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Small Indoor Elevators With Different Prices

July 8, 2019 by odson don  

Privately-customized small indoor elevators are more and more popular among modern people. As the economic income and consumption power are constantly improving, the number of people with multi-storey houses and villas is also increasing. In order to facilitate family members to go up and down the stairs, they are installed at home. A مصعد داخلي صغير  not only solves the inconveniences of the upper and lower buildings for your family, but also allows you to feel the beautiful effect. Compared with the home villa building and the surrounding environment, the small indoor elevator provides a beautiful villa for the family villa. The scenery makes you feel good and your life becomes simpler and happier.

1, the number of small indoor elevators: Generally speaking, the more the number of small indoor elevators, the higher the price of elevators. Under the same brand and the same configuration conditions, the price of the four-story small indoor elevator is higher than the price of the three-story small indoor elevator.

2, small indoor elevator size: the same brand size, load capacity, height, etc., the price is also a certain gap. For elevators with smaller sizes, the installation is more difficult and the technical requirements for installation are higher.

3, the brand of small indoor elevator: different brands of elevators, the corresponding price is definitely not the same, the price gap between imported elevator brands and domestic elevator brands is very large, the same brand of elevator, you choose different configurations, different functions, The price gap is also large.

4, small indoor elevator drive: At present, the small indoor elevator is mainly a small indoor elevator with three different driving modes: traction type, hydraulic type and screw type. Therefore, the driving method is different, and the price of the elevator is different.

5, the function configuration of small indoor elevator: different materials, process, performance, comfort, environmental protection, durability of components, quality and other aspects.


In addition to the above factors, we also need to know more about the installation and after-sales service of the elevator. If there is a city in the city or a nearby city, it is best to go to the exhibition hall, so that you can see the strength of the company. You can also feel the workmanship and materials of the elevator, as well as the comfort, as well as the service attitude of the staff.

Prepare A Small Indoor Elevator To Be Well Prepared

June 29, 2019 by odson don  

Installation conditions for small indoor elevators:

1. Vertically penetrating hoistway space

Depending on the orientation of the device, the elevator can be placed in the middle of the stairs, in the civil engineering hoistway, against the wall, etc., regardless of the orientation of the device, there is a need for a vertical through space. This point is particularly important when cutting the مصعد داخلي صغير in the slab installation. Many time owners and the construction team do not communicate well. It is very simple to see that the holes are cut at the same level on each floor, but the vertical space does not run through. Therefore, such a small indoor elevator cannot be installed, and secondary construction is required, which wastes time and wastes manpower.

2, reserved for the pit

Elevator installations generally require the retention of pits. In addition to being able to be installed in a traditional villa environment, it can also be installed in an environment such as a high-rise duplex building that cannot be dig deep into the pit. The device is convenient and flexible.

3, reserved top level

For safety reasons, perhaps because of the structure of the elevator itself, the elevator installation needs to reserve a top floor height space.

4, determine the power supply orientation and wiring

Small indoor elevators have different power supply orientations due to different structures. If the standard speed is selected, a 220V single-phase three-wire power supply is required, and a three-phase five-wire power supply with a speed requirement of 380V is required.

5, the end of the hard work in the home

As a sophisticated large-scale household appliance, the home elevator requires special attention to prevent dust pollution during installation and daily maintenance. If the elevator is installed before the house decoration, a lot of dust generated in the decoration process will enter the elevator. On the one hand, it is difficult to clean. More importantly, the fine dust enters the interior of the elevator structure, which will affect the normal operation of the elevator and greatly shorten the elevator. The service life. Therefore, the small indoor elevator installation must be carried out after the decoration is completed.

6, fully communicate with manufacturers, installation teams, decorative construction teams


The quality of the device determines the operation and service life of the small indoor elevator. Therefore, it is necessary to fully communicate with the manufacturer, the installation team and the decoration construction team before the installation, and acknowledge all the details and prepare the elevator for the installation.

Small Indoor Elevator Can Make The House Appreciate

June 20, 2019 by odson don  

People living in buildings have elevators on the upper and lower floors, which is very convenient. But even duplexes, villas and self-built houses can be more than just stairs in the house. Too many people now install مصعد داخلي صغير! Practical does not occupy land, the house doubles, the real fire!

