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3 Amazing Hair Extension Hacks You Must Try

June 4, 2019 by ishowhair  

Do you think styling your hair extensions is time consuming? Are you finding it difficult to carry those faux locks?

Word around the street is that, hair extensions are a great way to experiment with various styles. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

After all, this is the reason why you got those luxury hair extensions in the first place. The only problem is that you’re still learning the ropes of styling your hair. This is why we’ve got hold of some nifty tips that make life easier for you.

Let’s have a look at these super simple hair extension hacks:

1. Use a Hanger for Styling

Do you find it hard to style your extensions?

If you think about it, styling your clipped-in extensions can be a struggle when they are attached to your head. The worst case scenario is that you’ll probably pull out one of those wefts. Is there a way to get out of this tangled mess?

We suggest that you detach your extensions and use a hanger as a makeshift hair stand. This serves two styling purposes. Firstly, you now have the freedom to use both hands for styling. Secondly, keeping your extensions in front of you makes it easier to correct any styling errors.

Pro tip:  Try to pre-curl or straight iron your human hair extensions the night before of a big event. Doing so, allows you to spend extra time doing your make up.

2.  Create Perfect Layers

Have you been eyeing those chic layered hairstyles?

Well, we’ve figured out a way for you to get that look without cutting your hair. All you need are some clip-in hair extensions (preferably long ones).  Then instead of attaching them conventionally in a straight line, create sections of your hair and clip them in diagonally. Installing your hair extensions in diagonal direction helps create a wonderful high to low effect. This gives your hair that layered illusion.

3. Simple Brushing Tips

Do your hair extensions get tangled with your brush?

If styling your extensions might be hard. But brushing those strands isn’t easy either. It actually has a tendency to become a tug of war with your hairbrush. Doesn’t it?

This is why we’ve decided to share some brushing tips for hair extensions:

· Opt for looped hand brushes that have soft bristles

· Always brush your hair in gentle strokes

· Back comb your wefts if you have thin hair

Wrap Up

On the whole, these nifty tricks come in handy for everyday styling. They save time, tears and the money spent on booking hair appointments. So we suggest that you practice these tips and rock those faux locks like a pro.

So what are you waiting for? Go try one of these hair extension hacks right away!

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How to Wash Your Clip-In Hair Extensions?

June 3, 2019 by ishowhair  

Did you just get new clip-in hair extensions? Then you probably need to know how to clean them out after multiple wears.

The rule of thumb about clip-in hair extensions is that they have to be washed after every few weeks. This helps the human hair extensions to retain their glossiness and smooth texture for a longer duration.

The only problem here is that you can’t wash the clipped wefts like normal hair. Lucky for you, we’ve got this complex process figured out.

 And we’re happy to share it with the word.

Step 1: Comb It

For starters, hair extensions have a sneaky way of getting tangled up with your real hair. That is why you need to brush and comb the extensions properly before they get wet.

This precautionary step helps prevent more knots from forming during the wash.

We suggest that you use a soft bristle brush for this. Or a wide-tooth comb will be a good option too. After properly brushing those wefts you need to detach them from your scalp.

Pro Tip: Always ask a hairstylist to teach you how to detach hair extensions if you’re a beginner.

Step 2: Wash Them

You can either prepare a sink with lukewarm water for your wash. Or you might want to wash them in the shower with your natural hair. The key here is to always use lukewarm water. After that’s done, you pour a dime-sized drop of shampoo for in your palm. Then gently apply the shampoo on each weft. Make sure that each weft gets washed properly!

Here are a few things to keep in mind while the wash:

· Use shampoos and conditioners that are alcohol-free

· Choose products that are suitable for treated hair/dyed hair if need be

· Separate your wefts for easier cleaning

Step 3:  Air Dry Them

When it comes to human hair extensions, blow drying is not a good option. You’ve got to go the old-school route by air drying them.  This boosts their longevity and prevents them from getting damaged by exposure to heat.

