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Jilian Mold Focuses On Pet Preform Mould Design

May 24, 2019 by preform nicole  

Jilian Plastic Mould is a Pet Preform Manufacturers specializing in the production of PET bottles, PET products and PET daily packaging products. It mainly produces PET bottles, PET bottles for daily use, PET bottles for food, PET bottles for PET and PET bottles for chemical PET bottles. product. Provide customers with PET bottle packaging design and production one-stop service.

The company now has a group of professional technical team and quality management team. It has a wide range of production conditions from PET bottle product development and design to the use of PET bottle materials and rigorous production conditions in all aspects of PET bottle products before they go on the market. A manufacturer that customers love and favor.


Jilian Plastic Molding Co., Ltd. has the experience of professionally manufacturing Pet Preform Mould, focusing on the brand's services, tailored according to the needs of customers, and suitable for the PET bottle packaging of its brand development. We warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit and guide our company. Our company will cooperate with you sincerely with "first-class quality, first-class reputation and first-class service" and develop together!

The Reliable Jilian Pet Preform Manufacturers

May 22, 2019 by preform nicole  

The first stage of bottle manufacturing is stretch blow molding. The polyester is heated and placed in a Pet Preform Mould in which the polyester assumes the shape of a slender tube. (The process by which PET is pressed into the mold is called injection molding.) The polyester tube, now called the parison, is then transferred to a second bottle mold. A thin steel bar called a mandrel slides inside the parison, where it fills the parison with high-pressure air, and the stretch blow begins: the parison is blown and stretched into the mold due to compressed air, heat and pressure, Presents the shape of the bottle. In order to ensure a consistent flat shape of the bottom of the bottle, the individual components of the PET are simultaneously attached to the bottle during the blow molding process.

The mold must be cooled relatively quickly so that the newly formed part is properly set. There are several direct and indirect cooling methods that effectively cool the mold and PET. Water can flow through the pipes around the mold, indirectly cooling the mold and PET. Direct methods include the use of compressed air or carbon dioxide directly on the mold and PET.

Once the bottle (or, in continuous production, the bottle) is cooled and solidified, it can be removed from the mold. If a continuous molding process is used, the bottles need to be separated by trimming the PET between them. If a non-continuous process is used, sometimes excess PET will penetrate the mold during the manufacturing process and needs to be trimmed. After the bottle is removed from the mold and the excess PET is removed, the bottle can be transported.


We choose Gianlian Mould, we are a very reliable and reliable Pet Preform Manufacturers, we believe that with our comprehensive help, you can also get a satisfactory product and enjoy our comprehensive service.

Pet Preform Manufacturers Provide The Perfect Solution

May 20, 2019 by preform nicole  

    The application of Pet Preform Mould is relatively high in the packaging of food, because it is odorless and belongs to a kind of material. Food as an entrance, food, as a mass consumer, is to pay attention to its quality problems, food in the air to prevent too long, it will cause deterioration, and wrapped with PET preform material, can start To the role of protection, because PET can block ultraviolet light, has the ability to block water, oil, air, etc., in general, its permeability to gas and water vapor is relatively low.

    Moreover, its physical role is relatively stable, with oil and corrosion resistance, folding resistance is also very good, high temperature resistance is strong, so these have laid a material for food protection, PET can not only be used for food Packaging, also used as a material for PET preforms, this principle is the same as food, with excellent conditions such as high temperature resistance, UV resistance, and air isolation, making it an important part of processing. Because of these properties, we can completely rest assured that the PET preform is completely harmless to our health, and there is no need to worry about the deterioration of the product due to high temperature.


    Welcome to contact Jilian Plastic Mould, we are a professional Pet Preform Manufacturers, can bring you safe and secure pet products, no matter what your needs, just come to us to leave a message, we can To provide you with the perfect solution.

Pet Preform Mould Technology Should Be Improved

May 16, 2019 by preform nicole  

We all know that when the pet bottle appeared, it was widely recognized and used in various industries. Whether it was in industry, manufacturing, technology or food, slowly over the past few years, everyone’s products for PET materials broke out. As a matter of doubt, the Pet Preform Mould market is slowly being impacted by other materials.

