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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6073

February 28, 2020 by Julia Roberts  

QuickBooks Error code 6073 is the error that is related to not opening the company file. If you, too, are witnessing the same mistake while working on your QuickBooks software, then you need to resolve this issue quickly. Either you can take the help of this blog to solve the error, or you can call quickbooks customer support number to fix the problem at hand.

What Cause QuickBooks Error 6073 to Occur?

If you think, what are the reasons for the occurrence of error 6073 in QuickBooks? Then read the below-mentioned points:

·        The company file is open in Single User Mode on another computer.

·        The company file is located on the network folder in the read-only mode.

·        The company file is saved on the Linux server and has more than one set of login credentials to get access to the shared folder.

·        You are accessing the company fie through remote accessing software and at the same time, the host computer is still logged in.

Steps To Fix QuickBooks Error 6073

1.     Use QuickBooks File Doctor

You can even try to download and then install the QuickBooks File Doctor on your system to resolve the error code 6073.

·        Go the official website of the QuickBooks website and then search the tool File Doctor.

·        You have to download the setup file of the QuickBooks File Doctor and then install it.

·         Once installed, you can run this tool for scanning and fixing the error.


2.     Manually Resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 6073

The company file is open in another workstation in Single User Mode

·        You first need to close the QuickBooks software that is opened in all the computers.

·        Now open the file on the host computer.

·        Click on File and then switch to Multi-User Mode by choosing the correct option.

·        It would help if you restarted all the workstation once you changed the setting.

Open company file on the Host computer in the Single User Mode

·        Go to File > Close the company file

·        Open the company file again and then go to File> Open Company

·        Select the company file, and then choose the option of Multi-User Mode.

If the company file is stored in Read-only Network Folder

·        In the host computer, find the folder where the company file is saved.

·        Go to the Properties of the folder and click on the Security Tab.

·        Now you need to choose which users are having an issue in logging into the QuickBooks and then click on Edit.

·        You have to tick on the option of 'Allow' for the full control of a particular user.

Even after executing these steps, if error code 6073 persists, then you need to call quickbooks customer service that stays available 24*7 round the clock to assist their users. The team of customer care has certified and experienced professionals who will make sure to remove the error altogether from the roots itself.


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How to fix QuickBooks Error 1904

February 21, 2020 by Julia Roberts  

Maintaining the balanced sheets manually and keeping the tax returns intact and on time can be a difficult task to do. But why make it fuss when you have the best accounting software in the market. QuickBooks, a software that manages all your company’s finances, is being favoured by millions in today’s world. It creates balance sheets for all your sales and expenses, and helps you in filing your tax returns on time. Though its features are unmatchable, there’s no software that works without a glitch. While working on QuickBooks, you might also face a few errors, one of which is QuickBooks Error 1904. This error might occur when the company’s files are corrupted or damaged, or while upgrading the operating system from one version to another. In order to overcome this issue, you can either refer to the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps or simply get in touch with the expert techies at quickbooks customer service number. They are there to assist you with all your queries, as they are well trained and qualified for the same.


Method 1: Run the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

1.     Click on the ‘ignore’ tab on the error message pop-up and let the QuickBooks installation complete.

2.     While the installation is happening, DO NOT OPEN the QuickBooks software.

3.     Now, restart the computer.

4.     If the installation is not completed, then download and run the QuickBooks Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool.

5.     Simply restart the system and check if the problem is resolved. If not, then follow the next method.


Method 2: Activate the Built-In or Hidden Administrator


      Activate the Built-In Administrator


1.     Go on the ‘Windows’ screen by clicking on your keyboard.

2.     Choose the ‘Run as Administration’ and type in the “CMD/Command Prompt/ cmd.exe” in the search bar.

3.     A command window will pop-up, enter the “net user administrator/active: yes” and hit the ‘Enter’ tab.





      Switch to the Built-In Administrator Account


1.     Simply press ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ at one go on your keyboard and then choose the ‘Switch User Window 8 users’, hit the ‘Windows’ button and select the user icon.

2.     Now, press ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ simultaneously and choose the ‘Default Administrator Account’ icon.


