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There are several colored wedding dresses on sale

January 18, 2019 by loyewe  

Dress and bouquet
There are several colored wedding dresses on sale, which allow you to combine black with other nuances and are perfect for those who do not feel like daring with a total black outfit. In case you want to enrich your wedding look with accessories and bouquets of flowers with this shade, there is something for everyone. Hats, hats, hair accessories embellished with light spots, but also floral arrangements created specifically for brides alternatives who wish to impress their guests. Not to mention the elegant shoes that you will buy for the occasion, you can use them without problems even after the ceremony, because after all, black is a color suitable for any event.

If you go beyond the common sense and are not afraid to hazard some unusual choice, black can be your wedding color. Remember also that you can choose a combination that you will use as a leitmotiv and recurring element of your wedding. Classic and retro taste is the combination of black and white: black berries, dark feathers, black crystals that contrast with white pearls, white dishes and white laces. Find the best combinations of objects, which are set in antithesis by two opposite colors: the effect will be great.

In the same way, black can perfectly match with most colors, so imagine very striking combinations like a classic black and red black cocktail dress size 14, suitable only for the most daring! Or you could approach the black to a light gray or a soft lilac. Have fun finding the color mix that best represents you, because with the black you will have an infinite number of possibilities!
Even if the relatives less accustomed to the follies immediately will be struck, you will see that they will find beautiful your "wedding in black", they will be able to enjoy every moment and will preserve the wedding favor with affection. Now that you have chosen black as a wedding color, do not forget to complete your look with something special, for example a wedding makeup that matches up ... maybe even very simple, but rigorously with eyeliner!

Some time ago we told you about the wedding on the beach gillne.com

January 15, 2019 by loyewe  

The point is this: to realize this dream, you must address the parish priest (who will turn your intentions to the Bishop of the Diocese) black and champagne bridesmaid dresses, delivering a specific letter from which it is possible to identify the real motivations related to your choice. Then put aside thoughts about wedding favors ideas and try to find plausible and non-pleonastic reasons that will lead you, perhaps to a positive response.

What are the possible locations?
Some time ago we told you about the wedding on the beach, well, in that article we proposed you dream destinations for the civil ceremony, inviting you to abandon this idea for the religious ceremony. Hardly a Bishop will grant you this possibility only based on purely aesthetic matters. So, what are the goals? Surely the parish garden can be a good compromise as well as all the outdoor spaces placed near religious buildings and structures.
Atlas Wedding Stories
Another alternative are the consecrated churches that you can find at the venues where the receptions are usually held if, for example, expressing the desire to celebrate the two moments in one place.
In any case, to facilitate a possible project of this kind, it would be better to contact a wedding planner; do not see it as a figure simply oriented to suggest ideas on wedding placeholders but as a professional figure to all effects with greater experience and familiarity on the places commonly set up to host religious ceremonies outside the church.
It seems trivial, but often even a simple "yes" can become very difficult to express because of the agitation of the moment: during the last week before the wedding, take some time to review them!

If your simple wedding dress has a slight neckline

January 11, 2019 by loyewe  

To decide the right wedding hairstyle that you want to wear on your wedding day, you will not have to evaluate just the length of your hair or what is the side of the face where to drop a side wedding hairstyle. Of course, it will be very important that the hairstyle is suitable for the wedding dress purchased for the occasion, but not only! In truth, even the earrings that will be part of your final look will be fundamental: here's how to choose them based on the hairstyle.
Light points that can be noticed
Whatever your decision on how to wear your hair on your wedding day, one thing is certain: the lights will give you an unparalleled touch of class. If your simple wedding dress has a slight neckline, embellished with a choker chain with diamond, which is a pendant to a pair of diamonds placed finely to the earlobes.
Collected hair, hanging earrings

If you are looking for an authentic "wow effect", then you should consider some showy dangling earrings, free to swing under a bridal hairstyle for long hair. This option is not for everyone, or better: its success will depend on the shape of your face and, above all, on your ability to combine these accessories with the rest of your outfit. An advice? Do not put together earrings and necklaces belonging to different sets most beautiful princess wedding dresses, but try to respect the same invoice of the jewels, so as not to sin with pacchianeria.

All the colors of the semi-curly hairstyles

The beauty of a semi-collected wedding hairstyle is that it frees the face, while keeping it crowned by a cascade of hair, whatever their color. This means that the earrings worn on this hairstyle enjoy a natural background that varies depending on the hair of the brides. For example, if you have blond hair, a pair of dark earrings will brush you up, while in the case of brown hair, light jewels will be the best choice for you.

