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Serengeti Migration Safari - Way To See The Wild In The Move

February 18, 2019 by astern Vacations Tours  

The film Lion King may have made you inquisitive about the wildebeest migration that happens each year in Africa. It is noticed that safari lovers from all around the world migrate themselves to Serengeti to witness the amazing and adventurous migration of the wildebeest. If you are one of those safari lovers then the Serengeti Migration Safari organized by reputed KETO affiliated tour operators gives you the perfect opportunities.




The way to enjoy the migration of the wild


Though it is called wildebeest migration you may be amazed to know that approximately of the 1.7 million wild animals who migrate each year, around 260 000 zebra and 470 000 gazelles are in the group. So, you can imagine the vastness of the migration and the chaos that follows when the migration actually happens. The Serengeti Migration Safari organized by reputed tour operators gives you the perfect opportunities to enjoy and have the excitement of watching the migration at close range. They make possible for you to have a view of it from air, ground or from the camp that they set up near the point of crossing. It depends on your taste and desire which way you wish to adapt.




From ground: You can relish the twice-daily game drives, at dawn and dusk to enjoy the migration during the Serengeti Migration Safari organized by reputed tour operators. On the other hand, take an entire day game drive with a picnic near the point of migration, with the goal that you can spend the whole outing while watching the migration.


From air: If you desire to have a complete perspective of the migration then you can hop on to the hot air balloon and have a complete understanding and exploration of the migration. The reputed tour operators organize the hot air balloon ride at an affordable rate and you can enjoy such being a part of the Serengeti Migration Safari.




From camp: They also make possible to enjoy and fell the excitement of witnessing the migration seating at the comfort of the luxurious tents that they set up during the Serengeti Migration Safari. You can stay in the comfortable camps and enjoy a night under the star while having the excitement of witnessing the wildebeest migration.


KETO affiliated tour operator - Eastern Vacations Tours Limited has the experience and reputation of organizing such Serengeti Migration Safari. It is worth calling them at +254 722 559672 and have a talk with their safari expert to book a place for yourself.


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The Mombasa Air Safaris Offer Perfect Exposure To Experience The Wilderness

January 18, 2019 by astern Vacations Tours  

Among different amusement reserves near Mombasa Masai Mara is viewed, as the most energizing one as the likelihood to survey an extensive variety of brilliant animals is very higher here. Particularly the wildebeest migration that happens each year in the middle of July and September makes Masai Mara a definitive goal for creature devotees. Likewise, it is the main park where we at Eastern Vacations Tours & Safaris organize Mombasa air safaris to give you the opportunity to enjoy the wilderness in the best possible manner.




The tour that you can expect


When you decide to have the Air Safaris in Mombasa with us then you can expect to have an exciting tour that will reflect the wilderness of Africa in the perfect manner to you.




On the first day of your Mombasa air safaris with us at Eastern Vacations Tours & Safaris, you will be picked from your particular lodging to get the trip for Masai Mara from the Mombasa air terminal. While withdrawing from the air terminal to the amusement park, a 2 hours undertaking, you will have the capacity to fly near the snow topped pinnacle of magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro and view the grand sights of the Great Rift Valley with its excellent lakes. Subsequent to arriving the Masai Mara landing strip you will be transferred to the hotel or camp you have booked where you will have your lunch. After which you can go for an evening amusement drive safari where you will have the capacity to get the look at the distinctive untamed life and amazing scenes of the incomparable Savannah. After that make the most of your supper at the camp/hold up.




The next day of your Mombasa air safaris with us starts early in the morning and you will have the experience of having a close encounter with herds of wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, lion, cheetah and many more. It is for sure that you will enjoy your Air Safaris in Mombasa with us at Eastern Vacations Tours & Safaris.


So, do give us at Eastern Vacations Tours & Safaris a call when you desire to have such an amazing experience in Mombasa.


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The Kenya Safari Tours From Nairobi That Gives The Perfect Opportunity To Explore Wild Africa

December 31, 2018 by astern Vacations Tours  

One of the most loved safari destination among travelers, Kenya is home to some notable national parks and protected zones which comprise of rolling fields, substantial lakes, tremendous wild and obviously, fantastic natural life. Besides, Kenya is likewise invested with tropical coastline that compensates for a superb shoreline encounter. We at Eastern Vacations Tours & Safaris are glad to office the best of Kenya safari tours from Nairobi.