      Hide the Built-In Administrator Account

1.     Go to ‘Windows’ and type ‘CMD’ in the search box.

2.     Now, press right-click on the ‘CMD/Command Prompt/cmd.exe” and choose the ‘Run Administrator’ tab.

3.     A screen will pop-up, type “net user administrator/active: no” and hit the ‘Enter’ key.


In case you face the glitch even after following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, then it is recommended to take the help of the professionals You can get on call at quickbooks technical support with expert techies and get your query resolved within seconds. 



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How to manage QuickBooks bill online

February 14, 2020 by Julia Roberts  

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If you want your business to survive and work in this competitive economy, it becomes necessary to keep records accurately and timely. When you do this, it helps you to manage the cash flow properly and allows you to know where your business is standing in the market. The bill management process is too complicated and lengthy, which is why many small businesses ignore it. If you are worried about how you would manage the bill correctly, you need not think much. You can simply contact quickbooks customer care number and take help from experts regarding the matter. 

You must create different accounts where you would record the cash amount. In order to set up an expense account, you would first have to click on lists and then head to the chart of accounts option and finally tap on ‘New’ in the next window. In the new account window, you will be asked to select the expense account type and then move on. Have a look at the process explained below to manage QuickBooks bill online

     Steps to receive and enter a bill in QuickBooks

      Visit Vendors and then Enter Bills

      You need to choose the vendor for which you intend to enter the bill

      Select the specific supplier from the drop-down menu

      Then, choose the Bill Date, Terms, and Due Date of the invoice.

      Provide the amount and then explain the description

      Once you enter the tax rate, you should save the changes and then close it. 

     Set reminders for bill payments- Setting reminders will be a great decision if you want to do proper management for bill payment. It will help you remind any due payment you have, and you can simply process the payment at that time. Only setting the dates would work for you. 

     Check reports of the payment- Go to reports section and then on payables or suppliers. You will find various reports available on the screen, and then select what you want. 

     Pay QuickBooks Bills- There are several ways to pay the bill, and you can quickly pay them with the help of the expense form, or you can also go to the supplier’s page to pay them. Bill.com will be a better choice if you are opting for auto bill payment. 

You can go through all the above steps to manage your QuickBooks bills online. In case you need some other help regarding the bill management process, you can have a word with professionals at quickbooks customer service and seek advice from them. 



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QuickBooks Unable to Connect to Remote Server

February 7, 2020 by Julia Roberts  

QuickBooks, being one of the most recognized accounting software, enables businesses to manage their complex accounting conveniently. There are times when users encounter some problems while working with the software, and one such annoying difficulty is when QuickBooks does not connect to the remote server. When you would go through this blog, you will understand the causes of this problem as well as steps to fix the same as soon as possible. Alternatively, you have an option to communicate with the experts at quickbooks tech support phone number and get professional assistance from them.

Reasons for ‘QuickBooks unable to connect to remote server’s issue

These are some probable causes due to which QuickBooks does not connect to the remote server:

üAn issue with QuickBooks File Hosting

üQuickBooks database server manager does not work on the server

üImproper setup of the QuickBooks server

üInactive local area network

üThird-party firewall

üWhen QuickBooks’ version you are having is outdated

Solutions to resolve ‘QuickBooks Unable to Connect to Remote Server’ issue

Solution 1: Use the updated version of QuickBooks

üStep 1: First, click on the Help menu and then hit ‘Update QuickBooks desktop.’

üStep 2: You need to tap on the ‘Options’ tab and then choose ‘Mark all’ option

üStep 3: Then, select ‘Update Now’ tab and wait for the updates

üStep 4: Finally, close the QuickBooks software and restart the system.

Solution 2: Verify the webmail preferences’ settings

üStep 1: Visit the Edit menu and tap on the preferences

üStep 2: Select to send forms

üStep 3: View My Preferences and choose the email account you use and tap on Edit

üStep 4: Finally, you need to update the SMTP and save the same

Solution 3: Rename.ND file

üStep 1: You need to close the software first and then access your file location

üStep 2: Find the.ND file

üStep 3: Select the file and then tap F2 to rename

üStep 4: You need to add OLD before the file name and proceed

Solution 4: Reset the Internet settings to default

üStep 1: Go to the internet explorer and then to Tools menu

üStep 2: You would have to select the Internet options

üStep 3: Tap on the Advanced Tab and then choose ‘Restore Advanced Settings.’

üStep 4: Eventually, tap ‘OK’ and close the browser

You must have got your solution, and in case these troubleshooting steps fail to take you out of the problem, it’s high time that you should get in touch with quickbooks customer support number and seek help from well-qualified techies who are

available 24 hours a day to serve you with the best possible



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How can you set up sales tax in my QuickBooks account?

