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Improper and irregular maintenance of Classifying Equipment

June 4, 2018 by mixingtank  

In developing countries, hospitals often suffer from insufficient funds and the lack of qualified technical personnel. This leads to a number of problems, among which is the improper and irregular maintenance of Classifying Equipment. This situation calls for an effective approach to prioritize maintenance jobs based on certain importance criteria to make the best use of the available budget. In this article, we adopt the notion that medical equipment maintenance should be prioritized based on their risk level. Existing risk classification models express risk in terms of equipment function, maintenance requirements, and physical risk.

They overlook other important factors such as the operational conditions of equipment. Other models have failed to classify critical devices as high risk because they did not incorporate the criticality of equipment as part of the global mission of the hospital. We argue that because hospitals in developing countries rarely implement coherent management standards, same level-of-care hospitals are not technologically equal.

Manufacturing product exhibits several quality characteristics. Quality inspection becomes a crucial way to verify product conformance to requirements. Under certain inspection procedures, we may identify whether the product quality conforms to specifications or not. If the product quality fails to conform, many possible reasons come include problems from the preceding manufacturing process. Performance of the manufacturing equipment is substantial to preserve the production process. The well-maintained equipment ensures the high-quality product. The roles and advantages of quality inspection and equipment maintenance have been individually well-addressed in literatures. The investigations on these two aspects inspection and maintenance, suggest realizing their relationships as such a way to preserve better quality assurance. However, the link between them has not been sufficiently investigated and modelled. This paper proposes a general framework of interaction between inspection and maintenance, which provide a comprehensive managerial thinking in equipment maintenance. Two approaches are offered to preserve useful initiation of possible joint optimization model for future research.

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Analysis of froth characteristics in Flotation Equipment

May 23, 2018 by mixingtank  

The ECS/FrothVision system is an advanced image analysis system designed specifically for analysis of froth characteristics in Flotation Equipment. It comprises all the necessary hardware and software to conduct froth image analysis and reports information relating to bubble size, bubble count, froth colour analysis, froth stability, froth texture and froth velocity which is used to assist the control of the process. The objective of the ECS/FrothVision system is to improve the operation and control of cells by taking advantage of image processing techniques.

Theoretical study of the stability of the bubble-particle system has shown that detachment may occur at the interface because of the kinetic energy released by deceleration and impact upon arrival at the interface. Significant destabilizing conditions are caused by bubble oscillation in the higher froth layers since the kinetic energy acquired momentarily by a particle attached on an oscillating bubble is comparable to the required detachment work. A qualitative model of a water washed column froth is discussed, based on the above analysis and the up-to-date knowledge on froths. Entrainment is successfully eliminated at the cost of recovery.

Machine vision technology now offers a viable means of monitoring and control of froth flotation systems. In this study the relationship between process conditions and the surface bubble size as well as the process performance in the batch flotation of a copper sulfide ore is discussed and modeled by neural networks.

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Do not flow through the Agitation Equipment

May 18, 2018 by mixingtank  


The activated carbon granules, which are larger than the tailings particles, cannot pass through the submerged screens in the CIL tanks and therefore do not flow through the Agitation Equipment. Pumps move the loaded carbon and some slurry countercurrent to the slurry flow. The carbon loaded with gold and silver is pumped from the #2 CIL tank to a rectangular vibrating screen. It separates the carbon from the slurry; the slurry returns to the CIL tanks while the loaded carbon goes into a measuring tank.

While a surplus tank from a past project paired with an old mixer from the maintenance department may be convenient and inexpensive there is another key result to consider: good mixing. Therefore, the following is offered as a foundation for sizing up common industrial mixing needs.

A large number of chemicals, biochemical or petrochemical industry operations are performed in stirred tanks or in mechanically agitated vessels. The optimum operating mode of these equipments requires a detailed knowledge of the hydrodynamic behavior induced by the agitator.

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Starch based Thickening Equipment have potential to be broken down

May 17, 2018 by mixingtank  

Amylase is also found in human saliva. In infants, salivary amylase is negligible for the first three months and does not reach adult levels until 1-2 years of age. Salivary amylase plays an important role in helping to breakdown starch molecules into simple carbohydrates and water, as an initial part of the digestion process. In clinical practice, starch based Thickening Equipment have the potential to be broken down if, during spoon feeding, saliva is transferred from the oral cavity to the feeding cup.

In a sobering study, Hanson et al demonstrated that within 10-15 minutes of adding just 0.5 mL of saliva to 100 mL of fluid, the result was a reduction of liquid thickness from custard-thick consistency to a liquid akin to the thickness of normal water. Hanson et al also noted that salivary amylase is affected by pH. Liquids of low pH (e.g. Coca Cola) reduce the effect of amylase on starch breakdown. Low pH liquids such as fruit juice, white wine and acidic soft drinks that are thickened with starch are, therefore, more likely to retain their desired thickness level. However, liquids of high pH show a rapid and significant decrease in viscosity due to the effects of salivary amylase.

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Replacement or disposal of China Classifying Equipment

May 16, 2018 by mixingtank  

A good management practice includes planning, acquisition, incoming inspection, inventory, installation, commissioning and acceptance, training of users and operators, monitoring of use and performance, maintenance, and replacement or disposal of China Classifying Equipment. Thus, collecting information on the equipment performance and maintenance constitutes a good basis for planning new acquisitions.

This can be done by accessing the equipment history, usually found in the databases of computerized maintenance management systems available in most healthcare systems. Yet, due to the large amount of stored data, relevant information may not be readily accessible.

