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Review of reasons why there are no complaints against SJR Vogue Residences

July 29, 2019 by sjrvogueresidences  

SJR Vogue Residences is one of the recent projects of SJR Primecorp, one of the most popular builders in Bangalore. According to SJR Vogue reviews, they provide luxury along with comfort which makes them stand out of the crowd.  They have received various awards including Developing Company of the Year by Estrade Real Estate Conclave and Awards.

Why there are no complaints against SJR Vogue Residences?

SJR Vogue complaints as well as SJR Vogue issue forums are literally empty. There are numerous reasons as to why it has become quite a favourite choice for the people. SJR Vogue Residences reviews are a clear example as to how much impressed they are with the project.

SJR Group always makes it a point to choose the right location. Thus SJR Vogue Residences is located at the heart of Whitefield, which is an IT hub and houses companies like TCS, itPark etc.

There are hospitals, various shopping complexes and schools nearby, thus fulfilling almost all the basic facility criterion which enables the residents to get everything done in a very short span of time without any difficulty. And yet it is isolated from the chaos of city life. This is a huge benefit to the residents.

Adding to the prime location comes the infrastructure and amenities. They provide a huge range of amenities for a modern and easy lifestyle. There is no wastage of space or resources in the construction, which makes living easier. Thus, they have adapted a simple management style incorporating smart planning.

They have also made sure that they are at par with the ongoing international trends. There’s perfection at each and every point, a fact ascertained by the SJR Vogue Residences review.

They always make it a point to deliver exactly what they have promised and listen to the complaints or reviews given by the residents, if any.

These are a few facts as to why there are hardly any complaints against SJR Vogue Residences and also as to why people are more encouraged to choose it.







Why People Want To Buy 3BHK Apartment in Whitefield?

July 12, 2019 by sjrvogueresidences  

With more than 45 years of experience, SJR PrimeCorp has yet again launched a new project at the heart of IT hub of Bangalore, Whitefield, which is titled Vogue Residences. Offering elegant and exquisite 3BHK apartments in Whitefield, all pre- requisites for a luxurious life is offered here. These days there are numerous apartments for sale in Whitefield, but with their unique designs and structure, they certainly are a cut above the rest. They keep in mind the safety, functionality, the needs of the people and the latest international trends while at the same time ensuring the protection of our environment, before every project.

Now, there are certain reasons as to why people are interested in purchasing 3BHK Flats in Whitefield nowadays:

1. Increasing property rates

There has been a sharp increase in the land rates in Whitefield these days due to the rapid     development in this region. Due to this, a large number of 2 and 3BHK apartments are coming up for sale in Whitefield, which makes it an apt time for buyers and investors to make a move.

2. Renowned tech parks

Whitefield is known primarily for this. It has become an IT hub and is home to several firms like International Tech Park, Wipro, Brigade Metropolis, IBM etc.

3. Proximity to entertainment and retail sources

Whitefield has some of the biggest shopping malls in Bangalore. For instance Phoenix Market City, Forum Mall and Inorbit Mall etc. which makes it a major hub for shopping in Bangalore.

4. Connectivity

It is connected to Bangalore by two major roads; Whitefield road via Mahadevapura and Varthur road via Marathahalli. These roads are well connected to all the major hubs of the city. Whitefield has its own railway station which accommodates electric trains as well. The airport at Devanhalli can also be easily accessed from Whitefield.






Things You Must Keep in Mind before Buying a Flat for sale in Whitefield

June 27, 2019 by sjrvogueresidences  

Planning to buy a 3 bhk flat for sale in Whitefield Bangalore? Don’t know how to proceed and what things to keep in mind before investing? Fret not, we shall guide you on this.

Owning or purchasing a 3 bhk flat for sale in Whitefield Bangalore in a city like Bangalore or Mumbai is a tedious and an expensive task. This involves great risks and humongous amount of money. Metro cities like Bangalore are bustling and hustling with people coming and settling from all over the world; hence the demand for living spaces is always high. Choosing a 3 bhk flat for sale in Whitefield Bangalore in an expensive, space constrained metro city could be dubious and a hassle. One needs to check all aspect like, location, space, proximity, amenities et cetera.

