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How to Stretch After Exercising?

October 22, 2019 by gym deals  

Exercising is good for the body. However, after an exhausting exercise session, you are going to feel soreness in your muscles. This is due to the breakdown of the muscle fibres caused by the strenuous activity they had to perform. A good night’s rest is all you need to rebuild newer and stronger muscles. But, before you take the much-needed rest, it is a good idea to stretch your muscles. This will help in the muscle recovery process and also ease some of the muscle tension that you might experience. It is important that you do the stretching after the workout while the muscles are still warm.     




Stretching the Neck

There are several ways to stretch the neck muscles after a workout routine. However, the simplest method is to sit up straight and then try to touch your left ear to your left shoulder. Make sure that your shoulders are in a relaxed position when doing this. You will feel a stretch in the neck muscles as you bring the left ear closer to the left shoulder. Now, bring your head down and touch your chin to your chest. Remain in this position for a little while and then roll the head to the right side and try to touch the right ear with the right shoulder. You will again feel a stretch in the neck muscles.


Hamstring Stretches

If your workout session involves a lot of running then your hamstrings would need a little stretching before you leave the gym. A hamstring stretch can be done in several different ways too. The easiest way to stretch the hamstrings is by standing up tall with your feet slightly apart. Now, bring your right leg forward and plant it on the ground with your heel down and your toes up. Keeping your back straight, bend the knee and go into a sitting position. Maintain your balance by placing your hands on your thighs. You will feel a stretch in your hamstring. Stay in this position for a few minutes and then repeat it on the other side.


Stretching the Quads

The quads are worked the hardest during an intense workout session. So, it is important to stretch them a little before you take rest. There are various stretching exercises available for the quads. If you are short on time and want to stretch the quads effectively then stand tall beside a wall. You will need to take support from the wall for this stretch. Make sure that your back is straight and the feet are slightly apart. Now, reach back and hold your left foot in your left hand. Your thighs must remain straight while you are doing this. You will feel a stretch in your quads. Stay in this position for a few minutes and then repeat it with other foot.


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Importance of Staying Hydrated When Exercising

October 8, 2019 by gym deals  

Regular exercise is extremely important for maintaining your fitness. It can help you lose weight and also get your body into shape. However, it is important that you exercise under the guidance of a trainer. The trainer can devise an exercise regime for you which is suitable for your fitness goals. Moreover, they can also provide you with tips on how to perform different exercises safely. Aside from exercising under the tutelage of an instructor, you should also pay attention to your diet and water intake. Staying hydrated is crucial during an exercise session or you will tire out quickly.


Importance of Staying Hydrated When Exercising


Why Staying Hydrated Matters?

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is essential whether you exercise or not. Our body is almost 70% water after all. Water is used for performing a number of different functions in the body. It regulates the body temperature and ensures the transportation of nutrients to the muscles. Moreover, water is responsible for lubricating the joints too. When you are exercising, you lose a lot of water in the form of sweat. If you hadn’t been drinking water before the exercise session then you will begin cramping very soon. Also, you won’t be able to exercise at the optimum level too.


When to Drink Water While Exercising

People always find it difficult to manage their water intake while exercising. Some drink too much before starting and feel bloated while exercising while others drink too less and get cramps a few minutes into the exercise session. So, what is the right amount of water to drink while exercising and when?


Simply put, you need to drink water before, during, and after the exercise session. However, it is the amount of water you drink that you need to monitor. Make sure that you drink plenty of water about half an hour before exercising. Drink again during your warm-up but in a lesser amount. You should keep a water bottle nearby when exercising and take sips during the exercise session too. At the end of the exercise session, wait for about 20-30 minutes and then drink heavily again.


Do Sports Drinks Count?

Sports drinks are used by athletes for giving them an extra boost while exercising. These drinks contain important nutrients that are needed to continue exercising at a high level for a longer time period. However, there are many things to be considered before selecting a sports drink. Firstly, if you are not exercising at a high level, you don’t need to consume a sports drink. Secondly, if you want to drink one, it is important to choose wisely. Make sure that the sports drink you are taking doesn’t contain caffeine. It isn’t good for the body and can have a diuretic effect on the body, causing you to urinate more often.


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GYM Does Your Diet Impact Your Fitness

September 17, 2019 by gym deals  

Exercise and fitness have a direct relationship with your diet. If you exercise regularly then you need to ensure that your diet doesn’t compromise any of the efforts you are putting into your workouts. A good diet is usually composed of all the important nutrients. This includes carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals and also water. Each nutrient has a role to play and can end up making or breaking your exercise session. So, you have to make sure that you take each nutrient in the right amount before, during and after the workout.





