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The main table is recommended

August 8, 2018 by leap Ray  

1. The groom sits on the left of the bride and the groom on the left is his mother, father and father and mother. On the right of the bride is her father, mother, father and mother; The new couple sat opposite the new couple.

The witness, the best man, the bridesmaid and the guest of honor sit next to the elder. If there are too many elders and guests, one main table can not be fully accommodated, and it is suggested to place leaders and VIP seats near the stage for the VIP to show their attention to the VIP guests.

3. The new man doesn't sit, both parents to sit in the middle of the table of the Lord, in the face of all the guests, at this time sitting on the left side of the bride's father, the father of the groom, then both the mother and elder relative to sit for the center with a new father, witnesses, and distinguished guests sit beside of the couple's elders.

Set up a new table.

Wedding is one of the important link of etiquette the bride and groom wedding celebration, therefore can not be ignored in the wedding banquet guests toast and new, the opening of a new table, so should be in the party this setting for marriage the couple has a special significance. But the new table is not necessarily in the right, often set in the left, to distinguish from the elder. If there are no elders to attend the banquet, the new table can be enlarged and added to both parents and relatives. However, parents and grandparents can also sit at the table. If the seats are not full, they can join important relatives and distinguished guests.

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The number of tables is satisfactory.

The wedding ceremony is the same as the wedding ceremony, and the Chinese wedding banquet is also in pursuit of consummation, so at the beginning of the celebration, there is no vacancy in the front table. Once the situation occurs, the wedding organizers will adjust the vacancy to full seats according to the scene. Generally speaking, each table should be eight, ten, twelve, and so on. When it is singular, it should be coordinated from the Angle of etiquette as far as possible. Every table at the same time, the system is properly arrange related to the bride and groom, let them sit in the table of the secondary position, then can to thank guests arrival, and to take care of when have dinner guests. Such a wedding banquet can not only make the host happy, but also make the party a feast for the eye and warm heart, making the traditional wedding affection, love and friendship continue the affection.


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 How many flowers do the bride hold?

August 2, 2018 by leap Ray  

 The role of the bride in the wedding ceremony is not very large, but it is very important for the bride. How many flowers will the bride hold? What are the meanings of flowers for different brides? Today, we bring the meaning of different kinds of flowers.

  How many flowers do the bride hold?

  In ancient Greek mythology, the rose is a combination of love and beauty, the embodiment of the beautiful god and the blood of the god of love. Roses have always been the best expression of love. At the wedding, the rose brings not only the expression of love, but also the crowning of the promise, so it is also the most common flower in the wedding. As a bride holding flowers, the flowers of the roses should be full and the petals thick. And in choosing color, also want to consider carefully, because the rose color is various, different color has different meaning.

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  Red rose - passion, love you I love you, passionate love, hope to have a passionate love with you.

  Yellow roses - enjoy the day with you.

  Orange rose - mysterious love.

  White rose - our love is pure, innocence, purity, respect.

  Pink rose words - a bright, soft smile, emotional heart, love declaration.

  Champagne roses - dream, love you.

  How many flowers do the bride hold: the number of roses in the hand.

  Ten, perfect!

  11, love only you!

  12, love for you grows day by day!

  20, I only have a sincere heart!

  21, sincere love!


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Twin dreams are as beautiful as flowers, and dreams are as colorful as reality

July 31, 2018 by leap Ray  

After listening to the story of the poem and the groom,

  What impressed me most was their eighteen years.

  These 18 years are full of time precipitation feeling, is also a growth mark.

  Love is more than just an emotion.

  It is more like the most indispensable part of each other's life.

  Let us associate a word:

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  That set the tone for the wedding.

  Such love can be interpreted as a state of symbiosis.

  It makes you more like each other,

  It makes you more like yourself.

  So we talk about this in our own language, different from the conventional wisdom,

  Send a creative gift with the expression of time and natural force.


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What kind of wedding dress do you have in mind?

