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Lifelike brothels for rent

March 28, 2020 by sexdoll  

According to the British "Daily Mirror" report, brothels in Dublin, Ireland, have a service to rent "sex robots". Most realistic sex doll imported from the United States have a good figure of 32E. The rental fee is 100 euros per hour or half an hour 50 euros. The doll's torso has a metal skeleton that can be arbitrarily twisted into various poses desired by the guests. And the robot doll "Passion Dolly" arrived in the brothel less than a month ago, and dozens of enthusiasts have come to "One Pro-Fangze".
The Robotics Foundation says that lifelike love dolls will become more common in the next 10 years, and claims to be able to assist those who have difficulty building close relationships. And some scientists have even warned that "hedonic robots" may lead to reduced real interpersonal interactions and may in disguise encourage sexual abuse, rape and pedophilia. "Some people say that raping a robot is better than raping a person, but others think it will encourage rape," said Noel Sharkey, a professor of artificial intelligence and robotics at the University of Sheffield.
It is reported that sex dolls will become commonplace in the next 10 years, but it will take 50 years for robot dolls to be able to act on their own and have the ability to talk and have truly human facial expressions. At present, there are five sex robot manufacturers in the world. The price of "exquisite luxury model" dolls is about 4,500 euros to 13,200 euros, and even more expensive.



Adult doll with AI function

March 19, 2020 by sexdoll  

WMDOLL, China's largest adult doll manufacturer, has launched adult dolls that incorporate artificial intelligence. Not only does it look good, but it also allows simple conversations with the "owner". The eyes and mouth will also have corresponding movements, and the head, hands and feet can move freely like a robot. Customers can also create personalized real sexy doll with free choice of eye height, hairstyle and appearance.
The Chinese government is working hard to make China an artificial intelligence center, trying to integrate artificial intelligence technology into every aspect of life. Now, some Chinese entrepreneurs have brought this expertise into a new field: skinny love doll . Golden Three Dolls is one of the largest adult doll manufacturers in mainland China. The head office is located in the southeast of Guangdong Province. They were the first AI robot doll makers to take action.
When adult sex toys were first introduced to the adult world, few people accepted it to satisfy their sexual desire. In fact, most people even avoid promotional tools because they are embarrassing in one way or another. However, more and more people have embraced this idea as one of the best ways to add charm and vitality to relationships. Although this is not a realistic cock that you can reasonably imagine, a vibrator can still give a woman the pleasure she has always dreamed of. These projects are simply breathtaking and have many advantages that are difficult for most people in the world to oppose.
Finally, the sexual element can help you solve sexual problems. If you are usually not happy with silicone love doll, you can get it from your partner. You should try to come up with these projects to give you the passion you want. In sexual relations, it is common to have sex when she is not in the mood. However, when you place sex items in the bedroom, you can use it to make her hungry and prepare her for a pleasant evening. Adult toys have helped many people's sex life in one way or another, and although in some cases, some couples have rejected the idea of ??using adult toys in the bedroom, you should definitely explain to them that passion is in the bedroom keep active.



What sex dolls are made of

March 3, 2020 by sexdoll  

An inflatable doll is a sex toy that usually mimics the size and shape of the body of a sexual partner in the form of a human, usually with female features. He also performs simulated sex and acts as an assistant during masturbation. The sex doll can be a whole body with a face, or it can be only a part of the pelvic cavity with an opening (vaginal, anal, mouth) for sexual intercourse. The openings sometimes vibrate and can be moved or interchanged. The use of sex dolls is not limited to humans, but can also be used for pets for a variety of reasons.
The cheapest sex dolls are also called inflatable dolls. These love doll (less than $ 500) are usually not very polished and are made of welded vinyl with only temporary similarities to real women or men, but they have a vagina or penis (artificial) ), And users are willing to let their defects break after a few uses, they often crack at the seams. If cheap vinyl dolls contain large amounts of dangerous vinyl chloride or phthalates, they can be dangerous to your health.
The most expensive sex doll is made of silicone. They can be very similar to people in life, their faces and bodies are modeled on real women or men, have almost the same material as human skin, and have realistic hair. These dolls usually have articulated PVC or metal skeletons with flexible joints that can be placed in various positions for deployment and sexual activity. Silicone sex dolls are obviously heavier than TPE sex doll, but they are only half the size of a human.