Especially for food packaging, there are many forms and materials, pet, glass, carton, canned food, packaging bags, etc.; the variety of various packaging forms greatly meet the food needs for packaging; The demand for pet bottles is naturally less. Now, no matter what kind of packaging, as long as the cost is low, the style is exquisite, and the food packaging that is favored by ordinary consumers can obtain lasting vitality in the market.

The pet bottle needs to be upgraded again, and it needs to be upgraded to solve its own shortcomings. It is recognized by everyone, and it has a certain weight in the market. It is not difficult to get a new favorite.


For fierce market competition, Pet Preform Manufacturers can only maintain market competitiveness in the future with continuous improvement and improvement.

Jilian Plastic Mold Professional Design Pet Preform Mould

May 14, 2019 by preform nicole  

       As people's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, pet preform manufacturers produce Pet Preform Mould with a large amount of water. The sound of resisting bottled water is not overwhelming in the near future. More and more, the voices of Europe and the United States are higher, and the cost of PET bottles will be reduced at a certain level. Instead, the rest of the packaging materials are used, and if there is an expert's idea, glass bottles are used to package the water.

After discussing the trade data of PET bottles in the previous period and the operation status of PET bottles, the future prospects of PET bottles are optimistic, but at the moment, the development of many small and medium-sized pet preform manufacturers in China faces many challenges.

PET bottle green packaging materials advocate the use of raw materials, it is possible to use the same raw materials, can be used to coexist with raw materials, despite the simple structure, simple reincarnation of raw materials. At the same time, despite the reduction in the amount of waste generated, the development trend of lightweight packaging film is revealed.


       Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional Pet Preform Manufacturers from Huangyan, China. We have seen the development direction of Hyundai's industry very well, and constantly adjust the production of the products according to the market. Welcome customers who are interested to come. contact us.

Jilian Plastic Mold Pet Preform Manufacturers Is Trustworthy

May 10, 2019 by preform nicole  

The gating system is one of the most important issues in the design of injection molded preforms. The gating system is a complete conveying path that directs the plastic melt from the injection molding machine nozzle to the mold cavity. It has the functions of mass transfer, pressure holding and heat transfer. It has a decisive influence on the quality of plastic parts. Whether the design is reasonable, affecting the overall structure of the Pet Preform Mould and its ease of operation.

The function of the gating system is to fill the plastic melt smoothly into the depth of the cavity to obtain a plastic product with a clear outline and excellent internal quality. Therefore, in the filling process, rapid order is required, pressure loss is small, heat loss is small, exhaust conditions are good, and the pouring system is easy to separate or cut from the product.
Ordinary runner casting system

The common sprue system, also known as the sprue system or the gating system, is the necessary passage for molten plastic from the injection nozzle to the cavity. The runner system includes a main runner, a runner, a gate, and the like.

Mainstream road

The main channel is part of the channel that connects the machine nozzle to the inlet of the branch channel, which is the first place where plastic enters the cavity of the pet preform mold. It can be understood as the flow path of molten plastic from the nozzle of the injection molding machine to the bypass.

Its size and size are closely related to plastic flow rate and fill time. Too much will result in too much cold material being recovered, increased cooling time, and increased enclosed air. It is easy to generate bubbles and loose tissue, and it is easy to generate overcurrent and insufficient cooling;

If the flow path is too small, heat loss increases, fluidity decreases, and injection pressure increases, resulting in difficulty in molding. Typically, the main runner is made into a separate runner sleeve that is placed on the parent template. However, there are some exceptions. Due to the low requirements, some small pet preform molds can be used to open the main channel directly on the parent template without the use of a sprue bushing.

Welcome to choose Jilian mold, we are a very reliable Pet Preform Manufacturers, no matter what your needs can come to contact us, we will provide you with the perfect solution, if you are excited, please leave a message. ! 

