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A student`s journey through Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

March 14, 2020 by innoclazz  

In today`s world, everyone believe Education for all and a comfortable journey through the process of learning are mandatory. However, not everyone is same, say it in learning, behavior and temperament. Every child is entitled to be blessed with moments of joy, a feeling of worthiness, pranks, inquisitiveness, laughter and feeling of security throughout the channel of learning. Unfortunately, as we progress, our children are creeping slowly towards stress, burden, and a state of dilemma resulting in multitude of conditions that hinder their learning process. Every new milestone in a child`s life is turning into a bane because of mental illnesses such as ADHD, specific learning disorders, temper tantrum, rebellious behavior,  poor memory and the list is growing. Although most of the disorders can be managed or at least be suppressed to an extent, ADHD seems to be a serious condition resulting in prolonged mental deficit. This post is designed to explain the basic mechanism of ADHD, causes, symptoms, management and parental advice on the condition.

ADHD is the neurobiological impairment characterized by a state of uncontrolled impulsiveness, distractions, inability to focus, lack of concentration, unexplained over-active behavior (hyperactivity), frequent mood swings resulting in the overall slowness of development. Most of the times, parents blame, reject, taunt the child`s attitude because they think it is a deliberate act of the kid seeking for attention. However, ADHD has clear-cut underlying causes and a psychopathological mechanism that produce symptoms. More than the pathological significance, many social issues proliferate the condition furthermore. Home tuition Bangalore

In India, there is a raise in the incidence and prevalence of ADHD among primary school children. About 11.32% of children of this age experience symptoms prominently. Among these, males are more prone sharing 66.7% and their counterparts (females) suffer 33.3%. The prevalence among lower socio-economic group was found to be 16.33% and that among middle socio-economic group was 6.84%. ADHD affects roughly 2.5% of adults


Causes of ADHD

  1. ADHD is a heterogeneous behavioral disorder linked with many causes. Deficiency of the brain chemical such as catecholamine, disturbed glucose metabolism in the brain, head injury causing frontal lobe dysfunction.
  2. Many studies have proved that genetic influences as a result of rare mutations, chromosomal aberrations and a defect in the human thyroid receptor gene found in chromosome 3 have contributed to the diseases. Dopamine transporter gene located on the chromosome 5, and D4 receptor gene on chromosome 11 also proved to be the causes in twins.
  3. Some of the central nervous system infections caused by bacterium (meningitis and encephalitis) as well as Reye’s, chronic substance abuse during pregnancy, poor nutrition of pregnant mother, high risk child birth such as low birth weight baby and premature babies also are at high risk.
  4. Some of the induced causes such as premature labor, forceps delivery, forceful delivery of head and neck, decreased oxygen supply due to delayed cry (anoxia) and several chronic viral infections contribute to ADHD.
  5. Some studies suggest that the use of organic pollutants such as pesticides made up of, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) can result in ADHDs.
  6. Several mental and neurological illnesses such as epilepsy, mental retardation, cerebral palsy can also cause this condition.
  7. On the social front, adverse social and family environments that include single parent, low parental education, poverty, illiteracy, bullying , bad parenting, maltreatment and family discord are associated with ADHD.
  8. Some kids express persistent feeling of anxiety, occasional fear, feeling tired easily.

Symptoms of ADHD

ADHD is syndrome in nature (many symptoms). Children suffer as a result of feeling disconnected from the world, show carelessness attitude, social isolation, and anguish. Many children lack the ability to concentrate and least attention to the details. Most typical symptom is, keep jumping into the new tasks before finishing the old ones hence they fail to complete the simple assignments given by the teacher at schools. Some chronic cases manifest by their poor organizational skills, for example, if we ask a child to keep their drawing or writing material into their specified location, they fail to do so. As the brain is disorganized, kids lack the ability to focus or prioritize their tasks. Some parents complain that their children continuously losing or misplacing their belongings such as pen, pencil, eraser and play toys things. Since the brain damage is evident in some cases, children suffer from amnesia – forgetfulness. Most prominent symptom is the hyperactivity associated with restlessness and edginess, excessive talking. If the ADHD coincides with other mental illnesses, then the severity of symptoms take toll. Young children with ADHD are highly rebellious, they can`t stay silent and some children talk irrelevantly. 75% of the cases present with mood swings, poor coping with stress, extreme impatience, and high risk behaviors.

Managing children with ADHD

Treatment is based on multidimensional approach associated with Individual Psychotherapy, family therapy, social therapies, behavioral therapies, medicines, counselling and specific symptom management. Both the parents and teachers must remember the principle that accept the child but not necessarily the behavior. Remember that all behavior has meaning. At any cost, do not criticize the child and it is better to avoid discussing symptoms with the child unless it is necessary. Being empathetic by understanding the child's feelings and point of view is helpful in tackling the phenomenon. Individual psychotherapy should address poor self-concept, inattentiveness, depression, extreme dependency and poor communication. In a family therapy, the family should completely devote their time to understand the mechanism.  Children and adolescents may benefit by attending group counselling. Peer relationships play an important part in group therapy because peers often help each other by exchanging information, identifying with the group, expressing feelings openly, and suggesting solutions to problems.  Play therapy provide an opportunity to act out feelings such as anger, hostility, frustration, and fear. On the other hand, behavioral therapy attempts to alter a client's behavior and modify or remove symptoms such as temper tantrums or bed-wetting.