December 13, 2019 by Julia Roberts  

QuickBooks does wonders for businesses which are overburdened with never-ending accounting paperwork and complicated payroll calculations. The accounting software is developed by Intuit, consisting of different accounting tools to simplify the financial and accounting process and optimize your business.

Based on the rules of sales tax for a particular territory in which you run your business, you are required to collect either GST, HST, or a combination of GST and PST. With the help of QuickBooks, users can keep a reliable and accurate record of the taxes in order to monitor and remit them to the tax-collecting agency. So before setting up your sales tax items, do not forget to check the requirements of the tax agency. You can connect with quickbooks customer support number to know the right steps following which you will be able to set up sales tax in QuickBooks account. Before doing so, you can also have a look at the following steps, which will probably help you complete the setup process correctly:

Set up sales tax in QuickBooks account:

ØStep 1: You first have to visit the ‘Edit’ menu and then choose ‘Preferences.’

ØStep 2: Now, click on ‘Sales tax’ on the Preference window and go to the company Preferences tab

ØStep 3: There, you need to click on ‘Yes’ to turn sales tax on

ØStep 4: Further, you would have to set up the sales tax groups and tax items for each district, city, country, etc., from where you collect the tax. Tap on ‘Add sales tax item’ to perform this.

ØStep 5: Allot sales tax code, which allows you to keep track of non-taxable and taxable sales or customers. By allocating the correct sales tax code, you can run a report which divides non-taxable and taxable sales. Two tax codes are automatically created once you turn on the sales tax in QuickBooks, and those are TAX and NON.

ØStep 6: You would then be required to select the basis of Sales tax, whether it be Accrual or Cash. Consider your company’s preference and accounting while doing this.

ØStep 7: Then, select the preference for paying the tax (Quarterly, monthly, or annually)

ØStep 8: Select ‘OK’ after performing all the steps.

You will end up setting up the sales tax in QuickBooks account once you execute the steps mentioned above. In case you come across any disruption while implementing these steps or if you could not set up the sales tax even after following them, do not hesitate to ring up quickbooks customer service to speak to professionals regarding the matter.


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How to get an income statement from QuickBooks?

November 28, 2019 by Julia Roberts  

QuickBooks is one of the most prestigious accounting software when it comes to managing the financial and accounting requirements of your business. You create lots of financial statements in QuickBooks, out of which the income statement is the one you run the most. One must know the procedure to create a QuickBooks income statement. Although creating and getting the income statement is not as difficult as it may seem, there are different ways one can customize, send, and save this report. In this blog, you will understand the steps following which you can create and get an income statement from QuickBooks. If you require instant assistance, you may reach out to techies at quickbooks customer support number and explain your issue to them. They work for providing you with maximum satisfaction in no time.

Steps to create an income statement:

ØStep 1: You need to find the income statement of QuickBooks depending on which version you are using

ØStep 2: Choose the income statement report format which will be best for you to use

ØStep 3: After determining the form, you need to customize the statement. QuickBooks has made customizing easier for users as they can choose between accrual or cash basis, customize which columns appear on the report, and determine the date range.

ØStep 4: When you are done with customizing your income statement, you will have to run the report.

ØStep 5: You should save, print and send the customizations so that you can easily access the customized report in future.

Steps to print an income statement:

ØStep 1: Open the QuickBooks accounting software and go to ‘Reports’ menu.

ØStep 2: After that, choose Company and Financial and then select Profit and Loss standard

ØStep 3: When you see the report is displayed, click on Modify Report

ØStep 4: Now, you would have to change the date range to 12 months on the Display tab.

ØStep 5: Further, change the columns from ‘Total only’ to ‘Month.’

ØStep 6: Once done, select ‘OK’ to modify the report

ØStep 7: Select Collapse on the reports button bar

ØStep 8: Click on ‘Print.’

ØStep 9: Also, choose ‘Memorize’ and rename the name profit and loss by month.  

So you can go through the steps mentioned above to create and print an income statement. In case you find any trouble while implementing these steps, you can connect with the professionals at quickbooks customer service and get the income statement with their help.