July 27, 2018 by leap Ray  

  One, the wedding dress of the dash

  This wedding dress is now the most popular. As the name implies, the plowing is not with the shoulder, the style wrapped in the chest, this is mainly suitable for the breasts a little fullness of the bride to wear, this kind of wedding dress feel natural, generous and aesthetical. This wedding dress relies mainly on the chest and waist to support the whole wedding dress, so the small bride is not suitable for this. The design and the better workmanship of the bra style wedding dress in the chest can add a layer of underwear like structure to prevent the wedding slid, avoid the phenomenon of wedding dress off. So the bride needn't worry about the slipping of the wedding dress.

  Two. Princess Wedding Dress

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  Layer yarn + Peng skirt, also known as A character skirt, is a more classical wedding style. With vertical lines for tailoring, upper body fit and lower hem widening, the bride looks lively and can not lose the woman's dexterity. It is suitable for a variety of body shapes. This style is suitable for most brides. The slim, slim bride can choose the design of high waist, so the legs will be slender. The bride with a full chest can choose some deep collar or V collar style to make the neck look longer.

  Three, fish tail wedding dress

  Give people a noble and mature feeling, with thin and narrow design concept, the knee below the beautiful fish tail like the broad skirt design, in the wedding scene can be a good show of the bride's figure.

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 do not forget to eat, always remind yourself to take care of your body.

July 26, 2018 by leap Ray  

 Hunger is a big problem that the bride and groom will face. Do you think you can be slim when you wear your wedding dress without breakfast? Breakfast can be your last meal in a day, and you need energy. If your stomach is bad, try to eat something salty as much as possible. If I feel sick at the beginning of the wedding, I am afraid I will have no time to eat any more. Many new people are too busy to receive guests to take care of their meals. If you don't eat, you will lose your spirits and you may be able to faint. So before the wedding begins, you must eat something and try to eat in the banquet as much as possible.

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  5. Don't let the guests get drunk and stop.

  It's hard to avoid changing cups at the wedding ceremony. Although alcohol can make the atmosphere high, attention should be paid to those friends who have slightly bad wine. Some friends like to talk nonsense after drinking. If a harmonious wedding atmosphere is broken by relatives and friends, it will be a bit of a loss. Some people are hard to control after being drunk and must remind the waiter to pay special attention to the safety of all the guests, while keeping your groomsman or male friend stared at the guest.

  6, don't spend too much time receiving individual guests and making full use of your time.

  We must try to receive every guest with the least time and arrange the wedding time reasonably. On the wedding day, there are a lot of things you must do, toasting, cutting cake and so on. If you spend a lot of time receiving individual guests, other guests will feel that you are a very rude person, and that the wedding process will be dragged behind. If you meet someone you really want to talk to at a wedding, you can spend some time at the end of the wedding to catch up with the old.

  7, do not force yourself to do things that are not good at weddings. The key is to mobilize the enthusiasm of the guests.

  There are no rules for new artists to perform at wedding banquet, but many people will arrange one or two performances on their wedding. Most of the programs are singing and playing more musical instruments. New people often only choose their own interests, do not consider whether they are good at, often make a lot of jokes, not only the new people will feel no face, the guests will also be some of the present.


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Chinese wedding process planning two, a wedding

July 25, 2018 by leap Ray  

The basic process of the wedding is: Pro greet, worship, etiquette, banquet, Waugh, ritual, and the ceremony.

  1, the relatives of the new husband to marry a new woman.

  2, the ceremony is the basic etiquette of Chinese traditional wedding. The newlyweds addressed the rostrum on their cushions, expressing their gratitude and commitment to the world, their parents and each other.

  3, the opposite of the new Li Xi, standing in the middle with several cases, the new relative and kneeling, willing to have a heart, the white head is not separated; hair is a husband and wife, love will never move.

  4, the gift of Waugh is the watering and washing of the bride and groom before the wedding. The son-in-law will wipe her hands and face by herself, then wet her towel, wipe her hands and clean her face. It represents the two new people at the moment who are investing in a new life with a pure and pure heart.

  5, together with the book of rites, the "Rites": "wife to husband, wife in law, enter the prison, eat together, and join together, so they are fit, equal and humble. "The same prison" means the meat eaten by a new husband. The "new wife" refers to the new husband and wife who hold each other and drink together. At the wedding, the newcomers dine with each other at the wedding, announces that they will become a family in their lives, symbolizing new life and enjoying life together.