Obviously the variety also depends on the wedding invitations

January 8, 2019 by loyewe  

Obviously the variety also depends on the wedding invitations or the number of guests present at the reception, but whether you like it or not it matters little: they have conquered the scepter of power holding in hand the key to the success of the buffet of appetizers. But let's see better what this primacy consists of and what are the elements on which to aim to avoid making mistakes and plunging back into the gross errors of the past era.
Gourmet choices face to face with catering
In the organization of a buffet, the relationship of trust and esteem with catering must be fundamental and essential. Let's see what will be useful for you:
What to include? The advice is to create a right mix of aged cheeses and those with spring pasta, some tastier, others sweeter and more delicate, creating, if possible, a very specific subdivision inside the corner.

Labels or origins? In this perfect mix, the PDO or PGI denominations are inserted. You can choose those of your region, aiming to enhance the delicacies of your territory or expand to all regions or still bring a breath of news with the inclusion, for example plus size wedding gowns cheap, of very special French types.

Where is it? The choice of the right corner can make the difference, the stalls are perfect to create atmosphere, especially if there is a cheesemaker ready to offer tasting tips and detailed information.
In fact today they play a completely different role. A special corner is dedicated to them, a rich and spectacular buffet in which to get lost in aromas, combinations and delicacies for the eyes and the palate.

willing to bathe of rain their elegant formal dresses

January 3, 2019 by loyewe  

Third step: eye on the times!
When it comes to involving different people, it is very important that you move ahead, because each professional could have requests that you did not expect and that need to be managed on time. In the same way, you will have to keep an eye on the weather forecast and be ready to transfer the corners that you had expected outside to cover: it is true, they say "wet bride, lucky bride", but maybe not all guests will be willing to bathe of rain their elegant formal dresses!
Fourth step: the arrangement of spaces
At this point you have to prepare the spaces with care: it is very important that you take into account variables such as light, electrical outlets and the distance between the corners themselves. For example, you certainly do not want to mix karaoke songs with the lounge music of the wine corner, right?
Similarly, the angle of the Photo Booth should be placed in a bright place, so that the photographs taken by the guests are clear, with the romantic decorative phrases well in view in the background.
Fifth step: how much will it cost?

The costs of the original thematic corners normally fall outside those of the location rental, unless this includes such services. For example, a farm in the countryside can offer activities linked to the territory such as a tasting in the vineyard or a swimming pool where to set up the cocktail bar. In all other cases, you will need to consider spending part of your wedding budget for external providers, because you will need the presence of specialists.


The wedding dress of the maison stands out for its complete

December 28, 2018 by loyewe  

The constant research for the elaboration of ceremonial dresses with a sophisticated and rigorously elegant style has been the modus operandi of the designers of the Maison Musani for over a hundred years. To capture the attention of the day of Yes will undoubtedly be the wedding dress, but his partner is not far behind rent a prom dress online, which is why the latter will be required to choose his outfit with extreme care. This is why in the collection of men's formal wear for 2019 the maison has focused on an innovative concept that blends experimentation and tradition in a masterly way. A surprising capsule collection declined in two lines, aimed at a varied target, demanding but above all in step with the times. Come and discover it with us!
The common thread that unites every line is a focus that aims at high quality, the choice of fabrics made of fine fibers and the ability to hit and excite the one who wears his clothes.
A stylistic project studied ad hoc
Classic or tight tuxedos? The wedding dress of the maison stands out for its complete or broken suits elaborated with a rigorous haute couture technique with traditional nuances and extravagant shades.
These and many others are the characteristics of the two extraordinary lines presented on the runways for the collection next year, designed for the man who wants to impress for his look and his charisma.
Musani Man
Musani Uomo: a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation

The jackets, the vests, the lapels, the bow ties and the lavallière are the must have of the Musani creations. Sophisticated jaquard fabrics, tapestry and polka dots come to life on cuts with well-defined geometries: contrasting reverses in precious silk come into play, with Mandarin necklines, Double Albert Chain chains and iconic details that bring an unparalleled touch of class.

The short cocktail dress is also perfect for receptions at sunset

December 25, 2018 by loyewe  

Sober and chic: the ideal setting

Feel lucky because if you rent the location you are forced to spend a little more, for the entire preparation you can rely on what was available from the hotel.
In fact, the terraces of the big hotels are more and more often real open-air pearls; some with a distinctly tropical allure rich in plants and flowers, others extremely sober and elegant. What makes the difference are the furnishings, modern and design such as tables and chairs (often lighted) bridal evening dresses, puff, sofas and cushions for relaxation areas. In many cases, the panoramic view is the real cornerstone, so you can focus on good lighting and then dedicate yourself exclusively to wedding placeholder ideas.
Notes that vibrate in the air
Another important detail to be defined in the organizational phase is the background music: a choice of style not at all obvious in this type of event to add the consideration that you are on the roof of a hotel, often even in the city center, so there they will surely be some precautions to be observed about the volume and the maximum time (considering the authorizations allowed). In any case, lovers of a rooftop wedding reception are the same ones who prefer background music, perhaps oriented to the genre of jazz, swing or blouses.