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How to record tax payments in QuickBooks

November 20, 2019 by Julia Roberts  

Recording tax payments in QuickBooks and then matching them with the bank transactions can be straightforward provided one follows the correct method. Tax is usually deducted in the form of Service Tax or VAT. It is seen as the liability of the taxpayer and must be paid. QuickBooks creates three tax agencies by default. They are known as ‘Value added tax’, ‘Service Tax’, ‘Central Sales Tax.’ To record the tax payments and understand its procedure, follow the steps shared in this blog and execute it as required. One can also connect with quickbooks customer support number experts for the same.

Steps for recording the tax payments in QuickBooks Online

Login to the QuickBooks Online software.

·       After that, the users need to click on the ‘Taxes’ tab present at the left.

·       Clicking on the same will navigate you to the ‘Tax Centre.’

·       Click on ‘Tax Dropdown Menu’ and select any of the following. (GST, Service Tax, VAT, CST, or more)

·       After the select ‘Returns’ section and then enter the period (time) for which you wish to enter the payment

·       Click on ‘Action’ located just beside the ‘Period’ column

·       Now you need to click on ‘Record payment’. You can do so by selecting it from the drop-down menu

·       Depending on what type of tax record payment you wish to do, you will receive a payment window.

·       For recording the GST, users can enter the ‘Payment account’, ‘Payment date’, ‘IGST’, ‘CGST’, ‘SGST’ amount and Memo

·       For recording the Service Tax, VAT, CST, you need to enter the ‘Payment Account’, ‘Payment Date, ‘Payment Amount’ and Memo

Once you provided with the necessary information, click on Save so that it saves your transaction.

·       After you have recorded the tax payments, you can now match it with the bank transactions. To do so follow the given steps

·       Click on ‘Banking’ and then select your bank account.

·       Select ‘For review’ and then search for the tax payment

·       If both date and amount match, then you can download the transactions

·       If you see the difference, then click on ‘Find Match’ and then on ‘Match Transactions’

·       Select the date range and then the transactions

If you come across any error while executing the above steps, then you must contact quickbooks customer service and have a word with the experts in this matter.


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QuickBooks is not responding

November 12, 2019 by Julia Roberts  

QuickBooks is accounting software that has been widely used to employ the accounting services such as payroll, enterprise, the point of sale, etc. helping and managing the financial details of a company or a business keeping in mind to create invoices, pay slips, managing employee details of the company, etc.  It has been regarded as one of the best accounting software which also offers a user-friendly interface. It also works as a cloud-based accounting software when you use the feature of QuickBooks online. For using this particular feature, you just need to have an internet connection. Even though it has helped many people in supervising the finances, but still, there are a few issues which can dominate this software and therefore it may trouble the users. One of them is when the QuickBooks fails to respond. You need to get a solution for this error as soon as possible and must look for something which can help to eradicate the problem from its roots. For that, you must read this blog until the end. And, if you desire, you can also engage with the customer care team at quickbooks customer service number if the solution given in this blog doesn’t prove to be fruitful.


Won’t it be a little necessary, to first look at the reasons that can cause this particular error? Here is a list provided here for you to have a glance:


·        The QuickBooks Files are corrupt or damaged

·        The QuickBooks Desktop software was not installed properly

·        Company’s file name was too big

·        The hard drive can be damaged.


How to fix the QuickBooks not responding error?


Alternative 1- By Rebooting and temporarily disabling the antivirus software on the system:


·        Sometimes, an anti-virus program installed in your PC can cause the QB software to not respond.

·        Reboot the computer and disable the anti-virus software. Don’t worry, you can enable it back again after the problem gets resolved.

·        Open QuickBooks Desktop and see whether the issue has been fixed or not.


Alternative 2- By running the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool in the system


·        Download the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool in the system from the official QB website

·        After it has been downloaded, double click on the setup file and install it.

·        Close all the other programs that have been opened in the system.

·        Run the scanning tool as an administrator and wait for some time

·        After the tool has looked for the possible cause, you can restart the computer and see whether the error has been resolved or not.


These two are the suggested and most popular methods that you can utilize the fix the issue of QuickBooks not responding. If these two methods do not help you to resolve the situation, then it is recommended that you just simply dial the quickbooks technical support and talk to the adepts in this field. They usually have an idea about all the errors that can occur with this software and will thus provide a workable solution.