True love dolls and their fantasy

February 25, 2020 by sexdoll  

For a man, the most satisfying moment is when he has enjoyable sex. This feeling is unparalleled, and even the joy of getting promoted at work or activity is so important that it is important to one's successful life. Sensation is the other side of life that everyone wants to enjoy. That's why men around the world like to buy their lives with best sex doll to explore their sex life.
It doesn't matter which sexual fantasy you are obsessed with, but realistic sex dolls will surely satisfy them in the most sensual and interesting way. Because of this feeling, the demand for love dolls for sex lovers is increasing rapidly. Due to their physical presence and attractiveness to men, men wholeheartedly accepted these dolls as their sexual partners and are busy warming their TPE sex doll life with greater intensity.
Honestly, we know each other's sex dolls. They learned the background story. I must meet and meet with the people attending the meeting. We have a normal conversation about the world. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different dolls and how they are made. Many questions were asked. I don't remember most of them, but some of them are about the maintenance of dolls, maintenance of wigs, where to buy dolls, the best clothes for dolls, etc.



Buy Love Dolls Online

February 18, 2020 by sexdoll  

As we seek to heal sexual desire and libido, visiting sexual intercourse brothels provides the fastest and easiest way to achieve this. Yes, yes, this may be true, but given the many users who have sex with them, having sex with sex workers is very dangerous. I don't want to have a real doll transmitted disease. What about you? And because most people die of drunkenness in brothels, unprotected sex carries the risk of fatal illness and unwanted pregnancy. Believe me, you don't want either of them!
When buying an authentic real love doll , you need a brand new premium love doll. Must always be purchased from a retail store. These stores are online stores and manufacturers or authorized retailers in online stores. Both bring benefits to consumers, and their preferences depend on shopping preferences. For example, direct consumer manufacturers may offer lower prices, but they only sell products. However, authorized retailers offer a variety of toys from multiple manufacturers. Well-known sex doll retailers always have a professional website. Even if the company is brand new in the industry, they will spend time and money creating a website that contains product and company information. If you were a Love Doll retailer then you know the type of design features that also indicate a high-quality professional online shopping website. However, if you have never created a blog, you can still rate your website. When considering a sex doll retailer, you can also buy high quality dolls from the website.



About the change of authenticity dolls in recent decades

February 12, 2020 by sexdoll  

Real real dolls are also called "Dutch wives" or "sex doll ". They are made from a variety of materials, including rubber, latex, thermoplastic elastomers and silicones. dldollshop's sex dolls come in various sizes and features, and even if you want to look like a dream lover, you can make them according to your requirements. This is a rapidly changing world. We live in it and everything reaches new heights in a short time. Beyond the sex toy industry, the health sector, economy, finance, and sports are moving to more relevant, practical, and easy-to-use areas. Which silicone dolls are popular among men? Real dolls are for single men, which helps the partner's gender. With them, you can increase your participation in love. You can use sex dolls that your spouse does not allow or disagree with, and you will be happy and realize your imagination.
Sex dolls can't know, but a naughty girl with magical power can't hear his plight. The next time she turned on her computer, she was going to find a Chihuahua sex doll. Realistic love doll show a lot of dolls and a lot of fucking doll options. This site is an evil plan to launch girls and desperate people who turn into hard silicone sex dolls! Imagine a life-size sex doll with a rooster deep in your mouth and tasted the smell of luggage.
A real Dutch wife is completely obedient, you don't need a date to get a silicone sex doll or spend money. Even better, you can have two girls at the same time, making yourself and each other incredible. I don't have to read too much profile of Dolls to choose who I like. Of course, some women like Andrew's dominance, but often leave the sex doll when he realizes that he is a soft and sweet guy rather than the uncontrolled tough guy he particularly wants. This is a question of different tastes. But now Andrew has entertained very specific types of women with specific tastes. I went to the suspicious part of Real Doll and picked up a girl by the road. If you have a little money, we all know what will happen next because you can pay for almost all your wishes.



