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Advantages and Disadvantages of Washer Motor

October 31, 2019 by nanyang washer motor  

Inverter Washer Motor&Fixed Frequency Washer Motor —Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages.

Requency conversion technology are widely used in Household appliances in our life. Inverter air conditioners have great advantages in energy saving, and the temperature fluctuation of inverter refrigerators is very small. So, what is the difference between frequency conversion and fixed frequency of washing machine products? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Share it for everyone today.

The inner barrel of the washing machine is driven by washer motor. The washing machine that use fixed frequency washer motor is called fixed frequency washing machine, and the washing machine which usesfrequency conversion motor is called frequency conversion washing machine.

1, the principle of fixed frequency washing machine

Once the fixed-frequency washing machine starts working, the speed of the motor will remain the same - turn straight until the washing is completed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed-Frequency Washing Machines: Due to the simple program setting, the washing process is not complicated and the price is low. The disadvantage is that continuous high-speed operation not only consumes electricity, but also damages the clothes very much, and the clothes are often knotted.

2, the principle of inverter washing machine

The inverter washing machine presses the switch, the motor starts at a low speed, spreads the place where the clothes are screwed, then fills the water, the washer motor accelerates, shakes the clothes in the water, further accelerates and changes direction, washes the clothes, then decelerates and shakes, then discharges the water Rinse, then slowly wash and dry at high speed.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Inverter Washing Machine: Because the frequency conversion technology can control the motor speed, it not only saves energy and saves electricity, but also reduces damage to clothes and reduces the entanglement and wear of clothes. Since the rotation speed can be appropriately adjusted with the clothing heavy star, the sound and vibration can be effectively slowed down. However, compared with ordinary fixed-frequency washing machines, the price of inverter washing machines will be much higher. If you interested in nanyang Washer Motor , please check below link: https://www.zjnanyangmotor.com/

Other Uses for Washing Machine Motors

September 4, 2019 by nanyang washer motor  

If you are getting rid of your old washing machine, stop before you throw it out. Recycling the usable parts of an old machine makes a lot more sense than discarding them. If you have do-it-yourself skills, there are other uses you could put the Washing Machine Motor to. Even if you have no such skills, the motor may be an item you could resell or gift to someone else.

Use the motor to body addition accessory that needs affective parts. The simplest of these would be a fan. All this would crave is a ballista to arise on the axle, and a careful cage to put it in.

You could aswell use the motor to accomplish a belt sander. Many abrasion machines accept a affiliation on the motor to a belt drive. This drive commonly connects to the manual of the abrasion machine. However, it could be acclimatized to move a sanding belt.

You could aswell use the motor to accomplish a bedrock tumbler. A bedrock aerialist is basically a boom absorbed to a motor. As the rocks in the boom circuit around, they dent abroad the asperous edges and brightness anniversary other. A abrasion apparatus is basically a motor absorbed to a drum, abundant like a bedrock tumbler.

A DC motor is absolutely the aforementioned affair as a DC generator. All of the locations are the same, they are just powered one way to accomplish a motor and addition way to accomplish a generator. Some types of abrasion apparatus use ample DC motors that can be removed forth with their axles and bearings and reused as generators. You can use these motors to body a wind or baptize turbine, and about-face the motion of a beck or the wind into electrical power. Though Fisher and Paykel abrasion apparatus motors are decidedly able-bodied ill-fitted for this, any architecture is account blockage out.


When salvaging the motor, you may also wish to salvage certain other parts. If your washing machine's motor comes with a start capacitor, you will need to make sure that you get this device out as well. You may also wish to take the control along with the motor, as they could be used to easily regulate the motor's speed. These controls could be built into the controls of your new project. For more tips, informations about NanYang Washing Machine Motor , you can click https://www.zjnanyangmotor.com/

Large Inventory of Washer Motor II

August 13, 2019 by nanyang washer motor  

At present, most of the drum washing machines use DD direct drive motors or BLDC motors. Next, I would like to introduce the two Washer Motor used in the inverter washing machine.