Carbohydrates provide fuel to the body. They are responsible for offering you the energy that is needed during an intense workout session. Without proper intake of carbohydrates, your body would be low on energy and your muscles will tire out quickly. Thus, it is important that you consume carbohydrates before every workout session. Another reason why carbohydrates are essential for people who exercise regularly is that they accumulate in the muscles in the form of glycogen. This glycogen is used up when you perform any kind of strenuous activity or exercise routine. Replenishing the glycogen reserves is necessary if you want to speed up your recovery after an exercise session.



Your muscles are composed primarily of protein. This nutrient is not only needed for building new muscle fibres but also for repairing damaged muscle tissues. People who are looking to increase their muscle mass, need to 2 grams of protein for each kilogram of their body weight. You should try to get the bulk of the protein through dietary sources. Protein is also needed for the recovery phase too. However, you will need the proteins which have branched-chain amino acids for this purpose. You can find them in whey.


Vitamins and Minerals

You need minerals and vitamins for the different chemical processes going on in the body. They can help in accelerating the metabolism and generating energy which is needed for performing any exercise. The body relies on sodium for balancing the fluids in the cells. If your diet is short on sodium then you will start feeling cramps in your muscles because of the fluid imbalance. Similarly, having an iron deficiency can affect your blood’s ability to carry oxygen. Thus, you will feel winded and exhausted very quickly during an exercise session. The iron deficiency is usually caused in the body due to deficiency of Vitamin C. So, you need to make sure that you are consuming enough vitamin C as it is needed for absorbing iron.


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Which is Better Cardio? Exercise Bike or Treadmill?

August 22, 2019 by gym deals  

Cardio is a form of exercise that involves performing any physical activity at a higher intensity. For instance, activities like running, walking and cycling are all considered cardio exercises. This form of exercise works by increasing your heart rate and requiring you to increase your oxygen intake. It thus burns calories and helps you in losing weight. The advantage of cardio exercises is that they can be easily performed at home. You don’t have to go to a gym to do a cardio routine. In this article, we will try to find out if running on a treadmill is a better cardio exercise than cycling on an exercise bike.Gym Comparison


Running or Walking on a Treadmill

The treadmill is a piece of exercise equipment that allows you to run or walk long distances at varying speeds without having to step outside your home. It is an excellent form of cardio that is considered very beneficial for losing weight. The reason for this is that both running and brisk walking are weight-bearing exercises. They involve the entire body and give a proper workout to you in a short space of time. If you are looking to burn calories then it is better for you to run or walk on the treadmill at an intensity level of your choosing. Fitness Deals Online




Cycling on an Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are a popular machine used for doing cardio too. You can find various types of exercise bikes in the gym that can be programmed as per your choice. They can offer a good workout to your legs and help you in burning a decent number of calories. However, when compared to the treadmill, cycling on an exercise bike isn’t that beneficial especially if weight loss is your primary focus. The reason for this is that cycling does not target the entire body. It is only focused on the lower part of the body and can help you develop the muscles in your legs.


So, if your aim is to lose weight then the treadmill is the right exercise equipment for you. But, if gaining muscle strength in the legs is your primary focus then the exercise bike is the better option.


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How to Stay Motivated for the Gym During Winter

August 8, 2019 by gym deals  

The winter season brings with it a lot of laziness. All you want to do is stay warm under those sheets. While relaxing in winter isn’t such a bad thing, it can seriously affect your gym routine and exercise goals. You could easily lose your motivation to get up early and go to the gym. Not only that, but this winter habit can later follow suit when the summer season rolls over. And this is a surefire way to lose all the hard work you would’ve put in earlier in the year.. So, how can you get yourself motivated to continue hitting the gym even when it is cold outside? Here is how.




Enlist the Help of a Friend

Having a friend or a family member exercise with you can help you stay motivated. You should try this out in the winter season when the motivation to go outside is at an all-time low. If you are feeling lazy, then chances are, so if your workout buddy. Going together will ensure stay active and keep your routine going. And if you don’t already have a workout buddy? Make one. It’s not hard to find a friend, family member or even co-worker that likes going to the gym. Just make sure that they continue to show up and keep you accountable.


Find a Suitable Time

If you are used to going to the gym in the morning during summer you might find it difficult to continue doing so during winter. So, it is best to change the time for your gym sessions to suit the season. A break after lunch can be a good time as it would be warmer in the day. However, if this time doesn’t suit you then you should pick any time that goes well with your schedule. The goal is to continue your gym routine so any time of the day would be suitable whether it is in the morning, afternoon or night. Some make it a point to go early in the morning after a face wash or during night, as there are fewer people in the gym during these times in the winter.