While air drying your extensions make sure to:

· Wring off excessive water

· Lay them on a towel

· Assemble them separately so each weft is dried

Pro-tip: If you opt for a blow dryer than use a hair spray to minimize the damage.

Step 4: Get Them Ready for Attachment

Lastly, comb the wefts again to get them ready for reattachment. Brush them using light gently strokes to ensure that you don’t damage the strands. Then start reattaching them one at a time according to a proper installation process.

That’s it! You can get your clip-in wefts cleaned in these four simple steps.

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What Is the Difference Between Wigs, Weaves and Hair Extensions?

June 1, 2019 by ishowhair  

Are you new to the wig world? Then your hair must be buzzing with all sorts of questions.

One of the most important questions that every newbie asks is this: what is the difference between wigs and weaves?

Where do hair extensions come in?

So on and so forth.  

This confusion is fueled by the fact that many women think that the main types of hairpieces are interchangeable.

Whereas, in reality, this is far from the truth― they aren’t all the same things nor do they work in the same way.

Are you one of these people?

Then let’s tell you everything you need to know about these hairpieces.

Here’s the all-important breakdown:

1. Wigs

In layman’s terms, wigs are hairy hats. These are the original headpieces that were made to give you full coverage.

  There are many different types of wigs―lace-front wigs, monofilament wigs, synthetic wigs etc. But mainly they can be divided as being made from synthetic hair or human hair.

How are they applied? Wigs are usually applied with tape or glue. You’ve also got access to some wig grips and wig caps to ensure that they stay put on your head.

Why do women wear them? In most circumstances, women opt for wigs when they need a full hair makeover. It’s a super-easy way to get super trendy locks without any hair damage. Other than that, some women might use it for medical reasons.

 This includes hair damage, genetic problems, and baldness.

The best part about wigs is that it can be taken off whenever you want. Additionally, compared to the other headpieces they’re the least likely to be noticed by onlookers.

2. Weaves

Weaves or sew-in extensions are the ultimate black girl magic. They are properly weft strands that are sewn into a net. These faux locks can blend into your natural hairline for the best deception. But they’re a temporary hair solution as they require frequent installations.

How are they installed? First, you braid your natural hair in a protective hairstyle. Then you put a net over it. Lastly, you get the hair bundles sewn on top of your head.

Why do women wear them? Weaves are a steadier option than wigs. They offer wig security, full-coverage and convenience to women who change their looks once in a while. The only problem with weaves is that you’re pretty much stuck with a particular hairstyle for weeks.

3. Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are considered as the mini-versions of weaves. They’re basically separate strands of human hair that can be attached to your head. They’re almost always made from real human hair. This ensures that they blend well with your natural hairline.

How are they installed? You can either sew-in these luxury hair extensions or use other options (e.g. wig clips, tape and glue).

Why do women wear them? Hair extensions are great when you don’t need maximized coverage. Women choose this hair trend to get fuller and longer hair. Plus, colored hair extensions allow you to rock some fake streaks without damaging your real hair.

Wrap Up

One the whole, each of the main types of hairpieces has its own benefits. Wigs help people that need a full cover up, weaves are more practical for daily use and extensions provide you with natural-looking volume.

 At the end of the day, it all depends on the look you want to attain.

So which one will you choose?

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What is the Best Remy Human Hair Weave to Blend with Natural Hair?

May 31, 2019 by ishowhair  

As gorgeous as your natural hair is, it takes time and effort to maintain it on a day to day basis. That’s where protective styles come in!

 Maybe you’ve been avoiding weaves because you were worried none of them would blend with your naturally kinky hair. Well, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of options that will help you blend your leave out with your extensions in the most organic way possible!

Just make sure you take your hair texture into account when getting the right weave. Let’s take a look at some of these options.

Kinky Curly Weave for Type 3 Hair

One of the most versatile weaves in the market, the kinky curly weave can be fashioned by certain styling methods to replicate your natural hair’s curl, coil or kink. Make sure you get 100% Remy human hair weaves for high quality. T

he best part is that you can revive those hair extensions in between installs without damaging your natural hair through regular maintenance and washes. The kinky curly weave is best suited for blending with Type 3 natural hair.

