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Reasons to Love Antique Style Engagement Rings Again

June 24, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


Antique Style Engagement Rings are evocative of another age. It isn't always essential to be a history lover to very own an antique engagement ring. Sometime there might be a case that you want to start your own records with it. These rings are these days preferred through new generations because of their certainly one of a kind style. These jewelry have very complex detailing and tracery layout which makes it an absolute desire for folks that wish to have or gift a person a completely unique design. Furthermore, these earrings are right here to mark an entire life impression on the bearer.


Antique engagement rings are inspired via the era of past which has a unique touch of romance integrated with it. This style is never out of fashion, consequently, makes these earrings one in thousand picks for a bride-to-be looking for something a bit exclusive. Mostly Antique jewelry are hand made and their designs are stimulated from the jewelry was once made beyond 50 years, making them extraordinarily popular. If you need to face out of the group, those are the earrings for you.


These jewelry come in various styles, a number of them are: white topaz, rose gold eye design, crown reduce gold and triplet stone silver. Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco are the patterns that antique engagement earrings provide. And can be customized as in line with choices or requirement. There used to be constrained assets within the past, therefore, the manufacturing requirements have been not as excessive as they may be currently. This is the motive why actual vintage rings aren't so long lasting. However, vintage style engagement earrings which might be made today, give you the excellent great and superb designs.


Furthermore, regardless of being so flawlessly stunning, those engagement jewelry are usually cheaper. So, if you are the one with a lesser price range however still need your loved one to be charmed, these earrings are an exemplary option for you.


These stylish jewelry provide everybody’s persona a allure that impresses. It is time to make your soulmate sense the affection vibes.


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White gold jewelry –An appealing blend of tradition and modernism

June 19, 2019 by Avi Goyal  




White gold nowadays, is a popular choice as a jewelry metal. Its resemblance virtually identical with platinum and affordable price on a contrary of platinum, make it desirable among common people. It is often used as an alternative to silver, platinum or yellow gold, reason being its comparatively lower price. White gold setting with diamonds jewelry is prominently admired around the globe. 


Let’s put some light on where this beautiful metal comes from? White gold is a mixture of pure gold and white metals, such as palladium, silver and nickel which bleach away the yellow tint of gold. It usually has a rhodium coating. The purity of this form of gold is also measured in carats. White gold is available in 14 carats, 18 carats and 21 carats.


The jewelry made out of white gold is more durable and scratch resistant since it is alloyed with stronger metals. White gold jewelry is more affordable than platinum jewelry and looks astonishing with diamond settings. It requires less maintenance and can be re-coated if the shine looks faded away. It is easier to fix, solder, straighten, polish, reset or repair a white gold jewelry piece. However, it needs to be kept separated from other jewelry and cleaned with a soft fabric. There are cleaning products available in market for white gold jewelry.


Gold Diamond Jewellery can be teamed up with ethnic as well as western attire. White gold looks breathtakingly amazing with diamond. Therefore, it is popular among brides not only for rings but for all kinds of fancy jewelry settings. Men jewelry market has also been grown in past decade making white gold a great choice for engagement and wedding rings.


White gold jewelry is known to be last longer, more durable and much resistant to dents, scratches and any other accidental imperfections. It also perfectly complements all skin tones giving a sophisticated appearance.

Pink Diamond - An Alluring Gem

June 17, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

What else can make it more buy-worthy than its own name – A diamond in an adorable pink shade. Diamond itself is a must have in everybody’s jewelry collection in anyway; therefore, color gives its beauty an enhancement definitely. Although the color of pink diamond is a matter of debate in gemstone universe, it is commonly believed that diamonds undergoes an extensive pressure in the period of their formation and this causes the color to be turned into the shades of pink. Pink diamonds are available in a plethora of shades from faint to deep.