Buy Stylish Workout Wear

Brands of workout wear introduce new designs and lines during the winter. Why not buy some? These stylish workout wear will give you the motivation you need to go to the gym. Because who doesn’t enjoy wearing their new clothes out. Winter workout wear also provides the necessary warmth and heat that your body and muscles need before getting ready to exercise. It will help immensely in getting you into the mood for exercise.


Workout at Home

If all the above-mentioned methods fail to motivate you to go to the gym, then do them at home. You may not be able to conduct your entire gym routine at home especially if you are doing strength training, but at most, it can help maintain your fitness level. The idea is to not give up exercise during winter. So, whether the exercise routine is smaller or at home, the idea is to maintain your workout routine.


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How to Keep on Top of Your Gym Routine

July 30, 2019 by gym deals  

Regularly going to the gym and sticking to a gym routine can be immensely beneficial for your health. Not only does it help you stay in shape but it also boosts your energy levels. However, continuing a gym routine isn’t easy. You might start off brightly and stick to the routine for a couple of weeks before slowly slacking off and getting lazier. This is mostly down to the fact that you don’t see any kind of improvement in your body or health right away. However, results tend to show in time if you stay on top of your gym routine for a considerable length of time. So, how do you manage that? Let’s find out.




  1. Set Easily Achievable Goals

Success is a great motivator. If you continue to succeed in achieving your exercise goals, you won’t need to motivate yourself to put in the hard yards. However, most people make the mistake of setting their goals too high. When they aren’t able to achieve them quickly, they become demotivated and soon lose their will to exercise regularly. Thus, it is a good idea to set easily achievable goals, especially in the beginning. This will help you stay motivated through the initial few months of your gym routine. You can raise your goals later on when you develop a love for exercising.


  1. Exercise with a Partner

Exercising on your own can be very difficult, and at times, even de-motivating. You see all your friends having fun at parties or enjoying sleep while you have to hit the gym. The best way to combat this is to get a friend on board to become your exercise partner. Having somebody go to the gym with you can give you the solace that you need to drive motivation for workouts. Moreover, your workout buddy can also keep you honest and ensure that you don’t miss your gym routine.


  1. Workout under an Experienced Trainer

Most people think that they don’t need any guidance when it comes to exercising. They look up exercises on the internet and go to the gym to use the machines there. While this can be helpful, if you are new to certain workouts, it may lead to serious injury. Chances are, you may not be performing them in the right way, which could lead to a stagnant progress, making it seem like the workout is bearing no fruit. An experienced trainer can be of a great deal of help in this regard. They will be able to pick out the best possible workout routine based on your body type and show you how to perform them in the right way, helping you stay motivated.


  1. Keep Mixing It Up

Doing only a single type of exercise can become boring sometimes. You might start plateauing and begin to think that exercise isn’t helping you much anymore. One way to push away these negative thoughts is to try new forms of exercises. For instance, join a yoga class or add a cardio session to your workout routine. Adding new workouts can increase your motivation and push away any boredom that may have developed from a repetitive workout routine.


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How to Choose a Gym

June 19, 2019 by gym deals  

If you have decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle and get your body into shape then it is high time for you to consider joining a gym. While you can exercise in the comfort of your home, a gym can offer a lot more motivation and guidance on how to go about achieving your fitness goals. Taking the decision to start going to a gym is one thing but finding one that is suitable for your unique needs can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t know how to go about it. The reason for this is the abundance of gyms that have sprung up everywhere, it isn’t uncommon to find at least a gym or two in every suburb. Because of the vast number of choices on offer, choosing a gym could prove to be a tricky affair. Here is how you can simplify this task.




Visit all Nearby Gyms

You may already be aware of some of the gyms that are located close to your home. Visit these gyms first and try to get a feel of what their environment is like. A simple stroll through the gym is going to give you a good idea of how the gym operates and whether it’s a good fit for you or not. It is important not to investigate far off gyms because even if they are perfect, you would find it extremely hard to find the motivation to make it. So, try to keep your search radius for a suitable gym as small as possible.


Talk to the Trainers

While the equipment at the gym does matter, what matters more are the trainers that work there. The experience of the trainers and their willingness to help the people coming to the gym are crucial aspects that need to be considered when choosing a gym. Talking to the trainers helps you analyse if you are comfortable with them and whether they would be suitable in helping you achieve your fitness goals. Aside from chatting with them, make sure to look up their qualifications too. The trainers should have some form of fitness certification otherwise they aren’t fit to give you any kind of fitness advice.


Compare the Different Gyms

Once you have collected information of all the nearby gyms, you should compare their features and prices. If doing this manually is difficult then you can compare the gyms online. There are websites available that help you compare the features of one gym to the other. This can help you in choosing a gym that offers the best overall package for your needs.


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