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  6, the new son-in-law poured the wine, two people drank half of the wine, and two drank the gourd together, and the bride quickly wrapped around the gourd. Gourd is a representative of many sons and more luck. After the couple drink together, two people will be able to share their joys and sorrows with each other. Then the gourd spliced as early as the red rope. As a symbol of the new couple, the couple will never be separated.

  7, to solve the problem of "tassel", refers to the new husband personally solve the bride's marriage. "Hair cut" means that each of the new husbands gets a bunch of hair tied together with red tassel. The new son-in-law cut a wisp of hair from her new wife, then cut off her hair. The bride set out her bag, and her new husband put the hair of two people in turn. The two people jointly tighten the cord. It means that the husband and wife share the same blood and grow old together.

  8, the rite of the hand rises, the newcomer holds the hand to look at each other. Holding the hand of the son, with the son, the hand, and the son of the common food; the hand of the holder, and the son of the same; the hand of the holder, with the son sleep; the hand of the holding son, and the son is pleasing; the hand of the holding son, the old together with the son!


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 European and American Bride's hairstyle recommends a foreign trend

July 24, 2018 by leap Ray  

At the wedding ceremony, the bride's shape is the most important. Do you know which European and American brides hairstyles are available for you to choose? Below, Xiaobian recommended ten European and American Bridal Hairstyles for you.

  European and American Bride's hairstyle recommends a foreign trend

  1, a beautiful European and American braid brides shape, neatly with a little loose design, not only elegant and generous, but also very natural, without a sense of creation, small white flowers cluttered in the braid, making this model more three-dimensional vivid.

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  2, a mess of a European and American Bride hairstyle, do not have a flavor, simple hair collocation with small flower decoration, no loss of generous, and can also remove the complexity of the veil, with a simple and delicate makeup, make the bride more beautiful and moving.

  3, the meatball head is also one of the favorite of the bride, well - defined ball head, bright line, high cluster ball head modeling, simple and noble, yellow and white hair, the European and American fan, with long veils, make you beautiful and full.

  4, European and American Wind bride hair hair style, the hairstyle design, highlights the delicate five senses, beautiful to suffocate the head ornament, slightly with a little GUSON wind, light yellow hair design, making the shape more fashionable and moving, sweet dream oh.


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Top China Dropshippers

July 19, 2018 by leap Ray  

With the advent of the global information age, trade between countries is increasingly diversified,and the use of e-commerce is even more so. In the field of e-commerce, drop shipping has been widely used by a large number of e-tailers. Especially China drop shipping is growing very fast. In this article we will list top china drop shipping wholesalers you need to know.

In this part,we will list 3 China dropshippers and when we describe each dropshipper, give a brief introduction first, next write details of advantages and disadvantages of the dropshippers, and briefly summaries those pros and cons finally.

Drop shipper summary

The proportion of dropshipping in global trade is rapidly increasing. A large number of enterprises have changed from offline trade to online. A large number of enterprises have changed from offline trade to online trade. The e-commerce service ecosystem such as e-commerce platforms, internet finance, smart logistics, and online credit has become increasingly prosperous. The international supply chain is transforming from the production-led consumer model of the industrial age to the consumer demand-driven production model through the online, data, and networking of e-commerce. Global trade has thus undergone a profound transformation.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) report once pointed out that in the process of participating in international trade, SMEs face long-term problems such as insufficient access to information, cumbersome customs procedures, difficulties in credit screening, and insufficient trade financing. Now, e-commerce-led new foreign trade has helped SMEs alleviate these difficulties and enhance their ability to participate in global trade. The Internet has established a free, open, universal and equal trading platform to help companies, especially SMEs, directly target thousands of customers and quickly establish business. It can be said that the dropshipping platform reduces the threshold for SMEs to participate in international trade year-on-year.

However, many sellers are not very clear about the needs of the market, find sources of supply, and have no advantage in price or quality, nor can they independently provide complete cross-border logistics services. And then drop shipper appears. What they need to do is help sellers reduce the time and labor costs of contacting and communicating with customers. Sellers do not need merchandise inventory during the sales process. All goods are shipped by drop shipper, so that all time saved can be used for more effective work. The companies in china dropshippers list emerged mainly to help sellers reduce inventory cost risks, provide zero-inventory, zero-cost supply chain support for cross-border e-commerce sellers, and reduce cross-border risks to zero.

