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Plan Your Vacation This Time with Our Kodaikanal Tour Packages

September 28, 2019 by Wonder World Travels  

Wonder World Travels offers the best Kodaikanal tour packages that fulfill all your desire. Explore Kodaikanal with the help of our expert tour guides. But many travelers are not really able to make the most of this gem. So here is our complete travel guide to help you plan your perfect Kodaikanal tour packages, with details of how to reach, what to see, where to stay, etc.

The Most Effective Way to Reach Kodaikanal

The quickest way to reach Kodaikanal would be to take a flight to Coimbatore or Madurai and then hire a taxi to reach Kodaikanal. Madurai is closer and would take around 2.5-3 hours while Coimbatore would take around 4 hours by road to reach Kodaikanal. Travelers from Bangalore and Chennai can easily drive to Kodaikanal and some from Hyderabad even tend to do that. The road from Coimbatore to Kodaikanal also has the number of windmills on its way in case you love clicking them.

A less expensive option would be to take a train to Kodai road which is the foot of the hills and then hire a cab or take public transport to reach Kodaikanal. Buses are available from Coimbatore, Kodai road and Madurai; but will certainly take little more time than a privately hired cab. Alternatively, you can also rent out a self-drive car from Coimbatore. From Zoomcar or Myles self-drive rental service available from Coimbatore or other major cities.

Sightseeing in Kodaikanal

Most of the tourists who have not driven to Kodaikanal in their own cars tend to rent out taxis or cabs for sightseeing. You can get full-day taxis ranging from Rs.1200 upwards depending on places you want to cover. You can also just rent out a car for a couple of days and ask the driver to take you around and he will cover all the standard sightseeing places. There are no auto-rickshaws in Kodaikanal mainly because the hilly terrain does not suit them.

However, if you are of the adventurous kind, we would recommend why not rent out a 2 wheeler? Depending on the type of two-wheeler and the season, the rent could vary from Rs.400 to 700 per day. You can hire 2 wheelers such as activa or bikes.

Stay in Kodaikanal

While Kodaikanal has plenty of options to stay, how do you finalize just the right option for you? As you would spend at least 2 days sightseeing, we feel it doesn’t really matter which hotel you stay at. You just need one with basic amenities and comforts as you would spend most of the day outside the hotel.

If you want to know more details about our Kodaikanal tour packages, please visit our website and call us at +919811957978.

Enjoy your Holiday with our Kerala Adventure Tour Packages

August 12, 2019 by Wonder World Travels  

If you are planning your holiday this time to Kerala, then book our Kerala adventure tour packages. There are lots of things to enjoy in Kerala adventure tour packages. Our adventure tour packages in Kerala features such as Paragliding, Bamboo Rafting, Mountain Climbing, nature walking, Tree House Stay, cycling and camping out while taking walks into the forests and climbing hills are some of the more known frills to be seen. The fact that these holidays help people bond more especially in families is also an encouraging factor. This is due to the fact that the basic human relations which get developed during adventure holidays such as teamwork and cooperation bring out the best in individuals.

Kerala is ideal for adventure activities as a place dotted with rivers, beaches, and hills; the potential seems far from realized.


The seven months post the south-west monsoon is ideal for aero sports in Kerala since wind speed and quality are predictable and is safe for adventure enthusiasts who are looking to experience paragliding. Paragliding is a sport in which the pilot can fly a lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft in the air from the top of hills and flies over plains and the pilot flies from below a harness suspended below a lightweight wing.

Bamboo Rafting

The Bamboo rafting adventure can go for as long as nine hours and so provide a full experience. Indeed, Kerala gives any visitor an experience to remember through bamboo rafting and bamboo rafting in Thekkady had been practices by tribal’s who were inhabiting the place which was once Periyar Wildlife sanctuary.

Mountain Climbing

An activity that readily catches the attention of many is the Mountain climbing. It is a known fact that mountain climbing is a mentally challenging and fitness building sport but it can also be so much fun. The availability of mountain climbing spots in Kerala ensures that the adventure is as intense as you want it to be whilst retaining the element of fun. Normally it takes a full day to climb the mountain and so quite a number of preparations have to go into it such as the use of repellants and feeding plans.


Trekking activities which can be arranged to go on for days so as to ensure that visitors enjoy the forests fully. Cooking and sleeping will be done in the jungle and the mystery-filled forests of Kerala will be enjoyed during this adventure.


For those who prefer the sight of the rivers and are much more at home with the water bodies, the canoeing and Kayaking opportunities in backwaters of Kerala in Alleppey, Kumarakom, and Kannur get many visitors instantly excited as the Kerala culture and cuisine gets to be experienced fully even while being on a kayaking trip.

Tree House Stay

Kerala also has exquisitely designed tree houses inside forests and on the top of the mountains. Most of the tree houses are operated by owners who are passionate about eco-friendly architecture and have balconies that feature a display of the surrounding forest, creating the true experience to immerse in nature.

