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Back Up Your Video Walls with Video Wall Controllers

October 13, 2019 by Alex  

There are countless approaches for driving video walls with number of advantages. Video wall controllers are useful when the customers need more flexibility and power behind the video walls they are using. Best video wall controller back its users or viewers up with several displays for delivering a perfectly synchronized content output in different configurations. The deployment of video wall must need video wall controller because it cannot be operated with the scalers. Considering video wall solutions for your business means the information you want to pass on are no longer limited to some single source. Many people have started considering video walls that are available with unique looks, feels and layouts.

Video wall controllers are capable of handling mosaic-style and artistic video walls. The video walls which have non-standardized configuration must need video wall controllers. The reason behind it is without video wall controllers the output content will be in the form of video wall landscape or portrait modes. If your project needs interactive content or can juggle content sources and multiple inputs simultaneously then you definitely need a video wall controller for simplicity and ease. With the best video wall controllers the customers can get an intuitive interface for configuration and management along with greater flexibility and control.

The whole concept and system of video wall controllers involves with less complexity and is way more affordable with numerous usages. Video wall controllers have become favorites because of eliminating several complex problems of integrity making the whole process of sharing information simpler. For controlling your video wall efficiently and for attain more value beyond synchronizing some series, you do need video wall controllers. Getting video wall controllers to back up your whole business won’t cost you much. The purchase will not blow any of your project budgets. In fact, buying one can help you in saving your money because then you will not have to buy more displays.

To get effective and reliable video wall controllers, consider the name of iSEMC which is a company with a great possession of impeccable video wall solutions. All the products at iSEMC are acclaimed for exceeding the expectations of company’s clients. In this digital era, the video wall solutions from iSEMC can effectively and efficiently keep you upfront and ahead in the industry.

About iSEMC:

iSEMC lays more emphasis on higher product quality with unlimited layout designs along with multi-group management, LED digital signage and control on web browser.

For further information, visit https://www.isemc.com

Take a Step Ahead with Trending LED Digital Signage

September 18, 2019 by Alex  

As the market of LED digital signage is growing, the screen sizes are needed in a bigger size too. In recent years InfoComm expo it was cleared that significant sizes must be averaging by 52 inches or bigger than this. The deployments occurring on large-scale needs visual punch and have incredible sets of features suiting with several customers’ complex requirements. Video wall software is particularly crucial so that you can easily end up with the burdensome and complicated technology your customers operate on a regular basis.

When you are up to selecting the software for the video wall offering, you must keep certain things into considerations. For example, the content type which is going to be run on these large screens. Such as the number of images that are going to be shown on the video wall differently or all at once? How you are expecting your customers need the large image display on the whole wall like advertising deployment? Or will the customers need multiple images to be displayed all at once?

It is a fact that the type of content that is going to be displayed or run on that large screen is directly going to imprint its impact on many people’s mind. This is why it is necessary that you are selecting the best software for the video wall offering. Certain technology available in the market in not capable enough for running multiple media types all at once. Things like scrolling and video text because all of it is designed for simply stretching single images on the large screen. Also, you will need to make sure that the content matching with the screen is its native resolution.

It is always a good thing for go native whenever possible. Video walls provide the best and high picture clarity and quality matching with the content for the native resolution of the screen. Remember, all the software and hardware can be integrated and function together seamlessly for achieving what is best in outcomes. If in search of credible companies that can provide you exceptional outcomes, then you must put your faith in the name of iSEMC. The company offers an unrivaled VC series of video wall controller comprised of unlimited layout design for content.

Video wall controller offered by iSEMC also includes multi-group management and web-browser control. You will also have the opportunity of scrolling the text for displaying the additional information or emergency.

About iSEMC:

iSEMC provides an enormous range of video wall software that is acclaimed to exceed the company’s client's expectations in this digital era.

For further information, visit https://www.isemc.com/

Order for the Video Wall According to Your Usage

August 19, 2019 by Alex  

Are you just thinking of going hi-tech in your business then you should consider the use of video wall controllers? But before you outright order one and get it installed it will be good to know everything about the video wall and why and how it is used, its benefits and the cost involved. Knowing first hand you will be able to pick the right kind of video wall that will give you the maximum benefit of its installation in your office.

Use of Video Walls on The Rise

A decade or so ago people would have just heard about video walls and only a few of them would have the fortune to have seen them being used. They were mostly found at stadiums, casinos, malls, and such public places. With the expansion of technology taking place now almost every kind of industry is finding a use for it. The use of video wall processors has augmented the quality of the display. Being more attractive the display has garnered more attention to it and it has resulted in capturing more leads for the businesses thus increasing their possibility of growth.

Key Factors to Consider

Yes, installing a video wall is sure going to benefit and boost your business but why not look into some key considerations. There are different kinds of video walls and this will help you pick the right kind for your use. Each of these criteria should be known deeply and details noted down.

• LCD or LED

• Location

• Image quality

• Space available


You have mainly two kinds of display systems the LCD and LED. Usually, LCD was the preferred one but now LED is replacing this technology even in the video wall display system. The latter is found to be more efficient and costs less too.

Different Use Different Video Walls

The display system is different for the outside and inside. Accordingly, you need to pick your video wall for different use. You may want a digital signage for your outdoor ad and one video wall as an office noticeboard. There is a slight difference between the two video walls. Also, the image quality will vary according to the use. Different video walls have different capabilities for displaying images. Choose the one that suits your use. Then the size of the display system can vary according to your use and the space available. So, know where what you are going to display. Order for the video wall corresponding to your use and space.

How Video Wall Solution is Better than Using Projectors

July 23, 2019 by Alex  

The video wall solution has become a new sensation catching everyone’s attention within a glance at any huge public spot. The whole system consist of several monitors for creating one large display with fine and highly defined visual details. This assortment has its countless benefits from quality to resolution in an enhanced manner along with an incomparable power engagement reach. For all the large set up out there video wall solutions are the best machine that can be used for multiple purposes.

