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Difference Between Virgin Remy and Non-Virgin Hair

July 23, 2019 by ishowhair  

Remy Hair


Remy or Remi is not a brand name. The term refers to the characteristics in the collection of the hair. Everything Wigs selects premium quality un-damaged, healthy Remy hair. The hair is shinier, softer, more durable and has a longer life than non-Remy hair. Non virgin Remy has been chemically processed typically for texture or color.


Virgin Remy Hair


The best type of Remy is virgin hair also called cuticle hair. When hair is harvested from a donor, the cuticle remains intact. The cuticle protects the hair from damage.


Virgin Remy is not chemically processed for color or texture. This means the hair has not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached or chemically processed in any way. Virgin Remy is very soft and silky and 100% natural. Virgin hair color is called natural because it is not processed for color. The natural color for Indian, Asian, Brazilian, Mongolian and Malaysian virgin hair ranges from very dark to medium brown in color.


Virgin hair can be straight, wavy or curly in texture. However any hair that has been chemically processed for texture, for example yaki, body wave or curls is no longer virgin. Sometimes, virgin hair texture may be altered using a high pressure and heat method.The hair is still considered virgin because no chemical processing used. If Remy hair has been altered in color, it is also chemically processed and no longer considered virgin.


Virgin Remy hair last longer and is much likely to tangle or than non virgin Remy In a nutshell, virgin hair is Remy but not all Remy hair is virgin.


Indian Hair


Indian Remy is the most popular hair on the market due to being readily available and affordable. The texture is versatile and excellent for all ethnicities. Indian hair holds curls very well. The hair is lifts and adds color well. Too much processing for color and texture will cause the hair to tangle and mat. Indian hair is less coarse and dense than Chinese or Malaysian.


Malaysian Hair


Malaysian hair is naturally straight with a slight bend or wave.When the hair is wet is waves slightly. The hair density is thicker than Indian, but not quite as thick as Chinese hair. Although the hair is thicker, it is light-weight, fluffy and has good body. Malaysian hair has a straighter texture and is not as shiny as Indian. The hair is softer than Indian hair. The hair holds body wave curls very well. Malaysian hair texture can be used for all ethnic textures. It is an excellent substitute for European hair. The hair also creates a nice, smooth African American Hair relaxed hair texture. Malaysian hair is more expensive than Indian or Chinese hair.


Asian or Chinese


Chinese Remy is very dense, thick and very straight. The hair is very good if you want sleek and straight hair as it does not hold curls well. Chinese hair is nice and smooth and has less shine than Indian hair. The hair makes nice Yaki and kinky textures due to the thickness.




This hair is a native of Europe and primarily used by Caucasians. The hair has a light silky feel. It is in limited supply and much more expensive than Indian or Chinese Remy.


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Different Kinds Of Lace Wigs

July 22, 2019 by ishowhair  

African American wigs have come a very long way over the past few decades and can offer you an attractive natural look. With a carefully chosen human hair wig, no one will be able to tell that it's not your real hair!


Today's hair wigs can be a quick and beautiful way to be fashion ready when you don't have time to wash, dry and style your hair. These wigs can be constructed of synthetic hair or 100% real human hair. Choosing wigs from real human hair allows you to purchase the most natural looking wig.


Oh Yes! I'm talking about Lace Wigs. Thousands of women are searching the net everyday for african american wigs, and they are finding themselves more and more being presented with hundreds of lace wig sites offering custom lace wigs, lace frontals and even high dollar ticket items, like the "Invisi Wig".


I have to agree, that lace wigs (a.k.a. lace front wigs) are becoming an upcoming force in the hair industry , hence fueling a lot of consumer interest and questions. Lace wigs are the best solution if you searching for an all natural appearance for you hair. Lace wigs are lightweight, comfortable and give you the perfect look. When you first receive the lace wig put your hands inside the wig and give it a gentle shake. This is to loosen up the hair strands from being recently packaged.