This stone and the jewelry made out of it is pretty expensive due to its rare color, exquisite beauty and beyond rare scarcity. In past two decades, the price has skyrocketed which made this jewel popular among investors and celebrities especially. The four basic parameters which lead the grading of all gemstones are here to grade pink diamonds as well namely - color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Color is considered to be the undoubtedly most important criterion in grading a pink diamond and set on its value.


Pink diamonds were discovered in India at very first. Later on in 17th and 18th centuries, this precious stone was said to be found in Brazil. 80% of world’s total output of this gem, is now originated from the Argyle mine in Kimberley, Western Australia. The mine produces 20 million caret diamond every year out of which only 0.1% is classified as pink diamond. Furthermore, after polishing, the total carat gets reduced. No need to say why this amazingly beautiful treasure is very rare and too hard to acquire.

Diamond Jewellery - A perfect Gift for your Partner Before Engagement

June 13, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


People regularly have this false impression of diamond jewelry being given first time simplest for the time being of the idea. Yet they must recognize that diamond jewelry is of different paperwork. Therefore, you can present them to your associate at any of the special day in their existence together with birthday, your courting anniversary, the day when they a milestone, etc.


Diamond jewelry is the one which represents your like to the one whom you present them. And in case you are assured about your love, you can gift it anytime or any day. A diamond does not assure to take your courting forward on its own, however, it jewellery can display a choice for the same. It may even assure your accomplice that you are not geared up to marry now, however you'll do it someday, for certain. Many interesting and enticing jewellery portions are been crafted these days to help you take your dating in advance.




Diamond pendants are considerably an appropriate alternative for a primary diamond gift. It’s now not too loud and functions simplicity. This method that it won’t be too spontaneous or create strain in your associate. Also, it is able to go together with any form of outfit.


Look for designer diamond pendant while maintaining in mind your associate’s style. More fun pendants might have surreal designs, plant life, musical notes, animals or another. So pick out in step with her alternatives. For example, if she is a musician, pass for a observe layout pendant. Think creatively and preserve it personal and watch her appreciating the gift.




Diamond stud jewelry are equally flexible and simple. They are each fancy or simple at a similar time. Diamond drop earrings are a chunk extra ornate, but, a few humans like rings which can be unique. If you don’t feel like gifting that, then choose diamond hoops. As those have more diamonds decorated in them and looks pretty suitable. Sometimes the diamonds can be set alongside gemstones as properly in a couple of diamond hoop earrings.




A diamond bracelet would possibly display more seriousness on your courting. It’s no longer a primary-time gift, it is more form of a birthday present. If you don’t want to make it a big deal, then you can cross for a simple bracelet with little diamonds engraved in it. Your accomplice will like it if her fashion is more contemporary. Therefore, bracelets aren't a great deal versatile as pendants and earrings.


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What Diamond Bangle Flawlessly Match Her fashion?

June 11, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


Choosing the ideal precious diamond bangle adornments for a friend or family member can be challenging. Since there are numerous things to remember while searching for any adornments piece for her, for example, her taste, inclinations and most loved metal. Likewise, you need to realize what gems she as of now has and how can it look. In this way, you don't carry the equivalent or near a similar piece that she as of now has. Remember these things or else she dislike it which will imply that she'll never wear it. 


Bangles that Fit with other Jewelry


Precious diamond jewellery, for example, rings, studs, and pieces of jewelry are the sort of embellishments that exhibit your character. Going on further, have you thought about Bangles? Bangles don't absolutely fit the persona or represent yourself simply like different pieces do. For instance, she may like a wide or thick, elaborative precious stone bangle which fits with the other gems piece she needs to wear. Or on the other hand perhaps she like a  pair of diamond bangles with various hues or some with clear. A few ladies may love straightforward and slender jewel bangles as they can wear them anyplace.


Is Wearing Bangles Compulsory?