DD Washer Motor is short for the direct drive "Direct Driver". Under the control of the drive system, the direct drive motor directly connects the washer motor to the load and drives the load. The advantage is that its output torque is large, so it can be directly connected to the moving device inside the drum, without connecting through gears, gear boxes, belts and other equipment.

DD motors are generally equipped with higher resolution encoders, plus the direct drive does not require the connection of components, DD washer motor greatly improves the range of speed regulation, and responds faster to speed changes. Since there is no need to go through multiple devices, the resonance caused by the motor during operation is reduced, and the noise is further reduced, further improving the efficiency.

Since the connecting parts are reduced, the service life of the motor as a whole is greatly improved. On the other hand, because the structure of the DD motor is different from other motors, it is necessary for the washing machine manufacturers to further adjust the installation mode, which also increases the cost. Therefore, DD direct drive motors are often used in high-end products.

BLDC is short for "Brushless Direct Current", which is a brushless DC motor. The brushless "brush" refers to a brush mounted on the stator of the motor, and its function is to alternate the current direction through the coil. The BLDC motor uses an electronic commutator that responds quickly to operation and has a large starting torque.

The brush on the stator often generates sparks due to friction when the motor is working. The toner generated by the friction will also damage the internal parts, and the BLDC motor that eliminates the brush interference has the low cost of the DC brush motor with high efficiency. However, it is worth mentioning that the BLDC motor still uses the traditional belt connection method, which is easy to slip in the case of water vapor.

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Washer Motor Manufacturer - Nanyang Electric-Motor Limited

July 2, 2019 by nanyang washer motor  

Founded in 1999, Huzhou Nanyang Electric-Motor Co., Ltd. is located in Nanxun, Zhejiang, China. It is a modern enterprise group (listed in the planning) that specializes in R&D, production and sales of household electric motors. It integrates manufacturing and real estate. Its subsidiaries include: Washer Motor Department, Variable Frequency Motor Department, Tianyang Enameled Wire Company, Deyang Electric Inspection Company, Muyang Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. At present, the headquarters of the Group covers an area of 116,000 square meters, with a construction area of 123,000 square meters and fixed assets of 450 million yuan.Nanyang has 820 employees, including 25 technical R&D personnel and 108 quality control personnel. It has advanced multi-closed double-point high-speed precision presses and imported inverter motor production lines in the same industry in China. Annual production capacity: 15 million AC induction motors and 5 million inverter motors.

The company always puts scientific and technological innovation in the first place, guided by science and technology to lead the market, and carried out joint scientific research cooperation with many well-known professional colleges in China, established a corporate R&D center, and has obtained 7 invention patents and 34 utility model patents of scientific research results, there are 11 utility model patent applications in 2017.

Why Choose NanYang Washer Motor


We have a professional R&D team which has rich experience cooperated with international brands. and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.


We have perfect quality management system and advanced production and inspection equipment,which can ensure the stable quality of the products.


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NanYang have a professional Washer Motor team which has rich experience cooperated with international brands. Zjnanyangmotor can develop and manufacture washer Motor according to customer’s drawing or sample.

The company always puts scientific and technological innovation in the first place, guided by science and technology to lead the market, and carried out joint scientific research cooperation with many well-known professional colleges in China, established a corporate R&D center, and has obtained 7 invention patents and 34 utility model patents of scientific research results, there are 11 utility model patent applications in 2017.

And Nanyang has won the "high-tech enterprises", "Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise" and other honorary titles. Specialized production, rigorous craftsmanship, continuous improvement of quality, and excellent after-sales service have enabled the company to successively obtain:“China Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise”, “Zhejiang AAA Grade Contract-Respecting Credit Enterprise” and “Zhejiang Export Brand” ", "Zhejiang famous brand products" and other honors. All major product lines have obtained CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, CE and other certifications.

We are a Electric Motor manufacturer, and we have our own foreign trade department. We market our own products. We mainly produce AC motor including AC Motor YYG Series(Semi automatic spin motor, semi automatic motor), AC Motor XD Series ( Semi automatic wash motor), AC Motor XQD Series (Fully automatic motor ), AC Motor YFD Series (Air coller motor) etc.

With top grade technology and advanced management, we can develop and manufacture products according to customer’s drawing or sample.

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