The excitement that awaits you


During the Kenya safari tours from Nairobi, that you will have with us lots of excitement awaits you. You can have a gauge at those when you know about the activities you can undertake along with us.


Marching through Maasai Mara


Maasai Mara National Reserve covers a zone of 1,500 square kilometers and is the north-most segment of the Mara-Serengeti biological community. Together with Serengeti, Maasai Mara reserve has the yearly Great Migration, the biggest earthly warm blooded animal relocation on the planet. The areas are likewise home to a portion of the territory's most astonishing untamed life. The vast majority of the zone of Maasai Mara is ruled by open grassland and is generally level which makes it simpler to explore when contrasted with different stops in Kenya during the Kenya safari tours from Nairobi that we at Eastern Vacations Tours & Safaris organize. The natural life in this park incorporates however are not restricted to The Big Five of Africa, zebras, giraffes, hippopotami, crocodiles, gazelles and so forth.





Experiencing the Great Migration


Maasai Mara in Kenya is a perfect goal to see the yearly Great Migration, which is proclaimed as one of the ten common travel miracles of the world. From July to October of every year, near 1.7 million wildebeests and Zebras relocate to Maasai Mara looking for crisp touching area from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. They remain here for near four months previously moving back to Tanzania. Our Kenya safari tours from Nairobi give you the ideal opportunity to witness such.





So, to have exciting tours from Nairobi do give us at Eastern Vacations Tours & Safaris a call dialing 254 020 2024186.


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Observe The Exciting Places In And Around Mombasa On Mombasa Excursions & Day Trip

November 30, 2018 by astern Vacations Tours  

Being the oldest and vibrant gateway and most populate travel destination in Kenya; Mombasa is a tourist hub for numerous travelers. Mombasa excursions & day trips seem to be the best complements for vacationers of all age around the world! The picturesque place here combined with other excursions, activities truly keep you amused and make your day trip an exclusive experience. The traveler came here to this marvelous country realizes that exclusively designed Mombasa excursions & day trips have different activities to make everyone excited.




Mombasa city tour- Mombasa excursions & day trips picks out some of the highlights of this colorful city. The most popular attractions in Mombasa are the massive Fort Jesus, Akamba wood carvers center and the well-known Elephant Tusks in Moi Avenue are must in every travel bucket lists. The oldest and bustling market, the Old Town and Port, historic Portuguese Fortress, are also the major attractions one must keep in mind while planning to book the best Mombasa excursions & day trips a great travel experience.




Tamarind evening Dhow- Take an evening cruise aboard a traditional dhow and enjoy in the richest Marine Park in the Kenyan Coast. The exclusive Dhow journey with the sail will take you through the scenic route combined with excellent food, music for an idealistic travel atmosphere. Further, it includes splendid seafood, dancing Dhow boat under the stars and a gentle sail past the peaceful creeks of Mombasa Island.




Mamba village tour- Mamba Village seems to be the haven of reptiles in Kenya. Being Africa's largest crocodile farm displays marine aquarium, snakes, and crocodiles of all age, weight, length and also the monster man-eating crocodile.


Visiting them during their feeding time seems to be a remarkable travel experience one must see on the Mombasa excursions & day trips.




Adventure in Wasini Island & Kisite Sea- Mombasa excursions & day trips takes you to the ultimate and delightful place in Wasini Island and Kisite Sea. It is the richest marine park in the Kenyan coast offers the opportunity to watch the marvelous Dolphins frequently found in the area. Snorkeler will marvel at the incredible variety of marine life area in the shallow and warm waters and the Scuba divers can explore a number of excellent dive sites here in Kisite Sea.




Eastern Vacations Tours is one of the leading travel management company known for providing the best Mombasa excursions & day trips packages for exclusive travel experiences. We are specialized in offering exclusive journey worthy of your travel itinerary while booking the best Mombasa excursions & day trips! For booking or consultation, do not hesitate to call our team on +254 722 559672 or +254 020 2024186 any time!