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Reasons and remedies for underperformance among children

February 21, 2020 by innoclazz  

With regard to the scholastic performance, there are 2 ways to present this picture. One is, a scenario where child is not properly groomed despite having abilities and the other is the real IQ being the issue. The world realized, Education is a pivotal for human development. Poor school performance creates a state of poor self-esteem, stress and a worry in the minds of parents who sponsor their children. Most often parents compare their performance with other kids will further amplify their feeling of shame and doubtfulness. But, The fact is, there is a reason behind why do a daughter/son being slow. Parents need to acknowledge the fact that almost every issue can be managed with patience and rationalized approach. Many parents do not realize the fact that, during their own school age they underperformed! home tutors in Hyderabad


Childhood is a roller-coaster passing through many blips. Parents, teachers and professionals need to address the issues only after accepting this fact. There are a number of reasons why do some children fall behind while others outperform. Some of them are organic, and many of the times genetic errors alongside the prevailing psychological issues ,medical problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder( ADHD), low IQ , specific learning disability, emotional problems, poor socio-cultural home environment, psychiatric disorders and even environmental causes will lead to the poor academic performance.

Apart from these specific causes, some of the manageable issues surfacing on each day shouldn’t be overlooked. Simple attention, a hug, touch, caring attitude, controlled discipline will help to prevent many issues. The following section further elucidates how simple measures can help out managing children’s learning issues.

Stop comparing

This is probably the ongoing mistake that the parents do. Most often every simple action being over-supervised by the parents resulting in stress to the children. When a parent crosschecking the home work assigned by the teacher, the limitations and capacity of the child needs to be understood and the same shall be discussed with the class teacher in case of the child failed to finish off things. Parents must stop comparing the grade sheets, behavior, looks, talent etc, with other children as every child is a unique.

Pay attention

Probably 75% of children miss out what is supposed to be received by the parents. If one has to pint out what is the most missed out aspect of child care, guess, it’s not the lavish house, good food rather it is the regular attention towards the child especially when it comes to education. Many parents complained that the student failed despite they knew the fact that they failed to observe day to day activities of the child.

Set reasonable limits

In simple terms do not over-discipline, this can never help come out of poor learning of a child. Parents need to be diplomatic in handling their child’s learning lags by dividing the whole assignments into chunks and set a particular time onto when to accomplish these tasks without being strained. A reasonable limit is something that should be tried and tested on a given child instead of forcing the child to strike against standardized criteria.

Conclusion: Reality can never be changed, so the moment parents realized a child has certain level of performance, that is an upper limit then there is no pint in unusual expectations.

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Role of home tutoring companies/agencies –A dual approach

February 8, 2020 by innoclazz  

Dual approach here refers to the viewpoints of student and the tutor. A tutoring agency must bring in a balance, harmony, cost-effectiveness among both the tutors and students especially in the countries like India where education takes a breadth of the family income.


Each tutoring agency works differently keeping in mind about the present demands of the educational field, tutor’s expectation in terms of fee and the student’s ability to pay the required package. For more information visit Home tuition Bangalore. In this regard, various companies are coming up with a new idea, a new dimension and a new approach on how to meet this balance factor at an affordable price. It is not always easy to bring tutors and students together that fit each other so well in terms of the competency levels, cost that each other agree. Tutoring companies play a vital role as a sheet anchor by collecting the data across the networks, verify the data, and streamline it and then take a decision on which student will fit right to which tutor.

Although there are many private individual tutors who market themselves on social platforms and connect themselves with the students to work on a causal basis – a bit unsafe to be honest. Having a regulated platform will always serve the duo (student and tutor) by means of strategic processing, clearly defined terms and conditions, accurate and fair financial management etc. will add beauty into the whole process of tutoring. It is not just the case of money, but the supplementary role that the company plays is really vital.

When it comes to legal aspects , it is always safe to be a part of tutoring company instead of inviting an anonymous student meeting a strange tutor .Most companies will have a verified list of tutors alongside genuine students who really want tutoring seriously. In the present scenario where children are unsafe , having a background verified tutor is a great idea .On the contrary a verified student will be under the control of a company completely so that tutor can no more have worries on the fee that deserve.

On the time factor viewpoint, tutoring companies will take the risk to search the recipient and the provider so that either the student or the tutor will not have to take any risk in wasting time by advertising, searching the students across educational institutes. There is no chance for a kind of mislead by wrongly marketing the talent of tutors or vice-versa. In many cases, a home teacher might not possess skills to use the tools to find the right project for their bread and the same does apply for students also; a genuine tutoring agency will take all these tensions out.