The innovation in science and technology coupled with the change in lifestyle of an individual has made an incredible change in the electronic industry show casing an assorted range of new products every day to the world. India too has been impacted by this digital revolution where consumption of electronics goods grows at a rapid rate producing a large amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment. This substantial generation of electronic waste referred to as e-waste accompanied with the lack of stringent environmental laws and regulations for handling the hazardous e-waste has resulted in the cropping of number of informal sectors.

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The peripheral rollers transmission sludge Thickening Equipment supplier

May 11, 2018 by mixingtank  

Small processing capacity. The diameter of a conventional sludge thickener can up to tens of meters to a hundred meters,such as the diameter of production of the peripheral rollers transmission sludge Thickening Equipment supplier is up to 53m, and the filtration equipment filtration area can up to be more than one hundred square meters, for example, the production of Xinhai disc vacuum filter, a single device’s occupied area can be 116㎡.

Firstly, reducing the costs of thickening and filtrating operations. The use of the sludge thickening and press filter machine reduces the middle convergence costs of thickening and filtrating operations which needs a pump, buffer pump pool and steel tube to be connected. The using of the sludge thickening and press filter machine greatly reduces the costs of the auxiliary devices, the costs of the equipment and the costs of the labor management and energy consumptions.

Secondly, saving the occupied area of the thickening and filtering operations. Conventional thickening and filtering operations may occupy lots of areas, the using of the sludge thickening and press filter machine can effectively reduce the overall footprint and saving the fixed assets investment.

Thirdly, facilitate the centralized management. The using of the sludge thickening and press filter machine can set the thickening and filtering operations in a factory. Which facilitates the management.

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Hydrometallurgy Equipment technology is developed and commercialized

May 10, 2018 by mixingtank  

As the demand for basic metals, such as iron, copper and nickel, continues to grow, efforts are underway to improve process technology for extracting the metals from ores. This month’s Newsfront will present the latest in Hydrometallurgy Equipment technology being developed and commercialized.

Hydrometallurgy, which involves the use of aqueous solutions for the recovery of metals from ores, concentrates, and recycled or residual material, plays an integral role in the multi-billion dollar minerals processing industry. There are numerous hydrometallurgical process technologies used for recovering metals, such as: agglomeration; leaching; solvent extraction/ion exchange; metal recovery; and remediation of tailings/waste.

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The concept of China Agitation Equipment is used in several studies

May 9, 2018 by mixingtank  

The concept of China Agitation Equipment (energy input) by oscillating plates or grids to promote an environment with homogeneous turbulent agitation in flotation cells has been used in several studies.

The power dissipated by one-, two-, or three-disk turbines (Rushton type) in stirred vessels was experimentally determined under turbulent conditions. The power dissipated by each individual impeller (in single- or multiple-impeller configurations) and the total power consumption were measured by means of strain gauges mounted on the shaft and were reported as individual or total power numbers. Results were obtained for different combinations of number of impellers, off-bottom clearance of the lowest impeller, and spacing among impellers.

These variables were found to play a very important role in the power drawn by individual impellers and, hence, the total power consumption. The impeller closest to the vessel bottom generally consumed significantly less power than the other impeller(s). This was especially true for combinations of low impeller clearances and small impeller spacing. Proximity of two impellers also lowered their power consumption. Only when the impellers were significantly spaced apart and the lowest impeller sufficiently distant from the vessel bottom did each individual impeller draw a power approaching that of a single-impeller configuration.

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Make up half of the Flotation Machine experience

May 8, 2018 by mixingtank  

Cognitive perturbations only make up half of the Flotation Machine experience; far more noticeable are the physical effects. Within minutes of entering the tank, I coaxed my muscles to relax and allowed myself to sink into the warm cocoon of water that supported every inch of my body. Moving around required a surprising amount of effort; submerging my head under water was plainly impossible. I was content to lay still.

Ensconced in a flotation tank at Brooklyn’s new Lift / Next Level Floats spa, I spend my allotted hour staring at the ceiling (though in the darkness I have no idea how far away it might be), gently floating back and forth between the sides of the tank. There's no sense of time here—I can’t tell if it’s been 10 minutes or 45—and the water feels comfortably warm, like an extension of my body. I let my mind wander, trying to focus on taking deep breaths and doing my best to adjust to the strange sensation of having nothing to focus my eyes on. “This is the darkest thing I’ve ever encountered,” I whisper to the voice recorder I have wedged into the door of the tank.

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The effect of particle size on Flotation Machine kinetics

May 7, 2018 by mixingtank  

Experimental studies investigated the effect of particle size on Flotation Machine kinetics showing there is a favorable particle size range to float. The flotation performance of fine and ultrafine particles is low due to the low collision probability with bubbles due to their low momentum.

It is shown that these distribution, which are not constrained by any a priori assumption concerning their mathematical form and provide a reasonably accurate description of the flotation kinetics, are independent of the slurry flow rate. The size distributions reduce to a self-similar form when the apparent flotation rate constant is rescaled by the median flotation rate constant.

The zinc industry has been in the forefront of Hydrometallurgy Equipment developments for almost a century. The development of pressure leaching in the 1980s and the development of atmospheric direct leaching in the 1990s for treating zinc-sulphide concentrates have resulted in a number of zinc-refinery expansions without an increase in roasting capacity. Likewise, solvent extraction techniques are now used for the hydrometallurgical treatment of zinc-oxide ores on an industrial scale. The treatment of poor and complex zinc-sulphide resources has been extensively studied using processes as diverse as pyrolusite leaching and heap bioleaching. Finally, the precipitation of relatively pure zinc oxide at the mine site, a process that has been proven to be technically feasible very recently, may significantly change the paradigm of primary zinc production.