There are many more adventure activities to do in Kerala. Just visit our website and call us at +919811957978 and enjoy your Kerala adventure tour packages.

Book your Kanyakumari Tour Packages from Wonder World Travels

June 18, 2019 by Wonder World Travels  

Get the best Kanyakumari tour packages from Wonder World Travels. We offer Kanyakumari tour packages at an affordable price that is perfect for your budget. Let’s tell you something about Kanyakumari. The beauty of the city comes from the amalgamation of land and water. The southernmost point of India, Kanyakumari offers you an amazing view of the seas here. The city is also famous for its old churches. Visit the lovely coastal city of Kanyakumari with the help of our Kanyakumari holiday packages.
What’s Special about Kanyakumari?
There are a lot of places for which Kanyakumari tour plans are made. People who have already visited this place once are the ones who are even crazier for coming back here again and that is just because of this place so loveable and full of breathtaking experiences. The best attraction of this city is Vivekananda Rock Memorial, it is a really a huge rock carved into the shape of Swami Vivekananda. A tour to this city would be surely incomplete if one does not include this is his or her list. There is a point in this place where three mighty oceans meet and you just cannot miss out in this. Then there is Dhyan Mandapam, it is actually a meditation hall and the vibes and energy that you feel as soon as you enter this hall is quite hard to be explained in words as it can only be felt and not described. It is only 500 m away and you can reach there by ferry with about 30 to 50 Rs ticket for a ferry. Another thing for which Kanyakumari tour packages are famous for is Gandhi Mandapam. It is actually a memorial dedicated to the father of our nation. This is built using Orissa styled architecture and has sacred ashes of the great man. The design and structure of this infrastructure are so that on 2nd October the sunray falls exactly at the spot where the ashes were placed. Another exciting attraction of Kanyakumari holiday packages is the Padmanabhapuram palace. This palace is made up of 16th-century teakwood and is one of the best examples of sight-seeing in the city. It a treat for eyes and is a brilliant example of the architectural brilliance of the erstwhile kingdom of Travancore. And then the most exciting place in all of the Kanyakumari, The Kanyakumari Beach. Any Kanyakumari honeymoon package is surely incomplete with this place included in it. The best part about this beach is that it is located at the confluence point of the trio- the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The lighthouse, sunrise-sunset views and differently colored sand makes it the most romantic place in all of the Kanyakumari and this is the reason why this place is said to be the best for honeymoons in India.
Kanyakumari Tour Packages
Located near the Laccadive Sea, Kanyakumari is one of the best places to spend a vacation at leisure. The small coastal towns have abundant beaches and many churches dotting the horizon. This town offers you a lazy vacation and a much-needed break from all the regular cities and sightseeing! So, just call us at +919811957978 and book your Kanyakumari tour packages.

The Welfare of Taking a Kodaikanal Tour Package

June 3, 2019 by Wonder World Travels  

Tours are a great escape from your daily busy life. So a memorable tour in a vacation should be needed for everyone. If you are eagerly waiting for a vacation to make your tour profitable then you have chosen the right and perfect place. If you have a plan for a trip to Kodaikanal then you can get the convenient reasonable Kodaikanal tour packages by different travel agencies. In Kerala Munnar, Kodaikanal is a well-known hill station. For tourists devikulam, mattupettty, anamudi peak, Munnar tea museum are some of the very exclusive attractions. In Kodaikanal, you can find some places like the forested valley, grassy hills, granite cliffs, lakes, and waterfalls.

Lake of Kodaikanal:
In Tamilnadu, Kodaikanal is the most popular tourist place. Never ending beauty of its lake is one of the best reasons to attract lots of tourists towards it. Lake is located in the center of Kodaikanal. People’s cause of attraction towards the lake is a variety of sight sleeping around it. As it is a hilly area, particularly around the lake there will always be slight rain in Kodaikanal. A boat ride in the lake always makes the attraction double for visitors of Kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal Tour Packages

Some special heart-enthrallment places in Kodaikanal:
  • View of the green valley formly states as suicide point
  • Palani hill’s go backpacking
  • Kodaikanal’s small Halmet- ‘Kavunji’
  • Shri Mahalaxmi temple poombaral
  • Coaker’s walk is a great paradise for nature lovers
  • Silent Valley
The benefit of fix Kodaikanal as a romantic Honeymoon trip:
To celebrate the sweet moment of their togetherness every newlywed takes an immediate holiday tour after their marriage. Couples heading towards honeymoon trip will absolutely enjoy the spot of neelakurinji flowers including the very exciting treeks of the sprawling tea estates out there. Visitors can also enjoy the safari of wildlife to the place on Nilgiri tahr with joyful boating in the Devikulam Lake. There are lots of beautiful places in Kodaikanal to make their honeymoon memorable.
If you really want to take all the benefits of a Kodaikanal trip and want to make your trip enjoyable and memorable with a reasonable budget, then you can also contact to www. wonderworldtravels.com.