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Install Dell Printer Setup

April 26, 2019 by Kate beckinsale  


Install Dell Printer Setup

Dell has been constantly providing us with amazing features and devices for several years. Dell is one of the highly ranked printer manufacturers that are available in the market. They have been bringing out various kinds of printers which are packed with mesmerizing features. They completely changed the way of printing. Management of Dell printers are very easy and the configuration of these printers can be done without facing any difficulty. One thing that users get caught up is the issue of setting up their Dell Printers on their systems. The users can easily avail assistance by connecting with the dell printer phone number. At the same time they can also take up the steps that are given below:

Basic Requirements for Dell Printer Setup:

You would require a few basic things is necessary for you to be able to set up a Dell Printer. The list is as given below:

·        Make sure that you have a fully functional Computer or Laptop.

·        Ensure that you have a resilient and unwavering internet connection.

·        You should have a power outlet this capable of effectively providing the required power to the printer.


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Process for configuring the Dell Printer

When you have successfully provided the requirements that are given below, you can start the process of configuring your printer using the followings steps:

·        Firstly unbox the Dell Printer from the box and ensure that it is kept in a good and clean spot.

·        Then you would have to connect the printer to a power source using the power cord.

·        Further, connect your printer to the computer or laptop using the USB Cable.

Process for setting up the Dell Printer

·        When you purchase a new printer you would get a CD along with it. You can use this CD to install the printer driver on your system. If you do not have the CD, you can download the driver setup from the Dell Printer’s official website.

·        Now you would have to select the language and then click on the option of next.

·        After which you would have to accept the License Agreement.

·        Once this is done you would then reach the connection type method.

·        Then you would have to select the connection method, after which you would have to connect the printer to the computer using the USB cable.

·        This would then initiate the installation process of your printer driver.

If you strictly follow the information that has been given to you, the setup process would be highly easy. But if you come across any issue then the best alternative that you would have is to connect with dell printer support. They would efficiently understand the issue that you are caught up with and then provide you with the best solution that is possible. These executives ensure complete customer satisfaction. This service can be availed on a 24-hour basis and is completely free of charge, which also calms the user's concern about having to spend more money on the printer.

Source Url-: https://www.printersrepairservice.com/install-dell-printer-setup/




Windows 10 Update won’t install on Alienware laptops

April 13, 2019 by Kate beckinsale  

Windows 10 Update won’t install on Alienware laptops

Alienware laptops are tailor-made for the ideal gamer. They are sleek, fast and dynamic. As a subsidiary of the Dell Company, Alienware develops and deals with everything related to gaming and entertainment. No other laptop brand in the world can quite match up to Alienware when it comes to gaming. But in spite of such amazing features, Alienware laptops do have errors that can be quite frustrating for users. The most common error Alienware users encounter is related to software updates. After Microsoft released the Windows 10 update many laptop users found themselves calling the Dell Printer Helpline Numberbecause they could not install the system updates. If you are reading this article because you also find yourself in a similar situation then just follow the steps mentioned below to troubleshoot your Alienware laptop.

Compatibility Issues with Alienware Laptops

Whenever you update the operating system on your computer it leads to certain changes in the system settings. These changes in the settings can adversely affect the applications and programs that are already installed on your computer. After reviewing feedback given by users Microsoft acknowledged that there may be compatibility issues with certain Alienware laptops that can prevent Windows 10 from installing. The following Alienware laptop models reported issues

·        Alienware 13 R3

·        Alienware 15 R3

·        Alienware 15 R4

·        Alienware 17 R4

·        Alienware 17 R5

Alienware users who had these laptops were faced with the possibility of installing the update and then being greeted with a blank screen when the restarted the laptop using the battery saver mode. Both Microsoft and Alienware acknowledged the bug and resolved to implement updates to overcome the error.

Steps to fix Windows 10 update error on Alienware Laptops


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Alienware laptop users can follow the step given below to go around the compatibility block to install the update:

·        Uninstall all graphics processing unit drivers using the Control Panel on your computer. You can go ahead and disable the GPU in Management.

·        Open Windows system settings and switch on the Airplane mode

·        Save all your data and restart your Alienware laptop

·        Keep in mind that you need to use the Update wizard and not the Windows 10 Update tool to install the system updates.

·        Before initiating the updates, turn off Airplane mode and begin downloading.

·        After the Windows 10 download is complete you can turn the Airplane mode back on.

It is important to note that the steps mentioned above are much more complicated to follow and giving detailed technical steps would be difficult in such an article. If you see that the problem persists and you still cannot install the Windows 10 update on your Alienware laptop then the best thing to do is to speak to a certified expert about the problem. You can call the Dell Printer Customer Careon the website and ask for technical assistance. Experts are available 24 hours day to guide you and to provide the best solution to any Alienware laptop related error.

Source Url -: https://sites.google.com/view/dell-printer-customer-care/windows-10-update-wont-install-on-dell-laptops

Windows 10 Dell Printer Spooler Error

March 12, 2019 by Kate beckinsale  

Dell Printer Support


Dell is a well-renowned brand that manufactures, sells and repairs various different technical devices which include laptops, printers, computers, and many others. Dell offers the users with a wide variety of printer models like Inkjet, Wireless, laser and several more. It enables the user to print high-quality print jobs at a very reasonable price. With the help of efficient features being instilled in the printers Dell never misses out on the opportunity of grasping the attention of their clients. They provide users with printers that match the requirements of the clients. With putting so much in, Dell printer users do come across certain situations where the users are caught up with some malfunctions. One of these situations is the Dell printer spooler error with windows 10.


Dell Printer Customer Care: A print spooler is a tool which assists your system to act together with the printer and which further orders the print jobs which have been stored on your printer queue. In a simpler way, the print spooler is a basic software program which is responsible for handling the print jobs. It enables the users to make changes in the print commands. If you come across any error in the print spooler, it has to be rectified at the earliest to be able to start printing again. Some basic troubleshooting methods of this error have been listed below:

·        In the search box of your system type the word ‘Troubleshooting’
·        When the option appears, click on it to open a window
·        Opt for ‘Use a printer’ option which can be found under the Hardware and Sound column
·        On the window that opens, choose the ‘Advanced’ option
·        Select the ‘Run as administrator’ option and fill the required credentials
·        Click the button which says ‘Next’ and further follows the instructions as they appear


After covering the given steps, you can also look into matters like uninstalling unnecessary printers drivers. Only keep the printer drivers which are in use, make sure that you uninstall the remaining unused ones. The unused ones may cause conflict with the working printers. One of the conflicts being Dell Printer spooler error in Windows 10.


These steps are effortless to get through with and can be done any time but if even after completing the above-said troubleshooting methods the error pertains. It would be ideal if you get in touch with the Dell Printer Technical Support. They provide you with trained professionals, who are highly capable of catering to your issues with the most effective steps possible.




Source URL: -How To Resolve Dell Printer Spooler Error In Windows 10