Bangles are the one embellishment which supplements the general adornments that a lady wears. It expands and finishes a subject of gems pieces. Much the same as a thick and profoundly fancy precious stone bangle which looks immaculate with a substantial shimmering and hanging diamond necklace. On the opposite side, bangles can likewise give the precise inverse. They can contrast from the other gems you wear, not in cut or shading fundamentally, yet in structure. The individuals who are eager to wear just precious stone bangles can go for a couple of intensely decorated jewel bangles. Furthermore, much the same as that, on the off chance that somebody wears substantial gems, they ought to lean toward a slight and light precious stone bangle.


Adjusting your Wardrobe


Everything relies upon how you balance your closet and the garments you use to wear each day. On the off chance that you are sorted out and love to wear something symmetrical, choose the bangle which suits the sort of gems you normally wear. On the off chance that you are to a greater extent an individual who wants to wear rich outfits, at that point go for the tasteful precious stone bangles. The person who wears lopsided dresses and likes to befuddle their gems can wear precious stone bangle which differences them. Style of individuals changes as every one of them have their very own diverse style. So scan for what your cherished one loves in bangles, consistency or difference in the event that you are eager to blessing them a couple of precious stone bangles.


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Patterns of Diamond Jewelry for Men

June 7, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

Big names like Kanye West and Justin Bieber have the greatest commitment in making the precious stone adornments for men famous with passing days. From diamond studs to heavy diamond necklaces, there are a great deal of assortments to choose while purchasing jewels for men. 

In the event that you are scanning to either search for a precious stone for your accomplice, at that point investigate this purchasing guide that we've assembled to help you. 

Square Cut Diamonds 

You may think princess cut jewels made for just ladies yet they are a serious popular style among men also. Men's precious stone ring is generally greater and heavier when contrasted with ladies' rings, and a square cut jewel is along these lines the best alternative as it has a striking look. They look rich without being extremely great, and they look great as they are engraved into a major, thick band. 

Further, disregarding searching for a splendid round cut hoop, princess cut precious stone studs offer you with a modern option. 

Bezel-Set Diamonds 

It is regular nowadays to see various precious stones in a man's ring band. Bezel-set stones are a renowned alternative since they offer amazing advantages to men with a functioning way of life. Stones with bezel set are totally encompassed and level to the sharp corners of the metal. This verifies the stone in a sheltered spot, not allowing it to get free or tumble off. Going Further, bezel settings won't tear your dresses and are subsequently a standout amongst the best choices. You can even go for adornments having a semi-bezel setting. This can build the sparkle of your precious stones since it allows all the more light to enter the stone. Scallop set ring has the ability to catch eye as it has flawless semi-bezel setting. 

Shaded Diamonds 

Dull precious stones are dependably in patterns, however on the off chance that you are eager to emerge or your, Pink Diamond. Pink jewels have been picked up notoriety among ladies, be that as it may, yellow and dark precious stones are the most popular for men. Precious stones ordered in the scope of D through to I are the most clear, notwithstanding, jewels that are gone somewhere close to K and Z are yellow in shading.

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Right Time to Gift Diamonds

June 6, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

Everybody gets confused whether it is the right time or age to begin gifting jewels. At whatever point we have a craving for communicating the sentiment of our heart, we generally admire gems as it is the most ideal approach to do so. That is the reason individuals state that there are such a large number of feelings covered up in gems. The feelings of the presenter and the receiver.

At the point when your kids achieve something significant, such as win a challenge or even hits an achievement, you are eager to make them feel special. You see them getting rewards through their developing certainty and wish to remunerate them with adornments piece yet may not have a craving for giving expensive gems to somebody who has not grown up totally yet.

As a matter of first importance, don’t consider precious stone gems as a reward, but gift it as a token of memory. Since a reward can be overlooked after the day has gone; however, a blessing given by heart will be exceptional. They might be little; however, know the estimation of sentiments put in that precious stone gems. Without a doubt, they will love to preserve them always and cherish that memory forever. Everybody attempts to secure what is valuable to them, regardless of whether senior or more youthful individuals.

