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How to configure the Amazon Echo Dot Setup?

January 14, 2020 by John Smith  

The Echo Dot (primarily of third-generation) is getting enormously popular among the masses. These masses include various customers of the United Kingdom, Russia, and India and so on. Indistinguishably, the smart Echo speaker has made our lives much interesting and jolly with its exciting key feature of voice commands through a personal assistant Alexa. With the award-winning functionalities of Amazon Echo Dot Setup, one can easily give a voice command to Alexa to play music, news, answer your question or to perform any other tasks.

Now, it is for sure that you are interested to know about the surprising benefits of the Amazon Echo Dot Setup. Let’s discuss them: -

Auspicious benefits of Amazon Echo Dot Setup

After you download the Echo dot setup, you can surely enjoy the mentioned-below benefits: -

• A hustle-free and smart voice-controlled speaker that can surely play whatever music you want, without searching it again and again. Moreover, you can listen to your favorite tracks while doing any task with much ease-of-comfort.

• At times you get bored, the personal assistant Alexa is here to talk and perform the activities you wish to do.

• The Amazon users can dynamically navigate through its features and make calls, send and receive the messages, read news and audio-books and control the Amazon Video on Fire TV.

• You can easily use Echo skills (like Pandora and Prime music) to listen to the trending stereotypes after installing the Amazon Echo Dot Setup.

I personally feel that the mentioned-above benefits are the reasons why there is a need for an Amazon Echo Dot Setup. Now, the time has come to enjoy the same with the steps for setting up your Echo Dot device. Read the below section carefully: -

Steps to configure the Echo Dot Setup with your workstations

With the below points, one can configure the set up of the Amazon Echo Dot device and enjoy its perpetual benefits. The steps, if performed well, can let you configure the setup in the first attempt (with minimal error rate). So, the first one is: -

• Plugin your Echo Dot device

Unbox your Echo dot and pick the cable out of it. Insert the micro-end inside the device and the macro-one inside the adapter (9W is preferred). Now, plug in the adapter in the socket and switch on the socket’s button. On top of the device, you will see a blue light. Within a minute, the light will change to orange, indicating that Alexa is here to greet you.

• Download the Alexa app from Amazon

It’s time to install the Amazon Alexa application on your workstations (smartphones, tablets, and others) from the official website of Amazon. You must prefer to download the Amazon Echo Dot Setup and follow all the instructions to install the setup. In the end, click on Finish and open the Alexa app now.

• Connect it to the Bluetooth speaker

Since the Alexa application is installed now, it’s time to configure it with your smart Bluetooth speaker (via Bluetooth or USB cable). Double-check that the distance between the Bluetooth speaker and device is a minimum of 1 meter.

• Start using the Echo Dot

The Alexa device is connected now successfully with your workstations. In order to get Echo Dot’s attention, all you need to say is “Alexa”. After this, you can give instructions to her and start using it to listen to your favorite music, weather forecasts, make calls and so on.

By performing the above-mentioned steps you can easily customize the Amazon Echo Dot setup and enjoy his/her leisure time with Alexa. In case if you want to know more or you have any queries while performing the above steps, you can visit our blog/website 24*7.