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How do I resolve this QuickBooks error 6000 82

November 1, 2019 by Julia Roberts  

QuickBooks is one of that accounting software which is not free from software, hardware, and server glitches. One can confront all kinds of glitches while using this accounting software and one such error is QuickBooks Error 6000 82. However, this software error occurs when user is trying to open the company file in QuickBooks. When this error occurs, users are denied access to a company file on another computer. If you want to remove this multiple user environment errors to cause a disturbance in your work, then you need to take assistance from experts via quickbooks customer care number that is reachable 24*7.

What are the causes that led to the QuickBooks Error 6000 82?

If you are thinking about the reason, which is responsible for the occurrence of this error, then they are given below:

      When the QuickBooks Company file is damaged.

      If the company file is not there in the network of another computer.

      If the source name of data is damaged.

      When the QuickBooks software, which is installed, is encrypted or corrupted.

How to fix QuickBooks Error 6000 82?

One can solve this error quickly by using the troubleshooting steps that are mentioned below in this blog:

Method 1: Remove spaces from Company Name

      First sign-out from the QuickBooks account.

      Now locate the folder in which company file is placed and open it.

      Right-click on the company name and choose the option of Rename.

      Try removing all the spaces that are there in the company name and even in the file extension.

      Now you can try to open or create the new QuickBooks company file.

Method 2: Turn off the hosting from the location where QuickBooks is installed.

For single user

      Open files  and click on Utilities

      Now choose the option of Stop Hosting Multiple User.

      When the pop up appears, click Yes to stop hosting multiple users.

      Another pop up will appear, make sure to click Yes only.

For multiple users

      On all computers where this error is displayed, go to window No Company Open.

      Then select File > Utilities

      You can see the option of Hosting Multiple User Access and then click on stop hosting Multiple User Access to turn off the hosting.

      Now try to open a new company file.

Even after applying the above, two methods if you are not able to fix this error entirely then you need the assistance of professionals. Moreover, one can reach the customer care team by calling quickbooks tech support where you will be provided with the prompt response.


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How to Fix An Integration Issue With QuickBooks Payments

October 16, 2019 by Julia Roberts  

QuickBooks is a widely-used software which is mainly preferred by small and medium-sized businesses to manage their accounting data systematically. Have you been encountering en error while integrating with a QuickBooks payments account? Well, the best way to resolve this problem is to merge QuickBooks customers. Before doing that, you should make sure that there are no issues with the company file. This blog will act as a comprehensive guide to help you fix the problem as quickly as possible. You will get to understand the process of merging customers of QuickBooks once you go through this blog. Alternatively, it is also advisable to speak to the professional experts at quickbooks customer service number who will provide you with a clear and concise way following which you can overcome this problem.

You may be required to merge QuickBooks customer's names when:

ØUnable to integrate customer(s) correctly into the Sync Manager or ReBill

ØDuplicate names are detected by Rebuild or Verify.

ØCustomers name not flowing to transactions and reports correctly

ØReduce the names of the customers with whom you have no longer use

ØThe problem faced by old customers in the process of payment and new customers can do so.

What are the things that you cannot do while merging?

ØUndo a merge. So, do not forget to create a backup of the company data file before you attempt to merge list elements

ØIntegrate the name that is a job. Make sure to remove the job from the customer

ØYou cannot merge a customer that has jobs

ØOne cannot merge or integrate more than two names at one time

Steps to be followed for merging the names of your QuickBooks customers:

ØOne needs to create a new customer in QuickBooks, which is similar to the existing problematic customer. Obviously, there needs to be a little difference between them.

ØRun Sync Mgr Sync Now after closing QuickBooks

ØWhen you open QuickBooks again, make sure that the new customer appears in ReBill and make a recurring charge with similar norms as the existing problematic customer

ØVisit QuickBooks and merge the old customer into the new one to get the history of the old customer into the new customer. Rename the old customer name to match the new one exactly. If you do it correctly, you will see a message appearing on the screen saying "This name is already being used. Would you like to merge them?" Click on Yes and go further

ØThen, close the QuickBooks software and run Sync Mgr once more to finish the process. By doing this, the problem must have got resolved

ØOne should repeat these methods for all the customers of QuickBooks who are having a problem with Rebill.

Follow the steps correctly to get rid of the integration issue with QuickBooks payments completely. If the problem persists even after merging the names of the QuickBooks customers, you should get in touch with quickbooks technical support number where the team of experts is available to give you the most suitable solution to your problem.


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