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Troubleshoot QuickBooks Issue in Printing PDF Files

March 23, 2019 by kaira thompson  

Quickbooks Tech Support

There can sometimes occur certain issues which may trouble the users and can become a reason of major concern for them. For everyone who uses the QuickBooks accounting software knows for a fact that one can directly print the documents and files from this software without having the hassles of copying and pasting them to other areas and documents. But what if you suddenly find that the software just fails to print the files and is creating an issue specifically in PDF version. You might be wondering why it is happening and would be looking out for solutions. With this blog you can stay relaxed as the concern of PDF printing issues in QuickBooks will be resolved here (Quickbooks Phone Number). You do not need to indulge in any vague reasons and can find the exact one here


Causes behind printing PDF file issues

§  The QuickBooks software is not responding to the command

§  The file was not saved properly

§  Errors in the naming of the file

§  Maybe the file was not saved as Portable Document Format

§  The PDF file converter is offline

§  The printer is offline or not connected to the system

§  Some internal issues in the printer


You first need to look out for the actual cause behind the QuickBooks PDF printing issues and then work accordingly targeting the area of concern. You can try a hand at some of the troubleshooting steps given below and see if the error stays resolved or not.


Solution 1- By downloading the QuickBooks Print and Repair Tool

§  Go to the official QuickBooks Website and download QB print and repair tool.

§  Run the setup file as an administrator.

§  Once the installation process has been finished, use the tool to scan the system and fix the errors.

If the issue doesn’t get resolved, then there can be some errors with the printer. Look for the errors and resolve them by opting for the problem-solving steps as per the concern.

Solution 2- Check the reconciliation window

Sometimes the QB software can encounter a lockup and this is where this solution comes precious.


§  Navigate to the Windows menu and look out for reconcile window

§  Close all other windows and start the reconciliation process.


After you have inculcated the given steps and you still find that the issue has not been resolved, it will be ideal to get in touch with the QuickBooks Customer Care Number and look out for their advice. The proficient and expert advisers will tackle the solution appropriately and will help you eradicate the error completely.


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Unable to Update Card Information in QuickBooks

March 14, 2019 by kaira thompson  

QuickBooks Helpline Number 

QuickBooks offers you a very good service to pay employees in the last of the month. You need to update your bank account and debit or credit card information in QuickBooks. Then set the salary, pay date, and employee information and QuickBooks will automatically pay employees on the set date. You can take payment from customers if they want to pay by credit card. But what if you are unable to update the card information in QuickBooks? Then take help from QuickBooks customer care number team. You can read this blog also, to know the steps to update card information in QuickBooks, or the solutions if you face the issue in that.


Steps to update card information in QuickBooks


Update a customer’s credit card information:

§  Open QuickBooks and click on “Sales” in the left menu. After that select the “Customer” tab.

§  Then click on the name of the customer you want to edit.

§  Then move your mouse cursor to the “Edit” option and click on that.

§  Then navigate to “Payment and Billing” tab.

§  Then choose the current card number, which is located below the preferred payment method line.

§  Then click on the + sign to add the card information.

§  Enter all the required card details very carefully and save.


Change a customer’s card info

§  Open QuickBooks and press the + sign situated in the top section of the page.

§  Click on “Customer” tab and choose sales receipt or receive payments.

§  Choose the customer name you want to edit.

§  Then choose the current card number, which is located below the preferred payment method line.

§  Then click on the + sign to add the card information.

§  Type the new card information carefully and click on save.


Now you know how you can update card information in QuickBooks. But what if you still face the problem in updating the card information in QuickBooks. Then, you can take the guidelines from well-trained techies. Just ring the QuickBooks tech support phone number and get the response from an expert. These experts are able to give an exact solution of every issue a user can face with QuickBooks software.

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How to Recover Deleted QuickBooks Files

March 4, 2019 by kaira thompson  

Quickbooks Contact Number : The QuickBooks software that assists to supervise and govern the accounts and finance of the company or small businesses. You can supervise all the expenses of the company, check the profits and loss, prepare invoices, and generate salary slips, maintain the cash flow, etc. it is online software that has been developed and managed by Intuit. The software stores very crucial and important information, and it is always advised that you keep a backup of all the files, in case you accidentally lose them or they get deleted. The online software keeps a record of all the business data. But what if you accidentally delete the folder or some files? Don’t worry, there is a solution to every problem. If you have encountered with such a problem and is not able to get the desired solution, after a constant search, then you have come to the right place. By reading this, you will be able to recover deleted QuickBooks files easily. The deleted files can be recovered easily from the recycle bin.


Restoring the deleted files from the recycle bin

§  Move to the desktop and double click on the recycle bin icon to open it in the files explorer.

§  Now, in the recycle bin, open the QuickBooks Folder and select on Restore the file option. If you have accidentally deleted only a few files, then you can select them together by using the CTRL+ Shift+ Arrow down option together.

§  Once the files have been recovered, move back to the QuickBooks folder to view the deleted files in the software.


Restoring the files using Yodot

(Yodot is an online software tool that helps in data recovery if the files have been deleted accidentally)

§  Download the Yodot software in your device.

§  After the downloading process is complete, set the Yodot File recovery tool on the system.

§  Now launch the tool and choose the option of either Lost File Recovery or Delete File recovery

§  From the list of options that will be provided to you, select the QuickBooks Folder or File that you wish to recover.

§  Type the extensions of the files, which needs to be restored back

§  Once restored, store the files safely in the location, other than where you usually store your QuickBooks File.


Solved:- How to fix QuickBooks error code 6144 82



Quickbooks Support Phone Number: There are many other ways that can be used to retrieve the deleted files from the QuickBooks folder again. But here in this blog, the solutions which will prove to be most beneficial for you are provided with. You can opt from any of the ways that you find convenient.


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