This small indoor elevator is a small, inorganic room and an indoor elevator without a pit. Unlike traditional small elevators, there is no need to build a well. The screw elevator mainly moves up and down through a belt or a speed reducer to drive the elevator to operate. Not only is the installation simple, but the maintenance costs are also low. Two or more floor units can be installed.

Ultra-small elevators with an area of ​​about 1.2*0.9 meters are usually placed in the corner of the room, which can save indoor space and improve the space utilization of the room.

And glass, color, size can be chosen according to their individual needs. On the whole, it can also be matched with the style of the interior, which is more beautiful and advanced.

Its load-bearing capacity is less than 400KG, and it can take 2~3 people at the same time. The small indoor elevator speed does not exceed 0.4m/s, and the safety performance is also stronger. Don't worry about the elevators in the process of use, power outages and failures, internal automatic dialing and automatic rescue devices, can be more assured.

The small indoor elevator has low noise and low operating energy consumption, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of a refrigerator. It is very environmentally friendly and is very suitable for home installation. If there are elderly people and children who are inconvenient to move at home, they will be able to live more easily without having to climb stairs.


Install a small indoor elevator and experience another high-end lifestyle that not only highlights the unique home improvement charm, but also allows the family to enjoy a better quality of life.

The Price And Function Of The Screw Elevator

June 17, 2019 by odson don  

     There are many brands of screw elevators on the market, which may be dazzling when you buy them. So for the consumer, as long as you master the purchasing skills, you can purchase a satisfactory screw elevator.

     When purchasing a screw elevator, we must consider it from different angles. When ensuring that سعر المصعد المسمار to be purchased is within its own expected range, then we can consider from multiple angles and try to select functions and performances to meet our own needs screw elevator.

     Some families install home screw elevators at home, mainly to facilitate the elderly. Different houses have different styles of decoration, so if you are personalizing, you can consider the decoration style, work nature, and hobbies of the consumers.


      The most important point is the safety of the screw elevator. Regardless of which screw elevator you choose, safety is paramount.

How To Choose The Villa Elevator Manufacturer

June 12, 2019 by odson don  

The فيلا مصعد is a symbol of luxury and individuality. Because the space is wide and the decoration is gorgeous, it has been welcomed by many villa owners. For the owners who have installed villa elevators, the most concern is always the price issue. What are the factors that affect the price of the villa elevator?

1, elevator structure specifications

The villa elevator specification has little effect on the price of the villa elevator. The common price difference between the three standard specifications of 250kg, 320kg and 400kg is relatively small, so it is recommended to provide more convenience to the family within the same budget price. Everyone chooses a larger size elevator, but it needs to be allowed in the hoistway space. In addition to the specifications, the current villa elevators mainly have two types of traction type and hydraulic type. The general traction type is slightly higher, but the safety performance is better, which is a more popular way. Traction type is divided into three types: backpack type, gantry type and strong traction type. Different structures will have different price differences.

2, elevator layers and components

For each additional landing of the elevator installed in the villa, it is necessary to add a hall door device and a rail. According to the different number of layers, the price of each of the common two- to six-storey villas will increase by several thousand dollars. For villa elevators, the most beautiful and most suitable way to open the door is to use the middle door method. However, due to the limitation of the elevator shaft, it is more common to open the double fold and the middle split double fold.


For the villa elevator distribution, the intermediate link costs more. However, as an elevator manufacturer, the design and installation are all in place. Therefore, the quality of design and installation and after-sales installation and maintenance services is also one of the important factors affecting the price of elevators. So picking the right manufacturer is even more important.

Villa Elevator Should Consider Humanization

June 5, 2019 by odson don  


With the development of science and technology, فيلا مصعد is defined as household elevator.  That is, elevators installed in private homes and used only by a single family member.  It can also be installed in a building that is not used by a single family as a tool for a single family to enter its residence, but the public or other residents in the building cannot enter and use it.  How to choose the villa elevator?  Next, follow otse Elevator Company to have a detailed understanding.
 Humanization is the first thing to see in villa elevators. The purpose of installing elevators in villas and homes is to facilitate the elderly and users.  If the selected elevator cannot satisfy wheelchair transportation in a certain period of time, then the elevator has no humanization.  The size of the wheelchair is 68CM wide and 93CM long, so the elevator car must be greater than 70CM wide and 100CM deep, otherwise it cannot push the wheelchair.  Perhaps the current elevator users are only 40 years old, and in the future they will be old, or there are already old people who need to take wheelchairs, so there can be no elevator users who have to carry wheelchairs every day.
 Personalization is to choose the elevator that matches the building or villa according to its architectural characteristics and the identity, temperament and hobbies of the users, which is very important.  Because the villa itself is rich in its unique personality, and buyers and builders adopt different building structures and styles to reflect personalization, the elevator must reflect personalization, otherwise it will reduce the grade of the villa.
 Safety and reliability is of course one of the most important factors in choosing elevators, so how to choose safe and reliable villa elevators is also very important.  Residents or developers who often use elevators are not familiar with elevators, so how to determine the safety and reliability of elevators must be tested by a third party.
 The villa elevator meets the needs of users for high-quality life. On the one hand, it can reach the destination quickly, safely and comfortably; on the other hand, it can also enjoy the pleasure of scientific and technological residence, comfortable residence and healthy residence.  To sum up, we must have known something.

