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Reignite Sense of Adventure with Rwanda Tour Attractions

September 12, 2017 by Hermosa Life Tours & Travel  

Have you ever been in Rwanda? What is that interests you a lot? Reignite the ultimate sense of adventure with one of the world’s under explored destinations – handpicked for those who love to be around there.


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Rwanda – The Land of Thousand Hills

Home to a staggeringly spectacular landscape of misty mountains, grassy slopes, shielding shy mountain gorillas from all but the most curious travelers, Rwanda is the travel world’s emerging Phoenix. It has established as one of East Africa’s premier travel destination, with world renowned national parks, teemed with birds and big game.


If you are planning a holiday in Rwanda, here are a few Rwanda tour attractions you should cover:

Rwanda Tour Attractions –

  1. Mountain Gorilla –


            mountaing gorrila


Mountain gorillas are the jewel in the Rwanda tourism’s crown. Walk through the dense vegetation and steep terrain of the Volcanoes National Park to track and observe them. They are one of the incredible Rwanda tour attractions. No matter what, you will watch these incredible creatures in awe and discover a unique affinity unlike anything else Africa has on offer.


  1. Safari Adventure –




Enjoy a safari adventure at Akagera National Park for a more traditional East African safari feel. Blessed with completely off the beaten track, you can expect to see giraffe, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, hyena, huge herds of elephants, hippos and crocodiles in the picturesque lakes. If you’re a birding enthusiast, you will love Akagera National Park for sure as it’s the home to 525 bird species.



  1. Lake Kivu Wonders –




Forming a magnificent part of the African Great Lakes, Lake Kivu offers a unique opportunity to unwind and have some fun on your holiday. You will be able to spend quality time while enjoying some water-based activities like cruising, kayaking or surfing through the water to spice up your holiday adventures.


  1. Romance in Rwanda-


Romance abounding everywhere in Rwanda makes it a great destination to experience honeymoon bliss. It’s easy to know why. What with the ambiance cast by the beautiful scenery and excellent service by hotel staffs whether you stay in luxury lodges or more affordable accommodation options.


  1. Nyungwe Forest National Park –




Nyungwe Forest National Park – known as the Amazon of Africa, offers incredible opportunity to walk 50 meters above the forest floor, the narrow walkway and three towers – considered as the biggest in East Africa. While exploring Nyungwe Forest National Park one of the best Rwanda tour attractions, you will find yourself surrounded by the noisy jungle and the rare mountain forest while gazing into the jungle and seeing many primates calling it home.


  1. Simplicity Culture –




When you will visit a little village in Rwanda, you will learn more about Rwandan cultures and know some impressive skills, including archery, traditional medicine practice, and fire-making. More over visit Kigali City, Fun trips on Gorilla trekking, Congo Nile trails and many other Rwanda Tour Attractions are fascinating.


Conclusion –

Hermosa Life Tours and Travel is a Rwandan tour operator working with local tour guides, providing custom tour packages tailored with top Rwanda tour attractions to explore. Our main aim is to create a remarkable holiday experience during your vacation in Rwanda with custom-made tour itineraries. Hire us today and let us introduce you to the most preferred Rwanda tour attractions at their best. Check with Oreste on +250-788 255 906 or   info@hermosalifetourism.com for a custom trip package to Rwanda.


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