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Getting Blue or Green Eyes is Easier than Ever Now!

November 5, 2018 by irexlaser  

Did you ever wish to have those dreamy blue eyes like Bard Pit instead of brown?

If yes, then welcome to the lot where more than 40 million Americans wish the same and use contact lenses for the same. But, if you want to avoid the hassle of lenses and their maintenance, there’s an alternate option. You can opt for permanent eye color change with iREX LASER.


Confused? Well, let’s walk you through this medical marvel that’ll get you your desired eye color!


What is the procedure of permanent eye color change?

The procedure of changing eye colors involves laser surgery.


Sounds heavy, right? But, it’s just the contrary!


The ophthalmologists take only a few seconds to complete this whole eye color change laser surgery. They do so by removing thinly layered pigment that exists on brown irises’ surfaces. The doctors do this because it’s the iris which determines the color of the eyes.


If you want to undergo this surgery but are holding yourself back as you think it’s too dangerous, then, you’re wrong my friend!


The surgery for permanent eye color change with iREX LASER is a swift process as it involves the application of special laser technique. The removal of pigmentation, therefore, is quick and easy. This leads to the change of your eye color from brown to either grey or blue.


How long does this process of color change take to show results?

Usually, irises get one or two shades darker immediately after the laser surgery and remain so for the next week. Eventually, as your body gets rid of the remaining pigment, eye colors steadily become lighter to reveal the shades of blue or grey.


Also, you don’t have to worry whether the results will sustain or not if you are undergoing eye color change laser surgery. There have been no reports yet that claim the return of original color after doctors performed pigment removal procedure.


Following are the people who generally prefer changing their original eye color:


  • Professionals belonging to show business.
  • Models in fashion world.
  • Many common people in the USA and the UK want to change their eye color to blue.


However, be careful about the precautions you need to take before the eye color change laser surgery.


  • A thorough eye check-up to determine eye pressure.
  • Ophthalmologists also see the number of endothelial cells present in your eyes.
  • Have a detailed study of your retina.
  • Doctors prescribe patients undertaking this surgery to wash their eyes twice daily.
  • Using eye drops for one month also falls in this regime.


Opticians also suggest patients for follow-up check-ups after every two years.


Opting for a permanent eye color change with iREX LASER has no risks of adverse effects as this treatment doesn’t involve incisions or use of injections. Since it’s a non-invasive medical procedure, this trend of eye color enhancement is becoming so popular worldwide.






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