Otse Takes You To Pick The Villa Elevator

May 30, 2019 by odson don  

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous development of science and technology, people in the new era will choose to install a villa elevator for the high quality of living standards. How to choose the right فيلا مصعد? So today OTSE elevator will take you to understand!

1. Elevator brand

Brand is synonymous with the best quality of products. When we choose a product, no matter the bulk or small pieces, the brand of the product is often placed in the first place of inspection. Villa elevator products are no exception. The brand of a villa elevator contains the development history, technical strength, professional competence and cultural background of the elevator company. With a long history of development, excellent technical support and professional capabilities, and a profound cultural background and heritage, it will be your primary consideration when choosing a villa elevator.

2, elevator design

As a private custom-made product for high-end villas, the villa elevator must have higher requirements and pursuits in the decoration design. Whether the decoration design is unique, can meet the individual needs of the owner, can it be perfectly integrated with the villa home decoration style, can reflect the owner's pursuit of high-quality life, etc. These factors are all when choosing the villa elevator Need to be considered.

3, elevator safety

Whenever and wherever, living safely is always the basic goal we pursue and the ultimate goal. How the safety factor of the villa elevator is a key consideration for every owner, so when choosing to purchase a villa elevator, it is important to understand the safety components and safety configuration of the elevator. The necessary safety configuration in the villa elevator has backup power supply and emergency call for external telephone system to ensure the safety of private users.

4, elevator after sales

Regardless of the purchase of any product, quality after-sales maintenance service must be the plus item for your choice of this product. When the villa elevator fails, does the manufacturer have a timely and effective emergency after-sales system and a solution mechanism; when the villa elevator arrives at the maintenance date, does it have a professional and efficient maintenance team?

When the owner has to use the operation problem to ask, whether the manufacturer can get timely and effective feedback, these are the key factors that determine the satisfaction of the user's villa elevator use.


Under normal circumstances, the project has a more professional investigation team and a demanding bidding process. The more villa elevator project projects, the course of the market and the developer's recognition of the villa elevator, and the other side of the villa elevator Quality and experience are trustworthy.

To Buy A Quality Guaranteed Villa Elevator

May 28, 2019 by odson don  

In the villa house, many people no longer use stairs in order to get on and off the building, but use a dedicated villa elevator to facilitate the use of the elderly and children. So what are the typical configurations of فيلا مصعد? Then follow the otse elevator company to find out more about it.

Private villa elevators are composed of both mechanical and electrical components. The mechanical part of the private villa elevator consists of five subsystems: the drive system, the car and the counterweight, the guiding system, the door opening and closing system, and the mechanical safety protection system. The electrical part of the private villa elevator consists of more than ten electrical components such as operation box and control cabinet and their connecting lines.

1. Five subsystems that constitute the mechanical part of the private villa elevator

1, the drive system

The drive system of the elevator has different driving modes such as forced driving, hydraulic driving, and traction driving.

2, car and counterweight

The car is composed of a car frame, a car, a ceiling, and a weighing device. The counterweight device is composed of a counterweight and a counterweight.

3, guiding system

The guiding system is composed of a car and a counterweight guide rail, a car and a counterweight rail mount, a car and a counterweight guide shoe.

4. Floor door and car door and its door opening and closing system

The landing door and the car door and the door opening and closing system thereof are composed of a landing door, a car door and a floor, a car door opening and closing door mechanism and a floor door lock.

5, mechanical safety protection system

The mechanical safety protection system consists of mechanical safety protection system facilities and mechanical safety protection facilities.