Type 3 hair is naturally curly, with 3b and 3c being progressively curlier than 3a. This kind of hair has low luster, and experiences 50% to 60% shrinkage, which is well mimicked by the kinky curly weave. What’s more, kinky curly weave mimic the texture of this hair well, which permits a seamless blend.

Afro Kinky Curly Weave for Type 4 Hair

This weave’s texture resembles an afro more than kinky hair. With uniform and tight coils, it has great shrinkage, just as Type 4a, Type 4b and Type 4c do. You can achieve this curl pattern by using steam processing on Remy human hair weaves. You can style this kind of hair in all kinds of ways – braid or twist it, or even color it without fear of it using its coiled texture over time.

The afro kinky curly weave is best suited for blending with Type 4 natural hair. Type 4 hair is naturally kinky, with 4b and 4c being progressively kinkier than 4a. This kind of hair requires gentle maintenance to avoid breakage. This kind of hair has low luster, and experiences 60% to 70% shrinkage, which is replicated by the kinky curly weave.

What’s more, afro kinky curly weave mimic the texture kinky and coiled hair well particularly, which permits a seamless blend.

Kinky Straight Weave for Transitioning Hair

If you’re looking for a relaxed weave that helps you transition to natural hair without having to deal with blending straight weaves with your natural curls and kinks, this is the weave for you. Kinky straight weaves are full and textured in their natural state, but mimic how this sort of hair looks when it’s blown out.

This makes kinky straight weaves some of the easiest textures to work with when it comes to transitioning hair. Whether you leave it textured, or straighten or curl it, you’re bound to have fantastic results.

Make your natural hair more manageable with these cool weaves!

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What Are The Different Kinds of Human Hair Extensions?

May 30, 2019 by ishowhair  

With the progress of time, human hair extensions have seem some incredible advances in terms of styles, methods, colors and lengths.

So just what kinds of extensions are out there? And which ones will suit you best?

Well, it all depends.

 Each kind of extensions comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a look at some of the most common kinds of hair extensions in the market today.

Microbead Hair Extensions

These extensions make use of little beads in order to attach the weave on to your real hair. The bead is then threaded on the hair near the scalp, and then crimped so the hair holds in place. These extensions require frequent maintenance, but they last for a long time – depending on the quality of the extensions and your hair care routine, you can wear them for three to six months.

This durability can be quite appealing to certain extensions wearers.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion or glue-in hair extensions utilize advanced technology in the form of tiny keratin bonds that have been melted and formed around the hair for a long-lasting attachment. Despite the term “glue-in”, not all of these extensions actually make use of glue. These keratin bonds are for people who are prepared to commit for a style for a long time – they’re difficult to remove. Additionally, they could get damaged if you expose your hair to heat-based treatments regularly. However, they don’t require as much daily maintenance as the other methods. You’ll need to keep up maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks as your hair grows back.

Tape Hair Extensions

These extensions have a powerful adhesive attached to their wefts, which are then attached to the head. While professional installation is a must, it doesn’t take long to install these, and they make for a seamless look. If your hair is thinning, tape hair extensions could be the answer for you.

 If you’re a fan of heat-based treatments, you could go with tape extensions, since these are less likely to be damaged. Just make sure you have enough replacement tape.

Clip Hair Extensions

Fond of changing up your hairstyle at will? Clip hair extensions are probably the right choice for you in terms of easy volume, length and shifts in color. If you don’t want to go to a salon every time you get a weave, you can just do it yourself with clip hair extensions. You can install these in just a few minutes at home with little hassle. Plus, you may not want to commit to a particular hairstyle permanently, in which case you can use these extensions to see how it looks on you. Depending on how well you maintain these extensions and how frequently you wear them, these virgin Remy human hair weaves should stay usable for at least a year.

