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How to Fix Norton Antivirus not opening or crashing?

September 2, 2019 by nortonhelp  

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The internet has completely transformed society and has redefined entertainment and convenience. Whether it is streaming your favourite TV show or booking tickets for your next holiday, the internet allows you to do it all at the click of a button. But online services also pose a risk when it comes to data theft and fraud. That is why it is essential to have a working antivirus software active at all times. If you find that your Norton Antivirus does not open or is crashing frequently you should call the norton customer support phone number as soon as possible because every delay leaves your system at risk. There could be many reasons why your Norton Antivirus encounter errors that prevent it from running smoothly. This article has some useful tips and suggestions to help you resolve any errors that may cause Norton to crash or prevent it from opening.

Solutions to Fix Norton Antivirus Not Opening

Most users report that the Norton Antivirus not opening error usually occurs right after they have updated the software. This is most probably because whenever you update a program or software certain settings may change. These changes in the system or software settings can cause the program to malfunction. You can resolve the error using the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool:

  • Close all the programs and applications on your computer and restart the system
  • Download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool and save it on the desktop
  • Double click the NRnR icon on your computer to open the tool
  • Carefully go through the terms and conditions for using the tool and press ‘Agree’.
  • Select the option to ‘Remove and Reinstall’ Norton and click ‘Ok’ to confirm
  • Once the antivirus software is removed, close the tool and restart your computer.

Go to the official Norton website and follow the steps to reinstall the latest available version of the software.

Solutions to Fix Norton Antivirus Crashing

If Norton Antivirus crashes frequently then your computer may be at risk from online security threats or malware. The main cause behind this is usually some corrupted Norton anti-virus files. Thankfully Norton developed a tool to help users automatically fix errors that may cause the Norton software to crash. You can follow the steps given below to download and use the Norton Autofix tool:

  • Open your browser and go to the Norton website to search for the Norton Autofix tool
  • Download the installation file and save it on your computer
  • Double click the Norton Autofix file and run the tool as admin
  • Read through the tool usage agreement and click ‘Accept’

The Norton Autofix tool will scan your computer and automatically fix any errors related to the Norton Antivirus software. Once the tool has finished fixing the errors you will need to restart your computer.

If the solutions mentioned above do not resolve the problem and you see that the Norton Antivirus software is still crashing or is not opening then it may indicate that there is a deeper technical issue. If that is the case then you can call the norton tech support and ask for additional tech support. A trained expert is available 24 hours a day to give you the best solutions so that you can secure your PC as soon as possible.

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