I can attest personally that lace wigs are completely undetectable, and can be worn for up to 6 weeks at a time, and depending on how well you care for your lace wig, they can last for a year or so. Also, something to keep in mind, lace wigs are preferably custom made to order. This is always a better option, as the fit is very important in order to achieve the perfect look.


Choosing the proper size is crucial for a natural appearance. Most heads are 21-23 inches in diameter, and the majority of wigs fit that average size. Most reputable lace wig sellers will have a head measurement guide on their site for you to download and use. This makes it more easy and convenient for you to do your own head measurement at home and in private.


I have to admit that there are many african american wigs available today that look and feel very natural. However, it is important to know that the quality of your wig depends on the origin of the hair used. What I mean is that you will need to decide if you want Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Chinese hair, Malaysian hair, European hair, etc. Now, not all the lace wig sellers offer many hair origins to choose from, and some just sell only one type, and that's typically Indain hair (Raw Virgin and Remy).


But let me tell you from experience, the best of the "BEST" type of quality hair to custom make your lace wig from, hands down, is "Brazilian" hair! It is the cream of the crop, and it is also very expensive! But you know the old saying...."you get what you pay for" right?


The next top of the line quality human hair is Malaysian and then Chinese. But before you disagree, let me explain, the Malaysian and Chinese hair does not tangle much at all, and typically this is because the origin of the hair and the texture in itself, in which they are more thicker and stronger in strands (Brazilian too!), therefore, tangling is hardly ever an issue with these hair types. Which means you will have more durability and a longer life span from higher quality hair such as those hair origins mentioned above.


But don't get me wrong! Indian hair is a very good quality hair too, the only difference is that it easily tangles because indian hair strands are not as thick and sturdy, rather it is more fine and limp like. But indian hair is more ideal for african american hair textures and to be honest, it is the most versatile texture when it come to accommodating almost all nationalities!


In conclusion, african american wigs made of lace material are the best way to have a flawless hair look each and every day. It is the celebrities best kept secret and steadily taking the hair care industry on by storm!


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Hairstyles for Formal Events

July 19, 2019 by ishowhair  

Formal events for weddings and engagements come with a need for detailed planning. The secret lies in organizing well for the event and planning ahead. This should ideally begin with the look you would want to create. If you have a decent gown in the closet it needs to be checked for today's trend. In case you plan to buy a co-ordinated effort you could invest in designer brands where a designer will suggest you certain styles and accessories that would suit you and the occasion.


There is a great need to find time to relax. Stress and high paced life shows on your skin and hair. Frizzy and dull hair is often caused by sleeplessness and deprivation of right nutrition. If you are aware of the occasion in advance visit a hair salon to get to know the right hair cut that will suit your face type. Also express the kind of look you would like as a makeover.


Haircuts cannot be done the day before of the event. Fresh haircuts are not always easy to manage and it is best to allow the hair cut to settle down. If your hair is of the stubborn variety then a different partition or waves will take more time to settle. Using good quality gels and sprays becomes important so as to not compromise on the health of the hair.


Updo hairstyles are always in fashion. If you notice a particular celebrity hair style in a magazine, show the same to your stylist. The stylist may modify the same to suit your personality. Go for formal hairstyles with buns and top knots. Curly hairs pinned up near the crown with tendrils to frame the face are forever feminine choices. In case your hair is blonde and absolutely straight then use middle length hair cut, and go for soft waves. Keep the hair in place with a styling gel. Hand scrunched hair forms gentle waves.


The first step before styling hair to learn the art of blow drying well. Climate can influence the quality of hair. Ironing the hair with quality brand irons is recommended as they help to preserve the natural moisture of hair and create a perfect straight hair. Use a violet hair colour for a classy appeal. Formal hairstyles can also happen for short hair using hair extensions and holding them securely with bobby pins and sprays.