So there you have it! Which of these weaves would fit your lifestyle?

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Top 8 Human Hair Weave Trends for 2019

May 29, 2019 by ishowhair  

For all you fashionable ladies out there wondering how best to rock their weaves, this is the blog post for you! Give yourself a quick style boost at the salon with one of these 8 trending human hair weave styles, and stay ahead of the curve.

1. Pastel Weave Hair

Want an exciting new hair color, but too scared of all the beating your natural hair will take in the process? Get a dyed pastel weave! We’re in love with all the soft shades out on the market – they’ve got the power to make any girl feel pretty! And you don’t have to risk damage to your natural hair for the shade either.

2. Long Perm

The great thing about weaves is how versatile they are. You can have just about any hairstyle without having to put in a ton of effort. A long perm hairstyle is great for natural hair – all you have to do is weave in the braid.

3. Pixie Cut

Yearning for that old school Halle Berry look? You can totally pull it off with a weave! There’s no need to chop off your long hair – rock an edgy short hairstyle using a weave, and style it however you like it!

4. Curled Short Hairstyle

Pixie cuts have that alternative edginess, but if you prefer your short hairstyle to be sweet and feminine, try out a curled weave. You can forego the tiresome process of cutting your hair and growing it out – just try out this hot new trend and take on the world.

5. Red Ombre Weave

Ombre may have seen a bit of a dip in 2018, but 2019’s seeing this trend being revived, particularly in red ombre. You could get this hairstyle readymade, or style one of your own hair extensions for the look. The weave will be affixed to your hair, and it will look incredibly natural.

6. Beachy Weaves

Loose beachy curls are the hot trend of the hour, and no wonder – it’s a style that perfect for any occasion, whether formal or casual. Weaves make it easy to obtain this style with little to no effort. Forget straightening your natural hair and then curling it. With a weave, you can get sexy beach hair without exposing your hair to dryness and damage.

7. Black Curls

Whether you’re a fan of large defined curls, or of the looser variety, black curls will always be a trending style. If you’re opting for a bit of a glamorous look, this is the perfect style for you!

8. Short Bob

Love short bobs? Pair them with bangs, or get an asymmetrical hairstyle like Rihanna favors. Classy yet casual, the short bob is an easy to maintain hairstyle, and immensely wearable. Instead of going for the chop, just weave in this style!

So there you have it! It is much easier to maintain and wear human hair weaves than to style natural hair – and weaves look a lot more natural than wigs too. Get one of these trendy styles today!

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The 4 Best Do’s to Protect Your Remy Human Hair Weaves

May 27, 2019 by ishowhair  

Remy human hair weaves are protective hairstyles, yes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to maintain or protect them! You could easily lose your edges if you’re not careful, and the most common way this happens is when you don’t protect your leave out.

That’s right – when you use a weave with left out hair (whether around the whole perimeter or just in front) you probably need to manipulate that hair so it matches your extensions perfectly. That could mean curling your hair constantly for that perfect curl pattern, or mercilessly pressing them down with a flat iron for that straight as an arrow look. Whatever you do, it leaves your hair a little stressed.

So how do you avoid that stress? Well, you can use some of the hairdo’s mentioned below to give your hair weave a bit of a break.

Braid or Twist your Hair

A good way to protect your leave out is by braiding or twisting it. Style your leave out right into the hair weave using a fashionable twist or braid. Whether you do one braid on each side or style a braid across the top of the forehead, you’ll be able to protect your leave out from the harsh elements.

The best part?

This hairstyle takes little more than 5 minutes to achieve!

Use a Frontal or Closure

There’s nothing like a lace closure or front to give you that polished look, even when you haven’t left any hair out! Frontals and closures make it look like your natural hairline is out on display even when your hair is actually tucked away neatly beneath your weave. This seamless application works no matter what way you want to style your hair.

Frontals are applied from one ear to another across the whole hairline, while a closure will typically sit on the topmost part of your scalp. Both closures and frontals are easy to remove and install over and over again, which comes in handy when you need to moisturize or wash your hair. That said, it’s best to have your favorite stylist install and remove these for a flawless look.

