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Green Packaging Supplies: How to Choose The Right Supplier For Your Business

February 17, 2020 by packagingsupplies  

In recent years, phrases like "eco-friendly" and "environmentally responsible" have steadily made their way into the vernacular and consciousness of society as a whole. The heightened awareness has motivated individuals to look harder at their day-to-day activities and purchasing habits. In the classroom, students are being taught about the benefits environmentally friendly products such as bio fuels, organically grown foods and green packaging made from paper and bio-based plastics. There is little doubt that the newer generations of consumers and entrepreneurs will be much more eco-savvy.


Additionally, many businesses are more aggressively seeking ways to reduce the impact of their business practices on the environment and reduce costs. Finding a credible source for green packaging supplies can be a valuable asset for businesses in this quest to be more environmentally responsible. Companies that ship products via small parcel services to their customers can follow a few simple guidelines to ensure they've chosen the right source for green packaging supplies, which will ultimately be left up to their customers to dispose of.


Green Packaging Supplies - What To Look For


Traditionally, packaging supplies have often consisted of various forms of oil-based wrapping and void fill materials. Polystyrene foam packing peanuts have long been used as a "quick" void fill solution. Plastic bubble packaging and void fill materials such as air pillows made from polyethylene are also commonly used. Even so called "biodegradable" plastics used in some inflatable void fill products that have been deceptively touted as "eco friendly", are made from 100 percent polyethylene. While these materials offer effective product protection during shipping, because they are largely un-recyclable in community base recycling programs and made from a non-renewable resource, they do not offer much protection for the planet.

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However, many new sources for green packaging supplier have emerged that now offer businesses better solutions for reducing void fill and protecting products in transit. Companies looking to make a change from oil-based plastic wrapping and void fill materials to a more environmentally responsible alternative, should look for vendors that offer shipping supplies that consist of 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable paper packaging. When looking at paper packaging it is also important for businesses to expect that the raw materials used to make the packaging have been sustainably sourced. The best way to do this is to only consider paper packaging materials manufacturer that have been awarded third party chain of custody certification from an internationally recognized program such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. This type of certification for paper-based packaging supplies assures businesses that the raw materials used have been harvested from forests, and produced by paper mills, that have conformed to rigid sustainability standards.


Reduce Void Fill - Bottom Line Results with Green Packaging Supplies


While businesses strive to monitor their impact on the environment, they are also constantly endeavoring to monitor the health of their bottom line. Fortunately, working to be more environmentally responsible does not have to mean a greater expense when it comes to green packaging supplies. As an example, the need to fill open space in a shipping box with some form of void fill material can be greatly reduced by wrapping smaller items together in a paper-based cushioning material. This will reduce the amount of packaging needed as well a provide opportunities to reduce the size of the shipping box. As a result of using a paper-based cushioning wrap, the reduction of oil-based void fill materials and box size will not only lower overall shipping costs, but will also reduce carbon footprint and provide a truly recyclable packaging material that consumers can responsibly dispose of in their curbside paper recycling bin.

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Also, companies that sell green packaging supplies will often provide hands on assistance to businesses looking to change their packaging methods, such as demonstrating best practices for reducing the use of void fill and lowering costs. It is important to look for green packaging suppliers that offers this type of assistance, which should be customizable and unique to each ccompany's specific needs.


With the heightened awareness of our impact on the planet, environmentally responsible business practices are becoming more and more of a priority. Choosing the right vendor for green packaging supplies can easily lend to the overall success of sustainability initiatives in a company's shipping department.


Lynn Moe is with Geami a leading manufacturer of certified sustainably sourced paper packaging materials used by businesses to protect products during shipping and handling. The company's paper-based protective packaging and cushioning wrap is an environmentally friendly replacement for plastic materials such as bubble packaging and air pillows.

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