Having been registered to a tutoring agency, will help to get away from the paperwork, browsing time, screening the parent’s family for a tutor. On the other hand parents stay comfortable because genuine tutoring companies will assign the hand-picked , qualified, professional tutors.

It is true that being a private tutor with self-marketing skills generally ending up disappointed because they might possibly waste time searching the right lead. So it is advisable on both the student’s and tutor’s front to be part of leading tutoring companies instead of taking risks.

Above all, the most important reason behind why a home tutoring agency is essential is, many parents will love the simplicity of selection of most suitable tutor from the broad index of tutors across cities, states, and the whole of the network wherever the company is serving. Companies will usually operate on a bunch of options instead of limited number of tutors.

In conclusion, various factors like quality, economy, time, marketing efforts, safety, and all the supplementary issues are taken up by the company to provide a neutral environment so that both the students and tutors can end up with a happy note.

Find Best Home Tutors Near You

December 14, 2019 by innoclazz  

Innoclazz-the name suggests an innovative or a hybrid approach towards tutoring. The firm has a broad vision to provide teachers and learning resources at an affordable cost. It was founded in the year 2018 with a vision to reach the unreachable and afford even the poorest as the startup realized almost every parent search for a tutor but they nearly ended up with disappointment.




Startup realized that there has been a lot of redundancy in the facilitation of teachers and teaching resources. There is a clear-cut evidence of a highly centralized and uneven distribution of learning resources across the country which prompted to build a network of 50,000 home tutors across all the major and intermediary cities and towns. Innoclazz operates on a mixed approach where teachers can reach the student`s place to mentor -in other words they are called home tutors or personal tutors ; on the other hand, students who wish to reach the tutors will also be given an opportunity through mediation of the company. Currently, the corporate office is situated in Bangalore, aiming to expand towards all corners of the country.


Our mission is to reach the unreachable and educate the impossible. We are aiming to lead a top-notched, sophisticated educational platform. The firm is making every effort to BRING CHILDREN`S  HOME A SCHOOL! Furthermore, Innoclazz is building a network of personal master teachers for students studying under k-12 space. We cater all the boards but the mainstream being CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and state board of Karnataka. As an add-on service, we provide a limited additional support like reference material, quizzes, question papers for mock tests.


The idea was laid by a group of University professors led by Prof. Dinesh Reddy who taught for 17 years both in India and abroad. The operational support for the team is provided by Ms. Swetha-post graduated from IAU (International American University headquartered in New York.)

Why Service Of Home Tuition Is Inevitable?

December 14, 2019 by innoclazz  

Generally, Home tuition Bangalore is measured as the condition of academic management to their students at their homes. Academic institutions which provide this type of service normally offer private tutoring in the time of evening to extend support to their students after a school day. Arrangements offering home tuition jobs near me are normally organized both by non-educators and educators. These educators sees the requirement for academic help that some children can’t get at routine classroom setting generally work with investors to give private tuition for students that want it. Efficiency of private tuition can be checked with three important factors. The very first in between these is the overall progress of the student getting the service in conditions of school performance.




The effectiveness of private tuition may be gleaned from the following important aspects:


Personal Viewpoint

The requirements for private home tuition near me occur just because of the following reasons: variety of student profiles, variety of educator's profiles, as well as different individual psychology. Characteristically, different types of skills, abilities and gifts can noticed to be present in between different people at different level of demonstration. This actuality accounts for the different learning speeds in between students. Even as, systems of mainstream educational plan to give a mechanism for people to completely develop their hidden human potential, it has not any type of mechanism to account for the different learning rates among slow, moderate and quick learners. In the cases where some students can’t adapt perfectly to the normal classroom setting, some parents of these students get the needed assistance from best home tutors.


It must be observed that each and every student actually wants some type of personal care to improve their learning. Schools identify this and actually, at the level of university where investigation is the means of getting knowledge, personal academic advising is the custom. School’s deficiencies about this matter can be completed by evening home tutors in Bangalore.


The accessibility of special and normal education teachers is even an important factor in the observable fact of private tuition. Even as, normal teachers can put up the learning requirements of the normal student, teachers along with specific training in special education will be required to manage both slow and fast learners. The shortage of teachers with superior training in special education will demand dependence on the service of best home tuition.


Communal Viewpoint

In this, private tutoring turns into requirement because of the following reasons: requirements of standardized education dedicated to a specific educational system as well as economic limitations. School hours and days are fixed as well as students must adjust accordingly, but it doesn’t account good for the real time required to internalize learning. Aside from that, most of the parents these days are very much busy with economic business or professional pursuits, planning to set up financial constancy to give well for their children and their upcoming future. So, time for offering extra after-school tuition to their children is out of the matter.