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What are the challenges for telehealth app development?

August 30, 2019 by Jessica Smith  

With the advancement in technology, the healthcare industry has become progressive. Telehealth is used for the delivery of medical services to the people, remote monitoring, and online consultation to the people living in remote locations. It includes healthcare services, education, promotion, and health information services.


Difference between Telemedicine and Telehealth


Telemedicine and telehealth are often used interchangeably. Telehealth is broader in scope and includes larger healthcare activities than as compared to the Telemedicine. To understand clearly, let's provide you a brief about telemedicine.


What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine refers to imparting medical services with the use of telecommunications and information system to the people in remote locations. It is used to deliver long-distance care and, bridges the gap between doctors and patients by allowing instant delivery of care.


Implications of telehealth 


·         Virtual Appointments: Using telehealth, doctors can connect with patients on an online video conference. Telehealth has banished the need to stand in long queues and in-person meetings with doctors. It is perfect for primary care and also for specialist consultation.


·         Remote Monitoring: Using remote monitoring, by transmitting health information to the doctors using web-based applications. Wearable devices can also be used to record and exchange information 


·         Personal health records: Telehealth technology facilitates to record the patient's health information in a digital format. An electronic PHI system imparts users to collect and maintain health-related information on the device that can be accessed round the clock. It can be very helpful, as, in the case of emergencies, it can give information very swiftly to the medical attendee. It provides information regarding the current medical conditions, ongoing medications, and current diagnosis.


·         Personalized health applications: Using telehealth systems users can have tailor-made health applications for as per their needs. The apps can help to keep the data at one place, records vital signs of individuals, keep records of the calorie input, medication reminder and keeps records of the steps count. 


Limitation of telehealth 

According to the futuristic, more than 65% of the doctors are going to use telemedicine software for the delivery of medical care. Increasingly the population is moving towards the use of healthcare applications to seek consultation.


·         Licensure: Licensing comes as a major challenge in Telehealth. In the traditional context, clinicians have a license for the states to practice medicine, but telehealth breaks the geographical barrier and allows the doctors to provide diagnosis across the boundaries of states. At present, only some practices come under the umbrella of licensed services and hinder the doctors to provide their consultation service.


·         Reimbursement: Establishing a telehealth system includes a high investment on a financial front. It provides services at a larger scale. However, the resolving of reimbursement matters is currently showing no sign of progress. The state has passed parity of law that only liable number of services to be liable for the reimbursement for the doctors. In the future, we can hope for the evolutionary law that entitled the reimbursement that is accountable for the services of doctors.


·         Liabilities: It is the most common issue. As it is believed that the doctors would interact with the patient and deliver high-quality services. It can't be assumed that the interaction that is going to happen, will it reap more benefits than the face to face hospital meetings?


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