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What's the Difference between Tape and Clip Hair Extensions?

May 9, 2019 by ishowhair  

Hair extensions are all about versatility. They’re about wearing whatever hairstyle you want with minimal fuss. And with tape and clip hair extensions, we can maximize this versatility – these extensions give you relatively direct access to the scalp, and let your hair breath between installs.
So what’s the difference between them?

What are Clip Hair Extensions?

Clip hair extensions refer to hair with attached wig clips attached. They can be made with any hair at all. You can even make these yourself, by adding clips to the base of your hair extension’s weft. It doesn’t take long to install clip extensions – simply part your hair for the style you want, and then install your longer clip-ins back to front.
Clip the hair between two sections of your natural hair and comb it out so the wefts are invisible. The whole process should take no more than half an hour, unless you’re using many small clips. This also makes clip hair extensions relatively cheaper than tape extensions, since you can do it yourself.

What are Tape Extensions?

Tape extensions refer to extensions whose wefts have polyurethane tape. These are made using tape strips at the top of the weft. The tape strips are made of clear polyurethane panels, which allow for excellent adhesion. The tape can be either single or double sided, and melds into the weft base. However, these extensions are only suited to high quality remy human hair extensions.
The tape installation needs professional hands, since a strong adhesive is involved here. The entire process can take up to two hours, and it is vital that the process not be rushed. Since you have to buy hair extensions and pay a stylist, this tends to be costlier than the clip hair option.

Pros and Cons of Clip Hair Extensions

Clip hair extensions are easily removable, and the hair can be bleached or dyed as long as it’s virgin Remy hair. The installation time is short and causes no damage to your real hair. It allows for greater versatility, and is extremely comfortable. Since you can DIY this, it is also cost effective.
However, it is possible they irritate sensitive scalps, and they cannot be worn over long periods of time. The placement may also prevent you from sleeping with them in.

Pros and Cons of Tape Extensions

Tape extensions do not require any heat or tools during installation, and it takes less time than sew-ins. The installation can last for up to 3 weeks, and the extensions remain usable. You can be sure the hair is virgin Remy with tape extensions, and with proper care, the extensions can last for up to three years. The extensions can also be bleached, permed or dyed.
On the flip side, however, these can damage your real hair, and so tape extensions are not ideal for thinning hair. Plus, you have to wait for a couple of days to wash your hair, since the tape will take some time to set. Tape extensions are not easy to remove – they require a solvent. You can’t DIY this, and it can be expensive to buy the extensions and pay for the install. You also cannot use any oil.
Which do you prefer?

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Best Products for Your Weave

May 8, 2019 by ishowhair  

Your weave needs constant maintenance in order to retain its original luster and shine. That’s why you need the very best black hair weave products so your mane collection is always at its best!
Here are some of our favorite products for weaves.

The Best Shampoos for Weaves

Dirt tends to show up pretty quickly on weaves, particularly if they’re straight. However, constant washing can leave the hair damaged and brittle.
Clairol’s Shimmer Lights Shampoo offers a best of both worlds scenario – it’s normally meant for people with grey hair, but it works wonders on weaves and extensions. It makes sure your weave’s color doesn’t fade, and keeps the hair shiny and bright. Plus, it easily removes any dirt and film on the hair without stripping it of its health.
For added nourishment, try Hask Mint Almond Oil Shampoo – it totally soaks the hair in revitalizing nutrients and cleanses it while keeping it soft. We also love OGX Coconut Milk Shampoowhich is particularly suited for brazilian straight hair. This natural product has no harsh chemicals, and maintains the quality of your hair well.
Then there’s dry shampoo; we recommend the ones sold by TRESemme’. This product absorbs the dirt in your straight weaves easily, and is a great way to keep your hair looking fresh between washes. And it leaves straight extensions looking sleeker and shinier than ever!

The Best Conditioners for Weaves

Conditioners are an essential part of the hair extension upkeep routine, which is why it’s so important to invest in the right product! We highly recommend the Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol Treatment – work it through the extension, and it will leave your hair moisturized beyond belief! You could even let it in for more than an hour if you want to deep condition the hair.
For a lite conditioner, we love Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Conditioner. It works wonders on hair that has turned stiff or dry, reversing the problem until the extensions are back to their original glory. This is a product that can be used as a leave-in – apply it throughout the virgin hair weave and let it stay overnight as it dries.
Shimmer Lights Conditioner is the counterpart to Shimmer Lights Shampoo from earlier, and it too, is primarily meant for people with grey hair. However, it manages to work just fine on extensions. Use the shampoo to clean the hair, and the conditioner to keep the goodness locked in! This conditioner ensures the color remains refreshed over time, and counteracts any fading.
And finally, there’s the OGX Conditioner, which is both affordable and excellent for straight hair in particular. Not only are you going to get superb results with this product, but it’s also lightweight and smells great! It’ll keep your straight extensions silky and shiny.
If you’re not a fan of shampoos for cleansing hair, not to worry! There are plenty of conditioners that can remove dirt and buildup from your weaves, even as they offer moisture and shine. The OGX line is definitely something you should check out in this regard!
Just make sure to dry your weaves well afterwards!