Second, the main components of the electrical part of the private villa elevator

The main electrical components are divided into more than ten elevator electrical components, such as control cabinet, operation box, finger-level light box, call-calling box, layer-changing leveling device, two-end station limit device, car top inspection box, and pit inspection box. The components of the relevant mechanical components that cooperate with the relevant mechanical components to complete the elevator's predetermined functions.


At present, there are many types of elevator products, and the specifications of the main components that constitute the elevators of various private villas may be different. But its name, its role, and the location of the installation are basically the same. In order to purchase the villa elevators in real life, it is necessary to look for the villa elevators that are professional and regular manufacturers to meet the national regulations, to ensure that all parts meet the requirements, and use them more reassuringly.

The Decoration Problem Of The Villa Elevator Late

May 25, 2019 by odson don  

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, many people are now supporting villa elevators in the new villas in order to pursue a higher quality of life, but most of the supporting villas are equipped with elevator doors and cars. They are all made of ordinary stainless steel or steel plate. The color is single and they are not in harmony with the style of home decoration. The overall feeling is not like the elevator used in the home. It is like a passenger elevator in public. So how do you decorate the elevator and the overall decoration of the family? Today, I will follow the otse elevator company to specifically understand the decoration problems of the فيلا مصعد.

For the new elevators that have been matched or the elevators that have been used for a long time, the simplest post-decoration is based on the existing door panels and cars, and the second decoration, such as wood decoration or art glass lamination decoration. This method is relatively low in cost, and the construction difficulty is also the simplest. Just like the mobile phone film, it can be replaced again after a long time.

If you still like the metal car and door, then the method of post-decoration is very different. One way is to re-package the elevator door or the car (such as copper in the later stage).


There is also the replacement of the original car and door. Both methods must have a professional person to disassemble and install the elevator, so the construction is relatively troublesome and the use is relatively high. The more common elevator decorations are mirror etching, titanium etching, rose gold etching, black titanium etching, copper decoration, etc. As for the decoration comparison and home decoration, it is necessary to make a decision before making a decision. In summary, we must have some understanding. If you want to know more about related industries, please come and pay attention to our official website, where we will update more relevant information.

How To Improve The Safety Of Villa Elevators

May 23, 2019 by odson don  

First, the function and safety measures of the فيلا مصعد

Villa elevator users lack elevator expertise, no professional elevator service personnel, safety can not be reduced, it is best to configure passenger elevators according to the standard.

There are usually two ways to open the door. Automatic doors and manual doors. The automatic door and the manual door must have an organic electric interlock function to prevent the door from being opened when the elevator is not in use.

2. Foreign domestic elevators have no shafts on the second floor and no doors. However, safety measures must be taken to prevent shear collisions.

3. Some villa elevators are designed as manual swing doors, while cars have no doors. Light roller shutters must be installed to ensure the risk of frictional collisions.

4. It is recommended to pick up the extension in the car to prevent the alarm and call for help when it is difficult.

5. Add self-help measures and procedures for people in need. Passenger ladders are not allowed to support themselves, and family members are different. Fully copying may cause long-term distress.

6. Standard equipment is equipped with power failure emergency leveling function and device. However, this feature should be used under abnormal conditions, such as maintenance.

Second, import and export security

The failure of the elevator door of the villa accounts for a large proportion of the elevator failure. Once the protection of the door fails or fails, the consequences are serious, especially if it cannot be used together with the elevator of the car door, it should be paid attention to.

1. At present, there is more protection for the single light curtain of the elevator to prevent the risk of light curtain failure. The use of the touchpad is better, but it is more troublesome to install and debug the guestboard touchpad. A small movable fan with an electric switch can be installed in front of the door.

2. In order to prevent accidents falling into the well from entering the air, the door must have an electromechanical interlocking function, at least a mechanical lock connected to the car and an electrical switch connected to the floor door.

Third, the appropriate speed:

Due to the low family floor, the elevators in the villas are inconvenient for the elderly. Not too fast. 0.4m / s (according to gb21739-2008) can be.

Fourth, inside and outside decoration:


Villa elevators must pay attention to decoration. The key to the decoration is not luxury but a combination of home decoration style. Based on the principle of simplicity and practicality, we will increase the highlights of home life, such as wooden cars, sightseeing cars, stainless steel cars, ceiling lights, mirror headlights, and energy-saving lamps. External veneers, bricks and marbles are available.