Layered and wavy hair in the natural form does not need any hairstyle. If you have a perm use a hair colour in a formal hue and the same can be held with a pincer. Poker straight hair in a pony tail is perfect for formal business meetings.


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Something about Hair Weaving Needed to Know

July 18, 2019 by ishowhair  

What is hair weaving?


It's the science of weaving or braiding human or synthetic hair to the roots of existing, healthy hair so that it grows along with natural hair, thus giving the impression of a thick growth. It's also called hair


integration or hair intensification. It's a procedure appropriate for people with thinning hair. It's not something that requires a hospital visit; it's usually done in salons as a temporary procedure.


How does it work?


Two or three shafts of hair natural or synthetic are woven into the root area. Some of the natural hair is woven or braided together to act as an anchor, to which the add-on tufts are sewn, woven, knitted or glued. The extensions have to be repositioned every five or six weeks as the natural hair grows out.


Sounds Complex.


It is. Apart from the sheer tedium of repeated 'surgeries', the procedure stresses the existing hair as well. Also, keeping the scalp and hair clean is a problem, as vigorous washing could loosen the new hair. The American Hair Loss Council advises the procedure only for people with plenty of healthy hair, and that too, for periods not longer than a few weeks. A patch test is essential to ensure the person undergoing the procedure is not allergic to any of the adhesives or implants used.


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Fast Method to Grow Your Hair Out

July 17, 2019 by ishowhair  

Some people who wasn't blessed using good head of hair are actually green with envy of those folks who suffer from the luxury of being able to use their hair extended and ensure that is stays that way in spite of whatever complications that extended hair would bring to a person. From having a longer time throughout taking a bath and also having to deal with a number of monthly hair treatments simply to keep which long locks in suggestion, top, shape.


Fortunately, for those who are at times in the feelings for longer hair, there are actually hair extensions which are proven to be a safe and quick way for individuals to be able to get longer hair. Through curly hair extensions, folks will be able to possess the length of locks that they need whichever period they want their hair to be extended and for merely several days (which means those who have hair extensions need not to worry about the hair extensions upkeep ultimately). Hair extensions are actually ideal for people who are pondering growing out and about their hair right into a long, luxurious mop from the short, boyish style hair cut.


Have you even remarked that a lot of celebrities nowadays often sometimes possess longer head of hair then reduced hair the next? Well, it definitely is not an operate of miraculous but any breakthrough in neuro-scientific both beauty and fashion wherein leading hairstylists nowadays are performing these head of hair extensions in people who don't have the persistence nor time for it to grow their head of hair long. In terms of growing someone's hair, you'll find certainly a lot of things that a man or woman needs to carry out in order to keep that looking gorgeous. Of course, in terms of growing someone's hair, it's highly important that you simply actually sustain it in a good condition or else long locks will simply make you look sloppy.


Through curly hair extensions, possessing long hair is really an air flow. You just come in the beauty parlor and have that made and also after a few hours, you have flawlessly nice extended hair. Curly hair extensions have been highly popular hair therapies at the salons and spas nowadays where a lot of the clientele all are looking for some hair extensions combined with their natural mane so that you can look a little more girly, superior and even a bit sexy.


For many people who visit the professional salons for a curly hair extension therapy, they usually opt to have the real hair extensions in order to achieve a natural look as compared to the synthetic kind of hair extensions that actually features a different structure. And since human hair extensions are highly in demand nowadays, be prepared to fork out a little more funds for these human hair extensions, because human hair extensions can certainly set you back all-around $1,000.


If you're worried about needing to spend all day every day at the beauty parlor while having flowing hair extension cure, then you require not bother about a thing given that having a head of hair extension medication is actually a quick and easy approach wherein you can be with a perfectly dramatic correct for your curly hair and the head of hair extensions can actually last you regarding five complete months (however, you need to be embark on a little effortless when you brush, style as well as wash nice hair).