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A Beginner's Guide to Protective Hair Styling

May 6, 2019 by ishowhair  

Do you want to keep your hair healthy while flaunting gorgeous styles?
We’ve got two words for you: protective styling!
They might have just entered the fashion front but our grandmas have been using this effective technique for decades now.
 That’s because from keeping your natural hair in maintained to promoting its growth― the benefits of protective hairstyles in infinite. Plus, they ensure that you don’t keep fiddling with your hair too much.
But before you dive straight into the braiding process, let’s look at all the things you need to know about protective hairstyles.

Styling Options: What Counts As a Protective Hairstyle?

It all comes down to your ends. They are the most fragile part of your hair and will split or break when exposed to the elements or constant styling. So in order to protect them, women tend to opt for hairdos that keep them tucked.
Some of the best protective hairstyles include:
· Braids
· Cornrows
· Flat twists and twist-outs
· Pineapple updo
· Box braids and braided wigs
The best part about all these protective hairstyles is that they work for everyone.  Whether you have curly hair styles, relaxed hair orbody wave hairstyles these styles will work for you.

The Reasons: Why Should You Get One?

There are numerous reasons why you should choose a protective updo.
Let’s look at some of them:
· Rain or shine, your hair stay tucked away from harm when they are styled in a protective do.
· It minimizes hair damage and breakage that incidentally boosts hair growth
· Keeps your hair soft and supple for longer
· Braided hair is easier to manage when you’re wearing a wig. They also keep it in place.
· The protective dos are pretty low-maintenance

Styling Tips: What Should You Avoid?

Have we convinced you to go for a protective updo?
If the answer is a yes, then you should always make sure to style your hair properly. A few loose strands or a wrong style might render the hairstyle useless.
So here are a few things to keep in mind when you style your hair:
·  Tuck those ends: Your hairstyle is supposed to protect your ends. This is why you shouldn’t leave any stray strands when you’re opting for a protective bun.
· Too tight is not right: Make sure that your hairstyle isn’t too tight. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a severe headache.
· No pulling or tugging:  Most protective hairstyles involve a lot of braiding. So just make sure that you avoid straining your hair when you’re styling your hair.

Wrap Up

In the end, we know that donning a big do every day may seem rather tedious at first. Nevertheless, you’re going to get used to it eventually. Plus, it’s worth the hassle when you weigh in all the benefits of protective styling.

Don’t Have Time for Regular Braiding?

No worries! You can always install a braided hair unit. Not only do they protect your hair but they also amp up your hair game.

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6 Reasons to Wear Human Hair Weaves

May 5, 2019 by ishowhair  

Weaves are never going out of style. But just why do so many black women opt to wear virgin hair bundles? Well, here are the top reasons behind their popularity.

1.Weaves are a Protective Hairstyle

If you’re black, you already know about the importance of protective hairstyles. Box braids, cornrows, twists, and yes, weaves, are all examples of protective hairstyles that cause minimal damage to your hair.
Weaves even help your hair grow thicker and fuller while you wear them, thus making these an excellent tool in your hair-do arsenal. What’s more, you don’t have to mess with dyes, perms or heat on your real hair when you wear a weave.

2.Weaves Add Natural-Looking Volume and Length to your Hair

Hair growth is a slow process, even if you’re using some sort of serum or solution to promote its growth. Without virgin hair extensions, you just can’t attain your preferred hair length within a few hours. You can use clip hair extensions to add length to your hair in just a few minutes.
Plus, as long as you’re using virgin remy hair, your hair will look perfectly natural. Women with thinning hair particularly benefit from hair weaves. Human hair sew in weave can be found in a vast variety of lengths, colors and textures. This means a natural-looking long hairstyle is perfectly within your grasp.

3.You Can Experiment with Different Colors

If you’ve put off experimenting with different colors because you’re worried about hair damage, human hair extensions weave might be the answer for you. You can also figure out whether a particular color suits you or not without actually dying your real hair. And if the color doesn’t seem to suit you, just go and get a new one! Whether you want low-lights, highlights, ombre or a full dye job, hair extensions make the process a painless one.

4.You Can Experiment with Different Styles

Within a matter of minutes, hair extensions give you a lot more to work with! Weaves allow you to play around with different styles, whether it is a thick braid or a princess-like up-do. These limitless human hair weave styles especially come in handy if you’re getting all glammed up for a big event!

5.Easy to Install

One of the best things about human hair extensions is just how easy they are to install in your hair. Clip on extensions, in particular, allow you to rock a brand new style within minutes! No more bad hair days for you!

6.Weaves Are More Comfortable Than Wigs

Another option for black women is wigs, particularly when they’re wrestling with hair loss. But wigs aren’t as comfortable as weaves, and remain at risk of falling off. Plus, they can cause issues of placement. None of these are problems you would face with weaves, which are attached to your real hair.
Given all these benefits, it’s no wonder human hair weaves have been around for so long. If you’re interested in switching up your style, or giving your real hair some time to grow, this could be the right option for you!

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