Welcome To Contact Jilian Mold Pet Preform Manufacturers

May 8, 2019 by preform nicole  

Jilian Plastics has been involved in the Pet Preform Mould and machinery industry for many years. We can provide customers with turnkey forming solutions, one-stop service. We are a company specializing in the production of plastic thin-walled container molding lines. Jilian Plastics has extensive experience in thin-wall design and precision manufacturing systems for self-locking systems, which can control thin wall thickness and alignment. Welcome to come to us for information on products, Jilian Plastic Mould will serve you wholeheartedly.

Customers typically purchase thin-walled container molds that run on our high-speed injection molding machines. Our high-speed injection molding machines are designed by a professional team with sophisticated innovation and optimized solutions.

If you want to make high-quality thin-walled molds and find Chinese Pet Preform Manufacturers, Jilian Plastics will be your best choice. Not only can you get beautiful molds, but you can also experience the best service. Please feel free to contact me! 

The Preferred Pet Preform Manufacturers

May 5, 2019 by preform nicole  

 Food Pet Preform Mould are round in shape and have a square shape and an elliptical shape. The circular bottle body has a large application amount, and is characterized by uniform wall thickness, high external force resistance, low production cost, and low utilization rate of effective area during storage or transportation. The square bottle has a high effective area utilization and good stability, but it is more prone to bottle expansion and deformation.
    Why are the shapes of PET bottles in different foods different, but the shape of cans is the same? Because the cans are cold drawn and stretched, the round shape is very easy to make a deep drawing design. Other shapes are defective. PET bottles are injection molded or blow molded, and there is no requirement for shape, as long as it is easy to demould.
    From the aspect of production equipment, PET PET bottles are produced by injection blow molding equipment. When molding, the bottle mouth is first injection molded, thus ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the bottle mouth and thread parts, and then blowing the bottle body. The molding method of the device ensures a good sealing performance between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap.
    Food PET bottles are packaged in polystyrene (PS) bottles in terms of the variety of raw materials for bottles. Polystyrene is a non-crystalline resin material. Although it has good transparency, it has high brittleness, low strength, and raw materials. The molecule contains a benzene ring, which is not suitable for pharmaceutical packaging; it has a polycarbonate bottle (PC), which has high transparency and strength, but the price is relatively high;

    Polyester bottle (PET), which is used in pharmaceutical packaging, has high transparency, high strength, good moisture and gas barrier properties, and is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging;
    Polypropylene bottle (PP), the raw material of this bottle is high crystallinity PET, the molecules are arranged neatly and tightly, and the molecular force is strong. The reaction is strong in tensile strength, high rigidity, good gloss and good heat resistance. However, the flexibility and transparency are poor, and the amount of the drug package is large;
    High-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottle, which is crystalline PET, has good impact strength, good chemical resistance, good environmental stress resistance, and relatively low price. It is a bottle type with a very large amount of pharmaceutical packaging. First, its application has exceeded 1 billion.
    Therefore, we have learned from various aspects that the shape of food PET bottles is diverse for a reason.
    Jilian Plastic Mould is a Pet Preform Manufacturers that is favored in the market. We have various kinds of pet bottles, and also provide equipment for various products. Welcome customers who have needs to contact us. 

Pet Preform Mould Design Details Analysis

April 28, 2019 by preform nicole  

Change the surface shape of the pet bottle, such as the pet bottle body is relatively thin, increase the circumferential groove or rib of the surface of the pet bottle, can improve the rigidity and bending resistance of the pet bottle. Longitudinal grooves or ribs eliminate the offset, sagging or deformation of the pet bottle under long-term load.