Another popular selection when it comes to having hair extensions, is to contain the synthetic sort of hair extensions which is the particular less expensive selection as compared to the human hair extensions and unlike what other folks might say, synthetic locks extensions actually looks in the same way natural because human hair extensions that are extremely pricey.


Wait , how are the curly hair extensions in fact applied to your natural curly hair anyway? Nicely, the hair extension is actually positioned on a small part of the hair. Hair and the head of hair extension will likely be sort of braided jointly so that the locks extension may have something to carry onto. Next, after the braiding treatment of the hair extension therapy comes the bonding program wherein any bonding option for your head of hair extension is applied then heat will then be applied to the treated area which will risk-free the hair extensions to your normal hair.


For many more advice about hair extension training courses, hair extension and celebrity hair extension please visit any granted link.


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Hair Weave Styles

July 16, 2019 by ishowhair  

When desiring to have a hair extension, you may opt to have human, synthetic, or artificial styles. To enhance your looks you have the choice to make the best hair weave styles that you may desire. Consider the texture and the cost of a weave before settling to purchase it. If you choose to look natural, then go for human locks.


To get the best weave, it is advisable to check its quality by ensuring it does not shed. What one should consider is to go for the style that gives that desired look while still allowing your natural hair to grow. Several extension styles exist. These include human and synthetic hair. These can feature curly, bonded hair and fusion hair weaves. Here are few tips to consider when choosing the style that you want.


* To have a bonded style one needs to fix strands to the existing hair using special adhesive glues. With this style, its wise to take care not to damage the natural hair.


* To have human hair design would give you a more natural look since it comes from real human hair. Getting hair extension that matches ones hair in texture and color could be a bit hectic.


* For curly style, one needs to fix braided curly hair extensions to the natural hair. You may also need to maintain them well for that gorgeous look.


* For a synthetic one, you must use artificial hair warped to make a desired look. One fixes it on their existing for a different appearance.


* Fusion weave is where one parts hair into portions then you fix this extension using hot wax to the natural locks.


For the hair weave style that you choose, consider the effects that it is going to have on your ordinary hair. If you still value your natural locks then you should consider that method that least damages it. In addition, one can easily style their own hair by following simple steps saving them cash that they would have to take to the salon.


Lastly, before considering that style of weave that you desire to have, it would be wise to consider the kind of hair you want, how to maintain it, how you want to be fixed whether fused or sewed, the amount of money you wish to spend as well as how you will apply the additional hair.


Now that you have already made that decision to use extension hair to enhance your look, you have the choice to choose the style that works best for you. For all the fashionable women, it is easy to look like a celebrity any time you want without much hustle. If you love to look attractive and forget about the natural hair that you dread, you can go for the hair extensions. You can even look as beautiful and natural as you may wish. The only wise decision that you have to make is to choose the best hair weave styles for the look that you desire.


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Hair Care Tips For Different Hair

July 15, 2019 by ishowhair  

Hair differs from person to person and this could range from the curly to the straight ones; the blondes and the brunettes. Even the hair quality and hair colors differ. Science explains that such differences in hair occur because it is inherited from their parents but today it is not the whole story but it is beyond that. There are several other factors beyond genetic factor and they are geographical location of people around the globe and interracial marriages. So obviously the hair treatment also varies. Hair treatment is not one-size-fits-all, it differs from hair to hair.


The three basic types of hair as classified by the scientist are - Ruler straight black hair that are said to be one of the best hair for its resistance to damage and are found with the Asian people who hail from the Orient. Next are the black curly hairs that are associated with Africans. The structure of the strands is twisted. The different environmental factors are responsible for such type of hair. The third type of hair is associated with the Caucasoid group that are found to have the highest percentage of mixture among the three racial groups and these people range from the north-west Europeans to the Indian subcontinent with hair ranging from very pale (blond) to deep black.


