appearance.


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Promise Ring - Lovely Expression of Passion

August 26, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


The call given to this ring is flawlessly harmonized with that means of it. The promise ring is a lovely expression of passion and dedication among a couple. Generally, this symbolizes the promise to turn out to be engaged inside the destiny and can be exchanged at any time. These fascinating and significant circles have a wide range of styles from classic diamonds to valuable metallic knots. All you want to do is to select the design that speaks about your marvelous love tale.


What is a promise ring?

This jewelry can be defined as pre-engagement earrings. A promise ring is something that you supply to the affection of your existence earlier than the engagement, and make a promise to be devoted to each other usually. However, the meaning of that jewelry is different for exclusive couples. Regardless of what a promise ring means to you, it indicates your unlimited love for your partner.


Which finger should endure the promise ring?

A promise ring may be carried in any finger on either hand. However, the majority prefer to put on it on the proper hand’s ring finger because wearing it inside the left hand’s ring finger can confuse it with an engagement ring. Unlike the engagement ring, a promise ring may be talented by way of simply one individual or can be exchanged among each of them.


Does it look distinctive from an engagement ring?

Promise earrings come in a selection of designs, metals, and gem settings. Nonetheless, those rings are continually much less exorbitant and greater petite than an engagement ring. Some promise earrings are fabricated from most effective metals such as silver, gold, platinum even as a few features a number of precious gemstones. Generally, these gems are smaller and less considerable than the gems you’d discover in an engagement ring, with a subtler appearance. A promise ring does not require to be mountainously highly-priced because all those subjects are the promise that you trade with it, now not the fee.


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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings - Reflection of Love and Power of Togetherness

August 23, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


Its common among girls to love Yellow Color as a color of Gold. For girls, Yellow gold engagement Ring is always darling for them and will surely remain favorite forever. It’s the occasion of a life event of getting engage and women cherish it with the reflection of a Yellow color gold Ring. Everyone wants a unique thing to shop for a few of their dearest jewelry. So, what form of accessory is best for occasion mainly while buying for an outstanding Yellow Color Gold Ring? It goes perfect. It’s the symbol of their love,  the design of  Yellow Gold Ring inspired clothing, shoes, and many others for the occasion! The Vibrant, feminine vibes of the Yellow Gold Engagement Ring offers the sophisticated shine a woman wants to see her love in her eyes, with the ethnic and modern style that outshines your look. Countless choices are available for engagement jewelry. Everything is beautiful when a bride wears the Yellow Gold over her attire and designs which is best suited for every occasion.


The Ring of Desire is best for an occasion of wedding, where engagement is the life cherished moment for the woman towards her beloved husband. It speaks its own statement of Gold as strong as Loyalty and Honesty. The Yellow shine of the Gold Ring reflects the Purity and Essence of oneness. The Yellow gold Engagement ring stays as pride for every woman for her lifetime. The woman always matches with the ring that her beloved wear, that makes the best pair of life. The Yellow color of Gold inspires prosperity, future, and strength in the relationship of a couple starting from the engagement till life. 


The Yellow Gold Engagement Ring is not the Gold to wear, it’s a statement of love, Reflection of love and power of togetherness.


Look for Yellow Gold Engagement Jewelry and buy according to your style and preferences.

Vintage Rings - Cherish the Stupendous Era

August 21, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


Remember the beautiful ring your grandmother or great grandmother used to wear or if you are fortunate enough, you might be having that marvelous piece as an heirloom jewelry. You can never come out of the glorious aura of these fascinating rings. Vintage rings or antique rings not only hold great emotional value but over the years their physical value keeps on increasing. Antique rings are treasured from past centuries and handed down or sold from that era. People tend to confuse vintage rings with vintage inspired rings which are designed by jewelers of current time by taking an inspiration from antique designs of past era.


Real antique rings are quite expensive and require more maintenance because they are being heritage from decades before and are well worn in the past. Since these rings are increasingly popular nowadays, there are fake rings being sold by presenting them as real vintage rings. Therefore, if you are interested in buying one for you, it is advised to take an expert in loop of buying process before you make the deal final.


The vintage inspired rings could be a great option if you are one of those extensive taste people, looking for an out of the box ring for yourself or for your loved ones. As real antique rings are not fitted to everyone’s budget due to the high price. Moreover, you will get a plethora of options to choose from different styles, metals, stones and designs and these rings are budget friendly as well.


Source: geetjewellery.com/blog/

Diamond Bracelet and Earrings Set

August 20, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


Earrings frequently have a tendency to be paired with a neckpiece in a traditional way; however, bracelets have become a splendid desire whilst you do now not need to over glam up your appearance. A diamond bracelet with a matching pair of earrings appears beautiful. These sets have numerous designs; however, the pinnacle widespread are tennis bracelet studs set, layered diamond bracelet set and fashion designer diamond bracelet set.


Three Popular Types of Diamond Bracelets Set


Tennis Bracelet Studs Set

Tennis set includes a stunning and sophisticated unmarried strand diamond bracelet with matching stud jewelry. In this set, the bracelets are skinny and stylish that has a symmetrical sample of diamonds. These also are called diamond line bracelets. This pretty rings set will carry an outstanding appearance in your dress, regardless of what the color and theme are. Time to face out inside the crowd with those luminous pieces of jewel.


Layered Diamond Bracelet Set

The bracelet is continually an top notch idea for earrings. How approximately wearing 4 or 5 of them? The 2nd maximum cherished bracelet set is layered bracelet set which gives an illusion of wearing a couple of bracelets. This lovely set has a prepossessing diamond bracelets strand followed by other metal crafted stone layers which hold downwards to your hand and look notably suitable.


Designer Diamond Bracelet Set

Designer diamond bracelet set can be effortlessly visible in a fashion magazine or as a part of superstar accessories. These sets are high in charge as the dressmaker element gets contemplated within the bracelet and the earrings. However, you may usually get a custom designed set or a much inexpensive replica as consistent with your price range.




Indian Gold and Diamond Jewelry

August 14, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


The connection among gems and India is antiquated. India, generally being so rich, has an exceptional essentialness in the gems world. Indian rulers used to be captivated by gems made of gold and precious stone and would wear an assortment of them. The historical backdrop of Indian adornments is as old as the historical backdrop of the nation itself. The longest legacy of adornments making anyplace is proceeded by Indian subcontinent which pursues with a past filled with over 5,000 years. It is difficult to discover any lady in India who might not have ever wanted to decorate herself with gems. This isn't just culture or custom yet has a ton of qualities and recollections joined to every adornments thing possessed by a lady. 


Anybody can be overwhelmed by the impeccable magnificence of Indian precious stone gems. Gold is considered as a money related grown-up toy in India as is the precious stone. Indian economy involved different areas and Gems and Jewelry segments assume a conspicuous job in that, contributing around 7 percent of the nation's GDP and 15 percent to India. Indians will in general discover motivations to purchase adornments. Albeit gold gems is for the most part utilized in relationships or other social celebrations, for example, Diwali, the precious stone is similarly appreciated by individuals. Indian gems has consistently been wanted over the globe because of its enormous structures, ethnicity, flexibility, and class.


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