Perfect outfits in rooftop style
If you think that your guests will be able to waver on the ideal outfit for your wedding reception on the rooftop, do not worry too much because identifying yourself in the mood of the party will be really easy. The short cocktail dress is also perfect for receptions at sunset: imagine, for example, colorful and charming cocktail dresses, also in vintage flounces or at the wheel. Small shoulder bags and gamour accessories will complete the whole thing. For men: light-colored moccasins and dresses or casual look with Korean shirts and fresh linen fabrics.

if you have characterized the wedding with a very specific

December 20, 2018 by loyewe  

We are used to seeing the balloons in various contexts of the wedding: at the end of the ceremony, instead of the launch of the doves, after you have exchanged your wedding phrases or as a cadeau reserved for the little guests. In this article we will find out how to use them for the centerpiece or even as a wedding placeholder between scenographic compositions and surprising romantic phrases made with helium balloons.
Original compositions that make room for creativity
Balloons are an idea definitely out of the ordinary, sometimes eccentric and disruptive but that allows you to save a little bit in terms of costs compared to large centerpieces made with flower bouquets. Decorating the banquet tables with a centerpiece composed of balloons will certainly give character to your event but beyond the classical compositions let's see what the alternatives can be in order to avoid falling into the classic cliché of the "birthday in the tavern" style setting:
the base makes the difference: it is that support that also acts as a weight on which the true composition rests;
romantic centerpiece: heart-shaped balloons are definitely the right choice to create that fairy-tale and enchanted atmosphere;
shabby balloons: for shabby wedding Gillne, the rounded compositions are ideal with small balloons embellished with ribbons of lace and lace;
Gio Cavallo Events
double compositions: if you have characterized the wedding with a very specific color, you can make the centerpieces with the double balloons (one inside the other) focusing on the theme color;
combo centerpiece: match the white balloons with the paper decorations similar to the pastel-colored Chinese lanterns. The result will certainly be very chic and refined.

if placed on a simple wedding dress and cut to petticoat

December 18, 2018 by loyewe  

Modern and elegant wedding

If your event is characterized by extreme elegance, then focus on a bouquet with a single species of flowers. In this case the calla lilies are perfect, especially if placed on a simple wedding dress and cut to petticoat;
Informal wedding
Combined with the shades of purple white dresses evening, the bright green of the succulents, the aromatic herbs, the beautiful eucalyptus or simply the pine needles, they are wonderful for the events that begin to take place already under the Christmas climate.

Autumn is a season that opens the door to a new way of interpreting romanticism: different, less noisy than summer, more introspective and melancholic but no less fascinating. Nature perfectly interprets this mood and reconsign it in the form of flowers and colors, ideal for thinking about wedding decorations even during the banquet, when the centerpieces and the wedding place cards are decorated with nuanced and extremely sensual nuances.
Retro wedding
On a vintage wedding dress, the perfect solution is to focus on a bouquet of undisputed charm. Leave for a moment the idea of the orange nuances to concentrate on the purple and the vinaccio.
Boho-chic wedding
For an event with a theme so sought after, the ideal composition is of small features, round, full of pine cones, acorns and flowers declined on the colors of peach and brown;

that will make their elegant dress unique by combining

December 13, 2018 by loyewe  

Highly recommended for those high spouses and long-limbed build that will make their elegant dress unique by combining an original bow tie. In fact, if for the tuxedo or the tailcoat there are fixed rules to follow regarding the color, in this case the groom can opt for a tie in fantasy, also lively and colored. The style advice? Choose a pattern with colors that match the bouquet of flowers of your beloved!

A bow that frames a completely natural face
A bit 'hipster a bit' fake shabby, just look at some image of the various male fashion influencers to understand that the bearded man is still one of the strongest trends of the season! Although this style is very popular among today's young people bridesmaid dresses, it does not find its harmony with a wedding outfit that includes the use of bow ties.

The characteristic of the beard may indeed be too intrusive and dominate the scene on the use of a bow tie; moreover, the precious silk with which these accessories are packaged could crease in contact with an excessively prickly goatee. Yes so the bow tie worn on a face soapy water and shaved! Choose plain-colored bow ties or matching patterns to get in perfect harmony with natural bridal make-up that your future wife will perform to get to the altar!

Fashions are known, they are volatile and transient, but nothing is enough to fall into error and transform an idyllic outfit into an affront against the taste of masculine elegance. Just as you choose meticulously the wedding shoes and the rest of the accessories of your look, even the man must do the same, looking for the right accessories to enhance their physicality and his personal style. Before choosing a bow tie as a complement to your outfit, make sure you have the necessary features to do so.