Looking at the different shapes of the hair seen around it could classify as Straight hair, Curly/Frizzy hair and Wavy hair. Whatever type or color hair it may be the basic hair care is common and that includes shampooing, using conditioners, and combing and the only distinction is the choice of hair care products that would suit the individual. The hair that is easily managed is straight hair but it is likely to break easily as it can stretch especially when it is wet and on the other hand blow drying would often lead to brittleness and, eventually, breakage.


Taking the case of oily hair that results due to following rigorous activities or sometime it occurs with the teenagers upon reaching the period of adolescence due to active sebaceous glands that is considered natural follow the basic hair treatment. In addition to it extra care can also be taken using hair pack and various other products available in the market under different brand names but care should be taken that you select those products that are mainly for oily hair if your hair is oily. The same is the case with the people with dry hair. It is important that you choose the product well. There numerous products recommended for dry and brittle hair available in the market. Hair packs are also available for dry hair that provides luster and softness to hair and keeps you hair healthy. Besides you can seek dermatologist to extra advice to keep your hair strong and healthy.


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Full Lace Front Wigs For Daily Use

July 12, 2019 by ishowhair  

Nowadays women have been given a magical gift in the form of full lace front wigs to enhance their beauty. The lace front wigs can change their looks and personality in a few minutes. These wigs can be used daily with some modifications to their hair style. First of all women should have an idea as to how to use these lace wigs properly. It is then that a full lace front wig would give her, the user full justice on looking good.


Most women prefer to wear full lace front wigs regularly because they are not in a position to groom their original hair in a proper manner or suffer from hair loss. And moreover these lace wigs are made of human hair and look very natural. There are also many men who suffer from hair loss and baldness and to cover it up, opt for lace wigs that will make them look younger and their hair more dense. Patients who suffer from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy or those inflicted with alopecia suffer from hair loss and sometimes go bald. Doctors then advise them to use a full lace front wig on a daily basis.


There are instances of light haired people who have quite a few strands of black hair going in for full lace front wigs, so that their head can be partially covered by the new long stresses. There are some very well known celebrities like Raquel Welch and country singer Dolly Parton who have made lace front wigs popular. And on the other hand famous singer Cher for the last four decades has been wearing a variety of lace front wigs, from blonde to black hair and from curly hair to straight hair, which makes her look ravishingly beautiful. There are people who cross dress sporting long full lace front wigs for fashion jigs. They like to look more feminine.


Besides human hair wigs there are many modern wigs which are prepared by using chemical fibers, such as nylon, glass fiber, rayon and other materials. These are known as Synthetic Hairs. The human hair advantage is that all these hairs are natural and not dyed. The perm full lace front wigs are the best because it can be very easily dyed into different colors and shapes. And there are some low grade wigs which look very rough, distorted. If you ever desire to go for a vogue wig to fit you then you must firstly consider the quality, cost, wearing time etc.


You will be surprised to know that people in developed areas have permed, dyed hair, human hair wigs which are usually manufactured in China, India, South Asia and other developing regions. But the bulk quantity of human air is obtained from the Tirupathi Temple in Andhra Pradesh, where the Brahmin Hindus offer their hair as devotion and there are nearly 700 barbers who cut the hair of these pilgrims, that's where the raw product for full lace front wigs comes from. The total amount of hair collected there in a couple days is nearly 1 ton which is transferred from the Temple's warehouse to a factory in Chennai where it is duly processed and exported to the United States, France and many European Countries to manufacture full lace front wigs.


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Tips to Enjoy a Healthy Style

July 11, 2019 by ishowhair  

Is that your hair type is curly? If yes then undoubtedly you are enjoying with this hair style as compared to earlier style. Isn't it, right! Due to short time or hectic schedule, you are not able to give proper time to take care of your hairs. But surely you want to enjoy the good type of hairs every day. It is important to know that how to take care of your curly hairs in order to enjoy an interesting look every day. Such hairs require different styling techniques and products. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that there are products that can easily resolve their problem. There are reputed parlours with professionals to guide you. If you have wavy type it is important to understand that how you can give yourself a striking style. In addition to use the right kind of products which are available easily in the market now-a-days, you need to follow some tips and tricks that can help you to take proper care.


