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To find a dropshipping wholesalers australia

October 15, 2018 by leap Ray  

With the rapid development of science and technology, e-commerce in Australia is developing very rapidly. And the easiest way to conduct e-commerce in Australia is dropshipping. The drop shipping australia allows customers to sell products directly on the Internet without having to stock their own. The dropshipper receives the customer's order and can deliver the product to the customer on your behalf.

It is undeniable that Australia is a highly developed capitalist country. It has long relied on exporting agricultural products and mineral resources to earn large amounts of income. However, people's daily life light industry products can only rely on imports. Local light industry products are concentrated on expensive clothing, shoes, etc. These products are impossible to drop shipping. Moreover, Australia is sparsely populated, and logistics also imposes great restrictions to drop shipping australia. It’s difficult for australian merchant to find a dropshipping sites australia.

Wholesale and dropshipping

The first thing sellers want to do with e-commerce is how to get what they want to sell.

The two most common methods for e-commerce in the marketing model are drop shipping and wholesale. We must distinguish the principle of direct sales and wholesale, know their differences, strengths and weaknesses, and then we can help australian dropship wholesalers choose the marketing strategy that best suits them.

Drop shipping and wholesale are the most suitable method for sellers who can't produce products themselves, because both models can help e-commerce sellers find suitable products to complete orders for customers. But this is after all two different methods of seeking supply:


Simply speaking, wholesalers purchase products from manufacturers at lower wholesale prices than retail prices, and then sell them to customers to make profits. For e-commerce owners who cannot produce products independently, wholesale is a good choice because it is easy to operate. These products are already finished products, so the wholesaler can directly purchase a certain number of products from the manufacturer according to the needs of his shop. He only needs to manage the customers' orders.


Wholesalers who buy products at wholesale prices often earn high profits because the packaging and shipping costs have not yet been calculated into the price of the goods they have purchased from the manufacturer.


On the other hand, australian dropship wholesalers usually prepare a large warehouse to store goods until they are sold. In addition to warehousing, wholesalers also need to undertake their own logistics, find the most suitable logistics method for each order, and also need to be responsible for marketing strategies, after-sales service, return handling and so on. This can lead to a dramatic increase in costs and a large investment before the product is sold, and this investment may not necessarily be rewarded accordingly.

In addition, wholesalers wholesale products always have some unstable factors. Even if you have a large market when you buy products, there is no guarantee that you will be able to do so when you sell them. Even if you apply for an order, the order will not necessarily come to you on time, and then can not guarantee to be delivered to the customer on time. At the same time, under the pressure of various large-scale and reputable e-commerce platforms, wholesalers are also very hard to highlight and win big orders.


The word” dropshipping” refers to the network management. Accurately speaking, it is generated in the supply and demand relationship between the online supplier of supply agents and the online shop for demand sources. In terms of popularity, a generation is even one Items also help you deliver goods. It is currently the highest demand, and the figure under statistics is about 95%.


Through direct sales, sellers do not need inventory, which not only saves the cost of commodity inventory, but also solves the risk of product backlog.

And when you compare dropshipping with wholesale, dropshipping is a better choice for the first-time seller, because the investment in the early stage is much less. And sellers do not have to be responsible for warehousing, logistics, return and replacement services, etc. These can be handled directly by your appointed dropshippers, greatly reducing costs and risks.


Given the fact that products are delivered directly to customers without their own hands, how to select high-quality and responsible suppliers is a question that needs to be considered. At this time, it is necessary to perform dropshipping with reliable dropshippers. Before cooperating with suppliers, it is necessary to evaluate the reliability of this supplier and understand feedback on product quality. Australian wholesale dropshipping suppliers very concerned about the quality of the product.


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How SMEs can leverage E-commerce to cut costs

October 10, 2018 by leap Ray  

“I have a shop on one of Nigeria’s online stores. I have to do that because getting a store in a city like Abuja is very expensive. So I decided to use an online platform where I know I am not paying for space. And the store is accessible everywhere in Nigeria.” These were the words of an entrepreneur, Helen Asimegbe.

