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How do I Share QuickBooks between Computers

June 12, 2019 by kaira thompson  

Quickbooks Technical Support Phone  Number


By allowing users to share QuickBooks files between computers, the accounting software works to improve collaboration between employees. By sharing QuickBooks files, business owners and accountants can create a more comprehensive financial report about the company. Before synchronizing or sharing files, you need to see that there is only one set of QuickBooks files on the company network. Otherwise you could experience data errors while sharing the files. This article will give you a brief overview of how to share QuickBooks between computers. If you want to know more about how you can improve collaboration on QuickBooks or if you are looking to solve some data issue you can also call the QuickBooks tech support number and speak to a certified software expert to clear your doubts.

Steps to share QuickBooks between computers

·       Copy the QuickBooks installer file into both the computers using the local network. Alternately, if you are using optical drivers, you can simply put the installer disk into both machines and copy the QuickBooks installer file.

·       When the installer window opens, select "Yes to All" and then proceed to the next time. Go through the QuickBooks license terms carefully and click "Next" to begin the installer.

·       Click the option that reads "Use QuickBooks on this computer." Once the option is selected, if you are using the primary computer, then you will need to click the "Store Company file for Network Sharing" option.

·       Enter your QuickBooks license and product number when prompted by the installer, and then click "Install." Once the installer is finished go to the file menu and click ‘Utilities.’ You will see an option that reads "Host Multi-User Access."

·       Locate the "Scan Folders," and select the option to add a new folder. Use the "Scan" option to scan the primary computer and search for the QuickBooks company file.

·       Open the company menu on the primary computer and select the option to "Set Up Users" in QuickBooks. Use the ‘Add User’ option to assign a new username and password and set the access options for the secondary computer.

·       Keeping in mind the person using the secondary computer you can select the transaction permissions you want to give then click ‘Finish.

·       Log in to the secondary computer and go to the file section to select the option to "Open or Restore Company" and "Open a Company" in QuickBooks. Search through the network location and look for the company file. Once you locate the QuickBooks file user the username and password you assigned to log in.

If you have any trouble opening the QuickBooks file on the primary or secondary computer you can call the QuickBooks Customer Care Number and speak to an expert to fix the problem so that you can share your company files. QuickBooks technicians are available 24 hours a day and will offer you quality customer support to correct any error related to QuickBooks accounting software.

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QuickBooks Error Code 6175

June 1, 2019 by kaira thompson  

QuickBooks is a well-distinguished accounting and bookkeeping software which accommodates the users to handle their money-related report resourcefully. QuickBooks has constantly been among the top in the most preferred accounting software in the market. Even though they have been very resourceful to the users, there are various glitches that the users come across while using this software. One such common issue which the users of QuickBooks encounter are the error code 6175. QuickBooks users face this error code when they try to access their company file, which is located in the software. The core reason behind this issue is because QuickBooks is unable to read the QuickBooks database services. Database services are the files which assist in hosting the system that is involved. The users can easily attain assistance from QuickBooks professionals by connecting with QuickBooks Tech Support Number. Users can also understand the issue in detail by going through this blog.

Reasons for encountering QuickBooks Error Code 6175

Some of the common reasons because of which the users would encounter QuickBooks error code 6175 are as given below:

·        This error may take place when QuickBooks is unable to initiate the Database services or perform other required tasks.

·        When there is the presence of a firewall, content blocker, or any other restriction.

·        When the database service manager is run on a multi-user mode for hosting company files.

·        When the server which is hosting QuickBooks company file is busy.

·        The user may encounter this issue during the time of communication.

Methods to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6175

Method 1: With the help of QuickBooks File Doctor

·        For this, you would first have to download the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.

·        Now download and install this tool on your system.

·        Once you have successfully installed the software on your system, run and let the tool troubleshoot the issue for you.

Method 2: Make sure that the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is accurately installed on your system.

·        After you have installed QuickBooks on your system, access the start menu, and then enter into the database.

·        Now click on QuickBooks Database Server Manager and then choose the option of Scan.

·        Once the scan is completed successfully, check whether the issue has been solved.

Method 3: Alter the QuickBooksDBXX service to the local system account.

·        In the search bar on your system, type MSC, and then hit enter.

·        Now right click on the QuickBooksDBXX service and choose the option of properties.

·        Further, you would have to select the option of Logon.

·        You would then have to choose the radio button which is available right next to the Local System Account.

·        Finally, choose the option of ‘Apply’ and then press OK.

·        You would now be able to use the multi-user mode.

If you are unable to solve the issue using the methods gives above, then you would have to connect with QuickBooks Customer Care Number promptly. The professionals there would accurately guide you through the process of solving the error code 6175. This service can be accessed at any hour and is also a toll-free number.

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QuickBooks Online Login

May 18, 2019 by kaira thompson  

QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number


QuickBooks Online is a product of QuickBooks that works offer comprehensive cloud-based accounting services ranging from startups to mid-sized enterprises. The software doesn’t need to be installed in the system and can be accessed via a web browser in its latest version and with the availability of proper net connection. The process of QuickBooks Online Login is quite short as compared to setting up the QuickBooks online desktop company. To prepare yourself for QuickBooks Helpline Number, you are required to have a few details with you in order to complete the process. The details that are necessary to have are:

·        Your company’s name and its address

·        The type of industry which your company caters to

·        The legal organization of the company

·        If you want to import the company’s information from the QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online

·        What kind of payments you usually accept from your clients and customers? Is it is cash, credit card or cheques?

·        How do you wish to handle the payroll?

When you have all of the information available with you, you can now initiate the steps that are mandatory for login and sign in so that you can access the QuickBooks software. Look at the steps that have been given below and do the needful.

Step 1- Go to the Intuit website or type the web address quickbooks.intuit.com on the web browser and click on the sign in tab situated at the top left corner.

Step 2- A drop-down menu will appear, from that select QuickBooks Online. If you have already registered with the product, then enter your username and password to access QuickBooks. If not then proceed to step 3.

Step 3- Now proceed to create an account. And tick mark all the boxes that will help you to identify the appropriate version of QuickBooks online for you.

Step 4- Click on Start your free trial and then enter the details that will be asked by you. Make sure that you enter your first and last name, email address, create a user ID and make a strong password.

Step 5- Now agree to the terms and conditions and create a new account.

Step 6- Once done, open QuickBooks official site and log in to QuickBooks online with the help of the user ID and password that you had created.

By following these steps you can easily log in to QuickBooks online. But by any case, you come across any technical difficulty and get stuck at any step, then do reach out to the QuickBooks Enterprise Care Number for any kind of help and assistance you require from the experts.

Source Url -: https://www.quickbooks-customercare-number.com/quickbooks-online-login/