5 key factors enable top China drop shippers

Therefore, top China drop shippers can be judged from the five aspects of product types, costs, payment , logistics and warehouses, services.


The more types of products, the more choices available for consumers, the greater the choice of consumers, the ability to purchase according to their own needs, the longer the time spent on the pages, and the possibility of a successful purchase increases significantly. This is an extremely important factor that affects the top china dropshippers.

In addition to types of the product , the quality of the products should also be taken into account. If the quality of the product is guaranteed, the consumer will come to the platform again to purchase, so that the customer will have feelings for a company's products or services, form a preference and repeat purchases of the company's products or services over a long period of time. In addition to this, consumers will also recommend their friends to join in order to increase their visibility.


The cost is the purchase price and logistics price has advantage or not. In general, the price is lower than the price of the same type of product and the competitiveness of the product is stronger. And the majority of e-commerce users are price customers. Because, in addition to luxury goods in front of almost all buyers have a "brand" awareness, for most of the brands, consumers do not have a very strong brand awareness, the biggest factor for consumers to consider is still the price Inexpensive. It is on the basis of price that it is cheap and beautiful, and then seeks better performance and service. But top China drop shippers can continue to save wholesale costs, and improve the competitiveness at last.


China's cross-border e-commerce early development, online transactions as the main form of settlement, such as traditional postal remittances, or bank transfers, while the letter of credit is also the main way. In recent years, with the development of e-commerce, these methods can no longer meet the needs of internationalization. In order to make customer payment more convenient, top china dropshippers also support a variety of payment methods, such as: Paypal, Payonner, WF, CD, Pingpong, FCE, DTAS and so on.

In addition to the diversification of payment methods, it is more important to pay for security. All along, the public has paid great attention to payment security, especially for payment and financial products. For payment products, not only do you need to give timely feedback on operating status, but you also need to be able to predict what will happen, which will also improve user-controllability. Sometimes, in payment-related operations, raising the threshold for users will also increase users' sense of security. From the user's point of view, the higher operating threshold means more protection. For example, small-size, no-secret payment and short password payment functions are all based on the premise of ensuring security, so as to improve the convenience of user operations as much as possible. The most important thing is not to choose a fate site for shopping, but should choose top china dropshippers companies.

Logistics and warehouses

The rapid development of the cross-border e-commerce market, but cross-border logistics has not kept pace with the development. This has also caused the phenomenon of booming warehouses and cross-border transit time and high costs caused by the shopping season in China drop shipping. Simultaneously, in the process of long-distance treks, problems such as loss of goods, seizure by Customs, or incorporation of counterfeit goods are prone to occur. If there is a problem with the goods, the timeliness of returns will not be guaranteed; what is most important is that the quality of the products cannot be guaranteed. For international online sellers, the first choice should be based on the characteristics of the products sold (size, safety, ease of clearance, etc.) to select the appropriate logistics model; Second, in the season to be flexible to use different logistics methods; Finally, the sale It is necessary to specify clearly the characteristics of different logistics methods to buyers, provide buyers with diversified logistics options, and allow buyers to choose logistics methods according to actual needs, so as to achieve high efficiency, convenience, and low cost in the parcel transportation process.


Good service attitude of the china dropshippers list can gain more benefits. The first requirement is to ensure the immediate interaction between the companies in dropshippers directory china and its customers on the interface of the customer consultation service. Shipping company's service not only introduces products, but also can work with customers on product design, quality, packaging, modification, delivery conditions, after-sales service, etc. to conduct a one-to-one exchange to help customers formulate product availability. Solution to help customers place orders. This requires immediate information support for every functional link in the logistics system. The second is the requirement for personalized customer service. Only when the needs of customers are responded in a timely manner can companies gain more business opportunities. Therefore, services are required to be personalized and targeted to specific customer groups. This way your product can have a better reputation and a bigger market.

Top 3 China dropshippers list

In order to avoid some of the minefields mentioned above, we should choose the drop shipping platform that is reliable. Let's introduce top 3 china dropshippers from the dropshippers directory china.