What to do if your partner has sexual dysfunction

January 19, 2020 by sexdoll  

For many, the pain of losing a loved one is disastrous. Usually, people don't know how painful it is until she starts thinking. It may sound strange, but keep in mind that for those who are really injured, this may be the key to success or failure. Without people, people often cannot stop thinking about others. Some people can no longer fall in love, and a lack of friendship can actually cause many people to be frustrated and cause other major problems. In any case, the lost person is usually intolerable, but if you need to fill in the gaps, lifelike sex doll can help.
You don't have to have a strong sexual desire to discover that the desire to get along with others is incompatible with yourself. Many men's partners have sexual dysfunction. This is a very frustrating situation for most men. Many real love doll enthusiasts are opposed to satisfying sexual fulfillment needs, not real doll relationships, because they are completely loyal to their partner. Of course, over time, this frustration can easily lead to cheating and disrupt these relationships. For whatever reason, if your partner does not want or may have sex, you may lack sex in your life or find sex outside of a relationship. At least it's far. You can now buy sex dolls. This allows you to be sexually and physically satisfied without having to interact. Even if your partner can't or doesn't want to give it to you, it's a means to gain. No risk, no risk of illness, no embarrassing questions, only satisfaction. 158cm silicone sex doll , while maintaining intimate relationships, also need to maintain sexual relationships. It is now very popular. In some cases, such as spouses or other seriously ill patients, the sick partner will give full thanks and consent, and will send the sex doll Provided to other partners. In this case, most couples consider Dutch wives to be a clinical solution to the problem. This is definitely possible, but it can also help you realize that you haven't been that happy for a long time. But this leads to another problem. Although sex is good, very boring people want to add an interesting couple by introducing another person to the bedroom.



Sex dolls improve our lives

January 7, 2020 by sexdoll  

Loneliness is the greatest enemy of mankind. It can make a person completely disconnected from the outside world, push him into a state of depression, and only attract the negative atmosphere of everyone. Therefore, people tend to buy different lifelike sex doll online to curb their loneliness. No matter for what reason they feel lonely, at least they have someone to live with.
Believe it or not, there are many people around the world who love dolls, especially the beautiful Barbie dolls. Therefore, they collected a large number of dolls. This actually gave them joy and happiness. They stay happy by seeing a large number of dolls at home. They make up for them, make them beautiful, and apply other things that make them beautiful.
In theory, this silicone can be used to make adult real love doll look very lively. This is very promising for companies producing realistic doll products. Although the three-hole love dolls are becoming more and more popular and complex every day, the materials used in these real dolls can show themselves on all other levels. This is very promising for those working in the adult doll industry, as these materials will help make very good products.
First, when you watch TV or a movie, you often see many movies and TV shows in different scenes. With the development of technology, it is possible to turn these dolls into electric motors in the future. In principle, in some sex doll scenes, beautiful love dolls can be used as human bones. This is safer and helps to soften the lens when shooting.
Fortunately, we have been the first to use cloth since the advent of silicones, TPEs, and other plastics that simulate the appearance of real skin. We have also developed new technologies that allow adult love dolls to actually look, feel and make sound when making sex dolls.
The most important part of understanding a silicone sex doll properly is the vagina. Although the way sex dolls are used is not just sex, the vagina is very important. The doll's vagina is anatomically correct and molded from real vagina, which may surprise you. Attention to detail loves dolls just like real things. The anus itself also has a unique feel, and the same applies. Even better, if you choose a doll with a removable vagina, you can try various inserts.
Another important factor in buying a doll is durability. Until a few years ago, sex dolls were made of solid silicone or TPE. In other words, you are limited to the positions you can place. These dolls are still available for purchase online, but with an internal metal skeleton. They can pose and last longer.



Three steps to using sex dolls correctly?