E-commerce, also known as amazon drop shipping or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet via online stores, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.

Today, small, medium or large companies are leveraging E-commerce to conquer new territories and acquire new customers that they likely might not have had access to.

In the last six years of E-commerce in Nigeria through Jumia, and many others afterwards, many businesses have been created, and those existing before the debut have grown bigger, better, and more profitable. Although, some big businesses are hesitating to embrace E-commerce because it conveniently breaks all the structures that they have, the business of buying or selling of products on online or over the Internet has become big in Nigeria.

An entrepreneur and CEO of Stylemark hub, Helen Asimegbe, explains why she uses E-commerce: “The framework for E-commerce operations is pretty simple: the seller shows interest in listing his products/wares on the platform, the E-commerce platform verifies the authenticity of the products and checks if the seller has all the legal prerequisites to sell, especially for products sold only if recommended by an expert. And then a transaction is done,” she said.

There is a remarkable influx in the number of businesses and entrepreneurs signing up daily to have their products listed on the E-commerce platform.

Unknown to many, there is no fee – either hidden or expressly charged – required from any business owner who is looking to speed up the growth process of his business. You can also sell anything, just anything – from products as small as a tissue paper to items as big as a refrigerator, or even perishable items, such as fresh tomato, onion, and so on.

Pretty much, anything can be listed on the E-commerce platform.

For many businesses, E-commerce has become the fastest route to reducing overhead, breaking even and becoming profitable.

The Head, PR & Communications, Jumia Group Nigeria, Olukayode Kolawole, says there are four major reasons to justify the claim above.

“Marketing Investment: All the funds required to promote a seller’s products are borne by the E-commerce platform. Such marketing costs include, but not limited to, online and offline advertising, PR, search engine optimization and social media.

“Promotional and special campaigns are created periodically to drive sales; they also come at a cost. Marketing requires a huge investment, and many SMEs today do not have sufficient capital to combine marketing costs with overhead,” Kolawole said.

Furthermore, Kolawole said selling on E-commerce platform helps SMEs to have a lean workforce.

“Limited Workforce: Selling on E-commerce platforms helps sellers to keep their workforce very lean, because only a few people will be needed to carry out the day-to-day running of the business. The largest chunk of the efforts required to drive the business to profitability rests squarely on the E-commerce platform. They ensure the seller’s products are: delivered to the customers on time and in good shape; packaged with the right material to protect the products during fulfilment.

“The overhead costs for hiring qualified individuals to implement these tasks are borne by the E-commerce platform,” he stated.

Also, rent is an important consideration for most businesses. Most businesses need space to showcase their products, especially those that sell high value items. The cost of rent is high in most urban areas and cities.

The CEO of SmartCraft shares her experience thus: “Spending money on rent was a big challenge for me. As a young business, I could not afford a million naira rent in Abuja but showcasing my wares in an online store has cut off that cost for me. Again, I do not have to hire a sales girl to stay in the shop either,” she said.

The CEO of JustaskSaisy Enterprise Limited, Esesua Henrietta Adeyemi said Ecommerce has helped SMES break trade barriers. “Local products and services here in Nigeria have been able to break into international market. It gives SMEs a global reach and it is cost effective. Again, it helps in the area of revenue collection. Revenue collection is easier because most payment are made prior to delivery.” She said.

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Most E-commerce companies have large warehouses in almost all the major cities.

Again E-commerce platform gives your business digital visibility. Mr Kolawole captures it this way:

“Digital Visibility: Most of the big E-commerce platforms have hundreds of millions of customers. There is no amount of capital offline businesses can have that will expose them to millions of views in just a week. Businesses benefit incredibly from the cloud and exposure that these platforms offer, and at no cost to the sellers.


“Today, Jumia is regarded as the No. 1 shopping destination in Nigeria, and Africa at large. The visibility it provides for sellers on its platform are the major prerequisite most businesses today need to grow and prosper. Millions of dollars are expended on driving traffic to the site – all to the benefit of the sellers,” he stated.

