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Why Singapore airlines is expensive and more success

January 8, 2019 by Travohelp  

Thinking of the fact that why is Singapore Airlines Expensive but still, it is a success? You will find the results here in this brief piece of discussion. Singapore airline has been the flag carrier airline service of Singapore for 71 years and is used to carry both cargo goods and passengers across the world. This airline is headquartered in Singapore Changi Airport and consists of 122 aircraft in its fleet. These aircraft are used to fly over 64 destinations across the world. When this airline was introduced, it has been in the news for getting the negative feedback from its passengers.

The passengers used to complaint about many features and services offered to them. But now, Singapore airlines has improved its services so much so that it may have become one of the Expensive airlines but now satisfies its customer to large extent. The functions that make Singapore Airlines a success can be discussed below.

What are the basic Features of Singapore Airlines

  1. Decision Making: When these airlines were not providing customer satisfaction, then the officials of the airlines took the responsibility and improved the services offered. The key to why Singapore Airlines is so successful is the high level of employee involvement and dedication to their service. Employee involvement in decision making can be considered as one factor that Singapore airlines is now equally competitive in the market.

  2. Easy Communication: Singapore airlines has an effective and satisfactory communication platform not only for its passengers but also for its employees and agents. This airline gives high priority to solve the issues of its customers and employees as well. And the company which takes its services seriously will definitely yield the better results.

  3. Creativity: Singapore airlines is also a success and highly competitive in the market because it relies on creativity to introduce new services and deals for the benefit of customers. These services may include in-flight entertainment, friendly flight attendants, easy Singapore Airlines Reservations procedure etc.

  4. Motivation Factor: The company which motivates its employees, as well as passengers, will surely be more successful as it has balanced both the ends of its service.

Therefore, from negative feedback to positive feedback, Singapore Airlines not only developed its services in many ways but also created a friendly environment for both its officials and passengers.


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