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Looking To Hire An Architect In New York? 5 Essential Questions To Ask

October 16, 2017 by gregkorn  

Selecting your architect in New York is not a decision that you should take casually. The person you choose will be the main man behind your all-important project – a good listener, a great problem solver, and the one keeping your budget under control.

Here are 7 questions to employ as a beginning point to get architect in New York that is right for you & your home.

Do you’ve a signature style?

The majority of the architects pride themselves on their adaptableness, which lets then to customize their style to suit each house & client.

However, some architects possess a prevailing design sensibility that they bring to each assignment. For instance, a professional architect might specialize in smooth modernization, a beach cottage feel, or debunking of historic homes.

By knowing your architect’s signature style in advance, you can make a decision whether it is the perfect fit for you.

Who’ll design my project?

Unless you are appointing a sole owner, there is a good possibility the person you meet at first is not the one who will deal with the actual design work.

That is all right, as long as you comprehend it in advance. Because proper communication is important to successful job, you’ve to meet the main architect for your job prior to you hire the company.

You will be communicating with this person a lot, so be certain to get essential contact info, and ask to get a schedule of meeting with mutually agreeable times.

What type of project management service do you offer?

Architects in New York can do much more than just offering you with the design & blueprints. They can also:

  • Supervise the project
  • Assist you with hiring a reliable contractor
  • Check the work done by the contractor as the job continues
  • Make adjustments in design as the work progress
  • Analyze invoices to make sure that payments never get before the work
  • Acquire essential lien waivers from all contractors so nobody can make a claim against your house later.

Can you offer 3-dimesnional drawings?

Reading a typical 2-dimesnional plan is not easy. Even though you can tell where the windows, doors and walls are, you mayn’t get a precise feel for how the design will look in the real world.

Ask your New York architect how the ideas & drawings will be presented. Majority of the architects today employ software to deliver 3-D pictures that can be rotated & sighted from more than one angles. An absence of 3-D rendering abilities may mean the architect is not updated with the latest construction techniques & methods.

Will you recommend 2 or 3 general contractors?

Reliable architects in New York can recommend dependable general contractors in your region & assist you assess portfolios & bids. They may even refer someone they have worked with earlier & set up some meet and greets.

Find simple solutions to complex projects at Greg Korn Aia Architects only. Our architects in New York can offer the comprehensive architectural services and consulted engineering coordination that you need for your new or renovation projects.

This Blog Originally Posted Here: https://gregkornblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/01/why-should-you-really-consider-hiring-expert-architects-in-inglewood-ca/

Why Should You Really Consider Hiring Expert Architects in Inglewood CA?

October 5, 2017 by gregkorn  

Why Should You Really Consider Hiring Expert Architects in Inglewood CA?


Are you building a home, office or rental property? Whether for as a new home owner destination or place for real estate investment; Inglewood, CA is a great opportunity for every property buyer. After buying your property, what’s next then? Many first time buyers go straight to a contractor to build on their property, which is not usually the right decision. What they should consider first is hiring an experienced licensed architect in Inglewood CA to prepare the most suitable plans for their property.

Whether it’s your first time or you are an experienced investor; each time you decide to build or improve a home, office, or rental property, you are embarking on a major project. For this complex job, hiring only the best architects in Inglewood CA is the prudent choice. You want your project to run as smoothly as possible. Let’s discover a few crucial benefits of hiring a professional architect in Inglewood CA for your project.

You Get What You Need


You should know that architects in Inglewood CA draw not just a simple picture of your project with few complex lines and deliver it to your contractors to build. Architects work in a far more complex capacity than this. Licensed architects are required to thoroughly explore a property owner’s needs and reconcile their recommendations and desires with complex California code reuqirements to draw up accurate construction documents. Your requirements are of primary importance, and architects will transform your wishes to best architectural expression that suits city codes, best construction practice and building your whole project to meet your budget.

Excellent Design

The architects in Inglewood, CA are capable of delivering the most creative design works that perfectly relate to your building site. They also create a superior functional floor plan. City, County, State, and Federal codes must also be examined before a licensed architect’s seal can be affixed to your plans.

Creative & Cost-Effective Solutions


Architects are trained to find right solutions and create strategies to make your whole project cost-effective according to your suitable budget, while still bringing the required creativity and elegance of design to the table.

Are you in need of a highly experienced architect for your new Inglewood, CA construction project? Get in touch with us at GREG KORN AIA ARCHITECTS to find the best architectural and engineering services for your commercial, businesses and residential properties. Contact us today for queries and service quotes for your project.

This Blog Originally Posted Here: https://gregkornblog.wordpress.com/2017/08/01/why-should-you-really-consider-hiring-expert-architects-in-inglewood-ca/