Analysis of the design details of the pet bottle:
The design of the pet bottle mouth should focus on how to make the pet bottle mouth better fit the lid and sealer. The bottom of the pet bottle is the weak part of the pet bottle mechanical function. Therefore, the bottom of the pet bottle is generally designed to be concave; the corners of the pet bottle and the concave portion are excessively curved. In order to facilitate the stacking of the pet bottle, it is not easy to increase the stacking code of the pet bottle, and the inner part of the pet bottle should be designed with a groove. For the corner of the rectangular pet bottle, it is necessary to support most of the load of the pet bottle, so locally increasing the wall thickness of the pet bottle is beneficial to further strengthen the rigidity and load resistance of the pet bottle. Therefore, in order to ensure the rigidity of the pet bottle, in addition to selecting a material with a relatively high hardness, the shape of the pet bottle is designed to enhance the rigidity and load resistance of the pet bottle.
1. In the process of blow molding, the tube blanking is gradually formed into the place where the Pet Preform Mould is first contacted, which is the part that tends to cool and harden first. Therefore, the wall thickness of this part also needs to be larger. The edge and the corner portion are the portions of the main tube that are blow molded to contact the pet preform mold, so the wall thickness of the portion is small. Therefore, the edges and horns of the pet bottle should be designed to be rounded. 2. When the surface of the pet bottle is labeled, the labeling surface should be flat. A "frame" can be designed on the surface of the pet bottle to position the label correctly without moving.
3, the printing surface of the pet bottle is the most concentrated part of the consumer's attention. Therefore, the printing surface should be flat and continuous; if the pet bottle contains handles, grooves, ribs, etc., the design should be careful not to cause inconvenience to the printing operation. The oval pet bottle has a high hardness, but the manufacturing cost of the pet preform mold is also high. In addition, when designing a squeeze PET bottle, if the material is high density polyethylene PE or polypropylene PP, the cross section of the pet bottle should be rectangular or oval, for low density polyethylene or other flexible pet bottles, Its cross section is preferably a circle. This facilitates the extrusion of the contents from the pet bottle. The pet parts used in conjunction with the pet bottle mouth are mainly caps and seals.
Most pets have notch sensitivity. The pet bottle is easily cracked and cracked at the sharp corners, the roots of the mouth threads, the neck, etc., so these parts should be designed to be rounded.

As a professional Pet Preform Manufacturers, Jilian Mould can effectively deal with the problems in the production process of pet products and bring satisfactory products to the vast number of consumers, so what are you still hesitating? A professional pet preform manufacturer is at your side, so let us know. 


Jilian Mold Pet Preform Manufacturers Are More Loved

April 26, 2019 by preform nicole  

Pet Preform Mould will be lighter and lighter, reducing weight. Lightweight means producing packaging with less material, reducing weight on packaging, and being profitable for the environment and the business. Generally, pet bottles, Types of containers such as pet cans, pet hoses, and pet covers are more likely to achieve weight reduction goals.

Pet packaging will be green, and pet packaging waste has caused widespread concern in society. Strengthen the scientific management and utilization of pet packaging, maximize the recycling of discarded pets, and gradually develop and utilize degradable pet. In China, degradable pet has been greatly developed. It is imperative to vigorously develop and promote the use of degradable pet. .

The first is to improve and improve pet recycling and processing technology, so that the recycling rate of pet packaging materials can be greatly improved, improve and eliminate the hidden dangers caused by white packaging pollution of pet packaging materials, and improve resource utilization;

The second is to promote the progress and development of pet blending technology, new pet additives and application technology. Under the premise of ensuring that pet packaging materials are non-toxic, hygienic and environmentally friendly, low-cost technology is used to improve the performance of pet packaging materials. Provide possible

The third is to innovate and develop pet new materials and new processing technologies, so that more excellent pets become packaging materials, and use the high performance of new materials to achieve reduction of packaging materials;

The fourth is to develop advanced packaging technology such as intelligent, using the characteristics of edible and water-soluble of some pet packaging materials, reducing the amount of packaging waste and improving the safety and environmental performance of pet packaging.

Fifth, through independent research and development and technological innovation, the cost of pet packaging new materials and new technologies will be reduced, and the problem that many pet materials conforming to green packaging cannot be applied in a large area will be avoided due to excessive cost;

Jilian Plastic Mould is an experienced Pet Preform Manufacturers in the market. We have seen such a development trend in the market and are constantly reducing the weight of our pet products, so that consumers can love our products more.