Wear a Headband

A headband, turban or scarf is one of the cutest ways you can protect your leave out from harsh elements like humidity, cold temperatures or heavy winds – all of which can leave your natural hair leave broken or brittle. Break out those YouTube instructional videos that show you twenty different ways to stylishly but easily tie a head wrap.

Don’t Leave Out So Much Hair!

As beautiful as your natural hair is, you don’t need to leave so much of it out! The less you leave out, the more easily you can protect your natural hair. Leave out just about enough hair to cover up evidence of a weave and no more than that. Your hair will thank you!


Keep your natural hair well protected when wearing a Virgin Remy human hair weave, especially your leave out!


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4 Amazing Reasons Why Women Prefer Sew-In Wigs

May 25, 2019 by ishowhair  

Sew-in wigs vs. wigs? Which one is better?

This age-old debate still makes us scratch our heads. But most women are convinced that sew-in options are better than regular wigs because of their longevity, stability and convenience.

Others chalk it all down to preference.

No matter which side you’re on in this argument, one can’t deny all the wonderful benefits of a sew-in wig.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why women choose sew-in wigs:

1. They’re Highly Convenient

Sew-ins might take some hours to install. But that wait is worth it in the end. That’s because sew-ins don’t require early morning styling sessions.

For starters, they ensure that your hairstyle is pretty much put-together for the long run. Plus, you don’t have to worry about searching for the wig or bothering with adjustments.

So ultimately, they save more time than other faux locks!

2. They’re Super Secure

The other plus point about sew-ins is that they are stable. The sewed wig won’t budge from your head no matter what. So you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing off your cover. You can dip in the pool, go on long trips or party the night away without a care in the world.

 They offer full-time wig security for everyday use.

It’s a win-win situation for women that struggle to adjust their wigs.

3.  They Boost Hair Growth

Rumor has it that sew-in wigs are great for hair growth.  

How?  Now, we don’t deny the fact that your genes, eating habits and environmental conditions influence your hair growth. But sometimes all your natural hair needs is a hands-free environment that lets it grow without interruption.

This is where sew-in wigs come in.

Here is why:

· They let your natural hair breather between gaps

· The protective styles like cornrows and braids prevent breakage

· The weaves cover your real hair from sun damage and chemical exposure

All in all, your hair gets enough room to grow out into long beautiful tresses.

4.  They Look Natural

Faux locks are pretty popular these days. So no one bats an eye when they find out that you’re donning a wig or some extensions. But you still want to maintain the deception of keeping things all natural. Aren’t we right?

One of the biggest benefits of sew-in wigs is that it lets your natural hair blend with the hair bundles. This helps create the illusion of natural hair. Plus, with the right hairstylist, you can reap in the styling advantages of sew-ins.


· Getting the human hair sew-ins dyed

· Giving your sew-ins an edgy cut

· Switching things up during reinstallations

Wrap Up

On the whole, high-quality sew-ins is considered as a better investment than other hairpieces. They last longer, maintain their shape, stay glossier and are pretty convenient for daily use. The only problem is that they can’t be taken off.

 Plus they do limit your styling options in various cases. But when you weigh in the pros and cons, sew-ins do seem better.

So what do you think? Will you give sew-in wigs a chance?

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How to Maintain Your Natural Hair under that Weave?

May 24, 2019 by ishowhair  

Is your natural hair getting rough and damaged under that weave? If yes, then you better do something about it!

Are you guilty of being careless with your real hair? Getting weaves or hair extensions is all fine and dandy. But you can’t forget about the real locks hiding under them. That’s because no matter how much you hide them. Your natural hair is still a part of your hair care equation.

Most women forget this simple rule and then wind up with dry and damaged hair. This is why we’ve created a checklist of sorts for your hair care regime.

