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How To Fix The Problem Of Black Screen On An Acer Laptop

January 29, 2019 by Jesica Biel  

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Whenever a laptop screen goes black all of a sudden, it could mean many things and there are many possible reasons behind it. So while taking the initiative to handle the problem, you must be careful and precise with your move. It could be hardware related or the software. So you need to make a systematic approach to the problem. Black screen problems are common with every laptop, and recently, there have been complaints about the problem of black screen on Acer laptops. When this happens, you must not panic and remain calm as there are many available solutions you could try to dissolve this problem you can contact Acer Customer Care Number to fix the issue. So if you are eager to learn how to administer the steps and solutions you can give this blog a read. You can also get the tips from certified representatives at Acer Laptop Customer Care Phone Number


Listed below are some solutions you can try to erase the problem of black screen on your Acer laptop. These solutions have been known to give results instantly so be careful while executing the steps to avoid any unwanted errors.


Update Or Upgrade The Graphics Card Driver.

If you have an outdated graphics card driver, it may lead to the manifestation of the black screen error on Acer laptop. You can use the Driver Easy tool to upgrade the graphics driver.

·         First, you will have to download Driver Easy and after that install it on your laptop.
·         Now open and run it on your system and click the ‘scan now’ button. It will conduct a routine scan of your system and will notify you of any necessary driver updates.
·         Once the list is out, click on the ‘update’ button and this will automatically download the most current and updated version of the driver.
·         To let it take the full effect, you must restart your computer once the update is complete.


Update The BIOS Software.

The BIOS software on your laptop system is responsible for tracking and repairing any hardware issue on your computer. So this software needs to be updated at all times. Outdated BIOS software can also cause the black screen on Acer laptop.


·         First, prepare the USB flash drive by downloading the BIOS firmware from the Acer support website.
·         After downloading the file, you need to ‘extract all files’ from the ZIP- file.
·         Now search for a file name ‘3310.fd.’ under the folder that has the same name as the file and ‘rename’
·         Now copy the renamed file and the Flashit.exe files to the USB drive.
·         You must now plug in the USB flash drive into the USB port and press ‘Fn’ and ‘Esc’ together and press the power button.
·         Let the system run and after a while, it will restart with a new updated BIOS software.

If you face any kind of complication or technical error while performing these steps, you can consult the executives at Acer Laptop Technical Support Phone Number


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1-844-762-3952 | How to Reset BIOS or UEFI on Acer

January 18, 2019 by Jesica Biel  

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Doesn’t it become frustrating when your system won’t reboot? It could be seen as one of the most terrifying and alarming situations because as soon it happens you come to know that something is not right with the computer. You try your level best but is still not able to secure this problem. Even the BIOS or UEFI settings do not work properly and you are panic-stricken. If you are one of those, who are suffering from this enigma, then my friend you have come to the right place. You can try the solution given in this blog, and if by chance your technical dilemma doesn’t get resolved, feel free to contact the Acer Customer Service1-844-762-3952.


Before starting on the solution, let’s first understand in a brief what actually is BIOS or UEFI. BIOS is the program used by a personal computer’s microprocessor get the computer system started after turning it on. UEFI is the advanced version of BIOS.  Besides serving other functions, it manages data flow between the computer’s operating system and the devices which are attached to the system which includes the hard disk, video adapter, keyboard, mouse and printer.


Follow these simple steps one after the other:

 ·         Completely shut down your computer or laptop.

·         If you own an ACER laptop, then remove the battery once and insert it back after some seconds

·         If you have a computer, then power off the system, wait for some time and switch it back on.

·         Switch on your device and immediately after it starts press F2 if you have a laptop and Delete if you own a computer.

·         After doing so press F9 and after that Enter to set up the default configuration. Select yes for confirmation

·         Now press the F10 key

·         In the end press the enter key to save and exit. Confirm it by clicking on Yes


Wasn’t it incredibly simple? You just need to follow a few simple steps and the issue would be resolved in a matter of few minutes. But if by any case, the problem seems beyond your repair and you are not able to fix it, then it is always advisable to contact the Acer Customer Service Phone Number 1-844-762-3952 Here, the team of prolific experts would always be there for you, ready to guide and support. The number is Toll-free, so don’t worry, it won’t cost a penny out of your pocket. The service for you is available 24*7.



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How To Fix The Problem With Sound In A New Acer Nitro 5 Laptop

December 28, 2018 by Jesica Biel  

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The new range of Acer laptops ‘Acer Nitro 5’ is an ideal laptop for everyone, especially for gamers. It has a powerful processor that is ideal for gaming and watching videos. It was designed to elevate the gaming experience and has a deeply engaging sound quality that adds to the whole experience. It has an FHD ISP Display and seamless wireless connectivity. This laptop is also known for its ‘CoolBoost technology’ that allows users to manually control the cooling process, reducing the CPU/GPU temperature. This comes in handy when you have been playing games for hours. But one thing that makes this one of a kind laptop very upsetting is the problem with its sound system. It has been made aware that Acer Nitro 5 laptops have a huge problem with the sudden loss of sound. This problem happens even with newly bought nitro 5 laptops. If you would like to know more about Acer Nitro 5 laptops, you can notify your queries to the supervisors at Acer Customer Service Number.