Google Still Rules the eCommerce World

September 29, 2018 by leap Ray  

Google Still Rules the eCommerce World According to Wolfgang Report

Google still makes the internet tick over when it comes to ecommerce sales, generating 60% of website traffic and 56% of website revenue, according to the latest Wolfgang Digital ecommerce report which also reports that social media accounts for 5% of website traffic and 2% of revenue.

As part of this year’s report, Wolfgang analysed 250 million e-commerce website sessions and €500m in online revenues and found that in terms of revenue, the device of choice for ecommerce transactions continues to be the desktop with 56%, followed by mobile on 32% and tablet at 12%. When it came to traffic, however, mobile continues to account for the largest chunk with 53% while desktop accounted for 37% with tablet on 10%.

The report also noted that the consumer’s path to purchase are getting longer. “As digital marketers we are all in the wholesale christmas lights business now. Our job is to create an itinerary of digital media touchpoints which transport the user from curious clicker to loyal customer. Number of sessions per user has become the critical engagement KPI. Currently companies are averaging 1.5 over 12 months. Anything you can do to get this to 2, to 3 to 4, is about the best marketing you can do,” says the report.

The report also sheds some light on the role of Facebook and Messenger in the ecommerce mix, the first time information of this kind has been unveiled according to Wolfgang. “It’s not just the user interactions on your website that count. New Facebook Analytics reveal a social media engager is twice as likely to convert as a website visit! The more intense the reaction the higher the conversion rate. Messenger was notable as having extraordinarily high conversion rates,” it says.

Wolfgang also notes that the imminent ramping up of investment by Amazon is likely to be watched by the digital marketing industry with great interest. “Right now digital marketers are spending the majority of their budget with Google and Facebook but struggling to understand conflicting metrics being provided by the two platforms. When Amazon grabs a large chunk of e-commerce ad spends in 2019 the complexities around attribution are certain to intensify,” it notes.


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x_trader dropshipping business

September 27, 2018 by leap Ray  

XTrader is one of the best adult drop shipping service and wholesaling website from UK, it was the first company to selling adult products in the industry. Moreover, drop shipping is one of most popular retailing methods in the world now, it allows retailers to purchase merchandise individually from suppliers and manufacturers, and these suppliers should take the responsibility to carry out the order fulfillment. It is believed that drop shipping business should has vast potential future development worldwide. In this post, I’m gonna explain how does XTrader drop shipping business works, the products they provided and the pros of the cooperation with XTrader.

How to do xtrader dropship business?

As the description from official website on XTrader shows that they are mainly doing adult drop shipping business, they have more than 6,900 products in over 210 categories in the stock for drop shipping. In this part, I’ll list 2 adult products that are actually selling on Xtrader, which have higher sales now.

a. Massage candle.

The following picture is one of the best selling products on XTrader now, which is a massage candle. It has aphrodisiac and pheromone infused, and the soy candle releases delicious smells to relief customers from stress. As the product description shows, it also said that the massage candle can ignite the playful mood among customers. According the product description from XTrader, we can easily find that the massage candle is totally different from common candle, as the different raw materials infused, the best selling point of massage candle that is relief customers from stress well without any harmful substance.

b. Clothing.

It is believed that sexy clothing is one of the main categories in the adult industries. Clothing should be the most commonly selling products on each adult products websites. That is the important thing I need to point it out to retailers, retailers should not only sell the common adult clothing randomly, but also try to find something special out. Retailers can sell some of the adult clothing with special designs like unique concepts or large size. The following product image is one of the latest adult clothing on XTrader now. As you can see that the dress is designed with babydoll style and made with lace trim. Moreover, this babydoll style dress also provided with different sizes, which means customers can choose the most fitting sizes include plus size. As we can conclude that sexy clothing is the most popular products in the market now, but sellers should stay focus on the product selection in order to step forward to lead the market as quick as possible.

How does XTrader drop shipping business works?

The following picture shows the basic process of doing drop shipping business with XTrader. As we can see that it is a most common and basic dropship watches process include totally 4 steps.