December 23, 2019 by sexdoll  

As men, they are very eager for sex, and they need sex to meet their needs, so at this time, sex doll can solve the physiological needs of many single men to a certain extent. Many single men have purchased sex dolls to solve their sexual desires, but most people's use methods are not very scientific. Let's introduce the correct use methods of sex dolls.
1.How to use sex dolls
After you get the sex doll, first open the bag (box) and check whether the love doll accessories are complete, such as: pump, patch, warmer (stick), lubricating oil, jumping eggs or sounding eggs. Some low-priced sex dolls do not have a pump, so they can only blow with their mouths (you can go to the market to buy a balloon pumping device instead), haha! Some sex dolls do not have jumping eggs or vocal eggs, and some sex dolls Not equipped with lubricant.
2.How to use sex dolls
The next step is to clean and sterilize the inverted doll of the sex doll (if any). Although the product is made of high-grade non-toxic medical material PVC soft glue, it can be used for transportation because the surface contacts the outside world and the product leaves the factory. % Medical alcohol (sold in pharmacies) scrub disinfection or wash the Yin D inverted module with warm water. Attention in this link is that if there are vibrating eggs or electronic components in the Yin D inverted module, please remove it before cleaning and disinfecting. After the shock egg or electronic component is returned to the original position after completion, the electronic component cannot be wetted with water. The female D inverted module and electronic component can usually be removed from the doll.
Next, install the Yin D inverted module and *** (jump egg) on ​​the sex doll, and then use a pump to inflate the WM doll . Do not overcharge it, so as not to be burst, huh! After it is ready, you can start using it. If you buy a sex doll with a warmer (stick), you can warm the lower body of the sex doll. After warming, you can enjoy the beauty of real body temperature. The warmer (stick) is also called a warming bag. The general use method is to squeeze the iron piece or spring of the warming bag a few times, then apply lubricating oil and put it into the inverted D of the sex doll. It automatically heats up in a few minutes, which is very high-tech! After about 10-15 minutes, if the temperature is enough, take out the warmer, then you can start to enter, and enjoy it slowly!
3.How to use sex dolls
Remove the oil and powder. In order to make the doll's Yin D inverted module soft, an oil component is injected into the silicone (should be polysiloxane), which can also make the doll emit a charming aroma. Some inverted products also have care powder on it. In this way, over time, the surface of the negative D mold will appear oily or see impurities on it. Therefore, clean the negative D mold before use Oil removal is necessary. If there is 75% medical alcohol, it is better to scrub and disinfect it after cleaning.
These are the three steps to using sex dolls correctly. In addition, although sex dolls reduce the spread of sexual diseases, if multiple people use the same sex doll, they will still be infected. Therefore, it is recommended that the use of "sex dolls" should be used for their own exclusive use.



Why selective dolls

December 12, 2019 by sexdoll  

Men are passionate animals. Although they already have perfect wives and harmonious families, they still want extramarital affairs and long for fresh and exciting relationships. But if there is a sex doll, they can meet their psychological needs without having to Destroy one's own family
Think of it this way. A man who can afford to spend more than $ 1,500 on luxury goods is likely to be a well-employed, well-educated, and disposable income person. These are not people with difficult dating. So why do so many men choose to buy sex dolls?
They want to have sex more often
The word "make love" is very important here. Men are as eager for contact and intimacy as women. Sometimes masturbation is not enough. With love doll , men can closely mimic real, intimate sexual experiences. This can be helpful for men in romantic relationships that may outstrip their partner in sexuality. After all, what is more respected in interpersonal relationships is to pressure someone for sex, or find a way to meet their needs?
Maintenance toss or hold
Based on the type and extent of damage you see, it's time to decide what to do next. One option is to repair your doll or do it yourself. If you bought a WM doll from us, it comes with a repair kit. If you can use the kit for repairs, you've found the easiest and cheapest option.
You may also return your doll to us for repair. Contact us and we will notify you if we have this option. If so, we may ask you to ship the doll to us or arrange to send you a replacement part.
If your doll cannot be repaired, you must discard it. This is bad news, but it does mean you can start buying alternatives. Here is some important information about disposing of sex dolls.
When you use your love doll, please take good care of her like your own child, do not use her rudely, otherwise it will greatly reduce her life and destroy your experience.