Top 1 Chinabrands

Chinabrands ranked first in dropshippers directory china. A resource-integrated foreign tradeB2B andB2C online trading platform that gathers products of many suppliers, combined with its own logistics advantages, one-stop service for foreign trade sellers to provide foreign trade source procurement, warehousing inventory management, product listing, order processing, distribution packaging to global distribution and other services.

Chinabrands has 300,000 + SKU, which covers all aspects of people’s lives: Tablets & Accessories, Phones & Accessories, Computer & Office, Consumer Electronics, Toys & Hobbies, Home & Garden, Sports & Entertainment, Automobiles & Motorcycles, Watches, Lights & Lighting, Clothing, Bags, Shoes, Beauty & Health, Mother & Kids, Clothing Accessories, Jewelry. And Chinabrands is one of the most cheapest dropshippers china, while other China drop shippers can not be achieved. And in order to facilitate customers' marketing activities, Chinabrands provides professional descriptions and high-definition product images to provide the most accurate information for products. In addition Chinabrands equipped with professional QC team - Product quality is the top priority and most of the products are provided by major brand suppliers. They do not compromise on quality issues to ensure that every product is intact. It is very convenient for newcomers who are just touching China drop shipping.

The biggest difference between online shopping and physical shopping is timeliness, and Chinabrands guaranteed delivery within 24 hours.The logistics network covers more than 200 countries worldwide. They directly cooperate with leading global express companies including DHL, EMS and Speedpost to facilitate transportation. Before packing and transporting, each item in each package must be inspected carefully by trained professionals to prevent the items from being damaged in transit.

Chinabrands official website: https://www.Chinabrands.com

Top 2 Yueyunet

On August 8, 2016, the cross-border e-commerce new media platform “Yueyunet” was officially launched on the M2B2C e-commerce trading platform “Overwhelmingly sold” on a few days ago.

The Overwhelmingly sold model uses transaction data + big data + SaaS as the basic model, and bridges export companies and e-commerce sellers through an open platform, which effectively solves the bottleneck of sellers' operational efficiency and the sales bottleneck of exporters. Export companies only need to publish their products to platforms, and e-commerce sellers pick and sell products from platforms to overseas B2C e-commerce platforms such as Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay and Wish. Combining big data analysis and SaaS cloud supply chain system, the platform provides sellers with a one-stop solution for selecting, purchasing, quality inspection, warehousing, distribution, and order management, and publishes, orders, and inventory synchronization through one click. Collaboration technologies such as logistics maximize the seller’s operational efficiency and reduce the seller’s working capital investment.

Currently covers cars, motorcycles, clothing accessories, wigs and peripherals, jewelry and accessories, toys, baby, luggage, consumer electronics, office supplies, furniture and interior decorations, watches, sports and entertainment, etc. Categories.

However, customers generally respond to slow shipments, and there are no good solutions for after-sales problems. Fewer products, too few product categories to choose from, and poor customer experience.

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Top 3 BizArk

In 2009, BizArk, the global marketing solution for e-commerce, was born. As one of drop shippers from china, BizArk mainly helps the enterprising export-oriented enterprises, including domestic well-known brand enterprises and large and medium-sized foreign brand custom enterprises to realize their overseas Internet marketing, build their own brands, and grasp the strategic objectives of pricing power.

BizArk E-commerce Co., Ltd. has R&D centers, headquarters and sales offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Changzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, and has operating bases in the United States and Japan.

This company debuted the concept of “creating, selling, and dispensing money” in the field of cross-border e-commerce in China, and determined to help Chinese well-known brand companies and large and medium-sized foreign brand custom companies to compress intermediate links, establish independent vertical channels, and improve operational efficiency. Improve the service system. Ultimately, it helps companies realize their strategic goals of creating their own brands and mastering pricing power.


In simple terms, BizArk through the provision of operational services, IT system support services, marketing services, logistics services, financial management services, intellectual property services, etc., to help foreign trade companies in Europe, America, Japan and Australia to create their own brand. It is worth mentioning that BizArk mainly provides foreign trade marketing solutions to foreign trade companies. Compare with other drop shippers china, it does not have its own platform for displaying products.