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The Masai Mara Flying Safari That Helps To Have Perfect Excitement And Enjoyment

October 17, 2018 by astern Vacations Tours  

Unquestionably, one of Africa's most awesome tracts of land and most settled natural life goals, a Masai Mara Flying Safari guarantees mind blowing untamed life sightings all year, abounding with natural life and an emphasis on big cats and game amusement. We at Eastern Vacations Tours Ltd make possible to have such safari for you to enjoy at an affordable rate and comfort. You can fly into the heart of the famous Masai Mara Game Reserve with us being a part of the flying safari to Masai Mara and understand the unseen wonders of this magnificent wildlife haven on a 3-day Masai Mara Flying Safari package.




The tour experience you can have


The Masai Mara Flying Safari package takes 2 hours to the home of the big Five & other predators. . It is here where the wildebeest migration recently crowned the Seventh Wonder of the modern World takes place. Masai Mara boasts of the largest concentration of wild animals per square Kilometer, than any other Kenya National Park.


During the flying safari to Masai Mara you can expect to have a visit to the Masai mara game reserve, spectacular aerial views of mount Kilimanjaro in a clear sky, watch wildebeest migration and Big five, Predators and over 400 species of recorded birds. The tour schedule is suitable for all ages.




Our Masai Mara Flying Safari package will offer you pick-up from your hotel in the morning and transfer to Moi international airport for your scheduled flight to Masai Mara game reserve. Depart the airport and the flight takes 2 hours to Masai Mara with aerial views of the ice-capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro. Enjoy the views of scenic geological occurrence including sights of the Great Rift Valley with its beautiful lakes. You will arrive in Masai Mara airstrip, picked up at the airstrip by your 4×4 land cruiser to have a short transfer to your lodge or luxury camp with game viewing en-route. You can expect afternoon game drive after lunch.


The Masai Mara Flying Safari that we organize will enable you to spend the next day at the Masai Mara game reserve exploring this vast natural phenomenon where concentration of game per square kilometer is the highest in east Africa. Look out for lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, cheetah, wildebeests, hyenas and other plain game. You will be having the pleasure of having dinner and overnight stay in the luxury camp or lodge.




You can also expect to have early morning pre-breakfast game drive when you are a part of our Masai Mara Flying Safari. Throughout the day, you will be having game drive to enjoy most. After lunch, you will be transfer to the airstrip for your scheduled return flight to Mombasa.




So, when you desire to have such an enjoyment and excitement in Masai Mara please do contact us at Eastern Vacations Tours Ltd dialing +254 020 2024186.


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Kenya and Tanzania Safaris: Exploring the Beauty of Natural Landscapes

September 24, 2018 by astern Vacations Tours  

The idea of going on a vacation usually places more focus on beaches, especially when tanning is involved. Apart from sunbathing and making sand castles, there are opportunities for participating in surfing. Since you don’t want to experience another boring vacation at the beaches, Nairobi safari tours can do a lot better. The fact is that the Kenya and Tanzania Safaris have many packages in store for visiting tourists of all races. Interestingly, you rest assured of enjoying remarkable moments with whoever you choose to come along with.  


In terms of service delivery, Mombasa safaris have been in the business of giving satisfaction to clients in several ways. Here are some of the activities you hope to enjoy whenever you opt for Tanzania safari trips.

1. Wildlife reserves

If you would like to get closer to nature, Mombasa safaris shouldn’t be missing in your tour list. The reason is that you have a chance to experience Mother Nature by seeing wildlife in its natural state. As a matter of fact, you also get a chance to experience the greenery landscape which is irresistibly therapeutic.


2. Friendship 

It is a generally known a fact that tourism tends to bring people from all walks of life together. Are you looking for a new way to develop a new friendship outside your location? Mombasa safari trips can provide avenues through which you can meet with nice individuals who are tourism enthusiasts like you. The fact is that there have been occasions whereby complete strangers have met on a few times on Mombasa safaris. Such meetings, sometimes, tend to end up with building long-lasting relationships.

3. Culture 

It is easy to make judgments from a biased point. This happens when you haven’t truly got a firsthand experience about a situation. Perhaps you have heard the worst things about Africa. Visiting the Kenya and Tanzania safaris can change the misconceptions you might have had concerning Africa. The reasons are that you have the opportunity of meeting with the local people and the food. Moreover, you rest assured of getting in touch with the hospitality from tour experts that are always at your service.

Perhaps, it is about time to plan for a new vacation. You can try out Nairobi safari tours. This way, you rest assured of experiencing the beauty of nature at affordable prices. In no time, you will become used to visiting Kenya and Tanzania safaris, you wouldn’t want to visit anywhere else.

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