Along these lines, there is no specific time or age to begin giving precious stone gems as a blessing. So don’t tell your kid that the precious stone gems you are providing him/her is a reward as then it would wind up normal for them and won’t include numerous emotions. Be that as it may, a blessing given by heart will reflect your feelings and love for them which is precious. They will consider it a minute where they made you very glad and won your heart.

The precious stone adornments will help them to remember their accomplishments and capacities which will build their confidence and trust in themselves. Precious stone gems can resuscitate the recollections of the proudest, ardent or firmly associated snapshots of individuals’ life. There are times where individuals of various religions commend their way of life and specialty precious stone gems like pendants, jewelry, and a lot more to speak to the equivalent. These adornments end up renowned and offers radically because of the outstanding society they speak to. Also, that is the reason the majority of the organizations want to offer them as they include development in societies.

While you '); background-size: 1px 1px; background-position: 0px calc(1em + 1px);" href="https://www.geetjewellery.com/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-href="https://www.geetjewellery.com/">buy diamond jewellery gems for your youngster, incline toward straightforward yet innovative gems, for example, blossom '); background-size: 1px 1px; background-position: 0px calc(1em + 1px);" href="https://www.geetjewellery.com/geet-packages/rapunzel-package/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-href="https://www.geetjewellery.com/geet-packages/rapunzel-package/">diamond pendants, a heart or studs, a first jewel tennis arm ornament, star designs, and so forth. Pick the precious stone gems which makes them feel extraordinary and which they can value for as long as they can remember.


Which Diamond form does one like for your engagement ring?

May 23, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

Diamonds that are carved in engagement rings are offered in each size and includes a huge form of shapes. Though, each diamond is exclusive in its own approach. individuals with totally different personality are drawn to a selected diamond form in keeping with their likes. Also, the sort of diamond form you decide on is the reflection of your personality.


Round Diamond Ring

Around 75 % of engagement rings are embellished with a round brilliant diamond. this is often as a result of these fifty-eight aspects replicate to create an associate tempting sparkle that diamonds are identified for. The form diamond ring ne'er goes out of the fashion that is why they're the foremost most popular as diamond engagement rings among individuals. If you're a girl with classic style, with the love for tradition, then the round brilliant is that the most suitable option for you.


Pear formed Diamond Ring

Pear cut style includes a teardrop-shape that appears wonderful in larger fingers. This pear-like diamond form includes a distinctive and trendy look. It’s one in every of the most recent trends followed by several fashionistas. This pear-shaped diamond will create a daring statement once set in as an engagement ring. it's additionally ideal for earrings and pendants.


Princess Cut Diamond Ring

The princess cut comes in second on the list of most famed vogue for engagement rings. it's a square like a diamond form that has each traditional and trendy look and might suit both outfits. people that love the mixture of modern and traditional vogue further like this princess cut the most. Also, princess diamond rings are more cost-effective than the one with brilliant rounds, creating them one in every of the simplest decisions for several budgets.


Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

The emerald form isn't that much popular diamond shape among individuals than the opposite ones. Although, it appears to be very famous among celebrities. Emerald options a rectangular form together with execute and an enormous flat table surface. These diamond shapes are terribly rarely most popular as an engagement ring. Emerald diamonds are cut with a step-style, that features straight lines covering the sides that appear like steps. The diamond is usually cut in a very longer parallelogram or a wider parallelogram. due to the wide aspects, emerald diamonds don’t hide their color.

Ideal Metal for a Diamond Wedding Band

May 14, 2019 by Avi Goyal  

image credit: geetjewellery.com/blog/

While paying special attention to a diamond wedding band in the market, you should have a thought of the metal or materials you wish to possess in your wedding band. The radiance of precious stones matters, however, the sort of metal utilized in the ring is significant also. The general appearance of a jewel relies upon the quality, cut and metal of the wedding band. The decision of metal is significant on the grounds that some metal features certain characteristics of the wedding band however some can likewise decrease them. In this way, while looking at or looking through the kind of metal you need, ensure that you consider a couple of things.


