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Évitez les billets en installant un autocollant anti-pollution sur votre voiture

December 10, 2019 by henrysmith  

In order to avoid pollution, there are many ways through which the government is taking control. The best way through which the government is trying to get rid of the pollution is by installing the anti-pollution vignettes on the cars of the people in France. All the people who are driving in France are required to apply the anti-pollution stickers on their cars. Well, now you must be thinking about what is a crit’ air gouv vignette and how it is beneficial for the people living in France. Let’s discuss this in detail. 

What exactly is a crit’ air vignette? 

The crit’ air stickers are anti-pollution vignettes that are actually round in shape that basically denotes how polluting the motor vehicles are. 

These are the single certificates which can be used by the authorities all around France in order to offer favorable transport and parking conditions for all the motorists with the least-polluting vehicles. 

The patterns that are linked to the crit’ air vignettes change all across France: on the other hand, Paris has started to work on preventing their country from the polluting vehicles and in order to do so, they started to create an encompassing the whole of the city to prevent the older vehicles and the most polluting vehicles from entering the zone on the weekdays. It also limits the other categories on the days of peak pollution. 

There is no doubt, that the people who are driving in France if they do not use this crit’ air gouv vignette on their car windshield, they have to go through certain legal actions by France higher authorities. And due to this, the people will be charged with huge fines which will definitely be a huge drawback for them. In order to avoid all this inconvenience, the people are advised to use the crit’ air vignettes in the best possible manner. 

How much price do you have to pay for the crit’ air vignette?

The crit’ air vignettes will actually cost you around 4.18 euros. It is actually for the drivers of the foreign-registered vehicles. 

If you do not follow the rules and regulations properly which are required, in that case, you have to go through a heavy fine. In order to avoid the fines, it is recommended to you to use the crit’ air vignettes. 

You are in need to have a crit’ air sticker if you want to drive in France. Because it is one of the most important things and all the people who are driving in France need to know about it.