The first step is attracting customers to buy the products in the store which belongs to sellers. And then sellers should receive the payment to Paypal or their bank account once customers carry it out. The third step is that sellers should send the exact same orders to XTrader by using the member account or automation software which provided by XTrader. The last one is where sellers make profits. Sellers can keep the profits after they sold the products out, and XTrader should take the responsibility to do order fulfillment include product delivery.

As we have a preliminary understanding of the drop shipping process on XTrader, the next thing I wanna talk about is the preparation before selling.

The first one is absolutely the account registration on XTrader. As you finished the account registration on XTrader just like the following screenshot shows, you can get your account for free. Moreover, a formal member on Xtrader can use a variety of free supports include data downloading, API supporting and so on.

In addition, there are a bunch of available services provided by Xtrader to members. For instance, XTrader built up the stock import software by connecting with the API technologies. The stock import software can help sellers to easily manage orders stocking, restrict categories and import products with simple operation. Moreover, the software also allow sellers to connect to third party website like Shopify and Magento.


Furthermore, XTrader also provide the website build up services to members which can help them easily built up the online store with customization by sellers. The following chart shows the pricing for each plans and its services on XTrader.

The Best Products to Dropship in 2018

September 25, 2018 by leap Ray  

In the followings, we are going to tell you about 15 best products and categories. If you want to dropshiping products into your store please contact us so that we can help!


Drones are hot and a niche. By 2020, it's anticipated that there'll be 7 million drones in the United States alone. It's expected that the drone industry will be worth an astounding $127 billion. Drones is far potential to become a best products to dropship

Pet GPS tracker

The GPS tracker is designed practical and essential. It catch the demands of pet owners. It is common to see news about seeking pets because of pet lost. Therefore, there is a huge demands for pet owner. They only need a smart phone then you can click over the geo-coordinates to see the exact location of the pet.

Bamboo supplies

Bamboo supplies have many merits in materials. It is one of the quickest growing plants in the world.That also means it can be great sustainable resource. It is harder than wood and has the natural feature which can reduce the noise, prevent aphids and bacteria.

Nowadays people pay more and more attention to health and environmental protection, therefore Bamboo products have great potential in domestic and international markets. The common popular Bamboo supplies contain Bamboo Cup, Bamboo watch, Bamboo Box,Bamboo Mat, etc.

Minimalist watches

Minimalism has become one of the mainstream art styles today. From design and architecture to music and literature, its influence is everywhere. Most of time it is very likely that we have been deeply attracted by the work of minimalist style, when we have not noticed it at all. The minimalist style of watch design is also highly recognized. Choosing the minimalist watch meets the taste and aesthetic of the present people. Men’s watches, women’s watches, and smartwatches are also showing increasing search volume over time.

Phone Accessories

The phone accessories industry has been growing for years. By 2022, it should reach $107.3 billion in market cap. Phone cases, Phone holder, grips, screen protectors, repair kits, chargers, Mini Mic and earphones have proven to be consistently popular.

Wireless devices

Keep your devices charged and ready to go when you are! The Wireless Charger makes charging as simple as placing your device on a surface so you can grab and go without the hassle of a mess. Think about how many people are using phones, and there are huge demand on wireless charger, it must be the most popular dropship electronics products.

Hair straightener


With the constant change of social trends, people are paying more and more attention to their appearance, especially women, and pay more attention to the beauty of hairstyles. Going to the hair salon is not only troublesome but also expensive. Therefore, many women will have hair straighteners. Hair Straightener can help you make one fussy, dull, unhealthy and damage hairs get straight and stylish looks.