With higher content quality, the platform uses higher resolution increasing every individual display added to the whole digital puzzle. The reason why video wall solutions are everyone’s favorite is they have variable processing power with lasting durability. They are made to be more durable as well as active over the long run. This is the reason why they don’t need more time consuming or frequent maintenance. Video wall solutions are designed to work 24/7 with minimum maintenance requirements.

Video wall solutions function greatly with interactivity which is why several organizations consider video wall solution a big investment. The technology of video wall solutions is powerful as well as complex. The whole video wall set up is capable enough to successfully deliver flexibility, performance along with interactivity all at the same time. So, choosing the right and ideal video wall solution set up is one challenging task. You are going to consider tons of elements from display types to controllers, software, support, integration and more. All of this is intimidating at first but when you are not sure all you need is assistance by you on which you can rely upon. Many people get help in lowering down to the limited choices in such huge confusion. All they need to do is identify their requirements on the basis of which they can narrow down their options.

At iSEMC, you will get that assistance because it is an acclaimed design company with plenty of professionals specializing in turning their customers’ desires into reality. The products offered by the company are renowned for matching as well as exceeding the client expectations in this digitally upgraded surrounding. All the setups offered from iSEMC are made of passion and excitement emphasizing extremely superior quality. iSEMC has become quite a choice for the customers around other nations in A/V industry and other relatable products.

About iSEMC:

iSEMC offers 30 days policy for a refund so that the customers cannot be bothered much when they are not satisfied with the product such as LED digital signage much.

For further information, visit https://www.isemc.com/

Enrich Your Work Place with Exclusive LCD Video Wall Solutions

June 27, 2019 by Alex  

Nowadays, LCD video wall controller is high in trend and re surprisingly common mostly at all the crucial places. From the airport or other transportation hubs to museums, malls, retail stores, restaurants, corporate lobbies, universities, and schools, they are everywhere. The reason why their demand and growth are on high stakes is the combination of lower prices, smaller footprints and AV equipment performance. Apart from that, there is also creativity of brand building and advertising which is combined with the charm of digital experience known claimed to be interactive. This fact ensures the presence of digital existence everywhere. From your working space to living space, shopping points, traveling and sports area, these video walls solutions make sure that you remain entertained, educated as well as aware.

This is the reason why the technology of video wall solutions considered being user-friendly. This phenomenon collaborates with the breathtaking concept of improved manufacturing allowing the organization to dictate its story. Not only that, but it also helps in brand elevation with the help of bonding communication values. Moreover, you can always visualize critical information for optimal decisions. So, whenever you get confused in the hyper-competitive market of video wall solutions, just be sure about what kind of technology your place can adapt.

You need to find a platform where your confusion about adapting the right technology can be resolved in a crystal clear manner. You need guidance in decision making of buying advanced video wall solutions fitting perfectly with the needs of your space. This is where the quest for buying the right technology becomes tedious for the buyers. Right at this point, they need full point assistance leading them to the right purchase. It is crucial because wrong choice-making can really affect the functionality of their place. Thus the name of iSEMC is the perfect options to all those, looking forward to installing brand new video wall solutions at their places.

The assistance from iSEMC aims on providing you all the advanced technologies, so that you can conclude your quest with an informed decision and effective solutions. iSEMC is a well-designed company with the possession of a wide assortment of video wall solutions meeting as well as exceeding their clients’ needs in this digitally improvised atmosphere. Built with enthusiasm and passion, iSEMC lays emphasis on its extremely superior quality products.

About iSEMC:

iSEMC successfully acclaimed as video wall controllers manufacturer accomplishing the demands on both market as well as commercial purposes with its exclusive product line.

For further information, visit https://www.isemc.com/

Deliver Your Message to Your Employee with Video Wall Solutions

May 15, 2019 by Alex  

Video wall software is renowned for providing multi-display installations with their flexibility. Because of this capability executing the updated and exclusive functions has become imperative. This is the big property for which these multi-display systems are in demand for. Visual and audio video wall software systems are powerful if people are using it to its whole extent and this is the place things can be difficult. Without the intuitive and backend technology for controlling the whole system, it is going to be impossible for several organizers in taking advantage of all their technology. Luckily renowned A/V integrators robust the whole control systems designed for easing the usage, which means anyone can get trained up within the meantime.

Video wall software offers controlling several displays all at once and the best part is it all involves with the single display. Thus, unlike the one single display formatted for the standard outputs and inputs for the multi-display systems to add on a layer of management’s functional property. It allows the people for creating, saving and loading the custom display for display. Apart from that, it also allows the controller to switch between the layouts whenever needed spontaneously.

It also offers the robust options for the preview ensuring all the layouts looks in a way it was always intended. With the help of modern video wall software, it is designed for making all the functions making it easy in executing, with the intuitive interfaces. People can learn it so easily right away with A/V integrator provides insight during training and installation process. This can help any organization in getting what they want from any multi-display system.

If you are looking for the right company with the splendid and advanced video wall solutions, iSEMS is the name you must rely upon. The company is designed for possessing a wide range of video wall solutions meeting and exceeding the needs of their clients for the environment which is digitally environment. All the solutions at iSEMC are built with excitement and passion and the assistance from the company lays emphasis on their products’ superior quality. The company is capable enough to fulfill the demands of high-end and commercial control markets with the help of its innovative and intuitive huge line of A/V solutions and other related products.

About iSEMC:

iSEMC provides innovative and excellent teamwork in designing cutting-edge and high-quality touch screen video wall products with value-added services to its potential customers.

For further information, visit https://www.isemc.com/