Without further ado, here’s all you need to know to maintain your natural hair when you wear a weave:

1. Nourish and Shine

Wigs are a great way to protect your hair from the elements. But let’s not forget that they still need nourishment to grow. So if you want strong and healthy hair, then you’ve got to oil them.

We suggest that you massage your scalp regularly with some natural oil. Coconut oil and olive oil are some great options to get naturally shiny black hair.

What about that weave? If you wear human hair extensions then getting a little oil on it won’t cause any harm. However, synthetic weaves should be kept away from your oily fingers.

Pro tip: Apply oil at least twice a month for better results!

2. Clean and Clear

When was the last time you washed your hair?

Did you just say you don’t remember? Then go take a shower asap!

Proper hair care means proper hygiene. This is why it is necessary that you shampoo and condition your hair regularly. Your shampoo will help clear that sweat and dirt off your natural hair. Whereas the conditioner, will provide it with the much-needed nutrients. Plus, this prevents your natural hair from becoming a clumpy and dirty mess.

3. Protecting that Cover

Lastly, always set your hair in a protective hair do when you wear your wig. You might want to put them in nice tight cornrows, twists or braids. Opting for these protective hairstyles is the best way to prevent hair damage, hair fall and breakage. Just make sure to let those natural locks down sometimes. This helps give your scalp a breather.

That’s it!

Wrap Up

Remember these three essential rules―oil, clean and protect. This is the mantra for your natural hair whenever you’re donning your weave of the month. These hair care tips are the only way to ensure that your real hair doesn’t get ruined under the weave. Plus, it helps you to rock those luscious natural locks when you decide to stop wearing weaves.

Stay tuned for more tips for wigs right here!

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How to Wrap Your Remy Human Hair Weave at Night

May 24, 2019 by ishowhair  

There’s absolutely nothing like that great feeling of having your luscious new bundles installed, all popping in their glory. Until it’s time to go to bed, and suddenly you’re freaking out about keeping that fresh look maintained during the night (and all the other nights to come!).

Worry not, however – with the right bed time routine, you can maintain your Remy human hair weaves so they remain as gorgeous as ever!

Just follow this easy step by step hair care routine.

If You Have A Curly or Wavy Remy Human Hair Weave

Use a dollop of light moisturizer on your hair to rehydrate it. Comb through your weave gently with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to remove tangles.

You can maintain tight curls by coiling the weave around flexi-rods, or by coiling the weave around your fingers before using little bobby pins to pin it down. If you have looser curls, just use the flexi-rods throughout your hair.

Once you’re done, tie a silk scarf or a loose silk hair bonnet around your hair. Avoid tying this on too tight, or your scalp could start to set, and your hairstyle could get damaged. Pin your curls up towards the crown of your head so they don’t get flattened.

Sleep through the night, and remove the flexi-rods and/or bobby pins when you wake up. Gently run your fingers through your weave, and ensure the curls are all where you want.

If You Have A Straight Remy Human Hair Weave

Use a dollop of light moisturizer on your hair to rehydrate it, but only if you really need it. Straight hair tends to see more build up than curly or wavy weaves. Do apply light moisturizer on your leave out, if you have one, as well as on your hairline’s edge and the nape. Comb through your weave gently with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to remove tangles.

Wrap the hair around your head using a big paddle brush in a circular movement, Use bobby pins to secure this hair in place if you so need. Put on a tight fitting scarf or bonnet made of either silk or satin.

Sleep through the night, and remove bobby pins when you wake up. Gently run your fingers through your weave to comb it and style as you want.

Keep the Following Points in Mind

· Use a satin or silk pillowcase for best results – the fabric’s smooth surface will prevent tangling or matting in the weave, and it prevents product from leaving your hair, meaning your weave will remain hydrated through the night.

· Tie a loose braid on nights it’s too difficult to follow this guide. This minimizes tangles and breakage.

· Never sleep with wet hair, since this can result in breakage and major damage.


Without proper maintenance, your Remy human hair weaves will just not last that long. Follow these steps to make the most of your weaves!

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