Solving this error or problem isn’t a problem as long as there is nothing wrong with the motherboard. By applying some tricks or steps, you can easily get rid of this problem. So pay attention to the steps mentioned below and follow them exactly to get rid of this problem.


·         On your Acer laptop, go to the ‘control panel’ and under this, search for the ‘sound’ option. Once you find it, you need to open it.

·         And you need to make sure that you are on the ‘playback’ tab and click on the device that you are trying to get fixed.

·         After you are done with that, click on the ‘configure’ button and follow the instructions.

·         Following that, click on ‘properties’ and after the necessary changes have been made, click ‘apply’ and the ‘ok’ button to save the changes.

·         And on the main ‘sound window’, click ‘ok’ once more.


If these steps do not work, then chances are that there is a defect in the speaker. And to know what you can do about that, contact Acer Tech Support Number for the necessary advanced steps.



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Having Trouble Printing From My Acer Chrome Book

December 15, 2018 by Jesica Biel  

Acer Laptop Support


A Chromebook is a laptop with enhanced technology, you can say it is from a different breed of laptops because it doesn’t work on Windows OS or Mac OS, it has its own Google’s Chrome OS. Many companies have provided Chromebooks in the market and one of them is Acer. Acer Chromebooks are also loaded with amazing features but there is a problem with Chromebooks. Chromebooks don’t connect a printer via USB that means Chromebooks do not support printing from the local printer via USB. To connect a printer with an Acer Chromebook or print from a Chromebook, you will be needed to connect to the Google cloud print service and use a printer. To know more about Chromebooks, call on Acer Laptop Customer Care.


Steps to connect Chromebook to Google Cloud Print Service


·         The 1st step for you should be, download and install Google Chrome browser in your computer.

·         Open Google Chrome browser and sign-in using your Google account information which you used to sign-in to Chromebook.

·         Then look in the upper right corner of Google Chrome’s open window and click on the Menu option. Then choose settings.

·         Then, on the appeared page, scroll down and click on Show Advance settings.

·         Then scroll down in the page and click on manage under Google cloud print.

·         Click on Add printers and start the search to find the printers over the network.

·         Then select your printer in the result list and click on Add printers.

·         Then a complete the process by screen instructions.


This was the whole process to add a printer on an Acer Chromebook. It wasn’t a complex process, but still, if you face any issue in these steps. Then ring on the Acer Laptop Customer Support and get in touch with professional techies. Talk to these techies and share your problem with them. These techies are highly experienced, and they will surely give you the solution to every problem with Acer Chromebook.



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HDMI port on Acer not working in windows 10

December 7, 2018 by Jesica Biel  

Acer Computer Support


Many Acer computers have HDMI (High definition multimedia interface) ports. Acer laptop features many hardware and software attributes which makes Acer laptop a user-friendly and efficient system to work on. HDMI port allows the user to link an HD Television with Acer Laptop and watch videos and listen to audios on a bigger screen. But, sometimes these HDMI ports cause issue and it makes the situation very frustrating. In this blog, you will get all the information to fix HDMI port on Acer not working issue. This HDMI ports can become responsive if you use some additional reinstalled Windows software or by some cleaning.


Steps to Fix HDMI port on Acer not working issue


Software problem

When you use Windows 10 as an OS. HDMI port can cause a problem due to incompatible drivers. You can fix that by following:

1.       Press the “Start” button on your keyboard and move your mouse cursor to Control panel, then click on it.

2.       Browse to “System and Maintenance” section then move your mouse cursor to “Device Manager” and click on it.

3.       Choose “Display Adapters”. It will show a list of options, you double click on “HDMI Port”.

4.       Click on “Drivers” tab and choose to “Update the driver”. Windows will automatically open the web browser and searches for the latest drivers. It will direct you to the link from where it will be best for you to download drivers. Download the latest drivers and install completely.

5.       Then use the HDMI port, if there is a Software issue with HDMI port then it won’t cause an issue



Cleaning of the Port

When you find that there is no software or driver issue with HDMI port then you can clean HDMI port and check if it works. Tips to clean HDMI port:

1.       Shut down your computer and unplug it from the power supply.

2.       Use a flashlight and see into the HDMI port. If there is any crack then it is a hardware problem. You shouldn’t fix this on your own. Take your laptop to a trained technician.

3.       Use a cotton swab, dip it into isopropyl alcohol and rub it into the HDMI port. It will clean the HDMI port completely.



Customer care team

You can choose to take help from the experts available on Acer Computer Customer Care. This number is always reachable for Acer laptop users and you will get the solution for any issue with your laptop.


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