Cost versus Support


Normal individuals spend an immense sum on their precious stone wedding band or wedding band, yet it's the metal you select which hugely affects the last look. In the event that you have a decent spending plan, at that point, platinum metal is the best decision for your precious stone ring. It is one of the most perfect, most grounded and rarest metal on the earth and that is the reason it is extremely costly. It's additionally remarkable hard and thick, which implies it needs less upkeep to be done in a significant lot.


The second metal alternative for you is gold which is utilized generally for diamond wedding rings. The precious stone rings with gold metal are more affordable than the platinum one, regardless of whether it comes in a similar weight, plan, and size. The greater part of the antique wedding bands come in white gold metal. Another metal choice is Palladium which is quickly getting to be popular due to its comparative structure and looks like platinum. It has an additional preferred standpoint of having a lesser sticker price. Other than the way that Palladium gives a comparable sparkle, it isn't as extreme and thick as platinum.


The measure of Color utilized


The metal which you use for your ring can very influence the look and sparkle of your stone. For a perfectly clear and splendid sparkle, pick white metal, for example, white gold, platinum, or palladium. In the event that you need to purchase a wedding band, at that point search for the rings with brilliant metals as they improve the radiance of the precious stone engraved in the ring. Albeit, yellow gold shading metal makes the precious stone of the ring look more tasteful. On the off chance that you need to get one of the top wedding bands with a special and eye-snappy look, go for a jewel ring with rose or dark gold metal.


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2019 Collection of Diamond Jewellery

May 9, 2019 by Avi Goyal  


2019 is going to be wonderful once it involves a diamond jewelry collection. Designers are arising with new, inventive designs and reaching back to recreate the trends of retro. Whether it’s an amazing diamond form, a chain, or an engagement ring with a surprising pendant. Look at the most recent diamonds jewelry collection that's about to become widespread in 2019.

3 Stone Diamond Ring

A diamond ring containing 3 stones within which the centerpiece is larger and complemented by 2 smaller diamond stones is topping the foremost cherished ring among girls. It’s all due to Meghan Markle’s engagement ring who is the Lady of Sussex, for making this ring known. There are different kinds of 3 stone look with a combination of a colored gem beautified by white diamonds. This style offers you to utilize natural diamond as the main centerpiece, whereas saving cash by mistreatment lab-grown diamonds within the place of tertiary diamonds. With 3 stones, you can customize your budget and style also.

Large & Long Earrings

It’s one amongst the known diamond trends that individuals have seen last year and going additional to its energy during this year also. Large, fashion statement earrings that stand out are very talked-about. There are numerous types of designs like giant mismatched jewellery designs, long shoulder-grazing chandeliers, and even earrings mismatched that have uneven size. This jewellery provides the diamond jewelers freedom to bring exceptionally incredible sculptural styles within the market.

Pinky Rings

This jewelry vogue is unquestionably a ring that is rising in flair and elegance. pinkie rings are terribly fascinating kind of ring as they’re versatile. Pinkie rings suits for ladies and men also. They’re conjointly one amongst the most effective choices to indicate your love for yourself. They're offered in a very wide selection of styles and have an endless charm to its look. However, particularly styled for the tiniest finger, but these rings are big in size in real.

Unique and Fancy Shapes

As technologies of diamond cutting became advanced, designers of this era are driven to create different and distinctive styles. Latest fancy shapes are returning often within the market. Diamond jewellery suppliers are supplying subtle, fancy formed diamonds to offer an uncommon diamond ambiance. Keeping aside all the fancy diamond shapes, there are shapes like a princess, oval emerald, and heart shapes that comes within the market from time to time. A number of designers are also attempting out innovative ways to create attractive visuals.

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