The assortment of decisions is both helpful and now and again confounding. To make your choice procedure simpler, here's a rundown of things to note before purchasing a 3 bhk flat for sale in Whitefield Bangalore.

Location: What’s the worst demon you see on roads while driving in a metro city? Traffic, duh!

Make sure you choose a 3 bhk Apartments for sale in Whitefield Bangalore close to your work place and it gets convenient for you to visit your regular hang out places. Check out for hospitals and good schools nearby. Choose a location that is at the centre or at least surrounded by all the basic requirements you would step out for.

Builder Information: Research your builder's experience and visit a couple of their different undertakings, if the 3 bhk flat for sale in Whitefield Bangalore you're keen on is still under development. It is ideal to browse popular builders who have finished their projects in the proposed time, without settling on the nature of materials utilized for development. 3 bhk flat for sale in Whitefield Bangalore built by popular builders will likewise get a higher lease and resale value.

Check the Property Title

Nobody likes to fall under legal traps, right? And to avoid such situation please make sure you read and revise all the documents rigorously and with sheer adherence. Make sure the title of the property matches with the property you checked and confirmed to, right in front of your dealer.


Hey Neighbour! Mind having a cup of coffee and spilling some beans about this 3 bhk flat for sale in Whitefield Bangalore? Do not hesitate to ask your supposed-to-be neighbors about the environment and locality and safety et cetera. They would know much more than anybody else as they have been living in the locality for long. Also, who wants a boring, nosy and arrogant neighbour, aye?


Purchasing a 3 bhk flat for sale in Whitefield Bangalore is hell-down expensive and if you aren’t able to enjoy a swim in the pool or have a drink at the club, what’s the point of spending so much? Make sure you check all the amenities before buying a flat, for example, swimming pool, access to the club, shopping centres, water facility, electricity et cetera.

Inspect the Property

Most buildings are under construction, make sure you check and inspect every nook and corner of the 3 bhk flat in Whitefield Bangalore once it is ready. Keep in mind to check if the builder has been able to deliver all the promises made.

Resale Value: After all it is an investment!

Once you check the location and have taken reviews from the neighbours, you’ll have a decent idea about the resale and appreciation value. Make sure the Vaastu and everything is on point, because, it add a humongous resale value.

Consult a Lawyer: Are you still having doubts? Consult and lawyer. Give them all the property details and make sure you have all the legal information about the 3 bhk flat for sale in Whitefield Bangalore and if it is safe to take up the flat. We know, litigation issues can be cumbersome and even more expensive.

Security: Enquire about the security and safety inside as well as outside the 3 bhk flat for sale in Whitefield Bangalore. Ensure that it is a gated community and the surrounding neighbourhood is safe too. I mean who likes to report theft of cell phones and wallets in the police station! Added headache.





Review of Special Features and Amenities at SJR Vogue Residences

May 28, 2019 by sjrvogueresidences  

If you want to live a luxurious life then SJR Vogue Residences, Bangalore will be the right place for you to purchase your home. There are many good things about this project and we will check them in this SJR Vogue Residences review.

Review of SJR Vogue Residences


Right in the heart of Whitefield, it is close to KTPO and SAP Labs, providing you the opportunity to live close to all prime locations. EPIP zone is just a walking distance and it will home to some of the well-known names in IT industry, right from iPark to TCS. Apart from that, it is close to Sai Baba hospital and some of the other well-known IT firms.

However, SJR Vogue Residences complaints and issues about noise are almost unheard, thanks to the layout of this enclave.


The apartment towers are divided into three wings and surrounded by lush greenery. The boulevards are tree-lined to ensure you are always close to nature.

The Apartments

Our SJR Vogue Residences review Bangalore will remain incomplete if do not mention something about the apartments at SJR Vogue Residences.

You will certainly appreciate the attention to details that has been given while constructing these 3 and 4 bhk apartments with exquisite refinement and finish.

Excellent Amenities

Lavish amenities will ensure that you live your life to the fullest. Some of the amenities worth mentioning are:

Gym, Jacuzzi, Party Hall, Spa, Children’s Play Area, Indoor Badminton Court