Pros and cons of drop shipping model

September 20, 2018 by leap Ray  


a. Lower cost requirement. It can understand that you don’t need so much costs requirement in the beginning of drop shipping business. For example, as you are running your t shirt drop shipping business, you don’t need any production or manufacturing costs unless you want to make something by yourselves. The cooperation with a drop shipping platform should be helpful for deal with most of supplying issues because almost each drop shipping platform are cooperating with suppliers.

b. No inventory requirement and lower risk. Drop shipping model allows people do not need to carry any inventory to start their drop shipping business. During the process of drop shipping business, once customers place the orders online, suppliers should directly deliver merchandises to end-customers which means sellers may not carry any inventories. Moreover, it should be more safety to do drop shipping business because sellers are not able to plagued by excess inventory.

c. Doing jobs from home. It is possible to do drop shipping business from home because most of business decisions can be made at home if you are cooperating with a reliable drop shipping platform. It can believe that you can use your PCs and smart devices such as smart phones and tablets to finish most of jobs from home, it include inventory management, order fulfillment, product selection and so on.

d. Wider variety of product selection. It can find that sellers can do a wider variety of product selection because they only have few inventory to carry. Sellers can try different categories of products for selling, in order to figure out what is the most potential niches in the current drop shipping market.

e. Better price control. As the development of current drop shipping market, most of sellers can do product pricing freely, which means they can decide the space for profits. However, due to the competitive drop shipping market worldwide, sellers used to set the prices at a safe level to make profits stably.


a. Lower profit margin. As one of the features within drop shipping business model, it allows sellers to buy a single unit of product individually, and then suppliers should deliver it to end-customers. It is a biggest advantage in the drop shipping business model, but it also limit profit margin because the single unit delivery costs should be higher. The higher costs means sellers may get a lower profit margin which means make fewer profits.

b. Difficult to do quality control. It can clearly understand that drop shipping business model allows sellers do not need to carry inventories, and suppliers should deliver merchandises directly to end-customers. This can be a benefit for sellers, but also can be one of the problems because sellers may have no chance to do a quality control to the products that they are selling. A damaged or broken product may directly influence the sales of the store in the future development.

c. Strong competition among sellers. As the rapid development of drop shipping business in the world, it can understand that the competition among sellers are quite strong. Moreover, it can be trusted that there are so many sellers are focus on the same hot niches, it may causes the market is become saturated.


d. Poor communication between sellers and end-customers. As we discuss in the previous description, once the order placed by end-customers, suppliers or manufacturers should deliver it directly to end-customers. That means sellers would have few opportunities to communicate with their end-customers. Sellers cannot receive enough feedback or suggestion from end-customers which is not helpful for improving dropshipping business.

Amazon Looks To Tap Insurance In India

September 18, 2018 by leap Ray  

Within five years of its presence in India, global ecommerce giant Amazon’s India unit has raised its value to $16 Bn with a nearly 31.5% share of the ecommerce market. The company, which is already exploring the booming digital payments industry in the country, is now eyeing the insurance sector too.

According to recent Registrar of Companies (RoC) filing, Amazon wants to start by selling life, health, and general insurance and is looking to carry out the business of soliciting, procuring and servicing insurance as a corporate agent.

Amazon is yet to seek approval from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority in this regard. A company spokesperson, in an emailed response to BloombergQuint, said that Amazon Pay is looking to “serve the needs of customers around insurance. Stay tuned in.”

At the same time, the company has announced Amazon Pay EMI for its ecommerce customers in India, mainly for those who do not possess credit cardsor have the option to pay in instalments through debit cards.

For its lending business, the wholesale watches company has entered into a partnership with Bengaluru-based digital lending startup Capital Float. Amazon is launching easy EMI options for purchases on its ecommerce platform for select customers initially.

“Our aim is to target the next 70 Mn customers who are deprived of credit options while shopping on Amazon,” said Vikas Bansal, director, emerging payments, at Amazon Pay.

Bansal added that while the population of online shoppers in India is around 100 Mn, around 20 Mn have credit cards and 10 Mn use either financing options from non-banking financial banks or debit card EMIs. The target for Amazon Pay EMI is the other 70 Mn and the incremental additional customer base.

“The advantage that Amazon can bring is the huge customer base that we already have. Hence, customer acquisition cost will be lower and we can pass off better rates to good borrowers,” said Bansal.