Caring for frizzy type is no longer a difficult task. Look for high-quality products available in the market and choose the right one so as to enjoy a style that is easy to maintain. The frizzy type tends to be dry and brittle. You need to be very cautious in maintaining the style.


It is important to take particular care for curly hair. You are recommended to use creamy shampoos. It is suggested that you use such products only after consulting a professional. The conditioner should also be chosen carefully. Choose the product rich in vitamins. Consult an expert and choose a style that is easy to maintain and only requires a wet and go approach. It's important that you have the right kind of cut.


Summer means scorching heat. Your hair may not be able to bear the excessive heat. Constant exposure under the sun can end up giving you a dull and dreary look. Furthermore, the combination of heat, humidity, and chlorine from swimming pools can harm your cuticle and this will in due course result in brittle and drab strands and split ends.


Important summer hair care tips:


Limit outdoor time


Get a trim


Use conditioners


Apply products that have SPF and UV protection


Avoid using heat generating appliances


Minimize exposure to chlorine


It is often great to spend time outdoors especially at the beach during summertime; you are however suggested to keep out of the sun to avoid UV rays. Do not forget to rinse your hair first with fresh water before you go into the pool for swimming.


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Fix Quick And Easy Holiday Curly Hair Tips

July 10, 2019 by ishowhair  

It's the most wonderful time of the year - and sometimes, the most stressful! December is filled with holiday celebrations that keep many of us on the go as we try to spend time with family and friends near and far. There's food to prepare, gifts to purchase and give, religious ceremonies to attend and parties to enjoy.


In the midst of it all, we still want our curly hair to look its best. Here are a few tips to ensure that your curly hair stays healthy and happy during the holiday season, some of which can also double as gift-generating ideas for those special curlies in your life.


Tip #1 - Check the weather forecast before going over the river and through the woods. If you're traveling to see family in an area with different weather patterns than what you experience at home, make sure you have the right products to help tackle those temperatures. What you use to protect your hair on a windy Toronto or Chicago winter morning might be too heavy if you're spending Christmas at Grandma's place in sunny Florida. Water conditions in different areas could also wreak havoc on your hair. Pack accordingly for such ventures away from home and don't be afraid to use more or less of your favorite product depending on location.


Tip #2 - Downsize: If you have to travel for the holidays and you don't want to carry oversized bottles of favorite products taking up extra space in your suitcase. Purchase a kit of travel-sized bottles of your favorite curly hair products to take on the road - and through security at airports.


Tip #3 - Remember those styling tools: Don't you hate it when you realize you forgot to pack your wide-toothed comb in your travel bag, dooming you to a few days of inadequate attempts at finger combing conditioner through your tresses? Having an extra comb or another styling tool of choice to put in an overnight bag could be the difference between dazzling holiday tresses or a hair catastrophe. If you're looking for a stocking stuffer for a curly friend (or trying to give others ideas for your own stocking), ask for styling tools.


Tip #4 - Accessorize: Fall and winter are the best seasons for rich jewel-toned apparel, and the holiday season is a great time to bring out those sparkly clips, combs and other items to add a touch of glamour to your hair. That upcoming Hanukkah party, Christmas celebration or New Year's Eve bash provides the perfect occasion to dress up your usual curly hairstyle with a festive accent. Those hair accessories also make for great small gifts to give and receive.


Tip #5 - Take care of yourself: This might seem obvious, but in the rush to do for others during the holidays, we can often let our own self-care fall by the wayside. Make sure you get enough rest, eat healthy meals when possible to balance out the inevitable onslaught of cakes, pies and other sweets you'll be offered at holiday events, and drink plenty of water. Your hair will benefit as well!


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