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Roku account creation

February 10, 2020 by Grey Hankin  

How do I create my Roku account?


· Firstly, visit the Roku sign up site and then click the Create account option

· After that, make sure that you fill in a form to start with the account creation process

· Secondly, create a strong password for your account using all the characters and then provide your account with a valid email address

· Moreover, you have to choose the mode of payment to pay your bucks to get your account

· Similarly, pay the bucks through the mode selected and get your account

· And now, start with the Roku streaming device activation process

· Thirdly, access your My Roku account

· The Roku activation code will appear on the Roku TV screen

· Here, Roku com link account plays a major role

· Visit the Roku.com/link, to enter the Roku activation code

· The Roku com link account will start with the activation process






Roku streaming device not able to update software



· At first, check whether the Roku device has proper access to your home network

· If not, make sure to do proper connections, by selecting your appropriate network

· Secondly, check whether the router is working properly

· Locate the Roku device and the router near to improve the signal strength

· Finally, try to restart the Roku streaming device and your wireless router and try linking them back

· Restarting the Roku player by accessing the Settings

· After that, choose System ---> System restart

· Disconnect the Roku streaming device from the power and connect it back again 



For further issues and information regarding Roku com link accountdial to our technical executive team @ +1-855-215-6700