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Deliver Your Message to Your Employee with Video Wall Solutions

May 15, 2019 by Alex  

Video wall software is renowned for providing multi-display installations with their flexibility. Because of this capability executing the updated and exclusive functions has become imperative. This is the big property for which these multi-display systems are in demand for. Visual and audio video wall software systems are powerful if people are using it to its whole extent and this is the place things can be difficult. Without the intuitive and backend technology for controlling the whole system, it is going to be impossible for several organizers in taking advantage of all their technology. Luckily renowned A/V integrators robust the whole control systems designed for easing the usage, which means anyone can get trained up within the meantime.

Video wall software offers controlling several displays all at once and the best part is it all involves with the single display. Thus, unlike the one single display formatted for the standard outputs and inputs for the multi-display systems to add on a layer of management’s functional property. It allows the people for creating, saving and loading the custom display for display. Apart from that, it also allows the controller to switch between the layouts whenever needed spontaneously.

It also offers the robust options for the preview ensuring all the layouts looks in a way it was always intended. With the help of modern video wall software, it is designed for making all the functions making it easy in executing, with the intuitive interfaces. People can learn it so easily right away with A/V integrator provides insight during training and installation process. This can help any organization in getting what they want from any multi-display system.

If you are looking for the right company with the splendid and advanced video wall solutions, iSEMS is the name you must rely upon. The company is designed for possessing a wide range of video wall solutions meeting and exceeding the needs of their clients for the environment which is digitally environment. All the solutions at iSEMC are built with excitement and passion and the assistance from the company lays emphasis on their products’ superior quality. The company is capable enough to fulfill the demands of high-end and commercial control markets with the help of its innovative and intuitive huge line of A/V solutions and other related products.

About iSEMC:

iSEMC provides innovative and excellent teamwork in designing cutting-edge and high-quality touch screen video wall products with value-added services to its potential customers.

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Is It Worthwhile for Corporate Houses to Use Video Walls?

April 25, 2019 by Alex  

Several establishments require high-quality presentation to be displayed 24x7. The requirement is not for a single window but for multiple applications and it will be able to display a huge amount of information through this display system. This can be best accomplished by using a video display wall controller. The use of this gives the user flexibility and capability to manage as well as a display of such information. You can now not only see the information you need to see but also the way you wish to see it.

Exclusive Software Suitable to You

You have exclusive video wall software that will be suitable for your use. This will enable video wall displays to give a response as a single high-resolution desktop. It can also display multiple media outputs of any size anywhere. So, you can arrange to see the display as one single image or have multiple video displays or windows across the display screen.  Then you can even create multiple wall layouts and save them too which can be recalled and displayed whenever the need arises.

Have Control on Content

After the content is created and displayed you can have the full control of it. This can be at the video wall or the remote client via a network. So, with a video wall processor in place, you can process content with powerful graphics now. This can be achieved because the makers use proven technology. So, there are many takers for video walls in the corporate world. Indeed, to start adopting the video wall technology in office the businesses may need to make a huge investment. But this will prove to be worth the spend.

Powerful and Fast

With such a processor at your office which is fast as well as powerful the whole scenario in the office is gearing for a change. The information can be displayed in a better way and it can create a better impact on the viewers. Presentations can be displayed in a more informed manner and can be more impressive. The video wall can be used to put up the notice in a colorful and attractive manner in place of a notice board and it will get noticed more than the old board which was drab. The display boards for clients and visitors also with bring multi-colored content will draw more attention. So, the overall impact will be better for all kinds of viewers. Doesn’t this imply that corporate houses should use video walls for display?


For further information, visit https://www.isemc.com/