Insurance Industry In India

At present, the insurance space in India is dominated by banks and government agencies such as LIC, GIC, etc. Also, a number of insurtech startups such asPolicyBazaar, CoverFox, Acko, among others, have come up in recent years. The sector has also witnessed interest from digital payments company Paytm.

According to the IBEF, insurance penetration in India is as low as 4% despite the Modi government’s efforts to spread awareness on the importance of insurance with its proposed Modicare and other government-backed policies.

The central government has increased the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) limit in the insurance sector from 26% to 49% under the automatic route, which will further help attract investments in the sector.

However, currently, only 3% insurance is bought online in India in an $80 Bn market. This share is likely to grow given the rising access of consumers to online insurance services.

Meanwhile, the fintech sector in India continues to witness sustained growth. According to the Indian Tech Startup Funding H1 2018 report, fintech witnessed the highest funding in the first quarter.

According to Inc42 DataLabs Indian Startup Funding report 2017, the Indian fintech industry received $3.01 Bn across 111 deals in 2017.


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drop shipping retailers

September 14, 2018 by leap Ray  

A retailer is an intermediary who sells goods directly to the end consumer. It is relative to the producer and wholesaler and is in the final stage of the circulation of goods. However, dropshipper retailer are not the same, it is after the consumer orders, the product is shipped directly from the supplier or manufacturer to the consumer. The traditional sales model is the manufacturer to the supplier to the retailer to consumer. Every additional step, the cost of the product will increase. Drop shipping greatly reduces the cost of the product. It’s easy to become drop shipping retailers. You just need to find a supplier and choose a sales platforms. But if you want to do well, then the following points you need to consider.

How to choose the sales platforms?

Why do I want to introduce the first platform to choose? Because a famous platform can bring more traffic and more potential customers to your store, your product is more likely to sell.

I think a good sales platform must have the following:

1. The broad user base

2. User high active

3. User high accuracy

Well, anyone who knows a little about probability theory knows that if we have a user base of 10,000 and the turnover rate is 10%, then we have traded 1,000 people. If the user base is 100 people, then even if the transaction rate is as high as 50%, we can only trade 50 people. The latter's efficiency is five times that of the former, but the final deal is only 5% of the former. This shows the importance of choosing the size of the sales platform.

Of course, the sales performance that the sales platform ultimately brings to us is affected in many ways. This is the two points mentioned later. One is user activity and the other is user accuracy. For example, WeChat monthly active users are about 860 million, and QQ monthly active users are about 820 million, while Taobao.com even if its active users at the double 11 is only over 100 million.

Therefore, the drop shipping retailers should consider these points when choosing a sales platform.

How to select your product?

1. Understand yourself and analyze the advantages and disadvantages.

When doing anything, you first need to know yourself, such as what you like to do, what you are good at, and what resources you have. As drop shipping retailers, the funds, manpower, and material resources required to invest in different products are different.

Understanding yourself and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses is to better select the right products. You can use SWOT to combine mind maps to make yourself more aware of yourself.

2. Market research, do a good job of market positioning

After you understand your situation, you need to conduct market research. The more meticulous the investigation work, the better because it is to set the tone for the direction of product selection. It is a directional issue. If the wrong direction is chosen, it will result in a less effective situation. If the choice of products is in the right direction, in the subsequent operations, as long as the right strategies and methods are adopted and persist, there will be fewer detours. The work of market research is to make the direction of their choice of products more clear, clear, and targeted.

3. Narrow the selection to focus on the product.


First of all, through targeted selection of a wide range of areas, after the need to narrow the scope of choice, focus on the product itself, such as product market capacity, whether the product meets the needs of the moment. Whether the product has a patent, whether it is unique in the industry, product design ideas and functional design, whether the product's technical process meets the relevant standards and so on. The dropship cell phones retailers use the product as the carrier to purchase at a low price, and will reasonably increase the price and eventually sell the product. When selecting the product, the details of attention can reduce unnecessary trouble for the future.

Five online retail mistakes

September 3, 2018 by leap Ray  

Online retailers can earn a lot of money by offering customers low prices, fast delivery and easy access to products that may be difficult to obtain in a physical store. However, many online retailers have made mistakes, causing customers to lose interest in the store or buy from the competition. If you have an online retail store, make sure you are not involved in any of the top five online retail errors.

1. You need to log in before browsing or purchasing.

Visitors are not required to create an account just to view your item or first purchase. If you are a professional retail chinese wholesale websites or a flash website, you can collect emails before opening the store, but you need to have a good value proposition to prove this. Some people are reluctant to share personal information over the Internet, especially if they have not previously done business with you and are not sure if they want to buy from you. Asking them to log in to browse will allow them to close your site more quickly. At checkout, you can choose to log in so that the customer can easily complete the order as a guest.

2. Fill your website with beautiful graphics and animations.

Startups, animations, and Flash videos may look cool, but they can reduce the customer experience. Some people have slow Internet connections and can't handle fancy graphics; your site runs very slowly on these customers' computers, which can cause them to give up access to your pages. In addition, animations and pop-ups can block customers' perceptions of your products and interfere with what they try to do on your site. If you have to use a special graphic effect, you must have at least an explicit link to the "non-graphic version" so that the customer can opt-out.

3. Additional large delivery amount.

Adding shipping costs per product is tempting, but it can drive customers away. If they need to pay $75 for shipping, people won't buy goods worth $100. Instead, provide free shipping for large orders to get more customers.

4. It is difficult to order multiple products at once.

When customers put products into their online shopping baskets, they should be easy to continue browsing. Some online retailers mistakenly include the "Continue Shopping" button on the shopping cart page; this frustrates customers, and some may decide not to buy anything because they can't get everything they want in one visit. In addition to the "Continue to shop" option, make sure your shopping cart page contains a list of related products to encourage impulse purchases.

5. Excessive attention to the website experience.

While the customer's website experience is an important part of online sales, the order and delivery process are equally important. Be sure to send a confirmation email and set up a tracking system for the mailed item to ensure the delivery process goes smoothly. Otherwise, the customer may cancel the order or tell the negative story to their friends.


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The main table is recommended

August 8, 2018 by leap Ray  

1. The groom sits on the left of the bride and the groom on the left is his mother, father and father and mother. On the right of the bride is her father, mother, father and mother; The new couple sat opposite the new couple.

The witness, the best man, the bridesmaid and the guest of honor sit next to the elder. If there are too many elders and guests, one main table can not be fully accommodated, and it is suggested to place leaders and VIP seats near the stage for the VIP to show their attention to the VIP guests.

3. The new man doesn't sit, both parents to sit in the middle of the table of the Lord, in the face of all the guests, at this time sitting on the left side of the bride's father, the father of the groom, then both the mother and elder relative to sit for the center with a new father, witnesses, and distinguished guests sit beside of the couple's elders.

Set up a new table.

Wedding is one of the important link of etiquette the bride and groom wedding celebration, therefore can not be ignored in the wedding banquet guests toast and new, the opening of a new table, so should be in the party this setting for marriage the couple has a special significance. But the new table is not necessarily in the right, often set in the left, to distinguish from the elder. If there are no elders to attend the banquet, the new table can be enlarged and added to both parents and relatives. However, parents and grandparents can also sit at the table. If the seats are not full, they can join important relatives and distinguished guests.

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The number of tables is satisfactory.

The wedding ceremony is the same as the wedding ceremony, and the Chinese wedding banquet is also in pursuit of consummation, so at the beginning of the celebration, there is no vacancy in the front table. Once the situation occurs, the wedding organizers will adjust the vacancy to full seats according to the scene. Generally speaking, each table should be eight, ten, twelve, and so on. When it is singular, it should be coordinated from the Angle of etiquette as far as possible. Every table at the same time, the system is properly arrange related to the bride and groom, let them sit in the table of the secondary position, then can to thank guests arrival, and to take care of when have dinner guests. Such a wedding banquet can not only make the host happy, but also make the party a feast for the eye and warm heart, making the traditional wedding affection, love and friendship continue the affection.


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